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Anupama Pulls an Indian Train (part 9 of a series)

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Anupama pulls ann Indian train of 14 cricketers by Aussie Greg
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After her victory in a seven hour marathon sex fight Anupama was almost beside herself as we entered the jewellery shop. Another victory another piece of jewellery. It took her almost 3 hours to decide on the gold ankle chain and waist chain, and her final decision showed her taste. Not thin elegant or refined, but vulgar ostentatious, and as thick as a man bracelet.

Early last summer I had noticed a group of Indian students who arrived, no matter the weather, to play cricket (that English, Australian, South African, West Indian and of course Indian sport maybe most close to baseball for USA readers). For Indians, it is almost a religion and National team s

Taking Turns With My Cock

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It was a Friday night, and I was hanging out with my girlfriend, Jessica, and her friend Britney. The three of us had been drinking vodka together for several hours in the living room of my apartment. They had been talking about Britney's breakup with her boyfriend for about an hour, and I was getting extremely bored and sleepy.
"I'm getting tired. I think I'm going to go pass out." I said.
"Okay, Baby. Goodnight." Jessica said.
"Goodnight." Britney chimed in.
They both quickly turned their attention back to one another and continued talking about Britney's relationship woes. I stood up from the couch and walked into my bedroom and shut the door. I took off all of my clothes, switched off the light, and crawled underneath the covers. Jessica and Britney quieted down a little bit, and

The classroom blowjobs for huge dicked guy

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I was sitting in my classroom. I was 16 years old and now was math lesson. The girl in front of me was Sarah, 15 years old. She was turning around to me and said: "Can i suck your cock now, i'm so horny."
"Ok" i said. So she stood up and came to my place. Slowly she put down my trousers and pants and took my penis in
her mouth. Now the teacher got angry. "What are you doing back there?!" Then Cindy stood up and slapped the teacher
in the face. "Sarah wants to suck Stephens cock cause she's horny. So shut up with your stupid math lesson. We want sex!" The teacher was dumbfounded and sat down looking at Sarah sucking my cock. Now another girl stood up. "Oh Stephen i'm so horny too, let me suck your cock too. You got the biggest cock in class, so you deserve. So other small dicked losers

me & Kirsty take on the rugby team

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Well Dean picked us up at 8 oclock, from llandeilo as arranged. Kirsty jumped in the front, and me in the back. Sitting in the back was an older guy I’d not met before called Dorian, He was in his 30’s. Dean explained that he was a prop in the team, but we had to drop him off on the way back, as he had to get home. We’d only been driving a few minutes, before, I felt Dorians hand sliding up my leg, and into my knickers, and without hesitation, slipped a thick rough finger into me. He told Dean to pull into a lay-by up ahead by some trees as he wanted to fuck me! We jumped out of the car, and went into the trees, and there was no messing about, he got his cock out, pulled my skirt up, and knickers aside, and was pumping into me in seconds. He wasn’t long, but was quite thick,

What the hell has she gotten into.....

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“Oh god what has she gotten herself into now!!!!!” she thought. Going to the bar was not unusual for her, she always met old friends there and they danced, flirted and occasionally she’d go home with someone and just have a friendly fuck. Nothing serious since she had split from her husband some months ago, of course reconciliation was going to happen but now she was havin

Initiation night

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      I stood, at attention, in front of the fraternity president.

     "All right pledge, this is your initiation, we need to see if you are worthy material. Strip down, naked, and await further instructions."

     I quickly did as I was told, I'd expected this, probably a good ass paddling.

Cum, Cum, Cumaholic

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Adventures of a Cumaholic

I am what you might call a cumaholic. I love cum. The taste, the
smell, the feel of it turns me on and I can’t seem to get enough of it My
obsession with cum started when I was a teenage girl after I swallowed my first
load of semen from my first boyfriend. Before that time I would never have
guessed that cum would be something that I would even want to touch much less
put in my mouth and eat but here I am telling my story of how I am driven to eat
as much cum as I can get in my mouth. I suppose that my addiction to cum is
quite different than an alcoholics addiction to alcohol because an alcoholic
usually lives a self destructive life that ends in disaster however the only
thing t
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hat my addiction to cum has gotten me is some of the best sex imaginable.
Like an alcoholic I do feel the need to tell my story about my addiction but not
out of guilt or shame. I only want to tell my story so that others might know
the joy of sucking a cock and having the salty taste of sperm linger in your
mouth like the taste of a fine wine after an exquisite diner. My advise to women
who do not know this joy is to try the taste of cum with an open mind and give
it a fair chance. The next time your man cums try to putting a little on your
finger and give it a taste. If you don’t find it too objectionable try asking
your man to cum in your mouth the next time you have sex. Hardly a man alive
will be unwilling to accommodate your request. Most men get off on the idea of
women eating their cum. It’s the ultimate show of appreciation of his manhood
and I’ll wager that your sex life will improve markedly if you start swallowing
your partners love juice periodically.

I don’t have enough time or energy to write about each and every
time I have swallowed cum because there must be hundreds if not thousands. I
will only tell you about a few of my favorites. I already mentioned the first
time I swallowed cum was when I was a teenager in high school. My boyfriend and
I really enjoyed a lot of oral sex and I guess he wasn’t shy about telling all
his high school buddies about our sexual escapades. The word soon got out that I
was somewhat of a cock sucking cum eating slut. The fact is that I am but at
first I didn’t really appreciate the fact that everyone in school knew it
however I didn’t know at the time was that my reputation was to latter be
responsible for one of the greatest sexual encounters of my life. My loudmouth
boyfriend and I had stopped seeing each other foe several weeks and I was going
through some serious cum withdrawal when a girlfriend of mine Karen, told me
about a big party at her house to be held when her parents were out of town that
coming weekend. She said there were going to be a lot of guys there and maybe it
would be a good chance to meet someone new. She had no idea how good that
sounded at the time.

When I got to her house there must have been a dozen guys inside
but Karen and I were the only girls. I was beginning to like those kind of odds.
Karen told me that she had purposely not invited any other girls and had invited
all the guys over before to one of her parties where she was the only girl. She
went on to say that the guys all fucked her at her last party but she thought
having another girl would be a lot more fun. At first I couldn’t believe what
Karen was telling me, that she actually had designs to invite twelve horny guys
over to her house to fuck the shit out of both of us. Then as it sunk in it
didn’t sound too bad at all. After all I hadn’t had any sex in over two weeks
and I was thirsty enough to drink a gallon of cum. I looked over the crew of
guys in the living room. Every one of the guys was cute enough to fuck one at a
time why not fuck all of them at once ? I gave one of the guys a long look and
walked over to him and gave him a deep long wet kiss. His hands started fondling
my breasts and I took my hand and grabbed another guys crotch. Karen went to
work on a couple of other guys too. It wasn’t long before Karen and I were both
naked and sucking cock on the living room floor. The guys had lined up in a
circle with Karen and I in the middle on our knees taking turns sucking cocks.
It was like a smorgasbord of cock. There were two black guys from the football
team and two really well hung cocks in the crowd. The guys were all making jokes
about the two well hung cocks but I wasn’t laughing. I was too busy sucking
yards of cock meat down my throat in anticipation of getting a rich desert of
creamy cum from as many cocks as could get that night. It was quite clear that I
was the superior cock sucker between Karen and I. The guys were making comments
about my cock sucking skills like "She could suck the chrome off a trailer
hitch" and so on. I told them that I was a cum freak and that I would swallow
all of their cum if they wanted me too. They all got a kick out of that idea but
one of the well hung guys said "Your going to have to do some serious fucking
before you get any of our cum." Nothing could have sounded better after all I
was looking forward to getting gang fucked and fed cum.

It must have gone on for hours, the fucking and cock sucking. I
always had a dick in my mouth and my pussy for what seemed an eternity. I was
getting fucked from every position by every one of the twelve guys in the room
at one time or another. My body was damp from the sweat of my own body as well
as every guy in the room and my pussy was so sloppy wet that I was literally
lying in a puddle of cunt juice on the carpet. Karen was equally as wet and
sloppy and every time I looked over at her when I wasn’t scarfing a cock down my
throat she seemed to be having another orgasm. Amazingly all twelve of the gang
bang guys showed tremendous restraint and had refrained from cumming. The guys
were ready to explode and one of them asked where he should deposit his load.
Someone reminded the gangbangers that I was a cum freak and that it would be a
good idea to make her drink the cum from all of the guys. It seemed like a good
idea to me as well and I remember someone getting a large wine glass from the
kitchen. One by one I sucked six of the twelve cocks until the cum welled up
from the swollen balls of the young studs and shot into the wine glass that
Karen volunteered to hold. Karen was getting delight in egging the guys on to
cum in the glass. When the glass held six loads of cum Karen held the receptacle
up for everyone to see and dared me to drink it. The glass must have had an inch
of creamy white semen in it, some of it thick and gooey and some thin and
watery. Karen held the glass up to my nose and I inhaled the aroma of the warm
sticky fluid. I was getting so anxious to taste it that my mouth and pussy
started to water. I posed a question to everyone "Do you really want me to drink
the cum from the glass ?". The answer was a resounding yes. I said "I’ll drink
the cum only if someone eats my pussy while I swallow it." I quickly got a
volunteer to do the honors and I laid down on the coffee table with my legs
spread wide apart for him to start licking my clit. It didn’t take long for him
to work me close to the point of orgasm as Karen stood by with the glass of cum
waiting to pour it in my mouth when I started to cum. Karen poured a drop or two
of semen on my tongue and the warm salty taste was just enough to send me into
an unbelievably intense orgasm. At that moment Karen poured the remainder of the
cum from the glass into my mouth. It was like nectar from the gods as it hit my
taste buds and swirled around my mouth while my body writhed in orgasmic
convulsions. The urge to swallow was intense but I wanted to savor the musky
flavor a bit longer so I continued to swirl the frothy liquid around my mouth.
There was so much liquid in my mouth that I was forced to swallow most of it
unless I wanted to take the risk of drowning in it but I kept enough of it my
mouth to savor and blow bubbles with. Most of the guys were in a state of
disbelief when I swallowed the final gulp of cum and licked the glass clean.

I almost couldn’t believe that I drank so much cum either but it
sure was good and there were still six guys left who had not cum yet. Someone
asked how I was going to top that phenomenal performance when Karen came up with
an outrageous suggestion. From out of the depths of Karen’s perverted mind came
the devilishly insane idea that the remaining six guys fuck her pussy and cum
inside her cunt taking care not to spill a precious drop. Then with her vagina
full of creamy cum she wanted me to suck her pussy dry. I had never had sex with
another girl before and had to think about the implications of her suggestion
for a moment but the lure of swallowing more cum made the idea too irresistible.

Karen assumed a position on the sofa as the first guy fucked her
already well lubricated pussy in the missionary position. It didn’t take long
before he was emptying his straining balls into the depths of Karen’s vagina.
Karen told the next guy in line that she didn’t want him to fuck her because
that would cause all the cum in her pussy to ooze out so he jacked off over her
as she sucked his balls. When he felt his loins begin to explode Karen held the
lips of her pussy wide open with her fingers giving him a target to shoot his
load into. She held her pussy so wide open that cum from the first ejaculation
could be seen beyond the lips of her gaping vagina. The cum shot from the second
sperm donor into Karen’s hole and added to the fluid reserve. Karen sucked four
more cocks and added four more thick wads of semen to her cunt which was by then
turning into a virtual Lake Mead of cum. There was so much cum inside her pussy
that it was beginning to spill out and run down to her ass hole and even though
Karen was holding her legs up so the cum would remain contained inside her womb
the volume of fluid was just too much. The time had come for me to taste the
nectar that flowed from Karen’s juicy vulva. I positioned myself between Karen’s
quivering thighs and brought my tongue to her tender pussy lips. The dank aroma
of wet pussy and six huge loads of sperm filled my nostrils and I couldn’t help
getting a little aroused. I teased the crowd of gang bang guys who were whipped
into a total frenzy and chanting "Go, go, go" by pretending that I really didn’t
want to go through with the cum feast. I asked "Do you really want me to do
this. It’s awfully nasty ?" Of course in reality I couldn’t wait to start
gulping the sweet goo. Now everyone including Karen was egging me to go through
with it so I put my head down and started gently lapping the cum seeping from
Karen’s cunt. The taste was incredible. I couldn’t tell how much of the warm
liquid was Karen’s cunt juice and how much was cum but it tasted wonderful. I
was like a cat drinking milk from a bowl as I lapped up what seemed to be a
quart of sticky semen. Karen was having what must have been her tenth orgasm of
the day when I had licked up as much cum as I could get to in that position so I
asked her to get on top of me and squeeze the rest of the cum out into my mouth.
She got on top and of me, positioned her pussy over my open mouth and tightened
the muscles in her vagina which sent another dollop of white sperm onto my
tongue and down my throat. I continued to lick her sloppy wet labia as more cum
dribbled into my mouth and all over my face. I licked her pussy until all of the
white creamy nectar was devoured and Karen collapsed in a heap on top of me on
the sofa. By the time I woke up all of the guys had left and it was time for me
to head back home. I took a shower but I still had the salty taste of cum in my
mouth for what seemed like days. For the next week I was walking on clouds as I
savored the memory of what turned out to be the best sexual experience of my

I’ve never had another experience quite like the gang bang at Karen's
house that day probably because I haven’t had the chance to find twelve
horny guys at one time to feed me that much cum. I have done some other
interesting things though with cum. There was one boyfriend I had that was so
turned on by the fact that I would swallow his cum that I decided to give him a
special treat one day. We had driven to the shopping mall to pick up a birthday
gift for a friend of ours. After he parked the car I told him to stay in and
pull his pants down so I could suck his cock. I told him that I never sucked
cock in a public place before and I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I sucked him
off as people came dangerously close to the car while my head bobbed up and down
on his throbbing prick. His penis exploded into my mouth a thick sweet wad of
semen that I was able to keep from going down my throat. I kept the cum in my
mouth while he zipped his pants up and we got out of the car. In fact I kept the
cum in my mouth while we walked around the mall. Every once in a while I would
open my mouth to let him see the white sperm coating my tongue. We went to a few
stores while he did the talking to salespeople. I couldn’t resist teasing him by
letting a little cum dribble past my lips while he was talking to a cute
salesgirl at a sporting goods store. She had no idea what was going on and I
finally swallowed the cum when she asked me a direct question. The whole episode
turned my boyfriend on so much that we went home and fucked for hours. Of course
I always insisted that he cum in my mouth but he couldn’t seem to get his dick
up to my mouth before he exploded inside my pussy. He sensed my disappointment
so he went into the kitchen and got a soup spoon. "What are you going to do with
that ?" I asked. He said he wanted to feed me his cum from my pussy. Now there
was an unusual idea that I hadn’t tried yet. Spoon fed cum from my own cunt. I
hadn’t eaten cum from my own pussy yet. He put the spoon down to my vagina lips
and gently scooped up the cum that began to dribble out. I opened my mouth wide
as he brought the spoon to my lips and poured the white cream onto my tongue.
The whole experience brought back memories of when I ate cum out of Karen’s cunt
at the high school gang bang. The taste was so delicious that I wanted to savor
every spoonful for hours. When I couldn’t squeeze anymore semen from my pussy I
took the spoon and stuck it inside to scoop out another spoonful that I eagerly
brought to my mouth and licked clean. That taste of cum is great but the taste
of cum and pussy juice is divine.

I’ll try to write more stories from my life as a cumaholic as time
permits but for now all this talk about cum is making me thirsty.
See ya.