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Bestfriend's Mom (Real Story)

Vidyasac on Malayalam Sex Stories

My bestfriends mom Suja 42 years old MILF, 4.8 feet height , fair look. I was like a son for her. I used to vist her home every weekend. Her family cosists of she and 2 daughters only. One among them was my best frind. The experience of fucking my bestfriend was already published.

One saturday around 12.30 PM I reached her home. There I found that the two girls are planning to go out. They told me that they will be back with in two hours. So me and her mom was alone.

While they stepped out she began to talk about her husband who was working abroad. Then she started washing the plates at kitchen. I sat in a chair there. There was a lot f plates to wash. When the tap was ON, the water began to flow down the floor. So she lifted her nighty little up like 3/4 length.She usually wore ni