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Lisa - part one

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Lisa was 16 now, and had played around with several boys at school, but she had been having a fantasy about an older guy for almost a year. The older guy was much older, about 50, even older than her dad, but was in really good shape. He had graying hair, but firm strong muscles. And in her fantasy, he had a big cock, that he knew how to use.

Lisa knew she was hot, and unfortunately, that was one of the problems with boys her age. They came almost as soon as she got her clothes off, and always long before she was even close to an orgasm herself. She fantasized about teachers and her principal, and about her doctor, but she really fantasized about just meeting some random guy, like at the K-mart, and bringing him back to her house, and fucking him for hours, until SHE came!!!

For some reason, she kept going to the local Herndon K-Mart, looking for her fantasy guy, knowing that some day, she would spot him. She had to dress the part to seduce him, so every time she went, she wore a similar outfit: skin tight jeans, riding halfway on her hips, and only barely covering the crack in her ass, and in front stretched across her flat tummy, from one hip bone to the other, with enough room on each side to slip a finger inside. On top, she wore either a too-short t-shirt or a crop top, or a spaghetti-strap top, and of course, never a bra. Usually, she left home with a bra, and then took it off on the way, or in the car out front, since her mom would yell if she could see Lisa’s nipples showing under her top.

But that’s exactly what Lisa did want- to show the twin lumps of her somewhat puffy nipples- the kind that only young girls have. Lisa also wore a pair of thong panties, and once she got to the K-mart, she pulled the back strap up just enough so that anyone following her could tell that she was wearing a thong. She liked her red thong, cuz it showed off so nice when she pulled it up.

This particular day was an unusually warm Saturday in March, and her Mom and Dad had gone off for an all day seminar of some sort, so she didn’t have to sneak around so much. She also could go a little further in making herself into a little cock-tease, and when she looked in the mirror before walking outside, she was pleased with herself. She had tied her growing blond hair into two ponytails on both sides, and had let her bangs hang down over one eye, that made her look both innocent and slutty at the same time. The spaghetti strap top was so thin, and clung so tightly to her tits, that she could see the nipples, and also clearly see the full conical shape of her still blooming tits. She had put a temporary tattoo around her navel, that looked like the one she had seen on a porn star, in one of her daddy’s movies. She had squeezed into a pair of very worn jeans from last year, and that meant that they were really tight, riding up into her ass and even riding up into the shaved crack of her teenage pussy. The jeans were worn with holes in the knees, as well as some random holes and rips here and there, including one on the right ass cheek. She liked the feel of the air on her ass, through the little hole. She had “borrowed” a pair of her Mom’s platform sandals, and the two inch heels made her look thinner and also made her ass stick out quite pertly when she walked. This ought to do it she thought, if he’s there today.

Once at the store, Lisa did a quick walk around and spotted one possible guy.. He was really cute, and in really good shape, with nice greying hair. She thought that he had noticed her, too. But she was ready now to go back and make sure he got her message, and had a chance to hit her up.

He was in the automotive section, which was good, because she could ask him for help, after she leaned and bent over to let him look her over.

She walked right past him, then looked down and slowed, then she squatted down just a few feet ahead of him, giving him a full view of her back, and the little thong above her too-tight jeans, and a little peak at her little ass crack.

When he continued and almost bumped into her, she looked back, smiled shyly and said: “Oh, excuse me- sorry to be in your way.” He said: “No problem”, as he smiled back and gave her a not-so-subtle look over, from head to toe, and back up again. As he looked at her, with obvious lust in his eyes, she got excited, and she could feel her pussy begin to get warm and tingly. So she stood up, and began looking at the upper shelf, and then tried to reach it letting out an audible little grunt as she unsuccessfully reached for a small can there. “Oh shit” she said lightly, “I can’t reach that.” and she looked over at the guy. He looked, and then walked back, and looked again at her breasts, which were very obvious under the thin, stretched material of her tank top. “Let me help” he said simply, and walked up behind her, his body less than an inch from hers. As he reached, she then backed up, as if by accident, and allowed herself to linger just a moment too long, her firm ass pressed against him, before she moved froward, turned and smiled with a smirky smile and said “Ohhh, excuse me.” in her best little girl voice, as though pressing up against his cock was totally an accident. And she had felt his cock, and it was already nice and hard!

Oh boy, she thought! This is the guy!

So she asked him to get the can, and when he handed it to her, she took it, and then put it behind her, and did her ‘little girl” routine: she put her arms behind her back, pressed her tits out, and stepped to within centimeters of the guy, looked up into his eyes with wide-eyed, open mouthed look, and said “Oh, thank you. You are so sweet! My name is Lisa- can I offer you a cold beer for helping me? “

He looked at the little slut trying to impress him.

A cold beer?” he said.

My daddy always likes to have a cold beer.”

The guy looked down, and looked right into her eyes, making her wet, and said: “Well, I would love a beer, but your Dad and Mom might not be happy about you giving me one.” She expected that, and was ready.

Tapping him on his chest with little girl pats, she said “No, no, silly. My mommy and daddy aren’t home... just follow me there, and they will never know.”

Dave could not believe his luck, but he was not about to turn down the obvious interest of this little teaser. At worst, he would end up jacking off later thinking about this little slut, at best, he might get a piece of her hot little body......

I’ll follow you,” he said, giving her a little pat on the ass, and she gave a little squeal and said, “Oh goody, goody” and began strutting away, her tight little buns bouncing alternatively inside the jeans.

When they got outside, he asked if she wanted a ride, and she gladly accepted- jumping right into the passenger seat of his car, with not a moment’s hesitation. And she seemed to be deliberately bouncing a bit, so that her lovely large handfuls of tits bounced enticingly under her top. When she bent forward in the seat to check her sandal toes, he could clearly see the firm tits under the material, and the largish puffy aureolas that topped the firm flesh.

He couldn’t resist reaching over, pulling her up, and giving her a warm and hot kiss, while he reached around her, and pulled her closer. As he did, he brushed the sides of her breasts, and felt the delicious firmness of the flesh. She kissed back, and leaned into him, and then he pulled back.,

Oh, that was nice- do it again,” she said smiling shyly. The sudden kiss, and the authority that he showed turned her on. She was getting even wetter down below.

He simply looked at her, nodded no, and said: “When we get to your house. How old are you, by the way?” he asked. “I just turned 18" she lied.

She gave him directions, and they were there quickly. When they got there, she quickly jumped out and bounced into the little house, giggling as she went.

When he caught up to her inside, she stopped suddenly, and he pressed hard into her, his erection again pressed against her tight firm ass.

This time, he reached around, slid one hand along the flat flesh of her tummy, and another just below her firm breasts, and lightly kissed her ear, bringing a sigh from her as she leaned back against him. He brought his left hand up, and cupped her left breast in it, then slid his hand under the thin top and roughly massaged both of her firm tit mounds, producing deeper sighs of pleasure.

You little slut” he whispered in her ear, as he began moving his right hand lower over the front of Lisa’s jeans, and down to the place where the line of her pussy was obvious. He massaged her through the jeans, and she ground against his hand, and she whispered back. ”I want you to fuck me”

He responded by roughly massaging her tits and her little pussy, at the same time, and said, “oh yeah, baby...all in due time. But first, I want to taste that hot little pussy of yours.”

And he began unzipping her pants, so that he could get at the little love mound below.

Part 2

OK” Lisa said with some enthusiasm, “But let’s go to my bedroom” and she led the guy back to her room. “What’s your name, anyway?”

I’m Dave” he replied, following her tight little ass.

When they got to the bedroom, Lisa turned and stopped. “Do you want me to strip for you?

Yeah, go ahead.”

Her tight little cutoffs were already unbuttoned, and half unzipped, but she left them that way, with her red thong panties clearly showing beneath. She stood tall with her legs spread, and held her chest out, pushing her breast against the thin fabric of the spaghetti top.

Slowly, she lifted the bottom of the top, until it was just above the now stiff nipples that topped her firm tit cones. She let go, allowing her firm breasts to hold the top up. Her tits were beautiful and they stood out nicely, each topped by a puffy light brown aureola, that contrasted with the light skin of the breast.

She moved her hands down her sides, stopping on the bones of her hips, and thrusting her hips forward just bit.

Then she began slowly pushing the cutoffs down, careful to leave the red panties in place. As she pushed the shorts down, he could see an obvious wet spot on the front of her satin panties, where the shiny fabric covered her little mound. She kicked off the shorts when they fell to the floor, her tits bouncing a little as she did so. The she thrust her little pudenda forward again, and asked if that’s what he wanted.

Yeah, that’s what I want, little girl. And I think I’ll finish taking those off with my teeth.”

Oooh, that sounds like fun” Lisa said, and rubbed down the front of the panties, and then reached behind, and pulled them up a bit, so they hugged the outline of her little mound.

As she did so, he moved forward, and pushed the girl roughly back on to her bed. She let out a little squeal when he did so, but also allowed herself to fall backward, spreading her long legs as she collapsed on the bed.

Her tits bounced up, pushing the top further off, and then they again stood proudly at the top of her chest. He reached for them, and cupped each breast firmly in a large hand, and Lisa let out a sigh as he did so.

He knelt at the foot of the bed, with his hands on her breasts, and his mouth inches from her wet red panties.

He began kissing the flat stomach, and then kissed around the panties, lightly kissing the inside of each thigh in turn. Lisa began squirming, and moaning softly, as his mouth approached her little pussy. Finally he pulled the wet fabric aside, and placed his tongue directly along her tight slit, slowly working it inside, sucking her sweet secretions as he did so. When his tongue penetrated her lips, she let out another moan, and began grinding her hips against his face.

Then he let go of her tits, and placed his hands under her firm little butt cheeks, and pulled her pussy up into his face. He had to hold on tightly now, as she was squirming and moaning, and clearly nearing an orgasm.

Then he pulled back, and she moaned, saying “no, don’t stop....” But he was ready now to put his cock into that slippery little pussy, and he stood up, so she could see the big cock that she was about to get.

Do you want this big cock inside you, girl” he said with a smile, as he looked down at the girl, now glistening with sweat.

Oh, please, give it to me” she moaned, writhing and pulling off her little thong, so she could finger her wet slit. “I need a cock in me!”

Once again, he placed his hands under her ass, and positioned her, so that he could enter her little slit with one forceful thrust.

But, then, he teased her, rubbing the hard helmet of his cock along her slit, pulling back slightly when she tried to lift her hips to force it inside her.

Please, fuck me” she said in her little girl voice, the same one she had used in the store, a short time ago.

He put the tip inside, and she sighed, thinking that she had gotten what she wanted. Then he thrust the entire length of his 10 inch cock inside, and she squealed.

Oh my’s so fuckin big”

He continued thrusting into her, the tight pussy continuing to lubricate itself with her hot fluids.



GOD....” she continued to repeat, with one word coming out on each thrust.

He continued for a while, until she again began to convulse with another orgasm.

Then he withdrew, and ordered her to turn over.

Now put that little ass in the air” he said, and pulled on her hips so that her ass was pointed up, and her slippery pussy in full view.

You’ll feel that whole cock from this angle.” he said as he guided the big member into her trembling slit.

As he did he reached under her, and again felt the firm tight cones of her tits. The he reached up and held on to her pigtails, as he pounded into her pussy, slapping up against her tight little ass.

Lisa could only moan and let out sighs now, as the pounding of her teen cunt continued, and she felt yet another orgasm begin to sweep over her. As it did, he pulled out, and shot his load of cum all over her back, and up into her hair.

As she collapsed, Dave rubbed the come, mixed with sweat, all over her taut body, and laid down with her, kissing her deeply, as he fondled her ass and back.

Let’s do this again sometime,” said Lisa, as she got her breath back.

No problem,” said Dave.


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