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My Niece and her BFF - Christy's turn!

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

I'd finished with Amanda- God what a hot little piece of ass she was!!
I'd been wanting Christy for such a long time too, and looking at the look of surprise on her face when I said I would fuck her next made me want her even more!
"That's right, Christy- it's your turn next- " I said, winking at her. "You're going to take off your clothes now, and it's Amanda's turn to video tape..."
"But... I thought that just one of us had to..." Christy stammered.
"That was at first- now I want you too, cutie. And I'm going to do the same things to you- maybe in different ways as I just did to Amanda. And you're going to end up loving it!" With a wicked wink, I added, "Now, are you going to take off your clothes, or do I have to take them off you?"
Nervously, she undid her bikini top, letting it fall to the floor as she tried to hide her small, perky tits.
"Now the bottom..." I goaded. "And Amanda, be sure to tape ALL of this!" My cock was rock hard with anticipation!
As the tape rolled, Christy did as she was told. I steered her to the couch and sat her down, putting my cock near her face.
"You're going to taste it too, Christy, baby! Take it in your mouth for a sample now- Amanda, make sure you get a nice closeup of this- I want to see my cock going in her mouth!" Amanda zoomed in as Christy opened her mouth and I slid my cock across her tongue. I mouth fucked her for a minute or two, then stepped back.
I got on my knees and stuck my face between her legs, pushing Christy back and spreading her legs as I took my first taste of her.
She began to moan nervously as I tickled her inexperienced clit with my tongue. She wriggled and when she would try to close her legs I'd push them back open, eating her like a man starved for pussy!

Amanda, still naked, captured all the action- even as I got up on my knees and pulled Christy to the edge of the couch, rubbing the head of my rock hard cock on her tight little pussy opening! Christy looked away slightly, flinching as I started to stick it in her. moaning a little as I pushed in farther, and finally started to pump in and out of her.
The more she flinched, the harder I screwed her until her pussy started to loosen up a bit and she relaxed.
Her pussy was like heaven- and as I pumped her and Amanda captured every detail, I flipped Christy over, bent over the couch, so I could fuck her from behind.
I grabbed her narrow hips as I slid into her, pulling her hips back to me to make every thrust that much stronger! I fucked her slow and hard as she moaned and whined, and just as I was going to cum, I sat her up again... Grabbing her hair from behind, I told her to open her mouth, and positioned the head of my cock right at her lips. While the tape rolled, I finished by jacking myself until I shot a river of cum across her cute, pouty lips right into her mouth and on her chin!
"Now Amanda- I want to see her swallow it on tape- Christy, swallow it now- swallow it all, and then I'll be done with you for now."
She did as she was asked- with a grimace, she swallowed every drop of my huge load and opened her mouth to show me.
"Now girls- you know this is going to be our little secret, don't you?" Christy had retreated a bit- As I sat on the couch, Amanda climbed up in my lap, still naked, her tight little pussy rubbing against my still wet cock!
"Of course! I won't tell, and I'll make sure Christy doesn't either! If we can do this every time we see you!" She smiled and kissed me, and to emphasize that I understood, I grabbed her ass as I kissed her back.
"I was nervous to fuck, but I liked it! And when  you put your cock in my mouth! But, I already knew I liked that!" She laughed nervously at that last part.
Christy had dozed off, also still naked. As she slept, I took Amanda inside to look at the tape, and as she watched herself on the screen, she started reaching toward my cock, which had gotten hard again...


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