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the neighbors daughter

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My name is Tim. I'm about 35 years old and live with my girlfriend in a small town, east of Amsterdam. We were a regular couple, moved in together two years earlier and have been having a great time since. Whilst we still werent expecting a child, we both had a job and were able to manage just fine. 

I remember sitting in the kitchen, having dinner with Liz (my girlfriend) when the bell rang. I walked up to the door, and as I opened it I saw a young man and woman, I guessed around the same age I was, and a young girl, she must have been right before puberty. They explain that they were the Green family, and had just moved in to the house next door and came to meet us. They were a friendly bunch of people, and we envited them over for dinner another night.


as time passed, we got more and more familiar with the Green family, Suzanne the 13 year old daughter came to visit us often, as her parents often were away on business trips. After a year or so, Peter green asked us if we could babysit Suzanne for a week, as they were both going away on a business trip. We still did not have any kids of our own and we aggreed to watching little suzy for a while. 

at first everything went smooth, we had a good time, watched tv in the evening and made sure she got to school on time. Then, friday came. 

My girlfriend asked me if it was ok if she went away for 2 days with her girlfriends for a big bacherlorette party of a friend of her. obviously, I aggreed; why shouldn't she have a good time with her friends? I would be able to manage with suzy for just a weekend right? and so she left on friday afternoon, and I picked up suzy about two hours after she left to the airport. 

 "Hey james!" suzy shouted as I drove up to her school. hey suzy! I responded with a smile, how was school?

"Nothing interesting really..." she responded hesitantely.

Is there something you are not telling me? I asked while I drove on home. "Ok there was this one thing", she admitted, "We had our first Sex Ed in class today" she said. Whilst I almost drove passed a red light in shock, I asked her how she experienced it. "yeah... it was fine... I guess."  And so on from there until we were home we had a talk about sex, if she ever had it and what she thought about it. She told me she obviously was a virgin and thought sex was disgusting and did not like to think of it. That's a good thing, for a girl of her age, I thought.

 Later that night, I warmed up a pizza for the both of us and we played a classic disney on the television, whilst we were both sitting on the couch. Then, something unexpected happened.

"So, what does it feel like?" Suzanne asked.

"what does what feel like?" I responded.

"well.... sex!" she said with a excited smile on her face.

"uhm... well.. I think that's something you should really discuss with your parents... I think I have already said to much in our drive home today..."

"Ahhh comeon! My parents won't tell my anything!'

"oh well that's not good either" I told her. "ok, what do you want to know? I asked

as she jumped on the couch and turned towards me, ending up sitting on her knees, facing me she said: "how does a erect dick look like?"

"woo! watch you language, it is a penis, not a 'Dick'" I said.

"ok, ok; what does an erect 'Penis' look like?" she asked. I told her that it was hard to describe it to her, as I could not relate it to anything else... "can you show me?" she asked?  whilst I felt a bulge growing in my pants, at the sight of a eager and very hot for her age girl asking if I could show her my erect penis, I told her that that probably was not a good idea. I could go to jail for that!

she directly reacted very disapointed; "WHY NOT?!" she asked, "I won't tell anyone! and It might prevent me from doing stupid things as I've seen girls doing in the sex ed video!"  I had to aggree with her on that one... and admittedly, The thought of having a young tight girl as suzanne checking me out did give me somewhat of an erotic boost. So I aggreed, on the condition that she would NEVER tell anyone. to that condition, she was happy to oblige. As I started undoing my belt, she stood up in front of me and asked me if she could do it. She told me she saw  girls doing it on the video and thought it might be fun. The thought of Suzanne undoing my zipper was so hot that I directly got a hardon, and aggreed with her plan. She got on her knees in front of me and started unzipping my pants. She barely got a hold of them, and my rockhard dick sprung out of my shorts. 

"wauw" she said

"yeah...." I replied.

"So what now?" she asked.

Well, I told her, either the man starts playing with himself or the girl starts doing it for him.

"can you show me?". The thought of doing it was  so horny that I directly grapped my hand and slowely started jacking myself off. So there I sat, jerking myself of while Suzanne was watching me with intense fascination. I could not control myself and asked "would you like to try it?"

"yeah!" she replied, as she grabbed my dick with her tiny little hand.

"slowely now", I said while she was slowely starting to jerk me off in my living room. It felt amazing. She went on for a minute or two before she asked me what the next step would be. I said that either the girl could be touched in her intimate spots, or the girl could move on to giving the man a so called 'blowjob'.

This she had heard of before. "can I try?" she asked?" Whilst my mind was spinning, I was to aroused to go against it, and even thought of something to increase my lust for her. "yeah, but only if you let me show you how to do it properly, otherwise you might get a wrong impression of how it should be done". She aggreed. I pulled her up and told her that it would only be appropriate if we would both be naked. She agrreed and undid all her clothes, as I did mine. A moment later we were standing naked in front of eachother, and I told her to sit down. 

"why?" she asked? "you'll see" I responed. As she sat down on the couch, I put my knees besides her naked beautifull hips and put my dick a few centimetres before her face; she was practically unable to see anything but my raging hardon at the moment. I told her to open her mouth, and she did. I slowely started moving forward, and pushed my dick into her tiny mouth. I grabbed her head and slowely started moving it back and forward. What a feeling! I thought! Suzanne was enjoying herself, and grabbed my back with both arms, trying to pull me deeper into her mouth. as her head went up and down, I told her that a woman should always swallow a man's ejaculation, as that would satisfy a man in any situation. she said that she did t not have a problem with that and started giving me head again. I could not take it any longer. I grabbed her head with both my hands and started fucking her in her throat harder and harder. I felt her hands trying to push me away, but It only made me more and more horny, starting to fuck her mouth harder and harder. As I cam to the point of cumming, I gave her a small second of breathing. As I saw her gasping for breath whilst the tears were runnign down her cheeks, I pushed my dick back into her mouth and pulled her head all the way up to a deep throat position. I kept her in that spot for a few seconds and started fucking her head again like crazy. "I'm cumming"! I screamed, Whilst I took a firmer grip of her head, pushing it all the way to my stumach and shot a solid 9 roper down her tiny throat. 

I got off her and watched her try to swallow all my cum and gasp for breath. "Wauw' she said... "that was intense"!

"wait until you get to the next part" I said wilst I took a hold of her enkles and dragged her into a horizontal position on the couch"

"what are you doing?" she asked? "showing  you the next step" I said.

with my dick still being harder than ever, I slowely laid untop of her, whilst she was still trying to get a breath from swallowing all my cum. I grrabbed her legs and pulled them up, up to her upper thie. I started rubbing her bare, bald, tight pussy and noticed that it was already very wet. I positioned myself infront of her and told her that it might hurt a bit, but that after a while the pain would go away. 


--- I'll write the ending soon if reactions are positive!! 



Looking forward to a part two. There were a few spelling and grammar errors, but the story was still readable. Just Try to add some more details and re-read it at the end to catch those little mistakes. Keep writing though, I can't wait for the next segment.


This would have been so much better if you simply made a little more effort. Bringing this story up in any word processor with its spellcheck turned on, and spending an extra ten minutes or so simply fixing the errors found, and then making sure that every paragraph began with a capital letter, would have certainly improved this greatly. Admittedly, doing so would not have fixed everything, but you would have a lot more people looking forward to part 2 (which is definitely needed).


Consider this 'Positive'! I like the story! Very anxious to read the next chapter. Just like the previous comment, I was surprised to see that you didn't involve some oral for her pleasure. Then again, I guess that was all part of the 'I don't care any more' attitude. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the next offering.


> the overall storyline is good, slightly quick in the progression, details lacking a bit and grammar/spelling not the best.

> really good story to embellish more. i really love where he really quit caring her age and just wants to fuck her every and any way. this is where you can get detailed more and erotic.

> hope to see a second part and where we go from this point. many avenues to pursue. keep it up.

have a wonderful day

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