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My Little Sister's New Job Part 3

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Brother pays young sister for sex. Soon he'll start setting his eyes on his sister's friend and eventually turning them all into prostitutes.

“Hey guys, I’m home. Anybody here?”

The front door of my house slams shut and I hear keys hitting the table. Normally I wouldn't care for my mother’s arrival but this time I panic, I was balls deep in my little sister and was just about to bust a nut. My mother is walking around downstairs probably taking off her shoes and going through the mail before going to her room to undress. I completely forgot she was coming home early and I blame my sister for it. She’s such a hot fuck for a teen girl, my little redheaded sex slave that I've been fucking for almost a year. I have to finish off and get ready to pretend like young pussy isn't getting pounded in this house.

I pop my dick out of her twat and move up to my sister’s face after we were in missionary position. “Open your mouth beautiful, here I come.” I said whispering.

Marissa opens her mouth. Her pouty lips, perfect white teeth and her pink tongue are ready for a coating of cum. I stroke my cock until six ropes of cum fly out, hitting her parted lips, up her nose and all the way to her forehead. She starts licking the cum on her lips and gives me a playful laugh. “Mmhh, tastes better than last time.” she said.

I’m cleaning up to get ready to distract my mom so Marissa can run to clean up. I’m wiping up with a dirty sock and febreezing the room and myself from the stink of sex. “When I get downstairs and hear me talk to mom go discreetly to the bathroom. Wait until I get up here so you can go downstairs. Oh and remember, you've been in your room all day.”

“Are you still taking me to the mall?” Marissa asked playfully. She got off the bed and was walking with me towards the door while wiping her face with her panties. “Of course, I promised I’d take you and your friend to the mall, when have I ever broken a promise?”

She smiled and got on her tiptoes for a kiss. We french kissed while I squeezed her nice small bubble butt. I had to stop before I end up fucking her again, “ I love you.” she said.

“I love you, too. We leave in two hours.” I went out the door and down the stairs.

The light of my mom’s room was on and I could hear the shower in the adjacent bathroom running. I felt a little relieved that my mom decided to keep the monotonous ritual of arrival and didn't break it by checking up on us when we didn’t respond. I walk into her room and there are clothes strewn on the floor and I notice the sexy lingerie my mother was wearing. Could that mean my mother was seeing someone? Or maybe she fancied some guy at her job? Whatever, I’ll try to sneak that question when we talked later.

“Hey mom, what’s up? I asked through the closed bathroom.

“Hi honey, I’ll be out in a sec.” I heard the shower switch off and the sound of her getting out.

Seconds later the door opened and out walked my extremely gorgeous mother. I always fancied my mother and I attribute it to a big reason of why I fuck so intensely my sister, who’s a mirror image of our mom. She stands at 5 ft 6’, long curly red hair, beautiful pale skin, big green eyes, firm 36D breasts with an hourglass shape to die for. She was standing wet in front of me with only a very small towel wrapped around her tits and very gorgeous ass.

“Can you hand me those on the bed?” I pick up her bra and panties and hand them to her. She was always some what liberal when it came to her dressing in front of me, although I stopped seeing her naked when I was nine. I was never privy to her dressing or undressing in front of me so long as there were a conversation happening between us or that I wasn't staring. After putting on her undergarments she turned to face me

“Why do you look all sweaty?” she asked suspiciously.

“I've been working out all day.” I said rather too quick. And when her reply was “Hmm.” it really made me paranoid that maybe she suspects something is off. I quickly changed the subject to the mundane conversation of how was her day. She offered to make dinner which I promptly decline because I was going out anyway and left her to do her thing. Before getting to the stairs I turned and saw her bending over and, I gotta say, she has the greatest ass mankind has ever seen.

We are heading into the mall. My sister brought her friend Hayley with her. These past several months I've been coming up with a plan to get into Hayley’s pants just like I did my sister. I've given her the attention that an insecure barely legal to drive girl craves. I've befriended her, listened to her, flirted and it also helps that I’m a good looking guy. Today is the masterstroke of how I get to fuck her, but that’s for another story.

Walking around with these two gorgeous girls in the past two hours has started to cause a stiffening in my pants. The thought of fucking my sister in a public place added with the nature of the taboo sex we have, made the thought of the experience so much better. I decided to go ahead and fuck my sister but I needed to separate her from her friend. So, while they were inside a store looking through stuff I went to the bathroom in the back. Took out my phone and texted my sister.

Mike: Don’t say it’s me. I need you for a minute. Go to the bathroom and leave your friend in the dresser.

Marissa: Um no. cant u wait til we get home?

Mike: I need you now. Unless you want me to stop buying you shit and leave now.

Marissa: Ugh ok, give me a minute.

She appeared a few minutes later visibly angry with me. I took her to the restroom where it was way in the back and nobody bothered to go there. I took the last stall and sat her on the toilet. I started unbuttoning and unzipping, took out my stiffened cock and present it to her face. With the skills of a eager young girl who has been fucking every day for almost a year she already knew what to do. She took my cock in her small hand and started jerking me, then she started to lick the head of my cock. After covering my cock in precum and saliva, she wrapped her pouty pink lips around my prick and started bobbing her head while I saw one of her hands steal away under her skirt.

She was rubbing her small pussy. Her moans of pleasure and her mouth taking me to the edge of cumming.

“Oh Marissa. You’re great at this. That’s why I love you, nobody is better than you.” I encouraged her as I stroke her hair.

She now went to the technique that I love when she wants me to cum. She slowly slides half my cock in her mouth while she vigorously licks the head and gives it a little nibble. The thing is I don’t only want a blowjob.

“Stop sucking, get up.” I said, while taking my cock out of her mouth.

“That’s it? Okay then.” She says with a smile, thinking it’s over.

“No, lift up your skirt and take off your panties.”

“Um… I don’t want to dirty my clothes, we’re at the mall and we need to hurry up. Hayley is waiting for me.”

“Then take off your clothes, fold them and put them in the corner and stop fucking wasting time.” I said, rather harshly.

She was visibly hurt but complied. In a few seconds she was naked and god does she look good. She’s 5 ft now, B cups where budding breasts used to be when we started fucking and an ass that just keeps getting bigger and better. I pick her up and set her on the toilet tank. I start sucking her tits, those nice pink perky nipples feels good rolling on my tongue. We then start to kiss while I guide my rod into her wet pussy. My cock pushes into her with force and she audibly groans. Going in and out like a madman, pumping all I got into that small pussy regretting that I can’t make this last longer. We are face to face, I love when her face gets flushed and her green eyes roll backwards while biting her lips.

She moans very loudly. Saying between gasped breath, “Slower... please. Be… Gentle.”

I don’t listen. I don’t care. When I’m inside my sweet little sister’s pussy I lose it, I’m simply not myself. “Just hold on baby, You can take it.”

Tears are rolling down her eyes and I stop. Just to lift her off the toilet tank and lean her over it, standing bent on the waist. I grab her hip with one hand and place the other on her shoulder, actively pushing her into me. She’s groaning and moaning and crying, I’m ramming her insides deep now. Her pale ass is shaking up and down to the rhythm of my thrusts, I’m fucking mesmerized by it. It’s animalistic in the way I fuck her, the urgency and complete satisfaction of ravaging this young girl here in this place.

“Ohh...Mhh. Mike I’m...I’m” she starts quivering. I move one hand to cover her mouth before she squeals. She reaches orgasm. I’m just moments ahead of cumming also. Slowing down my thrusts I decide to cum in her. I came so hard I tilted over almost falling on Marissa. She was still leaning over and I could see the dripping creampie I gave her. I fished the phone out of my pocket and took a picture. We were both exhausted and we needed a breath.

It suddenly occurred to me that we've been in this bathroom for more than ten minutes. I was freaking out that someone might have come in and heard us and security might be coming as we rested. I popped my head out the stall and nothing was there. I walked to the door and nobody was outside. I walked to Marissa who was still sitting there cleaning herself up and said

“Alright, I’m going outside to find Hayley. Clean up fast, we gotta get out of this store.”

Just as I turned to leave I heard her say, “Jerk.”

I found Hayley looking at some expensive jeans. She saw me, “Where’s Marissa? She left me here waiting like a dumbass.”

“She’ll be here soon, she called me because the bathroom door got stuck with her inside. I had to get the manager and everything.” I said, chuckling.

“Hahaha, typical Marissa.” she said while sadly putting the jean back on the shelf.

“What’s wrong? I thought you were going to buy it?”

“I wish, If only I had a job I could get the money to afford it.”

“Well…” I reached for my wallet and brought it out. “Here’s the money.” I handed her a few bucks to her surprise. “And it just so happens that I have a job just for you.” I said smiling, “Just don’t tell Marissa.”

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