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A slut is born

basa930 on Humilliation Stories

“Amy wake up”. Three loud knocks on the door. “Amy are you in there”? The knoking continued. “time to go to class”.
I hate waking up in a rush. “I'm up Jenny, I'm up, god can you be any louder”?
I heard giggles from outside my bedroom door.
“Today is my birthday so you have to be nice to me sweetie” she said still giggling as she walked away.
That was my roomate Jenny and today is her 22nd birthday. My name is Amy, I'm 21 and a sophmore at a very prestigious college near New York. We live in a five bedrooms house near school with three other girls. I grew up in California so this is as far away from home as one can be.
Yesterday was the first day of school and last night, for some odd reason, someone thought it would be a good idea to have the mother of all parties to comme

Divya bani mere lund ki malkin

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Hi friends mera naam ankit hai. Meri age 22 yr hai aur mai nagpur ka rahne wala hu. Ye meri real life ke bare me hai.
Meri ek bachpn ki saheli hai Divya. Hum school life se hi saath padhte the. Hum achhe dost the. Ekdam close frnds. Wo mere ghar ke paas hi rahti hai to humara ekdusre ke ghar aana jana rahta hai. 12 th ke baad hum dono ka ek hi clg me engineering ke liye no laga. So hum bohot khush the. Divya dikhne me jyada sundar nahi hai par. Bohot modern hai. Hum sare boys ki wo school me pahli pasand thi. Infact mai bhi jb 12 th me tha to use imagine karke muth marta tha. Baat 2nd year ki hai Divya ke do break up ho chuke the. Wo apni love life me bohot serious hai. Wo 3rd time relationship me aayi thi. Divya aapni sari baate muzse share karti thi. Jaise uska 1st kiss, 1st d

Sorority Hazing

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Hi, I am Jan and now the president of the top sorority on campus, I have to monitor our pledges to make sure they are up to our standards. They have to be great looking and smart. Did I mention that they also have to be a fantastic fuck(both with men and our sisters). This is the story of my pledging.
During the first week of pledging about ½ of the pledges either leave on their own or are ask

My Sorority Hazing

domsteve on Humilliation Stories

Hi, I am Jan and now the president of the top sorority on campus, I have to monitor our pledges to make sure they are up to our standards. They have to be great looking and smart. Did I mention that they also have to be a fantastic fuck(both with men and our sisters). This is the story of my pledging.
During the first week of pledging about ½ of the pledges either leave on their own or are ask

my slutty girlfriend

anonymous on Humilliation Stories

                                                     I am a regular reader of sex stories from here. After reading so many stories I decided to post one which my gf told me few days back. This is my 1st story in ISS. Hope u like it and appreci

My fiancee sucumbs to an old school 'friend.'

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Lynn and I have been together for around 3 years. We recently got engaged and both still live with our parents.

At the start of my story, Lynn's parents were on vacation, I was going to stay the night and Lynn only had a single be. We didn't feel right sleeping in her parent's bed so I used an inflatable double bed from the attic, we set it up in the living room and went out for the even

As Omphale and Heracles 1

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This story is fictional. As I wrote it I realized it would be too long for one story so I'll write and post more parts if people are interested. I apologize for the overly long introduction but once I started writing I just kept wanting to add more. If you'd like to skip ahead to the humiliation and sex I've marked the start of that a few paragraphs down.

Hello, my name is Liam, and this

Sophia made me her bitch.

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I had a pretty good four years of marriage, my husband was an accounting and I was a sectary he had his own private office and work with two other guys he hired. It took a little while to find both of them he was picky. I wanted to work with him in his office and he told me it was a bad idea for husband and wife to work together so I left it drop and just stay with my ol

I do it for him

sharlz on Humilliation Stories

I’m not allowed to have an opinion.

He doesn’t like it when I speak my mind.

He think’s I’m bitching at him.

In truth I’m not.

I’m not used to not being able to say the things I want.

I have to think really hard about the things I’m about to say in order to not offend him

. He get’s offended really easily.

It really is all about him. He’s changed so much from when I first met him.

The Punishment

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 Sunday 03:18 Dom –

You said you would do anything at all to return.  Your punishment for  breaking the submission will be in 2 parts.  Very humiliating and very painful.  Are you ready to pay such a high price?


Frankie hadn’t expected to hear from him ever again.  She’d tried to make it right, offered to do anything to try and make it up to him, but he’d said it was impossible.  She’d had no choice but to accept it.  Now he was offering her a chance to return, to redeem herself &nd

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ash; but as his slave this time, not just a submissive.  Could she take it as a slave, owned property with no choice and no limits?  She didn’t know, but she knew she would try.  No one else, it seemed, could give her so much pleasure or inflict so much pain as he.  How she wished it wasn’t so.

She picked her phone up and texted:


I would like you to accept my submission very much.  I’m ready.


She lay awake in the dark, waiting to hear what he required her to do.  The humiliation part of the punishment would be extremely difficult for her.  It was getting on for 4A.M, but there would be no sleep until he’d replied.

Sunday 04:33 Dom –

Stockings, heels, your leather coat.  To the Co- Op.  Courgette into cunt & arse.  3 pegs in your pocket for tongue & nipples.  Go to Paul’s flat.  Ask him for a bowl.  With him watching remove coat & squat over bowl.  Remove courgettes, lick clean put into the bowl.  Put on pegs.  Pee into bowl then drink.

Sunday 04:34 Dom –

Remove tongue peg.  Paul  may not touch you at any time however at this point he may wank over your face & tits.  If he chooses to do so you will pull on your nipple pegs hard.  You will then remove pegs put on your coat & leave.  Do not clean his cum until you are home.  Part 1 of punishment complete.

Sunday 04:42 Dom –

If you need to clean his cum off before leaving you may totally humiliate yourself and ask him to pee on you so you can wash xxx


            When Frankie awoke next morning, she re-read the texts several times, with a growing sense of anxiety.  What he asked was impossible.  She couldn’t do it.  How could she? She was neither shocked nor surprised at what he demanded, just terrified at the idea.  How badly do you want this? A voice said in her mind.  She knew this calm, reasonable voice well. It had talked her through a lot of hard things and bad times.  If she became his slave that she’d be hearing a hell of a lot more of that voice too.  It was the one that made her stand fast and endure, no matter what the rest of her was saying.

            As she made herself coffee, her imagination kept playing unwelcome images of what might happen if she went through with it.  Frankie closed her eyes and tried to will the mental pictures away.  She worked with Paul.  How could she go to his house and do this?  But how could she not?  She picked up her phone, watching her fingers move over the keypad as if they were controlled by someone else, and she was just a fascinated bystander.


Sunday 11:06 sub –

I’ve thought about it, and I’ll try and do it.  Does it have to be him, though?
Sunday 11:06 Dom –
Who else is there? And I want pictures of every stage on your phone.
Sunday 11:13 sub –
Ok.  I don’t suppose there is anyone else to ask,  It’s just awkward having to work with him.
Sunday 11:16 Dom –
Paul it is then.  Don’t ask just tell him.  Think yourself lucky I made it less humiliating than the 1st version.
Sunday 11:22 sub –
What was the first version?
Sunday 11:26 Dom –
Michelle as witness

Frankie shivered.  Michelle was one of her friends, she didn’t see how she could possibly do it in front of her.  Paul it was then, and think herself bloody lucky, too.


Sunday 11:33 sub –

You’re right, that would be worse.  I’ll do it this afternoon.
Sunday 11:34 Dom –
Good girl.  Cum 1st. Keep me informed.
Sunday 12.15 Dom –
More I think of it the more I want a witness to your humiliation there. Xxx
Sunday 12:30 sub –
Is it not enough that Paul will see it?  I don’t know how I’m ever going to look him in the eye again after this
Sunday 12:31 Dom –
Yes it’s enough for Paul alone.  I told you it would be total humiliation.  It will be total pain if you come up here straight after.  I’m semi hard just thinking of the moment you reveal your body to one you dislike so much. Xxx

Frankie fought the urge to throw her phone against the wall.  She wanted to tell him to shove it, no way was she doing it, but her fingers just wouldn’t make those words.  After ten minutes or so she had calmed down enough to compose a reply.


Sunday 12:48 sub –

I can’t come up today.  I really can’t even bear to think what it’ll be like to do this in front of him, but I’m willing to do it for you. Xxx
Sunday 12.49 Dom –
Thank you.  Can you come up tomorrow tea time?  When are you starting your punishment? Do you think he’ll take the opportunity to cum on you?

            Frankie had showered in between texts, and by 1p.m. she’d finished applying her make-up.  She dressed.  Or rather, didn’t dress.  She felt cold and vulnerable under her knee length coat in only stockings and high heels, although common sense told her that no-one could possibly know that she was naked if she was careful, it still didn’t take away the dread of being found out in public.  One final look in the mirror and she was ready to start the first part of her ordeal.


Sunday 13:26 sub –

Am going to the Co-Op now for courgettes, then take the bus to his house.  It will be Thursday before I can come up.  I don’t know if he’ll cum on me.  I really hope not.
Sunday !3:41 Dom –
Thursday would be great.  Give him his instructions before revealing your body.  Tell him he has the option to cum on you but no touching.
Sunday 13:44 Dom
Are you dressed as instructed?
Sunday 13:50 sub –
Yes, wearing what you told me to, and dying of cold and fear.  Can I wipe the cum off me a bit if it’s on my face or not? Xxx
Sunday 13:51 Dom –
Sunday 13:51 Dom –
Don’t forget phone pics at every stage.  Be strong.  If you want it badly enough you’ll make it. Xxx
Sunday 13:56 Dom –
Does he know your on your way and why?
Sunday 14:02 sub –
He knows I’m coming down, but not why yet.  Going to have trouble sitting on the bus with a courgette up my arse.  Can I please put it in after I get off?

This thought had occurred to Frankie as she walked slowly and carefully to the Co-Op, heels loud on the pavement.  She avoided eye contact with the people she passed, hoping they wouldn’t notice her.  She wanted to shrink, to become soundless and invisible, but all the wishing in the world wasn’t going to make it happen.  She had two choices.  Give up, or continue.  She waited for him to text back.  She hoped he’d allow her this one thing, but he would want the maximum amount of upset and humiliation he could get from her.  It took less than a minute to get a reply


Sunday 14:03 Dom –

No. Stand on the bus xxx

            The Co-Op was a slice of normality, where ordinary people did ordinary things.  Frankie wished she was one of them. You could be, the voice said.  Just text him, tell him you’ve changed your mind, you won’t do it.   Somehow, that wasn’t an option.  He wasn’t forcing her, she had a choice.  She felt compelled to do this by some part of herself, and that same part found the idea of  being his slave and obeying him incredibly erotic. 

            She chose the courgettes carefully.  Smooth, and not too big.  She felt embarrassed at the checkout for only buying courgettes.  She thought the middle aged woman behind the till knew exactly what she wanted them for.  She had to ask for the key to the store toilets too.

            In the toilet cubicle, Frankie took her coat off, her nipples hardening immediately as the cold air touched them. Quickly, she took a tube of lubricant out of her bag, fumbling and almost dropping it in her haste.  She wanted this over and done with. She covered the smallest of the courgettes in a generous amount, and bent over, willing her tense muscles to relax. Very gently, she pushed the rounded end of the courgette slowly into her arse.  She paused for a moment, getting used to the uncomfortable sensation, then pushed the vegetable further in, fighting the urge to clench up and expel the unwelcome intruder.  Carefully, she straightened up, clenching the cheeks of her arse now to help keep the courgette in place. She put lube on the second one, and slid it inside her cunt. The coldness was not unpleasant, but the feeling of being filled almost to bursting in both holes was hard to bear. She put her coat and scarf back on, trying to gain what warmth and comfort she could.  For safety’s sake, she tucked the end of the courgette between her legs into the top of her stocking, otherwise as she walked it would slip out and fall to the floor.

            Frankie let herself out of the cubicle, and walked slowly over to the sinks. The sound of her heels was loud on the tile floor. As she washed her hands, the door opened and an old lady came into the toilets. Frankie gave her the key to hand back in, thankful to be spared going back into the shop again.


Sunday 14:07 sub –

Ok. Am going to bus stop now. Can’t believe I’m actually about to do this. Not going to think about it, just do it. Xxx
Sunday 14:08 Dom –
Good girl. You fully understand what you have to do and what to tell him? How are you feeling? People will wonder why you standing. Courgettes stretching you? Xxx
Sunday 14:12 Dom –
Don’t tell him not to tell anyone. If you do it gives him power over you to blackmail you. If he does tell anyone who would believe him? All you have to say to people it’s his fantasy, nothing to do with you.
Sunday 14:18 sub –
I understand what I have to do and say. I hope no one will believe him. Am shaking so much and I feel sick. I’m really, really scared, but it will soon be over. Xxx
Sunday 14:18 Dom –
Good girl. It will be over very quickly. You have the option to back out now. One chance only. Xxx

One chance only. Frankie paused on her slow journey to the bus stop. Her rational mind told her to take that chance.  Why the fuck was she doing this, anyway? And for what?  Merely for his approval? So he could have a good laugh about it to himself afterwards and despise her for doing it? Her pride had a big problem with that. But it’s not like that, the insidious, quiet voice in her head insisted, yes, he’s getting pure pleasure at your expense, yes, he’s savouring every moment of your fear, your humiliation.  He also really wants you to pass this test, to prove that you meant what you said, that there’s nothing you won’t endure just for him.  It’s not just a punishment.  At least, that’s what she wanted to believe.  Her hopes seemed so fragile, the task too daunting. Yet if she backed out, she would always regret not seeing it through to the end, be plagued until her dying day with ‘if only’s’ and ‘what if’s’. Although many things in Frankie’s world were uncertain and unstable, there was one unshakeable belief.  No man had ever fascinated her as much as him.  If she was going to be damned, let her be damned by his hand.


Sunday 14:22 sub –

No, I’m going to do it.
Sunday 14:22 Dom –
Welcome to your new slave life. Xxx

            The bus journey was a nightmare.  Frankie stood because she had no choice, even though the bus was mostly empty.  She endured what she felt were questioning looks from the other passengers as she held on to the pole with a death grip.  Her phone went off. Another message, but she was too busy trying to stand and keep the courgettes in place to read it.  When she got off at the stop near Paul’s house, she stood for a moment, watching the bus drive off into the distance, her breath making vapour clouds in the still, frosty air.  Going to be cold tonight, she thought.  She set off for Paul’s street.

Sunday 14:42 Dom -

Where are you now?
Sunday 14:43 sub –
Am about to go in.  Wish me luck xxx
Sunday 14:44 Dom –
Good luck.  No short cuts or cheats.  Text me at each stage.

            Seeing Paul approaching his front door through the frosted glass, Frankie thought again of the impossible thing she must do.  How could she tell him? What if he said no?  The idea that he might refuse hadn’t really occurred to her before, but now it was a real possibility.  How would she explain that to her owner?

  “Nice of  you to come down.  I don’t get many visitors these days, “ Paul said, as she followed him through to the tiny but extremely neat kitchen.  “Not since that bitch turned people against me with her lies,” he added.

He was referring to his soon-to-be-ex wife, Frankie knew, but she had no time to indulge him with a sympathy session today.

  “I’ve got something I have to ask you.  This is going to sound so weird and shocking, but just hear me out.  You know how I enjoy BDSM, and you always want to know more about it?”

Paul was busy spooning coffee into two cups.  He looked up briefly.  Frankie pressed on, the words tumbling out, not the way she had constantly rehearsed on the journey, but simply spilling out of her.  “I need you to watch me do some stuff, take photos of me with my phone as proof for my owner.  I’ve been ordered to do this as a punishment.”

She took her phone out, intending to text, not sure what to write, just needing something to concentrate on other than the silence.  The sound of the kettle boiling was loud in the small room.  Paul hadn’t said anything yet

Frankie shoved her phone back in her pocket, feeling pressure mounting on her.  It had to be said, there was no nice way of putting it.  Now she wished she’d texted Paul first and told him. If he’d reacted with horror, she could have pretended it was just a joke.  No chance of that now.  Rapidly, Frankie explained what she wanted Paul to do, stumbling over the words, feeling her face burn red with shame.  It was worse than she had imagined.  She stared at the spotless beige tiled floor, the shocked silence seeming to grow and take on a life of its own as she waited for his response.

  “You mean you’re naked under that coat?” Paul said eventually.

Frankie nodded, still not looking at him.

  “Fucking hell.  Your boyfriend wants you to get naked and for me to take pics of you, then wank over you?  He can’t think much of you, Frank, I’ll tell you that much.  What fucking planet is he on?”

  “You don’t understand.  It’s punishment.”

  “You must have committed one hell of a crime, then!”

  “Will you do it?”

Frankie just wanted him to say yes, not have a lengthy debate on the rights and wrongs.  Paul laughed, a harsh, cynical sound.

  “I haven’t got anything better planned for today.  Course I’ll do it.  I’ve wanted to get you out your clothes for a long time, you know that.  I think your boyfriend’s a bastard, though.  Get rid, he’s bad news.”

            Frankie risked a glance at him.  For all his outrage and lecturing, there was excitement in his eyes.  There was something unpleasant about Paul, really creepy.  She felt angry that he’d said yes.  Betrayed, almost.  You’re supposed to be my fucking friend, you bastard! She thought. If you were any kind of friend you’d have said no way.  You wouldn’t have let me degrade myself like this.  But it was typical of human nature.  Of all the guy friends Frankie had, she could only think of one who would have refused out of genuine respect for her, even though he’d have wanted to do it.

  “Come on then, strip off!” Paul said, closing the blinds.

  “Wait a minute.” Frankie got her phone.


Sunday 14:59 Dom –

Has he accepted?

Sunday 15:00 sub –

Yes, this is going to be awful
Sunday 15:00 Dom –
That’s why it’s called punishment.  You may take your coat off now.  Don’t forget pics. Xxx

  “Could I have a bowl.  An old one you don’t want anymore,” she said.

While Paul started rummaging through a cupboard, Frankie unbuttoned her coat with stiff, fumbling fingers.  She shrugged it off, and stood naked except for her suspender belt, heels and stockings.  One of them had a ladder in, just above the knee.  She stood rigidly, head turned to one side, away from Paul.

  “What the fuck?!” he said.

Frankie knew he meant the courgettes.  Wordlessly, she took the old plastic jug out of his hands.  He was staring, mouth hanging slightly open, eyes jumping from her tits to her cunt and back again.  She reached down and slid the first one out of her, licking her own juices from the skin before dropping it in the jug.  She removed the second one from her arse, barely licked it once and it joined the other in the jug.  Paul said nothing, but he was breathing quickly. 

            Moving fast now, Frankie tipped the contents of the jug into the bin.  Fuck.  She hadn’t taken any pics yet.  Once again she got her phone out of her coat, her fingers shaking so much that she sent her owner a blank text by mistake.


Sunday 15:11 Dom –

You just sent a blank text
Sunday 15:12 sub –
I know im in such a state of nerves im having trouble txting properly. Ive done the courgettes in the bowl I cant bear to look at him watching me

Fuck punctuation, fuck spelling properly.  This was a situation where commas and capital letters just didn’t matter anymore.


Sunday 15:14 Dom –

If Paul sticks to the rules and don’t step out of line I may let him witness you being flogged next time you need punishment.  What’s happening now?
Sunday 15:15 Dom –
You don’t have to look.  Keep going, you can do it. Xxx

  “We need to go to the bathroom for this bit,” Frankie said, surprised at how normal her voice sounded.  The pegs! Nearly forgot that bit.  She got them out of her coat pocket, and followed Paul down a narrow passage, her movements jerky and graceless.  The bathroom was, like the kitchen, neat and almost sterile.  Nothing out of place, no bottles of shampoo or a stray razor on the side of the gleaming bath, everything in soothing shades of pastel green.  The act she was about to commit would violate this orderly, tranquil place.


Sunday 15:17 Dom –

I’ve changed my mind.  You will look him in the eye from now on. Xxx

            Frankie stood in the shower cubicle.  She lifted the jug up underneath her cunt, willing herself to pee.  Nothing doing.  If only Paul would leave her alone for this bit!  She looked at him.  He was rubbing his cock through his jeans, his eyes never leaving her body.  She eventually managed to pee a little, hearing the sound of a belt being unbuckled.  She felt sick as she set the jug down carefully and picked the clothes pegs up.  The pain as they bit down on her nipples was huge, but she knew that it would be nothing to the pain she’d feel when she removed them.  She had the nasty feeling she was supposed to have put them on before peeing in the jug, but it was too late now.  She took a moment to compose herself before pegging her tongue.  Time to text.


Sunday 15:24 sub –

Please don’t make me look at him please I beg you he taken his trousers off now.  Am about to drink piss not easy with a peg on my tongue
Sunday 15:25 Dom –
You will look him in the eye as you drink your piss & as it spill out your mouth onto your body, and continue to do so as he wanks and cums over you.  I want you humiliated like never before. Xxx
Sunday 15:25 sub –
Ok as you wish im trying so hard to keep myself together right now
Sunday 15:26 Dom –
Good slave.  Make me proud. Xxx

            Paul was leaning in the doorway.  Naked. Playing with his erection. Blocking her only escape route.  She wished her owner was here, felt a sudden anger that he wasn’t.  What if things went wrong?  What if Paul got too excited and didn’t stop when he was supposed to?  How could he put her in a potentially dangerous situation like this?  She used the anger to fuel her resolve to complete the task.  She’d count the emotional cost later.  The photos! Paul hadn’t taken any yet, and she wasn’t suffering through this for nothing.  She slid her phone across the carpet to him.

  “Get some good pics, please.”  The words came out with difficulty.  Talking with a peg on your tongue wasn’t easy.

            Frankie raised the jug to her lips.  She tried not to think of what she was drinking.  Images of shipwrecked sailors and lost desert travellers came to mind.  They had to drink their own piss when there was no water.  Didn’t they say that urine was clean?  At least it was her own.  Most of it spilled out of her mouth and down over her breasts.  The warmth was not unpleasant, and it didn’t taste as vile as she’d thought it would.  Frankie put the jug down, and removed the peg on her tongue.  This is the last bit, she told herself.  Just get through it.

            Paul put her phone down and stepped in the shower, but not before he’d rinsed away the piss on the floor of the cubicle.  Fastidious to the last.  Hopefully he’d be careful not to touch her in case he got any on him.  Frankie knelt with difficulty, pressed tightly into the corner.  She shut her eyes, until she remembered she had to keep them open.  She focused on the plughole in the bottom of the basin.  Anything other than look at Paul, who’s cock was uncomfortably near her face.  Is this how prostitutes feel? She wondered.  Probably.  Except they would demand a good deal of money to do the things she had today.  She was doing it for nothing other than the approval and affection of her owner – and her own stubbornness, her refusal to give in no matter what.

            Paul’s right hand was stroking the shaft of his cock, his breathing heavy.

  “Dirty little bitch,” he said, his hand moving faster.  “You’d just love to have this in you, wouldn’t you?”

Afraid, Frankie said nothing.  She jumped and recoiled when she felt a hand brush her left tit.  He touched me! He’s not supposed to!  She fought against the urge to push him away and run.  Something warm hit her neck, and began running down her tit.  She forced herself to remain still as the rest of his spunk splattered against her shoulder and neck.  It was over.


Sunday 15:43 sub –

Im out of there now. It’s done.  Am in the woods near his place.  I need 5 minutes to get my head straight.  He wanted to take me home but I can’t stand to be near him right now.  I have some cum on my neck and in my hair.  I’m covered in my own piss and I’m in a daze.  You did totally humiliate me, but I did it to please you.
Sunday 15:44 Dom –
Thank you for doing your punishment so well.  Take your five minutes then text & tell me what happened from drinking to leaving & how you feel. Xxx
Sunday 16:06 sub –
I think I spilled more down me than I managed to swallow.  I had to kneel down in the shower to do it.  He tried to touch my tit at one point when he was wanking.  Then he cum and it was over.  I got my coat and left  He thinks me and you are fucking crazy.  I feel awful, really cheap and nasty and ashamed.  Yet part of me is so pleased I managed to do it. Xxx
Sunday 16:08 Dom –
I am very, very pleased with you & proud too.  He say anything else?  He tried to touch you so he won’t be used again.  Are you on the bus home now?
Sunday 16:20 sub –
Waiting for the bus.  I’m so tired all of a sudden.  Can’t wait to get home and in the bath.  I’m glad you’re pleased with me.  He said it was wrong and fucked up, but it turned him on and he wanted me to come back and do it again for him in a few days.  I told him no, that I belong to you, and I certainly didn’t do it for his pleasure.
Sunday 16:23 Dom –
Good girl.  You’ll feel better once you’re in the bath & clean.  The tiredness is likely to be the drop in adrenalin.  Well done.  I’m delighted.  If you can get through that you can get through anything.  Was his initial reaction shocked or surprised?  Did he comment when you took them out your cunt & arse or when you drank? Xxx
Sunday 16:38 sub –
He was shocked at first, then he got turned on.  He couldn’t believe I came over with courgettes up myself.  He got horny when he watched me drink my own piss.  I wish he hadn’t touched me, it makes my skin crawl to think of it.  Nearly home now, glad the bus is almost empty. Xxx
Sunday 16:50 Dom –
Well done.  I know how hard it was for you, that’s why it was punishment and not a task.  Just the painful bit to get through now.  On Thursday it will be full on pain as punishment.  No holding back or allowances.  Flogger, crop & belt in sets of 36. Xxx

            Frankie let herself in to her house.  It was freezing, but she couldn’t even summon the energy required to light the gas fire.  Instead she huddled up on the sofa for a while, waiting for the water to heat up enough for a bath.  In the end she couldn’t wait any longer to scrub the smell of piss from her body, to rid herself of  Paul’s cum.  She knew it was only her imagination, but it seemed to itch and burn her skin where it had landed, like some corrosive and deadly substance.  The water was lukewarm, and she shivered uncontrollably, but eventually she felt clean again.

            Downstairs, she re read her owner’s last text.  This she could deal with, and the idea of him inflicting such pain on her was thrilling and erotic.  The pain itself would be huge and monstrous, very hard to handle at the time, and it scared her as well as turned her on.  The marks she’d be left with would be beautiful – red stripes against her pale skin to start with, replaced by livid dark purple bruises that would gradually fade down to greeny blue and pale yellow.  Every time she looked at them, or caught her leg against something and felt a twinge of pain from them, she would think of her owner again, and how he’d left his mark on her.


Sunday 17:30 sub –

I know you will make me suffer.  I understand, and although I’m scared I’m determined to endure it for you.


Sunday 17:31 Dom –

That’s my girl Xxx


Sunday 17:46 Dom

Hope you are still viewing today as a positive step forward.  With your new status of slave you no longer have daily tasks, from now on, you will be tasked only when I really wish something.  Tasks will range from pleasure for you to total humiliation as today.  As a slave, refusal is not an option.  Refusal will bring dismissal.  Do you understand & agree? Xxx


            Refusal is not an option.  Refusal will bring dismissal.  Frankie could not get rid of these words from her head.  If she was to do this, then the only limit to what he might require her to do was his own imagination, and that was vast.  Even if she did all these things - jumped through his metaphorical flaming hoops, so to speak – no matter how well she did them, or what it cost her emotionally or psychologically, all of that would count for nothing with him if she faltered once and said she couldn’t do something.  What was the point?  She felt cheated.  Why had she just gone through that ordeal for him if at some stage he was planning on getting rid of her anyway?  She wished she’d known before, but it was too late now.  Maybe it had always been too late.  Real D/s wasn’t fun all the time.  Slavery wasn’t meant to be taken lightly.  The truth of it was pain, suffering and tears.  Lots of tears.  It was fucking, sucking, multiple orgasms, welts, agony, bruises that took weeks to heal, ecstasy, limbs cramped and screaming for release from their restraints, incredible highs and unimaginable lows.  It wasn’t the stylised, sanitised version of it – Sane, Safe and Consensual was the phrase bandied about a great deal – the acceptable, user friendly face of sadomasochism for the internet generation.  Yet for all that, the rewards were massive, the bonds stronger and more intense than even the most passionate vanilla pairing.  Each partner saw the other one’s shadow side, and embraced it.  Frankie was willing to risk all for this and become his willing slave.  Maybe this driving force deep within her was all consuming, and would lead to her eventual self destruction, but she never felt more alive and existing purely in the moment than when she gave him her suffering and it pleased him, when he demanded that she drop to her knees and suck his cock, when he inflicted terrible pain on her, or when he held her close and safe afterwards.  This was her reality, and she would live it while she could.


Sunday 18:07 sub –

I understand, and agree. Xxx

"Punishing the Adulterous Wife" by M. Satyr

msatyr on Humilliation Stories


by Marq Satyr

A few years before the famous Salem Witch Trial in a community not far from that town a wife caught in adultery was punished before the whole Anabaptist community. Her name has been forgotten, and the town since has ceas

She loved me SO much!!

cuckoldedguy on Humilliation Stories

Paula and I met regularly with this Dom couple who enjoyed humiliating me by making me watch her with them and other guys. They wouldn't even let me wank until I'd satisfied all their perverse desires and I was desperate enough to cum that I did exactly what they wanted. They even filmed me doing it so i had no way of escape!