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Chapter 2 Double Dip for Daddy

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Chapter 2

Sex Ed For Sammy

Kim is now 16 and keen to teach her sister sex ed. Sammy however is a little reluctant to go from the junior to the master classes.

It had been 2 glorious years since that first night my daughter Kiim and her friend Rachel had seduced me. There had been no regret or recrimination on behalf of the two girl's. in fact they shown great dilligence in making the best of their sex lives, experimenting with toys and positions and new ways to increase their own and my pleasure. We had been careful to keep the secret from my youngest daughter Sammy, but I often looked at her, blossoming into a beautiful young lady. She had started developing much earlier than Kim and by 12 was wearing a B cup bra and had the figure of a much older woman. She was very self conscious of her breasts size and would often wear loose fitting T shirts to hide them and always wore a T shirt at the beach. I was always disconcerted by the looks she drew when ever we went out, I had to live with the fact my daughter was the object of sexual lust from the age of 12. They were not the only ones who had such thoughts and I had often wondered if she would follow in her sister's footsteps and yearn for a lustful relationship with her father. I kept my thoughts to myself and did nothing to groom the young lady, I felt that this choice should be hers alone and I would do nothing to coerce or seduce her.
It was not long after Sammy had turned 14, that one Friday afternoon I had finished work early and on the way home picked up a computer desk that Sammy had been nagging me about for some time that she absolutely desparately needed. When I got home the house was quiet and I figured the girls had gone to Rachel's for the afternoon. Good I thought I could get the desk together before she got home and give her a surprise.
I went to her room, the door was slightly ajar so I just pushed my way in with the flat pack desk. I almost dropped the desk when I saw that the girls had not gone to Rachel's. Sammy was on her back, with her skirt lifted above her waist, holding her legs up with her hands behind her knees and her white cotton knickers were on the floor, Kim was between her legs, with her face buried deep in her pussy. Sammy almost jumped out skin, her legs slammed down to the floor and she struggled to cover herself with her skirt.
"Oh Daddy, it's not what it seems, I, um, we, we weren't doing anything, honestly." She said, sounding like she had just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar and her face turned a bright red.
"Sorry girls i didn't mean to interupt." I said trying to keep my cool, wishing I had I looked through the gap in the door before walking in.
"It's cool Sammy," said Kim "Dad's alright, I was just giving Sammy some practical sex ed."
"Practical sex ed?" I said querulously
"Yeah, Sammy's been doing sex ed at school, and she told me that it sounded disgusting and horrible, so I thought I would show her the best side of sex. Last week we did masturbation, this week we're doing oral sex, and I'm glad your here. I've been demonstrating cunnilingus, now your here, we can do fellatio as well. Sit beside me Sammy so Dad can lie down. If you don't mind Dad could you be the the subject for this lesson."
"Are you asking to perform oral sex on me," I said totally unprepared for this turn of events. I felt that if I were to keep Kim and my relationship a secret than I had to make Sammy believe that performing sexual acts was not something that nice fathers did with their daughters.
"Thats not something a father would do to their daughters nor would a daughter want to do that to her father."
"Dad this is just for Sammy's education. It's not like we're going to jump into bed and start having wild sex with you. All mothers teach their daughters about oral sex. Rachel's mum used a rubber dildo to teach her and she said it was disgusting, she says she still can't get the taste of rubber out of her mouth. In fact she said if boys were like that she'd never do oral sex and if our mum were here she would be teaching Sammy and me the same way. At least this way Sammy gets to learn with a real cock."
Sammy was looking a bit green around the gills, The thoughts that must have been going through her head at the suggestion that her sister not only wanted her to perform oral sex but the said act was to be performed on her father. She must have been torn between the compulsion to bolt as far as possible from here, and a belief in Kim's assertion that all mothers taught their daughters about oral sex. Sammy had always seen Kim as a surrogate mother and as such would always know what was best for her.
I was silent for a few moments trying to give the impression I was seriously considering what Kim had said, however the only thought that was going through my mind was the thought of my cock deep in Sammy's mouth and coming down her throat.
"Okay," I said "I have always tried as best as I can to be a substitute for your mother and I always tried to be open about sex and sex education, I guess if you don't have a mother to teach this, than I will have to help, just remember girls this is a once off and must not be discussed with anyone outside of this room; understand. And Sammy it must be your decision to do this."
"Ah, um, I guess that if I don't have a mum to teach me this and Kim says it's alright than it must be alright." she said sounding uncertain of what she was letting herself in for.
I leaned the computer desk against the wall, and took my clothes off, I figured she may as well see it all, no surprises then. Sammy sat down beside Kim, being careful to smooth down her skirt to cover her womanhood. As I lay down on the bed, Kim took my cock in her hand and explained that it was only partially erect and that she would show her various techniques to get it fully erect. Kim would make a great teacher as she showed Sammy how to lick, kiss and suck my cock to erection. It didn't take much with the thought that shortly I might have my cock buried deep in Sammy's face. Sammy had this oh my god look on her face as she took in the sight of her first male erection. Kim took my cock in her hand and stood it up.
"Do you want to touch it?" said Kim
"I can't touch Daddy's thingy, isn't that wrong."
"No, Dad said it was alright, and your only touching it."
"Are you sure? Am I allowed to touch it Dad?"
"Course you can darling."
Sammy tentatively took my engorged member in her hand and then quickly let it go, "Uggh it feels funny."
"It's alright Sammy you'll get used to playing with them. I'll show you how to give a blow job now eh."
"Ew, thats what the girls at school talk about, some of them say they've done it, I mean do they really put that in their mouth" said Sammy
"It's not that disgusting Sam, and actually as part of having sex it can be quite enjoyable" said Kim
"Yuck, you mean a boy not only wants to put his thingy in my ... other place but he also wants to put it in my mouth, thats... thats..." Sam struggled to find the word she wanted and failed badly. So she just screwed up her face to show her disgust, I had to admit putting someones cock in my mouth didn't seem that appealing to me either, give me a warm wet pussy any day.
"Did you think it was disgusting when I started licking your pussy."
"Now how do you feel about it. Did you enjoy it?"
Sammy didn't know where to look than looked down and shyly said "Yes"
"How would you feel if it was a boy licking you, do you think you would enjoy that?"
"I wouldn't let him, why would he want to do that to me?"
"But you let me do it, and you enjoyed it and trust me it's not yucky. I enjoyed licking your pussy and making you come; and, just like me, boys enjoy making you come the same way. It's foreplay, it's what makes sex enjoyable but boys don't have pussies so girls share their foreplay pleasures by giving blowjobs."
"But it's big and Daddy wee-wees out of it, what if if he wees in my mouth?"
"He won't wee in your mouth, and think of it like a big lollipop. I'll show you how it's done than you can try, okay."
Kim bent down and took my cock and stared sucking it in and out of her mouth. Sammy looked on with a stunned look.
"Um, but isn't this wrong, doing stuff like this with your Daddy." Kim sucked for a couple of more minutes before taking my cock out.
"What's right and wrong is up to you," said Kim "you don't need other people to tell you. If Dad or anybody else forces you or makes you do something and don't want to then yes that's wrong, but Dad's not forcing you. It's your choice and if you say no, thats fine, or if you start say giving Dad a blowjob and you don't want to do it, that's also fine. Dad's not going to make you do anything you don't want to do, he knows no means no, and if you want to stop Dad will stop."
Sammy paused for a moment, she looked down at my cock and tentatively wrapped her thumb and a couple of fingers around it. She brought her face closer, again she hesitated before she poked out her tongue and pressed it against the head and like a snakes tongue it shot back into her mouth and her head jerked back slightly. She looked at Kim, then at me then back at my cock, she leaned forward again and pressed her lips against my cock, it seemed an age before she opened her lips and took the head in to her mouth. She didn't lick it or suck it, just held the head in her mouth.
I had tried to remain impassive throughout Sammy's and Kim's dicussion and was quite surprised when Sammy put my cock in her mouth, I honestly believed she wouldn't do it. However there was no enthusiasm for what she was doing, she just kept my cock locked into one position. Come on I thought, lick it, suck it, slide it down your throat you bitch, make me come in your mouth, I overcame my wanton desires and put my hand gently on the back of her head.
"Darling," I said "You don't have to do this and no-one's expecting you to." Except me I thought, just having my cock in her mouth and the anticipation of her first blowjob was more than my poor cock could handle and I desparately wanted to blow my load in her mouth. Sammy almost got whiplash as her lips released my cock and her head snapped back.
"That's enough," she said "I might do it again, but, um , you know it's um..." her voice trailed of as she became lost in thought .
Kim took my cock in her hand and slowly started stroking it, "Well we can't leave Dad hanging sis, I think you made Dad really excited and we need to make him come."
With that Kim put my cock in her mouth; over the years Kim had perfected her technique and could either make me come at the drop of a hat or draw it out till my balls felt like they would explode with the need to come. And by the way she started I knew Kim intended to take the long road home. I closed my eyes and reveled in the pleasure, she took her time licking and sucking her treat, I put my hand on the back of her head trying to push her down as my come rose to fill her mouth. Kim took my cock out of her mouth and stroked it vigorously, I shot gobs of come as I exploded in an orgasmic rush. I was quite sure Kim deliberately aimed my cock at Sammy splattering her face with jism.
Sammy reeled back as my come hit her face "Eww, oh thats disgusting, Daddy wee'd on my face." She tried to get up but Kim put her hand on her shoulder. She took her finger and wiped of a glob of come and put it in her mouth, then scooped up another glob and offered it up to Sammy's lips, Sammy clamped her lips shut, and turned her face away
"Thats not wee sis, that's Dads semen, his come, thats what happens when boys come." She took Sammy's face in hands and licked the rest of my come of Sammy's face.
"It's disgusting, its all sticky and yucky and your putting it in your mouth!" She pushed Kim's face away from her, got up and rushed to the bathroom.
"Kim that wasn't very nice, I don't think she liked that at all."
"Yeah I 'spose. I'll have a talk to her and tell her I'm sorry, just got carried away and didn't want to waste good spunk,"
"You could have just swallowed it."
"Yeah, but, that was more fun."
"No more fun, leave Sammy alone."
"Can I still give her sex ed."
"Yes I suppose so, but no more boys, if and when she's ready for boys she may tell you, in the mean time small steps she's got alot to think about, no thanks to you. Now pass me my clothes"
As I was getting dressed Sammy came back in "Sammy, I think we need to talk." said Kim
"Well while you girls talk I'll get dinner ready." I said trying to find an exit strategy.

The girls came down about a half hour later. Sammy did not look very happy and spoke very little, and unlike normal she didn't sit beside me to cuddle up in front of T.V. . She made an excuse feigning tiredness to go to bed early, I spent the night worrying about Sammys reaction, I wondered if she would crack and spill the beans to someone, and started to wonder if I should stretch my arsehole in case I got a roommate called Bubba.
Kim and I cuddled for while longer before I said I was going to bed as well. Kim smiled, gave me a kiss and said she might see me later. I knew what that meant and part of me looked forward to it, another part worried about Sammy, but I also could not stop thinking about Sammy and her nubile virgin body.
I was sitting in bed when Kim came in wearing a black lace thong and half cup bra, the bra barely contained her tits and the thong accentuated her perfectly groomed pussy. I had to admit she looked like sex on legs and any misgivings about Sammy vanished except for the thought of what would Sammy look like in that lingerie. My cock responded to the thought.
"You have been a very naughty girl." I said sternly
"Yes Dad." she said with a chastised voice
"Come here and bend over."
She came to me and bent over facing me, "Turn around." I said. She turned around and bent over. I loved the look of her arse in a thong, the thin strip of cloth split her crack and the crutch barely covered her pussy lips. I studied her arse for a few moments admiring the simple beauty of it, then smacked it. She stood up with surprise "Ow." she said.
"Naughty girls get a smack, you took Sammy from the junior class to the master class and she was definitely not ready for that, now hop into bed and I might forgive you."
"Yes Daddy, I'm sorry Daddy." she said as she climbed into bed. She snuggled closer, rolled on her side and put her arm across my chest.
"Did you sort it out with Sammy?" I asked
"Yes," she replied "I don't think she's seen you with a hard on and she's never seen someone giving a blowjob and I guess seeing me suck you off sort of blew her mind, and then there was you coming on her face..."
"You did that young lady, you could have pointed it in any direction or even swallowed it, but you squirted it in her face."
"Yeah... well, I couldn't control it," I gave her a look that showed my disbelief at her lack on control "Anyway," she continued "she was quite mad about that and I don't know if she's ever going to forgive me."
She was silent for minute or two then asked "Do you ever think about making love to Sammy?"
"What, why would you ask that?"
"I seen you looking at her, you have the same look when your looking at me in knickers and bra."
"She's a beautiful young lady its hard not to appreciate her, and are you asking me this because your worried I'm going to dump you for a younger model, something, like move over Kim, Sammy's taking your place."
"No, I know you wouldn't do that, and I wouldn't mind at all sharing your bed with Sammy, in fact that would be nice, maybe I could do some master classes with her."
"I told you no more master classes, Sammy's probably in her room thinking your my little sex slave, being used and abused by her father."
"Shes right. I am just your sex slave, you force yourself on me, putting your thingy in my mouth than into... my other private place, you just use me for your sexual pleasure." she said smiling
"Yeah right," I said "and who came in here wearing nothing but a thong and skimpy bra, a dirty little girl hungry for sex."
"A dirty little girl hungry for sex," she retorted "You've made me this way, I'm just a dutiful sex slave, I know you always want sex on the weekends, and I know that if I don't come here you'll. punish me then drag me in here and violate me with your wicked toys and force your thingy in me or worse in my mouth."
"You're getting quite lippy, I don't like that in a sex slave. You're here for one thing, sex, not talk. And the only way I'm going to get you to shut up is to put something in your mouth. Now get down there and suck my cock, and you had better make it better than that pathetic attempt you made this afternoon."
"Please Daddy don't make me do that, I'll do anything for you, just don't make me do that."
"Do as your told. Now." I said pushing her head down towards my cock. She slid down the bed and put my cock in her mouth and held the head in her mouth. "Your not Sammy, so suck and suck it properly or I'll punish you." Her head started bobbing up down my cock, exploring it with her tongue and hands, this was one young lady who took great pleasure in giving incredible blowjobs and she knew it by the way my cock and I responded to her ministrations.
She sucked me for a while, doing everything she could to make it as pleasurable as possible. I could feel the come rising in my balls, but I wanted to spurt my load in her tight little cunt, I loved the way she looked and the way she tightened her muscles around my cock when I came inside her.
I pushed her head of my cock "Thats enough," I said "That was a marginal improvement on this afternoon, you might be lucky I may not punish you, now get up on your hands and knees so I can fuck you."
"Please Daddy don't put it in my private place, it's to big and I'm to tight and small."
"It's not your private place, it's mine, my little wank hole, your nothing but a sex toy and I'll have it whenever I want," I cupped my hand and slapped her bum, it was more noise than pain but she jerked with the surprise. "Now get up on your hands and knees or I'll have to punish you severly."
She rolled over and got onto her hands and knees "Please don't put all of it in, just a little bit. I'll be good sex toy if you don't put it all in."
"I'll tell you when you've been a good sex toy, and so far youv'e been a bad little sex toy, your blowjob was half hearted, you keep talking back, telling me which holes I can and can't put my cock in and how much you want inside you. If you don't want to be punished, spread your legs and shut up."
I got up behind her and could see the crutch of her thong was damp with love juice. I rubbed the head of my cock on the lace cloth relishing the sight of her tight arse before moving the cloth aside; her pussy was wet and swollen in anticipation of the fuck she knew was coming. I pushed just the head of my cock into her.
"Is that all you want slave?" I asked
"Yes master, please don't put all your big cock in me."
"I told you slave it's my hole, and your going to take it all." I pushed my cock deep into her and leaned forward and grabbed one of tits, I took the nipple in my fingers, squeezing and tugging on it. "You like it don't you, my big cock stretching your tight little hole."
"Please master, take it out, I can't take it all." her voice belied the pleasure she got from my cock and fingers.
I started moving my cock slowing in her and Kim started sliding back on it taking it in to her, I pumped her harder and she matched my rhythm, I could hear her breathing getting deeper and harder grunting each time my cock slammed deep into her. Her hips started moving in an erratic rhythm, and her grunting became harder.
"Fuck me master, fuck me hard, your little sex toy wants to please her master, fill me up with your come." She slammed back into me several more times before she collapsed on her arms "Oh god," she cried as an orgasm exploded in her.
I pulled her back on to my lap "Did you come sex toy."
"Did I say you could come, you don't come unless I tell you to, understand."
"I sorry master, your big cock made me come."
"I don't care, sex toys don't have orgasms. Now I've got all your sex juice on my cock, turn around and clean up your mess and make sure it's spotless."
"I sorry Daddy." She took my engorged member in her mouth and sucked her come off. When she had finished I laid back on the bed.
"Get on top and make me come, you've failed twice tonight, so get your act together and don't stop till you make me come."
"Please Daddy don't put your cock in me again, it's to big for your poor little girl."
"Your getting lippy again, do as your told or I'll smack your butt again."
"Please Daddy don't smack me again, I'll do it and I'll do it properly and make my master come."
"Good, now hurry up."
Kim moved herself up and stradled my hips, lifted her bum up took my cock in her hand and guided it in to her. She closed her eyes and gave a sigh of pleasure as my cock slid deeper in to her, she clenched her cunt muscles tight around my manhood and slowly started rocking on my cock, I pulled her toward me and took one her of tits in my mouth and caressed and fondled the other. She knew me well, knowing how to prolong my pleasure, she would tighten her muscles, then release them, working me up to incredible heights. I couldn't take it anymore I had to come. I put my arms around her and pulled her down on top of me and rolled over so I was on top, I started thrusting faster and harder in to her, pounding her arse in to the mattress. She wrapped her legs around my waist matching my strokes,our breathing become more frantic. I seemed to explode in orgasmic release, Kim wrapped her legs tighter around me and clenched her cunt muscles squeezing my cock, her breath exploded from her and she gave a little squeal as she came. I gave several more strokes milking the last of my come in to her, and each stroke seemed to give her another little orgasm. We lay with our arms around each other enjoying the closeness and feel of our love spent bodies. When my cock became flacid I rolled off her and pulled her in to me.
She gave me a kiss. "Daddy, I love being your sex toy and you can use me for your pleasure and if you want you can your thingy in my private place ."
"I don't need your permission slave, when I say drop your knickers and spread your legs thats exactly what you'll do, no lip, no backchat, just obedience, got it."
Kim gave me another kiss "Yes Master. absolute obedience." She smiled and gave me a lingering kiss.

Sammy's mood did not improve the next morning or in the next few weeks, and I had to live with the Ice Queen. Her goodbye kisses were just pecks on the cheek, her 'I love you's' were perfunctory and spoken without emotion, she spoke very little and sat alone at night and retired early, I constantly worried about Sammy. I guessed that she had figured that Kim and I were sharing more than just a father daughter relationship but I couldn't guess her state of mind or how the situation would resolve.
It was about four weeks later when the Ice Queen began to thaw. One morning I went to give her her usual peck on the cheek to say goodbye but she moved her face and pressed her lips against mine giving me long kiss. "I love you Daddy." she said with an emotion I had not heard in weeks.
"I love you too." I said.
"I know." she said.
Saturday came and it was a beautiful summer day. Rachel and Kim had gone to the mall with some friends to do what ever sixteen year oid girls do at the mall, telling me they wouldn't be home till late that afternoon. Sammy as usual woke late, she came in to the lounge wearing a long T shirt and told me she was going for a swim before breakfast. I lay back on the couch and soon fell asleep.
Something woke me, I looked out the ranch-slider and I saw Aphrodite step down from Olympus and into my living room, the sun cast an aura around her and her hair shone in the sunlight. Aphrodite took another step and transformed into my daughter. She had taken off the T shirt and was now wearing a short crop top and bikini bottom. She was perfect, with an ethereal beauty that was hard to describe, her blond hair fell down in waves about her shoulders framing a face which glowed with youth and promise, her vivid blue eyes seemed to capture all the light, and her lips begged to be kissed. As I moved my eyes down her body, she held her shoulders squarely accentuating her long neck, I looked to her breasts covered by a the loose crop top emphasizing the swelling, her stomach was flat and her waist curved in, flowing down to hips starting to flare in womanhood, her small black bikini bottom barely covered her pussy, her legs finely honed by years of ballet and would have made any woman green with envy. Just looking at her my cock grew hard with lust and desire and I felt shocked by my reaction to her.
She saw me and smiled a smile which lit up the room "Hi Daddy." she came over and knelt beside the couch and put her hand on my chest then leaned down to give me a kiss.
"Mmm, that was nice." she said and leaned down again, this time to give me a lingering kiss, her hand moved down my chest, across my stomach, stopping when it came to a bulging obstruction.
"Ooo Daddy it feels like something's swollen, I'd better have a look and see if it's alright." she said with a mischievous look.
"No, no darling I can handle it."
"Oh Daddy, I'm your daughter and I have to look after you."
"It's alright princess I sure the swelling will go down."
Sammy hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down exposing my swollen member "Ow that looks sore. I'd better give it a kiss better." She bent down and gave it a kiss. My cock twitched in response to the touch of her tender lips.
"That seems to be working, I'll give it some more kisses." My cock throbbed in her hand as she kissed it. "Maybe it might be better if tried to suck the swollen stuff out.
"Darling I can take care of it."
"Daddy, I know that when I did this with Kim you said it was only once, but it made feel all tingly down you know in my private place and I can't stop thinking about it. The way Kim made you spurt all that stuff out, you looked really happy and I think you really enjoyed Kim doing it and I want to make you happy like that to." She gave me another mischievous look. "And I'm also trying to pass my masters in sex ed, and the practical is a very important part. Kim has explained the theory and demonstrated the technique, now I need to practice. So can you please let me do this, I would like to get in A in the exam. Now lie back, take notes and you can critique my performance when I'm finished."
"Critique your performance?"
"Yes, my teacher said that at school the other day, I never thought I would get to use it."
I could see no problem with letting her apply her knowledge in a practical way, and I often fantasized about Sammy giving me head, so I lay back
"Okay, you may begin, remember I'm very particular about proper application and will be very stern in my assessment."
"Yes father." she said trying to be serious
Sammy bent down and took the head in her mouth and sucking slowly took it deeper, her tongue flicked around the head and along the shaft. She had definitley gotten over her revulsion and disgust at having a cock in her mouth. and her confidence grew as her head bobbed up and down. She gagged and coughed when my cock went in deeper than she expected and my cock popped out of her mouth but she recovered well using the opportunity to lick the shaft down to my balls, kissing the furry sack then back up to put her new toy in her mouth. Wrapping her thumb and forefinger around the shaft, her fingers moved up the cock as her mouth slid down, it was becoming a mind blowing head job. Kim had taught her well and she had obviously been very studious. The reality was better than any fantasy I had had. Seeing her mouth filled with cock, the way her cheeks bulged as my cock moved around in her mouth, her saliva dribbling down the shaft and the sounds of her sucking and her ragged breathing was to much I wanted to shoot my load deep down her throat but I wasn't sure if she was ready for that. I tried to push her head away so I could come but she resisted.
"Stop, take it out," I said "or I'll come in your mouth." Sammy just sucked harder and faster, I couldn't stop myself now and I spurted my come in to her mouth, Sammy gagged and coughed, come spilt from her mouth but she kept going trying to swallow it all. She slowed down and eventually stopped. She took my cock out of her mouth, come dribbled down her chin and she had the look of delighted excitement.
She wiped her chin and licked her fingers "Jesus, I gave you a blowjob, I saw your thingy get big when I came in, I knew you were thinking those... sex thoughts about me and it made feel funny down in my private place again, and I wanted to, you know do it and I did it, I made you come, you came in my mouth, I did it, Oh shit, did you like it, did you enjoy it?" she said babbling in happiness and excitement.
"Darling it was great, I would give you an A+ for technique, now would you like me to take care of those tingly feelings down there." I said reaching out to put my hand between her legs. She pushed my hand away.
"Um, maybe but I don't know, I... I think I need to think about that, maybe later sometime, I'm going to my room." with that she rushed out of the room.
I pulled my shorts up, and with the glow and memory of Sammy's first blowjob I fell asleep again and woke up to the feeling of a warm mouth sucking my cock.
I kept my eyes closed "Oh Sammy, twice in one day, does this mean you've thought about it and want Dad to make love to you."
"You dirty old man, you fucked my sister didn't you, I knew you wouldn't keep your hands of her." said Kim
"No, yes, I mean Sammy gave me a blowjob but I didn't fuck her. She saw that I had a hard on and she had some thoughts she's probably never had before and just went with the flow, but she's not ready for sex yet."
"Well I am, I came in here and you had this huge hard on so I decided to take care of it. I thought you were dreaming of me but you were more likely dreaming of Sammy's tight little pussy. Tell you what, you can take me doggy style and pretend I'm Sammy, does that make you horny?" Fuck yes I thought. Kim turned around went down on all fours. I got behind her and lifted her short black skirt and pulled down her little red knickers, Kim kept her legs together.
"I'll try to keep my pussy tight, just like Sammy's hole. I bet she'll be really tight when you stick your dick in her."
"Probaly just as tight as you were when I first fucked you. Now get ready Sammy for your first taste of Daddy cock."
"Be gentle Daddy, dont hurt my virgin hole." she said playing the game.
I slid my cock into her. Kim had amazing muscle contol, she had told me she did kiegels every day and used japanese balls to increase muscle control. She clamped her cunt around my cock and felt as tight as any virgin. It was a quick dirty fuck, I was worried Sammy would walk in and find me pounding her sister, Kim must have felt the same way and fucked with an urgency and intensity that was incredible. She grunted each time my cock rammed in to her, my balls slapping against her twat. She reared up and I sat back on my legs, I grabbed her hips and slammed her up and down on me, she arched her body and grunted as she came, I pushed her forward on to her hands and knees again and pushed my cock deep into her, my come exploded into her spurting with a ferocity.
"Oh fuck darling you twat would make a dead man come."
She eased forward releasing my cock and pulled her off knickers "I should go clean myself up or would like me to stay dirty so you clean me out later."
"God your a horny little nymph, are you planning on having another fuck today?"
"Of course Dad, that was just a prelude I can never get enough of your cock. Every time I fuck you it's like being fucked for the first time and I love the way you make love to me, you always seem to know what I want or need." She kissed me "Thank you Dad for being the best fuck ever."
"I hope I'm more than just a fuck to you, you could get a fuck anywhere and I'm sure theres more than one guy who wants to sample your delights ."
"Yes, more than likely, but what would I be to them. just a fuck or a conquest, something to talk about in the locker room and I've heard some of the stories they make up about girls they've had sex with. I doubt any of them would love me as much as you do or love me the way you do."
I kissed her back with a long lingering kiss "Well darling you always be my most special lover. Now go wash your puss so it's nice and clean for me to eat tonight."
"Oh I can't wait, will you use some of my toys too?"
"Of course whatever you want princess, now go wash your puss."

Over the next few weeks Sammy showed a whole new side to herself. She would hug me tighter pushing her tits against my chest or grind her pussy into my lap, on more than one occasion her hand moved down my back to caress my arse or slid between our bodies to feel my cock.
One night Kim was in her room studying, Sammy and I were cuddled up on the couch with my arm was across her waist.
"Dad your arm feels heavy on my tummy." I moved my arm so it was across her lap. "Silly Daddy, you moved it the wrong way." She took my hand and placed it on her breast. I was sure she had no bra on and her tit felt firm and perfectly proportioned under my hand. I wondered how far I could push it and gave it a gentle squeeze, she didn't react adversly so I used my fingers to caress and squeeze it.
"Mmmm." Sammy sighed.
Encouraged I continued to caress her tit, then started rubbing my palm across her nipple, it popped up almost instantly I moved my focus to the erect nipple, it felt huge, much bigger than Rachel and Kim's was at the same age, I started pulling on it and rolling it between my fingers and bent down to kiss her neck and shoulders and nibble and suck her earlobes Sammy closed her eyes, her breathing became deeper and hips started rocking. It took some minutes before Sammy's hips jerked and she gave a gasp.
"Ooo I didn't expect that." she said
"Did you come darling?"
" You've got naughty fingers Daddy, they do bad things to your daughter."
"Well you put my hand on your tit, you didn't stop me when I started playing with it. I guess I did take advantage of you. I'm sorry, I won't do it again."
"Don't be silly, maybe next time I'll let you put your hand under my T shirt. Now it's my turn to take advantage of you." She moved herself around pulled my head down and brought hers up and put her lips to mine, I felt her lips part and she pressed her tongue against mine, I opened my lips and her tongue slipped into my mouth, our tongues explored each other mouths wrestling in sensual pleasure. When our mouths parted, Sammy rolled over, undid my jeans and pulled my cock out.
"I never thought I would like a boy's cock in my mouth but now I can't wait to suck yours again." She put my cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking it, she flicked her tongue around the head and down the shaft, she sucked harder and moved her head faster. She started off taking only about half of it in mouth but the more she sucked the more she took in. She sucked for several minutes and the pleasure was incredible. I had to come.
"Darling stop, or I'll come in your mouth." She ignored me and continued to suck. I couldn't take it, I couldn't stop, I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down and my hips jerked ramming my cock into her mouth, my cock spurted what seemed like gallons of come into her mouth. For the first in her life Sammy managed to swallow come, she sucked for little while longer milking me dry. Sammy released my cock from its oral captivity, sat up and looked at me, a little bit of come dribbled out of the corner of her mouth and she had a very pleased look on her face.
"I think I like giving you blowjobs Dad, and Kim taught me how to swallow come, so you don't have worry, you can come in my mouth."
"Okay, it just that some girls don't like to do it."
"I guess I not some girls, maybe I just a dirty girl sucking her Daddy's cock; or I'm just your sex slave, forced to perform for you pleasure." I had this feeling that I had heard this from someone else and couldn't help wondering how much Sammy knew about Kim and I or how much Kim had said to her.
"I would never force you to do anything like that darling nor would I make you my sex slave."
"I know Dad, I was just joking, you didn't ask me to give you a blowjob and I didn't stop you playing with my titties because I wanted you too and I like you coming in my mouth. One day you might even be my first lover, imagine your cock stretching my tight little pussy."
"Darling do you think thats a good idea, I am your father, and thats sort of you know taking advantage of you, even you giving me blowjobs is violating the father daughter relationship."
"Do you remember what Kim said when I first tried to give you a blowjob; whats right and wrong is up to me and you to decide. You've taught me so many things Dad, and I want you to teach me a to be woman and a lover, Please think about it."
"Okay darling, but if I say no it's no okay."
"I know, but I would be disappointed," She leaned over and a gave me a passionate kiss, I could taste my come on her lips. I didn't have to think about it, when she was ready for me to share her bed I would be just as ready to bring her to womanhood. I just hoped it wouldn't be to long. "Just think about Daddy, now I'm need to change my knickers they seem to be rather wet, and I think I need to do something before I go to sleep."
"Do you want a hand."
"I've got two Dad, maybe next time." I gave her a kiss goodnight and with that she went to bed and I spent some time thinking what the first time with her would be like. Over the next few weeks Sammy kept up her practical lessons and was quite keen to show me new things she had read about on the internet.

One Sunday morning Kim and Rachel had left early for rehearsals of a school production. I had fallen back to sleep after Kim and Rachel had shared a quick morning blow job and a promise of more for later.
"Daddy, are you awake." I woke to see Sammy standing in the doorway wearing a short white silk robe tied at the waist
"Daddy can I ask you something, please don't be shocked or run away or say I'm a bad girl."
"That depends on what you want to ask me?"
She stepped forward, undid the belt, pulled apart the robe, it slid of her shoulders and down her back and fell to the floor. She stood before me naked for the first time since she was about nine and had started to grow little bumps on her chest. She was beautifully tanned apart from two small pale triangles where her nipples were and a rectangle on her mons. My cock went instantly hard. Men would lay seige to a city to posses a woman like her. She had a perfect hour glass figure finely sculptered after years of ballet, lithe and supple, her breasts rose up from her chest in two perfect mounds, her nipples were about the size of the tip of my little finger and surrounded by a large dark aereoles and stuck out hard and erect. Her pubic mound was covered with a mat of fine blond pubes manicured in a small rectangle.
"Daddy I'm am really horny, I've played with myself lots this morning and I'm still horny. Can you, would you lick my puusy. All I think about is me sucking your cock, then I start thinking about you licking and kissing me down there and that makes me hornier."
"Are you sure you want me to do that, do you really want me to have sex with?"
"Dad I have sucked your cock lots, don't you think we're having sex already. I want you to have all of me," she paused for a moment "except you can't put your cock in me, not yet, and no fingers, I'm really really tight and it hurts when I try. Please Daddy eat my pussy." She came over and sat beside me on he bed and took my cock in her hand and stroked it.
Sammy started licking and gently sucking my balls, I reached down and cupped one of her tits in my hand, it felt incredible in the flesh, the were firm and full, I caressed her tit and squeezed and rolled the nipple between my fingers. Sammy sucked my cock like a woman possesed, up and down her head went, my hips rocked pushing my cock in and out of her mouth, she sucked hard creating an incredible suction and it wasn't long before my cock exploded in her mouth, Sammy took my cock out her mouth.
"Oh Dad, it my pussy's turn now, and as this is your first time I'll need to asess your technique, remember I'm very particular about proper application and will be very stern in my assessment." I smiled as she quoted me from the first time she had given me head "You'll get extra marks for a multiple orgasm."
"No pressure eh, I'll do my best princess. Just prepare yourself I have on more than one occasion had woman collapse from my tongues caress."
"Yeah I believe you," she laughed "If I collapse I'll give you 100 per cent, if not it's the bottom of the class for you and a reassessment. Now you may begin."
"Well I hope I fail, because I don't think I would mind doing a reassessment." I said as she lay down on the bed, put her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs apart in the splits with her legs running parallel with the bottom of the bed.
I saw heaven, I have seen Sammy do the splits thousands of times and numerous other leg stretching exercises and any number of them revealed a hidden treasure between her legs always covered by shorts, knickers or leotard. Here I saw the treasure beyond compare, the pubes around her lips were nicely trimmed and glistened with pussy juice, her lips were spread apart invitingly, creating a valley divided by a rose colored mountain range of her inner lips, at the bottom of the mountain range was a small dark opening slightly spread, looking to the top of the valley I could see the swelling of her clitoral hood.
I sat between her legs and Sammy put her legs over my shoulders. I ran my tongue over her wet pussy, then took her inner lips between my teeth, I tugged gently on them before taking them into my mouth sucking and stretching her delicate petals. I released them and moved up to her clit flicking my tongue across it, Sammy gave a gasp, I put the tip of my tongue on her clit and started drawing little circles on her sweet button, Sammy started rocking slowly as my tongue teased her clit. I moved away from her clit and put a couple of fingers against it. I started licking and kissing my way up her body Sammy tried to push me back down to her pussy but I pushed against her, up her body, across her firm stomach pausing only to suck in some of that tender flesh before moving between her sweet breasts, I licked my way to the top of each teasing each nipple. I continued kissing my way up to her neck, kissing and sucking, around her jawline and to her tender sweet lips. I gave her a kiss pushing my tongue into her mouth, she responded eagerly wrestling with my tongue, I moved my mouth to kiss her cheek then on to her ear nibbling her lobe, putting my tongue in her ear I blew into it, she let out a little sigh. I continued my exploration of her erogenous zones, down to her neck, slowly I worked my way to a pair of tits I had dreamed and imagined off since she was twelve, I flicked my tongue across her nipple and Sammy jerked in response. I kissed around her tits and licked between them, teasing them with tongue and mouth. Sammy was softly sighing with each breath. I licked my way up the small mound of flesh and took her nipple in to my mouth. Sammy sighs became low moans, her hips rocking with pleasure, I took the nipple in my mouth and gently chewed and nibbled it, Sammy put her hands behind my head and pulled me harder against her tit.
"Oh Daddy, I thought you had nice fingers, but your mouth, oh Daddy, oh Daddy what are you going to do to my pussy, can you lick it now, please lick me now, I want to come, I want to come now." she pleaded moaning
I released her tit and licked and kissed my towards her spread legs, I tickled her navel with my tongue then on to her mons, I licked her pubic mound and tugged the pubes with my teeth, then caressed her thighs with my tongue licking up and down the length of them. I could see her come juice dribbling out of her pussy, I licked around her lips tasting her salty sweet juices and along her thighs teasing her with my tongue and fingers. Her pleadings became louder and more desperate.
"Daddy my pussy, stop teasing, lick my pussy."
I flicked my tongue across her swollen clit, her hips jerked and she pushed my head hard against her cunt. I licked between her lips, she was so wet, I took her small lips in my mouth and sucked and tugged on them and pushed my thumb against her clit. Her hips were rocking, her moans were becoming deeper and louder, I moved down and spread her lips, I looked in to her virgin opening and was sure I could see a perfect unbroken hymen, I stuck my tongue in and flicked it around "Oh fuck." she cried. I slowly licked between her lips occasionally flicking my tongue across her clit. I could feel she was so close to exploding, I went to her clit and rubbed my fingers on it and between her lips, I gently inserted just the tip of my finger in to her hole and pressed my palm against her pussy, she pressed her cunt hard against my hand and put her hand on top of mine trying to push it harder against herself. Her every breath was just a low deep throated moan, I took my hand away, she tried to resist but I pushed her hand away. I put my tongue on to her clit again and licked and flicked it. "Oh fuck, Oh fuck." she kept repeating. Her arse suddenly scooted across the bed and her legs tightened around me, her come spurted out of her and onto my face and she let out a loud "Oh fuck." . She lay back against the bed breathing deeply, the only word seemed to get out was "Oh, oh, oh." again and again.
I had never seen that look on her face before, a look of pure contentment and sexual bliss, slowly her breathing slowed and she sat up.
"Oh Daddy, you really know how to make a girl happy."
"Did I pass my assessment."
"Well, yes and no, yes you did make me come very nicely, but you failed to give me a multiple orgasm and I definitely didn't collapse in orgasmic overload which you promised and when a girl says no fingers she means no fingers."
"I sorry darling, I um... guess I got a little carried away and it was just one finger and only the tip, I tried to be careful not to put too much in, I just wanted to tickle the opening. Can you forgive me."
"It's alright Daddy, I did enjoy it and it didn't hurt."
"So I take it I failed the assessment, does this mean I go to bottom of the class?"
"Yes," she said with a very serious look "you will need more practice and when I think your ready we can do another reassessment. Is that fair."
"Yes Miss, thank you Miss, I'll practice really hard and do better in the reassessment."
Sammy leaned forward and gave me a sensuous kiss " You taste like my pussy." I put my fingers between her legs and scooped up some of her juice and put it to lips, she opened her mouth and licked my fingers clean. I gave her another kiss
"You taste like pussy to, maybe we should have a shower and I can clean your pussy."
"Okay, and I'll wash your cock."
It turned out to be a great shower, Sammy cleaned my cock with her mouth and I spent a long time with my fingers between her legs cleaning her pussy, Sammy turned toward the shower wall and leaned against it. I took the shower head and sprayed up between her legs. She rocked then gave a gasp and shuddered as her her body was taken by another orgasm, she turned to face me and put her arms around me.
"Dad I was so horny this morning, I made myself come three or four times, but twice with you is like ten times with my own hand. Will you make love to me again when I get horny."
"Yes darling my tongue and hand will always be here for you, I loved making you come and I would love to do it again."
"Thank you Dad, maybe I could try something else one day."

Sammy used my tongue and hand a few more times in the next couple of weeks, I still had been unable to give her a muliple orgasm despite all my attempts. It was friday night and I sitting in bed waiting for Kim to come for her usual friday fuck. When she did come in she was wearing a shapeless cotton nightie. This was not her usual attire and I wondered what was wrong.
"Thank you Dad." she said
"Thats okay darling," I gave her a puzzled look "What are you thanking me for."
"My present's."
"Have I been buying you presents again." Kim would often buy lingerie or toys on the internet and delight in introducing them to our sex play. Some toys she would reject, others she would keep, some became her favourites and would be used often. "Do I get to see what your nice Dad has bought you?"
Kim came over to the bed and pulled the covers down, she climbed on to the bed, rearranged my cock so it was pointing straight up my body, and sat straddling my waist rubbing her crotch on my cock, I could feel she was wearing a pair of lace knickers, she leaned forward and put her arms around my shoulders and gave me a long lingering kiss, then kissed her way around to my ear, she nibbled my my lobe and used her tongue and breath in my ear to arouse me, she slowly worked her way down my body with her tongue and teeth, kissing, licking and biting my skin, Kim paused at my nipple taking it in to her mouth, sucking and nibbling it, she slid her tongue across my chest to my other nipple and gave it the same attention, she continued down my body kissing, licking and biting every inch of it befofe finally arriving at my cock sliding down my legs she took my cock in her hand and started mastubating me. Kim went down and took it in her mouth, it was a long sensuous blow job and she was in no hurry to make me come and when my hips started rocking in anticipation of the orgasm she stopped.
She moved further down my legs "Not yet, would you like to see my present?"
"Very much." I said.
Kim slowly worked the hem of nightie revealing a burgundy lace thong, the lace was almost see through and I could see her dark pubes through it and the crotch split her pussy lips apart. She leaned forward and gave me a kiss.
"Would you like to see more." she whispered in my ear
"Oh yes please."
Kim took a pillow and put it at the bottom of bed, then reached across and took her toy box and a bottle of lube from the bedside cabinet. Her toy box held all her favourite toys and she to loved to tease with some amazing solo sessions, I knew this was going to be one long horny night. Kim fluffed up the pillow and put it against the bed.
"Would you like to see the toys you bought me?'
"Of course I want to see the new toys I got you, are they nice?"
"Oh Daddy there more than nice, I'm always surprised at how you know exactly what I want."
"I know you so well darling and always think carefully before I get you a new toy, and I only buy the ones that I think will make you happy."
"You've excelled yourself this time Daddy, I've been practicing with them, would you like to watch?"
"You always know I like to watch." With that she took from her toy box a vibrator about an two inches long and about half an inch in diameter with a long thin wire going to a control box. Kim rolled over and got onto her hands and knees, took the bottle of lube and squirted some onto her finger, reaching behind her she moved the thin cloth covering her arsehole. She rubbed around her hole spreading lube all over it then inserted her finger in to the hole gently sliding it in and out to lubricate it.
She looked at me and said "Before you even think about it, no, that hole is just for little vibrators, not for that big thing you've got."
"Okay darling."
Kim took the small vibrator, put a little bit of lube on to it, reached behind herself again and slowly eased the vibrator in, untill finally it disappeared in to her, Kim used the wire to pull and push the vibrator inside her untill she found the right place for it. She rolled over and sat down and wriggled back into the pillow, she took the control and played with the settings.
"Mmmm." she sighed. She looked in to her toy box and selected a vibrator turned it on, held it against her cunt then shook her head as if to say no, turned it off, put it back in the box. This time she chose two, the first one was about an inch long with a ring on the back with which she could put her finger through, the second was about eight inches long and had a thick end for her to hold, which tapered to a long thin shaft before thickening out again to a head that was about two inches long and about an inch in diameter, the vibrator came with various rubber sheaths she could slide on, she chose a ribbed one and rolled it on to the end. From the the box she took a vibrator I hadn't seen before, it was about six inches long and about three quarters of inch in diameter it terminated in a small tapering hook.
"Do you like my new vibrator?"
"Looks interesting, what does it do?"
"I'll show you, but first would you like to see my other gift?"
"Yes." curious to know what else she had bought
Kim slowly lifted her nightie, it was a slow striptease, she would raise her nightie before lowering it again, each time she revealed more of what she had on underneath, eventually she pulled the nightie over her head revealing a satin and lace burgundy corset matching her knickers, the corset hugged her every curve, the half cup bra barely contained her tits, the underwire lifted her tits up and brought them together in a perfect cleavage her hard nipples pressed against the cloth, she looked stunning and every inch a sex goddess.
"Do you like it?"
"Oh darling, it beautiful, you look so sexy."
"Thank you." she leaned back and took the large vibrator and began to rub it on either side of her pussy lips, slowly she worked her way up her body, teasing her mons, then her stomach then up to her tits, she folded the cloth down and her engorged nipples popped out, teasing herself with the vibrator, first one nipple than the other, under and around her tits. I could see her starting to get wet and her hips began gently rocking, slowly she began to move the vibrator down again stroking every inch of her body, she lingered for a while on mons before going down between her legs, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly. Teasing herself she ran the vibrator down along her thighs and either side of lips, her hips rocked faster and she used her other hand to move the knickers aside, she lightly rubbed the vibrator on her lips avoiding her clit. She pushed harder spreading her lips with the vibrator, the vibrator slid into her and she gave a little gasp. She moved it in and out of herself, lifting it up and down and side to side altering the way it penetrated her. Her breathing became deeper and faster, she rammed it harder into her taking the full length of it in to her, her hips rocked and jerked in an erratic pattern. She took it out and slid it up between her lips, she came to her clit and rubbed either side of it and around it before finally putting it directly onto it, using her other hand she pushed it hard against her clit and between her lips, her hips jerked and her body spasmed as she came. Kim continued rubbing slowly as her hips came to rest, she opened her eyes, put down the vibrator, taking the control box for her anal vibrator she fiddled with it again, she picked up the small vibrator.
"Do you know what this is for?"
"It's a G spot vibrator, there's supposed to be inside girls a place called the G spot I've been trying to find it for ages. Now that you got me this the hunt is over." Kim took of her knickers, turned the vibrator on and pressed it against her clit. She put her two middle fingers of other hand into mouth getting them wet with saliva then pushed them deep in to her pussy. Kim started finger fucking herself whilst rubbing her clit with the vibrator, taking her time, slowly working herself up. She started to fuck herself harder and faster with her fingers and using the tip of the vibrator to stimulate her clit, she moved it in small circles over it. Her hips started rocking again, her breath become deep grunts each time her fingers slammed into her. She pulled her fingers out and slid the ring vibrator on to her finger, with the other hand she pushed the vibrator in to herself. She let out a gasp as it slid in to her, she rolled the vibrator in her hand and used her other hand to press down on her pubic mound and fingered her clit. She moved the vibrator slighty trying to find the elusive spot inside her. She must have found it when her hips jerked and she lifted her arse of the bed. Kim kept her arse in the air and fucked the vibrator hard. She didn't seem to be breathing and she had a determined look on her face. She kept going for a few minutes before her whole body spasmed, she slammed down on to the mattress and her body went rigid and her cunt spat out a huge of glob of come, I had seen her come like that before but never this amount. She let out massive exhalation of air, the only movement was her fingers moving the vibrator inside her, each time the vibrator moved she her body jerked and she would grunt again. The orgasm kept coming and I wondered if she would ever stop, slowly her body relaxed and she worked the vibrator inside herself for another couple of minutes. Great globs were all over her cunt running down her arse crack on to the bed and her hand was covered in it, she put her finger in to her mouth and sucked on it, she scooped up more from her cunt and sheet, got on to her hands and knees and came to me and put her fingers against my lips, I opened my mouth to recieve my offering.
"Lie down, I want you to lick up all that juice." I lay down and she turned around to sit on my face, I could feel her cunt vibrating from the vibrator up her arse.
"Do you want to take that vibrator out."
"Not yet," she replied "I want to try something, probably a little kinky but it might be nice." She took my cock in her hand, the ring vibrator buzzed against the shaft, slowly Kim masturbated me before she moved her hand down under my balls, and bent down to suck my cock. I caressed her satin and lace covered body and fondled her tits and nipples. I licked, sucked and fucked her dripping cunt with my mouth and tongue for several minutes before she came again.
"Your turn." she said as she moved down and slid my cock in to her, she cupped her hand with the ring vibrator under my balls. I could feel the hard lump of the vibrator in her arse, pulsing from a gentle to an intense vibration before stopping then starting again, Kim clenched her pussy around my cock and started with slow purposeful strokes, she took it deep in to her before sliding it out until just the head was inside her and each time she slid her hand over my balls, up the shaft and on to her pussy. The feelings were just intense, the vibrator in her arse, her tight cunt squeezing my cock and the slow strokes of her hand and cunt were building me up to an incredible orgasm.
Kim fucked me for several minutes in her slow purposeful way before letting my cock slide out of her. She turned around to face me and lay down until she was just on top of me. She offered her tit to my mouth and I took in as much of it as I could, I teased her nipple with my tongue before releasing her tit and started chewing, nibbling and sucking the engorged nipple. She fucked me slowly before starting to build up momentum, I gave up her nipple and grabbed her satin covered hips. My hands slipped on the smooth material but she knew what I wanted. She sat up, put her hands on my chest and started pounding my cock with long hard strokes, from deep inside her to just the head she fucked my cock. I bounced my arse on the bed trying to force more of my cock in to her. I felt my come rising, my balls squeezed and my cock throbbed and pulsed as come spurted into her. Kim jerked and twitched and she made unintelligible sounds as she came with me, she fell on to my chest, I put arms around her and pulled her tight against me, I thrust in to her a few more times spilling the last of my come in her.
Suddenly there was the sound of stumbling feet and the door swung open. Both of us looked and Sammy stood there, she was wearing a satin camisole with satin french knickers, come dribbled down her thigh.
"Oops" she said looking sheepish

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