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How i became a mommy

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                                                  this is a ture story and more to come


         As I stood there watching him drive away tears streaming down my face, I knew he was the one I wanted and I would do anything I could to make that little boy happy. It all started in a hot summers night in early august. I was sitting at my computer bored out of my mind playing a online chatting game lets just call it new life. I wanted to start a little family on there hoping that, that empty feeling like something was missing would go away. I had already had several children on there but I wanted a Little mommy's boy.  So I found myself at an orphanage searching for the perfect little boy, 3 hours passed of non stop disappointment, I was tired and my other kids where signing on wanting me home to play, so I got ready to leave when I saw this cute little boy just a few yards in front of me, I figured I have already wasted three hours why not a little more. so I walked over to him and Imed him, His name was PJ we talked for hours that night it was a instant connection, and the more and more I talked to him the more I was drawn to him. We both had many secretes we where dieing to share with each other, I got very curious about him and decided to go ahead and read his profile, that's when I knew there was something different about him, he was 27 years old in real life but claimed to be little at heart, now I am very open minded and had many friends whom where "little at heart". I wanted to learn more about him but I was defiantly to afraid to ask him thinking I might scare him off or overwhelm him, so I took it slow I eventually noticed that he was like a open book he didn't hide anything. Whatever I asked he would answer right away and was honest about everything, I contemplated for thirty minuets on if I should go ahead and ask him just what he meant by little at heart, I decided to wait and let him come to me about that, PJ and I talked for a few hours, I explained to him that I wanted family role play, that meant he must play back I asked if there was anything he wanted out of this, and he replied "I want to be treated as if I was your baby, I want the whole experience" I had no problem at all doing that.

    Over the next few weeks We spent every moment together, He loved to family role play and I finally felt complete. One night we stayed up talking till late, I wanted to know more about the adult side of him, He told me he didn't live alone but didn't say who they where to him so I assumed he had a roommate. I asked him about his goals in life and what he wanted, he then told me he wanted to find someone in real life who would accept him the way he is and would take care of him. I eventually asked him what he looked like so he sent me a pick of him. He was really cute, although you couldn't see much, it was of him in his car with sun glasses on, I didn't want to push it and ask for another one without the glasses thinking he might be self conchence about himself and wasn't ready to show me who he really was,  I sent him a pic of me and he lit up, he sent me dozens of smiley faces and told me I was gorgus, IT had been a long time sense I had been complimented like that and I loved every moment of it. The next day He got on and I was Set in my ways that I was gonna get more from him, weather it be a pic or something else, That night I waited till the other kids logged off for the night and it was just Pj and I, heh "PJ and I" I love saying that. I waited for twenty minuets after I had tucked him into bed and laid next to him before I finally asked him if he had a mic, he replied yes, I then asked him if he would like to talk to me, he got quite for a few minuets then replied yes. After sitting there for 3 minuets trying to play it cool and calm down from my excitement I hit the talk button and said hi, he got quite again, I waited then typed "can you hear me" he replied yes, I was so confused, he said he wanted to talk why wasn't he talking, I asked and he said he was shy, I giggled and hit talk again, "there's nothing to be shy about, just talk to me" I waited again, finally I see his voice dot turn green and I hear him say hi. I was instantly attracted to him, his voice just melted in my hears, it was deep but soothing.

   After a few hours of us just talking on mic he finally came around and got over being shy, he finally told me he had to go to bed, I got quite and sad I wanted to talk to him more, But even more I wanted to hear him call me mommy, He said good night ill see you tomorrow, I immedently said wait, my hands got sweaty and I could feel my heart racing, I got so nervous but I needed to hear it, I wanted it bad, I finally got the courage and clicked talk " before you go I want something" he replied with "whats that" I could hear the nervousness in his voice I clicked talk again " I want you to say good night mommy, i love you" He got extremely quite, I clicked talk again "are u there" he replied "yes" I waited for four minutes I was just about to tell him never mind when I saw his dot turn green again, this time his voice was very child like and had an scared to death tone, " goodnight mommy, I love you" My face turned red with blushes, my heart melted my body got tingly and my toes went numb, I replied back "good night baby, mommy loves you too" I imedently heard giggles, those giggles are forever ringing in my head. I didn't sleep much that night, tomorrow was Saturday and he was always on in the mornings every Saturday and Sunday. 9 am finally came and I got up and logged on first thing, and there he was just standing in his crib waiting for me to log on and get him out, I decided to go ahead and set up a private call, no answer. I saw him typing so I waited before asking why not, he said he wasn't alone that we would talk tonight. I wanted to know just who it was that lived with him. after two hours of family role play he said he had to go he had things to do that day he would be back that night, I as well had to things to do so I logged off.

   That night I logged on, no PJ I was a little concerned cause he was usually on by now. 3 hours passed and he finally got on, he immedently imed me and told me he got caught up and that he wasn't alone tonight after all. I was curious as to why he couldn't talk to me on mic even if he did have a roommate, its not like we where doing anything bad. I talked to him in im's for a little then finally asked him why he couldn't talk to me, it took him several minutes to reply and I couldn't help but to notice hes hesitating on telling me things. he finally replied back with the most shocking news," I'm married" I felt my heart crack just a little, I'll admit I was crushing on him big time, I immedently got quite, I couldn't go threw with him anymore then just This online game. I am a magnet when it comes to attracting married men, I have been used and hurt to many times and in the end it always ends the same way, Me standing there holding my heart in pieces laying there in my hands. I tried my best to turn myself around and just continue on with him being my child on new life. It didn't work i found myself still falling for him, he had what I wanted and needed, and oh my goodness did I want it bad, I myself had a dirty little secrete and I couldn't blame him for not telling me....after all, I to had a finance, After a few hours of talking about him and his wife, I learned that he too was having problems with his relationship as well as I. I eventually got over the fact of him having a wife and moved on still very much falling for him. I eventually told him about josh and my situation and he understood where I was coming from and accepted it without hesitation.

   The next day PJ didn't log on till that night, finally he was alone, I imed him and asked him if we could talk over mic, he without hesitation set up a private call due to my other kids being around. mmmm his voice, its like music to your ears so soothing and comforting. That night we stayed up till 3 am talking, I noticed that in the previous nights PJ would do some flirting with me I didn't mind it at all But there was still something he was hiding I knew he liked being treated like a baby, but I never did understand why he liked it so much, We sat down at the table and began to talk, PJ got quite i new something was bothering him, I didn't want to talk on mic at the moment so i typed "pj whats wrong?" "nothing mommy" he typed back, LIES I knew he was lieing, "I know something is wrong, just tell me" PJ started to type but kept erasing it and typing again, after seeing him do that 3 times I finally told him he didn't have to if he was uncomfortable he replied back saying it wasn't that he was uncomfortable he was just worried that it would scare me away from him that he liked me and didn't want to ruin anything. I assured him that nothing he could say would make me turn away from him I was very open minded and didn't judge people by the life styles they choose to live. He Remained quite I finally spoke up "out with it pj, i know what you want and i might want it to but you have to tell me first. PJ just gave me a smiley face and said ok, I noticed he was typing something again so i patiently waited for him to finish, finally there it was the answer I was waiting for, He proceeded to tell me that he was in charge of a very large staff at his job and had to deal with lots of stress and hard choices, he then explained to me that he was a baby, an Adult Baby. I was in shock, I was expecting him to say he wanted me to cyber with him not that he was an Adult Baby, I've never really met an Adult Baby before, I've see them on the tv, you know the ones where they wear those HUGE thick diapers, carrying oversize binkeys with a lacy bib and did nothing but talk about using there diapers. I didn't know what to think, I was curious and definitely wanted to know more. I went ahead and asked him if he worn diapers he replied yes, I then assumed he used them so I shared my opinion on that and told him I thought that was gross but to each him own. He simply laughed and told me he did not use them, only whore them, boy was I revealed.

   PJ then dropped what he was saying and asked me what i meant by "i know what you want and i might want it to but you have to tell me first", my face immedently turned red, I replied "nothing just forget it", pj was not one to just forget things, if something caught his interest he wanted to know every detail about it, PJ kept hounding me, finally i just came out with it, "I thought you wanted sex" I replied, PJ got quite again, finally he typed in "no, what would makes you think that" I paused for a sec then wrote, because you've been flirting and hitting on me allot, PJ laughed "I wont deny it, i do have a bit of a crush on u and some of the convos we have had did inspire me to have late nights even after we logged off", I was in shock....maybe he did like me after all, We continued talking about common interests over the next few hours . I was curious and wanted to know more about his baby side. The next day I planed on getting more info from him, I desperately wanted to know this guy I was falling for. The next day came and i decided to do some research on Adult Baby's they where nothing like what I had imagined and i don't know why but Ive always had a slight fetish of being treated like a child myself, but for some reason i was gaining a fetish for being a mommy, that night I logged on and he was on, I instantly invited him into a voice call. We started to talk about diapers first I wanted to know how often he wore them, why he loved them where dose he get them and who gets them for him. He said he didn't wear them often due to his wife not liken that part of him, he only gets to wear them when he is home alone.

    I could feel myself getting wetter wondering if he was wearing them now. he said he loved wearing them cause it makes him feel like a infant and he felt the need to feel like a infant, I had no problem with that at all, something about the thought of a grown man in diapers turned me on. He told me hes to shy to buy them himself so he either orders them online or has his wife buy them while they are on sale. I never did understand why she would buy them for him if she didn't like it. We then started to talk about baby cloths, he told me he has lots, onesies footed jemmies, and regular toddler like cloths, at this point I was throbbing I could feel my clit swell it was begging to be touched, I could hear PJ's voice crackle as his breaths got heavier, I knew something was up but i didn't care I myself was ready to be touched, I slide my hands in my panties and began to play with my clit, it felt so good i needed him to keep talking so I kept asking him to describe his cloths and tell me when he would wear them, finally i said if I was with you What and when would u want me to dress you, Pj's mic turned off and he got quite, at this point I was to close to stop, i laid back and closed my eyes picturing the man i saw in the pic in a diaper and onsie, now only if i could remove those sun glasses. I got faster and faster, I rolled my hips along with my fingers i was on the verge of cumming, he finally came back on mic and giggled asking why I was asking him all of this, I came instantly after hearing his voice, I sat there calming down and cleared my thought, hit talk and replied "I was just curious" "oh" he said a few minutes past and I asked him what he was doing to that made his voice crackle and breath heavy, I wanted to let him know I knew.

   "Nothing" he said quickly, I knew he was lieing and I wanted to push the truth out, "no really what where u doing,i know u where doing something just tell me" I heard him whimper just a little "I was jerking off" I got quite, I knew it. I just wished he would have let me hear him. I thought about it for a sec and just bluntly said "I wanna hear it" "really?" he said
"yea why not, obviously something I said turned you on so why not" he got quite again, "ok next time I will" he said. I was excited, I know knew exactly what he wanted, he wanted what I wanted. The next night he was alone again, and I was hungry for more, after the kids signed off it was me and him again, I immedently started in on the baby talk, I knew that would get him going, after all he loved being treated like a baby right. there it was, I heard his voice change again his breaths pick up, "don't turn your mic off this time keep going I want to hear the baby cum in his diaper" that must have set him off cause within seconds I heard his mones get louder and louder ah ah aH AH AHHHHHH finally he came "awwww did baby get his diapey wet" "I love you mommy" is all he said, and that's all he needed to say, I fell and I fell hard. The next week was nothing but cyber sex, we just couldn't get enough, now I was only 20, and he was 27, I love older men, the thought of fucking an older guy was exstreamly hot, it was defiantly a turn on, my birthday was right around the corner, and I wanted something special, I had never been taken out on a real date, I met my finance when I was 16 we had been together scence then he was my first and only at that point, don't get me wrong I loved him but after 5-6 years of fighting and being treated like a toy you want more to life for yourself. that day me and the finance got into a huge fight, I told him to stop or he was gonna push me away, he never takes my threats  seriously, this time I was sireouse weather I ended up with PJ or not, I was done. PJ knew that I have never been on a real date and I always ended up with pigs, He wanted to be different, he wanted to be everything I wanted and needed,

    That night when I logged on PJ said he had a surprise for me to find a pretty dress and im him when im ready, I did as  I was asked and Imed him, PJ  Teleported me into his sky box on new life, I about cried, he set up a dinner table with candles on a green table cloth black chairs with big pink bows on the back, strains of white sparkling lights above the table, decorative plants around and sent me links with soft romantic music, We talked and dances for hours, it was the most romantic thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. We started talking about birthdays, he told me his and I told him mine, He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, jokingly I said you. He got quite then he asked if I really wanted to see him, My mind just froze so many things raced threw my head, my heart was pounding, my hands got sweaty again, could I do this? hes married, I have a finance, I had to, I needed to see him, he was just to perfect to be true, and if he is who he says he is, I cant just let him go, I need to know. I NEED to meet him. I couldn't bring myself to say it, so I typed it, "yes" We began talking about it more, He began to show me more about his baby side he showed me pics of all the outfits he had, that's when i noticed he had a few girly things and dresses, I asked him why he had those and hats when I found out that my little baby boy is now my little prissy baby boy. I wanted it all, but I didn't want to pressure him and he didn't want to pressure me, so we came up with safely words if one of us is moving to fast for the other, The next day he had everything set up and we planed for him to come down on my birthday, that quickly changed he had stuff come up at work and we needed to move it, so we decided the weekend before my birthday. That night I finally added him to my messenger outside of the game and found out he had a web cam. I wanted so bad to see him without the glasses and in his outfits, but mainly wanted him in a little dress,

   As i sat there waiting for the messenger to finish adding him I convened myself to ask him for the webcam invite, I imed him and asked and surprisingly he sent me one, There he was, My little baby boy, I finally got to see him, all of him, Damn he was perfect, brode chest, puffy baby cheeks red with blushes dark brown hair, greenish bluish eyes, 100% perfect, and absolutely all mine. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, I just sat there staring at him in awe, I knew what I wanted, and I was gonna get it one way or another, I began baby talking him, telling him how cute he was, and how much I would love to see him in a diaper, his face was now bright red with a huge smile on him, I slowly started typing "Can I see you in a diaper?" to keep myself from talking myself out of it I quickly pressed enter and waited, I saw him look down at his pants and back to the screen, he slowly unbuttoned his pants, my eyes now glued to that spot I felt that wet feeling again, at this point i was to far in to ignore it, my hands found there way into my panties again, i sat there and watched him stand up and pull down his pants, there he was, there was my little baby boy, standing there in his diaper, I shoved my fingers deep into my tight pussy hole, it had been a while seance me and josh had done anything It felt so good to have something in me again, I wanted to see it, I wanted to see his cock, I wanted to know what could be inside me at that very moment, I finally asked him and after allot of convincing He finally went and put on his dress and came back, before he set down I couldn't help but notice his diaper bulging out, He was hard and I wanted to please my little baby, so I voice called him and began telling him how much of a cute lil girl he made, and how he was making mommy's pussy very wet, I then asked him to rub the outside of his diaper for me, without hesitation his hand was there, I started to ask him if he wanted to cum for mommy, and he said yes very whiny, I went ahead and gave the ok for him to cum, my fingers now sliding in and out of my tight pussy faster and faster, I could feel my pussy tighten around my fingers I was close.

  PJ poured baby lotion into his hands and slowly stuck it into his diaper, I sat there gazing at him watching his diaper move up and down, I slowed down my fingers and went the same speed as him, using my other hand I started to rub my clit, faster, I said, as I watched his diaper move faster "that's mommy's good little girl, squeeze that cock harder, your such a prissy little boy aren't you" his head leaned back and he started moneing with me, I picked up the pace and started pounding my fingers in me, "let me see it baby I wanna see that cock" I watched closely with anticipation as he pulled back his diaper letting his hard lotion covered cock pop out of this diaper, "mmmmmmm yes theirs my baby's cock, now pump it faster" I laid back into the chair and closed my eyes picturing his cock sliding in and out of me, there it was I was cumming, I began to mone louder and louder, this only sending my little boy nuts knowing his mommy is cumming thinking of his cock, he begins cumming as well. We both sat there, tired and worn out trying to catch our breaths, I looked over And there he was my baby boy, I knew right Then I was falling in love with him. I loved everything about him at that point, and knew that it was only gonna be deeper when I was to meet him that weekend.

  The days passed slowly, the closer and closer it got to Saturday the slower the time seem to go. But it was here IT was Finally Saturday I woke up at 5 30 am scared and nervousness out of my mind, I tried to go back to sleep but I just couldn't, I felt like a kid waiting on Christmas morning, In just 30 minuets my baby boy would be calling me leaving his house on his way to mine. I laid in bed as thoughts filled my mind, what if he doesn't like me? what if I'm not pretty enough for him? what if I cant be the mommy he wants or needs, I so desperately wanted to be everything he wanted or needed, I must have been lost in thoughts cause the phone rang, I looked at the time it was exactly 6 it had to be him, I grabbed the phone and answered it, "hey baby I'm calling to let u know I'm on my way" I could feel my stomach fill with butterfly's I was so nervousness, he lived exactly 3 hours away, so in just 3 hours I will meet my baby boy for the first time, I knew he was mine, all mine, he was submissive in every way and I knew that I could practically get him to do whatever I wanted, I just have to step up and be the dominate mommy, how hard could that be I'm already dominate I just had to get the mommy part down. 

    Three hours have finally passed and the phone rings its him "hey baby I'm like 12 minutes away" I start to panic but try so hard not to let him hear it in my voice "OK baby boo, ill be outside waiting for you" I hang up the phone and walk outside, the cool air blows on me, my shirt is thin material so my nipples instantly get hard, oh god now I'm really panicky, its to late to put a bra on, and even if i do its not gonna help much. I open my car door and I sit down, taken deep breaths to help calm down, I keep glance into the review mirror and I see tires one a red tracker enter my yard. This is it, my baby boy is here, he pulls up next to me and I look over, Hes still sitting in his car, so I exit mine and stand in front of it, I take a look at him and hes sitting there staring at me, as if I wasn't nervous enough, but to have him just sit in his car looking at me only makes my mind race more, I start thinking to myself, oh no, is he gonna just back out and leave, am I what he wants, Please let me be what he wants. He opens the door and steps out, and walks over to me, there he stands, the most beautiful man I have ever had the pleasure to meet, he truly was something else. It felt so good to be able to look into his eyes, they sparkled with innocents, he was absolutely perfect, We where both very nervous and didn't spend much time looking at each other, finally he broke the ice and gave me a hug, I can still remember exactly how he smelled, he soft skin on mine, the way I felt in his arms, it was just right.

  We decided to walk into the house, by that time josh had already disapeard to his computer room so it was just me and him sitting on the couch, he pulled out two Ds's and handed me one to play Mario kart with him, we played a couple rounds as i noticed him scooting closer to me, my body started to shake my mind kept wondering, I had told him earlier to wear a diaper and a plain onsie under his cloths, and my mind just kept going back to that, impatiently waiting and wanting to know if he actually had them on, at this point Pj was sitting right next to me, I looked over to him and he leaned in and cuddled on me, It was perfect, I handed him his Ds and he put it away returning to cuddle with me, I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly, he sighed with content, we stayed like that for a few minuets till I finally heard the words I was so desperately wanting to hear, he mumbles out shyly and quietly "can i kiss you?" I couldn't talk I just smiled down to him and shook my head yes, He leaned up and our lips touched for the first time, He has such soft plump lips, I got goose bumps and never wanted that kiss to end. I heard josh stat walking down the hall way so I quickly sat him up and waited for josh to return to his room, I looked over at PJ and saw he was staring at me again, only this time I didn't feel self conchence, I loved the way he was looking at me, I could see love in his eyes, And I started to see the child in him, It was time to take josh to work We all got into the car and he sat up front with me. It was a very awkward and quite ride.

  I pulled into the parking lot to let josh out, as soon as he closed the door PJ said he was hungry how about some lunch, I said sure, we ended up going to subway and went back to my house to eat, we walked into the house and sat down at the dinner table and we started to eat our sandwiches, I couldn't wait any longer I had to see if he was wearing them I wanted to see my baby boy, so I asked him to stand up and take off his cloths, He did as told slowly he un buttoned his shirt i could see  the top of his white onsie and noticed u could also see the top of his diaper sticking out of his pants under his onsie, i watched as he removed his belt and un buttoned his pants sliding them off slowly. My panties now soaked, and there he was my little baby boy Standing in front of me, his diaper fit him so perfect, he had the cutest little bubble but and that onsie fit him perfectly, I no longer seen A grown man in a diaper, I saw a child, his stance was perfected his facial expressions witch matched a 3 year old. I finally had him, He was MINE. PJ finished eating, and i took him by the hand and walked over to the couch and pulled out the bed, WE laid down and I pulled him up on my lap and held him. PJ grabbed my pinky toe "this lil piggy went to the marked" he grabbed the next "this lil piggy stayed home" I smiled and sat there quietly as he continued "this lil piggy had umm it hads ROAST BEEFS" he garbed the second to last, "this little piggy had none" he grabbed my big toe and said "this lil piggy went we we we" at that point it attack him with tickles and finished it for him. PJ giggled and turned his head gently kissing me again.

  I kissed him back as I slid my hands down his chest, He knew I wanted him right then, He pulled me around and on top of him, I began Kissing him and rubbing the outside of his diaper I could feel his hard cock beneath my hand. I unbuttoned his onsie and slide my hand up it slowly un  taping his diaper, Paused for a sec waiting for him to say no, nothing, so i kept going, finally i had his diaper all undone and his cock fully exposed, it was perfect, average size, very thick, and perfect shape, I knew he wanted it bad, his cock was dripping with precum I grabbed his cock and wrapped my hand around it, HE immedently stopped me and told me I needed lotion, He got up and got his baby lotion laying back down and handed it to me, I looked at him nervously wand poured the lotion on my hand grabbing a hold of his cock again, I began stroking him slowly, telling him he was a good little baby for mommy, My arm was getting tired and so i let him take over till he got to the point of him about to cum, I started kissing him, then his neck and back to his lips, I glanced into his eyes and turned my attention to his ear, softly I started to nibble on it, He announced he was close so I grabbed ahold of his cock and again and finished jacking the baby off, he came everywhere, all over his belly and my hand, I never did like the feeling of cum on my hands so I got up right away and washed it off returning to the pull out bed laying down as he cleaned up.
 PJ returned and laid down next to me, he could sense I was very horny and wanted release, HE started to kiss me again, running his hands down to my thighs and up the my shorts leg holes, slowly and gently he slide my panties aside his fingers now finding out just how wet I really was, with ease his finger slide to my clit, as he gently rubbed in circles, now kissing him harder spreading my legs wider for him allowing him full access his fingers slide down to my tight whole as he slowly slide one in me getting me use to him, then gently added another one, I was out of control I couldn't hold back much longer i was ready to explode, he felt me tighten around his fingers and began pumping them in and out faster, my pussy walla began to throb my body began jerking and my mones came louder, i was cumming and i was cumming fast and hard, I begged Pj to keep going, I didn't want him to stop, I ended up cumming 3 times before He finally stopped. I laid there resting before going to clean myself up, That happened 4 more times before it was time for dinner, I needed to put PJ into a new diaper but had no idea how, so I grabbed one and let PJ show me how, I must always remember pee pee down or it will hurt. Pj decided he was gonna take me out for my birthday we went to longhorn, He was the perfect gentle man. I never wanted that night to end.

  That night on the way to pick josh up from work, i heard my baby sing for the first time, He had the voice of an angel. I loved it when he song I felt peaceful and content. Now i have lots of beads hanging on my review mirror, and of course with him being a baby hes gonna play with them. Pj asked where I got them all and I told him Where I got each one and how much they meant to me, He smiled and said they where pretty. I reached up and garbed my favorite one witch was red with hearts on it, and I put it around his neck, he asked what that was for and I just smiled and told him that they where his now, and as long as he has them he will always have his mommy with him. I could see his eyes get teary and he grabbed the beads and held onto them tightly, that night after we got back home, I said goodnight to josh and found myself in the room with PJ I placed him in a Fresh diaper and He pulled out his faverate footed jemmies showing me them, I knew he wanted me to put it on him so I did, I laid down next to him and pulled him into me laying my head on his chest I could smell fresh baby powder and lotion coming from his diaper I fell asleep on him.

   That next morning, I woke up and got something to Drink and came back to bed, I noticed my baby had morning wood, so I reached over and started to rub the outside of his diaper again, his eyes filled with lust, He became whiny and restless, He wanted it and he wanted it bad, i unzipped his jemmies and reached into his diaper gently laying with him, his voice cracked and became whiny again, I heard him mumble "I want in you", I knew what he wanted but I ignored what he said and pretended not to hear it, I was scared and nervous, we hadn't gone that far yet, and it was only the 2nd day of meeting him, he rolled over and started rubbing the outside of my panties again, I spread my legs for him again, He leans in and whispers again "I want in you" I wanted it too at that point and i sure as hell couldn't pretend not to hear it that time, I looked at him and asked if he had anything, he slowly nodded yes, I looked up at the ceiling, I had never been with anyone besides josh, should I let him? I looked back to him and told him to get them, without hesitation he bent over me and grabbed the box handing it to me,  I grabbed the box and opened it pulling out a strawberry flavored condom. I opened it and slowly rolled it onto his cock. I looked up at him and instantly took his cock into my mouth, IT was big, and my mouth was small, I had a very hard time fitting it in, I knew it was gonna hurt in my pussy I wasn't use to something that thick. I heard him grone and say ok ok he told me once before he didn't really like blowjobs they do nothing for him, I laid on my back and opened my legs for him again and gave him the ok, PJ climbed on top of me and positioned his cock at my hole and slowly slid it in, yup I was right, pain and lots of it, I asked him to stay still for a min till i got use to it, after the pain went away i nodded in approval and he starts slowly pumping in and out, It felt so good to have him inside me, i didn't have to pretend or fantasize anymore, I could actually feel it, I slowly ran my nails down his back and looked him in the eyes, He began pumping faster and faster, I knew he wasn't gonna last long i spread my legs as far apart as I could giving him every inch he could take, I was so close, PJ started to cum he pulled out, I was slightly disappointed but to in love to care, besides I had a plan for later, and I was gonna get mine.

  PJ laid beside me and pulled me in close, I could smell sex in the air, but mostly I could smell baby powder I don't know why but for some reason that smell was just turning me on more, I was ready for round two, I rolled over to kiss him and start in again but I could tell my baby was to tired so I was just gonna wait and let him rest, after taken josh to work again we decided to go to the mall, IT was raining and a little cold, I loved the rain, The water just feels so good dropping on your skin, We walked into the mall and I reached over grabbing his hand, I loved the way my hand fit so perfectly into his, He had soft big hands. As we walked threw the mall He found the toy store baby's just love toys, We walked in and his eyes went big, so many different toys, from stuffed animals to toy guns, PJ started to tell me how much he loved trains and legos, but not the newer legos those suck, he loved the old ones, he told me how he had space ships and witch ones he was missing, I really wished i could buy the ones he was missing for him, I wanted nothing more then to spoil my baby boy, After looking at the toys we decided to go to the arcade, He told me how he owned some arcade games and vending machines and how he has them set up at his job, I Felt so proud of him, he was only 27 and has already accomplished most of his goals in life, Things an average 27 year old wouldn't have, I'm not much of one to play arcade games but I loved to watch, He tried a few and then came to the conclusion they where all rigged (mommy already knew that) but i wasn't gonna ruin his fun, Pj smiled at me and then said et oh looking down to his tummy, my baby was hungry, We walked into the food court and got him some food, as i sat there waiting for PJ to finish my mind kept going back to what happened just a few hours earlier, I could still feel his cock stretching my pussy, I wanted it again, I wanted to feel that feeling again, my body was tingling I just had to have it, I NEEDED it.

   PJ Started to ask me if there where any arcades near by I smiled and said yes, i'm sure there are a few, He asked if we could go, "sure hunny as soon as your done" PJ smiled and said I am let me just get something to put the rest of this in and we will take it with us, i nodded in approval and patiently waited, We weren't going to go to an arcade, mommy wanted her baby and she was gonna get him, He came back and said he was ready, we got up and headed out to the car, I noticed i had left the lights on in the car and thought crap the battery is probably gonna be dead, We got in and thank god my car started, I backed up and started to head for the street, PJ asked how far away the arcade was, I smiled and told him, "where not going to an arcade baby doll" PJ looks at me with a sad face "Where not?" I smiled seductively at him, "no hunny where going home, I cant take it any longer I need you now" PJ's face went from frowning to a very big smile, His hand now reaching over in my seat as he placed it on my thigh, He now new I needed him and he wasn't about to let me off that easy, that little boy was evil, He slide his hand down my thigh playing with my knee, I don't know what it is but I have this thing with my knees, all someone has to do is gently and seductively touch them and I'm ready to go,  PJ smiled and said "I've never had someone want me so bad they couldn't wait" only if he really knew. We pulled into the yard and came inside, I Grabbed his dress out of his bag and tossed it to him "slide that on baby girl, mommy is gonna go take a shower quietly sit and watch tv till I am done". PJ smiled at me and said yes mommy, I grabbed my towel headed for the shower, I could hear him in the living room giggling at the cartoons, my mind raced, my hands wounderd, I was so wet and sensitive to the touch, finished washing up and got out, dried off and slipped on my nighty and pair of panties, I walked into the living room and pj stood up and gave me a hug, "mmm you smell good mommy" I smiled at him, "thank you, maybe you can tell me if i taste good" PJ gave me a confused look, I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bed, I laid back and opened my legs for him "mommy wants you to do something for her" PJ smiled, he new exactly what I wanted, He slid off my panties and laid between my legs, I could feel his hot breath now on my pussy, my clit twitched, I was ready, PJ parted my lips and gently found my clit with his tongue, I instantly let out a mone, His tongue now ravishingly licking at my clit. I opened my legs as wide as I could I wanted to cum so bad, Warm sensations paused threw my body, I could feel my pussy starting to drip "faster" I moned PJ was now Licking as fast and hard as he could, "you like licking mommy's tight little pussy" I asked, I could feel his voice vibrate in my pussy as he replied yes, that was it, I was there. I grabbed his hear and I pushed his head down into my pussy, my back arched and i started to jerk, My mones now as loud as I could get, I was cumming In his mouth, PJ licked up ever bit, sat up and smiled widely "I did good mommy?" I giggled and nodded yes "very good baby boy, very good".

   I was still laying there trying to catch my breath, now week from cumming but I still wanted more, "Go get a condom baby" i smiled and said to him, PJ jumped up and ran off for a condom, he came back and opened it up quickly and slid it on after tearing his diaper off, at this point i knew my baby was ready to burst. I nodded and gave him the ok to stick it in, PJ claimed on top of me again and slide it in, this time it went in a little easier, my pussy still tightly around his cock, PJ placed one arm on the arm rest and the other on the back of the couch holding himself up, I wrapped my legs around him and He began pounding into me, I absolutely loved the way his cock felt in me, I opened my legs up even more I wanted it all in me ever single inch. pj looked down at me staring me in the eyes, he bent down and kisses me gently smiling at me, I ran my hands up his dress and around to his back gently running my nails down it, PJ was now pounding me as fast and as hard as he could, "dose baby girl like pounding mommy's tight little pussy?" His eyes widen as he mones out yes very whiny, he opened his mouth ah ah aH AH AHHHHHHHHHHHH, "good little baby, cum in mommy's pussy, fill her up" PJ collapsed on me. I wrapped my arms around him holding him tightly and kissed his head, "such a good little boy" PJ giggled and just laid in my arms, After a few minutes passed and he was soft, he went ahead and pulled out and got up, We both looked at the time it was 4 , he had to leave in just a hour, I got up and went into the other bathroom to clean up as he cleaned up, I walked out of the room only to find PJ standing in the middle of the kitchen, He smiled and said huggies as he reached out his arms, I started to cry again, I didn't want him to leave, but he assured me he would be back. We walked into the spare room and I sat him on the bed and laid him back to diaper him one last time, as he finished packing his things up, He turned and looked at me I should go ahead and take these out to the car, I nodded an ok.

   PJ walked his things out to the car, as i sat on the bed, i couldn't take it anymore the tears just started rolling out, I tried so hard to hold them back, my baby boy just came into my life and now i have to watch him leave, I new he was coming back but that still didn't stop me from crying. I was shaken and trembling, I could feel my heart break and there was nothing i could do to stop it, PJ came back in and saw me crying, he walked over to me and wiped away the tears from my face "please don't cry mommy, ill be back, i promise" those words only made it worse, i knew he cared allot about me but i wasn't as sure if he felt the same way i did. He stood me up and hugged me tightly, looked at me and asked if id walk him out, I grabbed his pillow I remember begging for him to leave it here earlier, but he said he couldn't it was his favorite one, I said fine then ill just keep the pillow case cause it smells just like you, again he couldn't only cause his wife would be pissed her pillowcase was missing,  I didn't mind him having a wife, cause I had a finance I cant be mad at someone for having something that i do, But i wont deny I was jealous, I wanted him for myself I wanted to be the girl he came home to everyday and the one who tucked him in every night. I knew i loved him, and always would. I walked him out to his car, he turned to me and grabbed the pillow, he looked at me, you know i wish i could leave u this, "i know" i said, he placed it in the back of the car, he turned to me one last time and wiped the tears away again, I looked at his cute little baby face and gently kisses his lips holding onto him tightly. PJ let go and said it was time to go. I garbed his door with my hand and waited for him to get in and then closed it, he slide over his seat belt and clicked it, smiled at me as he started the car and then blew me a kiss, As I stood there watching him drive away tears streaming down my face, I knew he was the one I wanted and I would do anything I could to make that little boy happy. And with tears streaming down my face I watched him leave. I walked inside and sat down on the couch where we just made love a hour ago, I couldn't stop crying, i cried for 45 minutes until I heard the phone ring, I got up and walked over to it and answered "hello?" and all I could hear was this child like voice,"I love you with all my heart mommy, I cant wait till I get to see you again".


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