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Succubus....or is it??

Morgen on Supernatural Stories

The room seemed to twist and warp out of shape, and return to normal, only to warp again. I was lying in bed, watching the strange play of the room's dimensions. The room seemed to be changing colors, from blue to green to red to gold, like a rainbow gone wild. She suddenly appeared at the foot of my bed. Her lips were a deep blood red color. Her eyes were an unearthly shade of green, that seemed to bore right into me! Her long blond hair seemed to shimmer like a covering of quicksilver around her head. She was wearing a long sheer powder blue robe, and she parted it at the throat, and it fell away, leaving her completely naked to my gaze. She was shapely, with a trim athletic figure, and I could feel my cock respond accordingly, creating a large bulge under the sheet. She smiled at my reaction, but it was not a smile of happiness or passion. It was a smile of hunger, almost wolfish. She stared at me with those blazing emerald eyes, and her smile became one of triumph. She pulled the sheet off my body, and my cock grew to full erection. Something was wrong, this is too weird, I thought wildly, gotta get away! But I was powerless to move, I couldn't even raise a hand to stop her. She grinned, knowing that I was unable to stop her. She climbed on top of me, and I felt her hands stroking and caressing my body, building my desire up to a blazing fire. She squatted above me, I could feel her hands sliding up and down on me, making my cock rock hard and ready for action. I could feel myself poised at her entrance. She slid down, and I could feel my cock penetrate her, sliding into a slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat. I groaned as she took me as far up her as I could go. She rode me, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on me again and again. She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. I had never felt such exquisite tightness, her pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at my throbbing shaft, demanding every drop I had. As she shuddered in climax above me, I groaned from pure pleasure as I reached my peak, and with her pussy clamped tightly around my aching prick, spasming wildly, I exploded, my cock squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel. Her spasming tightness milked my throbbing cock greedily, draining my balls deep into her inner depths, sucking every last drop out of my cock. The climax seemed to drain all the energy out of me, and the scene spun away in a riot of wild colors.

"GOOD MORNING!! It's 6:55 in the A of M, and this is Tony The Tiger Jackie, keeping your morning moving with all the tunes to get you to work!"

I slapped at the clock radio, until it fell silent. As the mists of fog dissolved, the dream came back to me. I remembered it clearly, it was so vivid. And so erotic! I could feel myself firming up as I recalled the way my dream partner had rode me, milking me of every drop! Shaking my head, I headed for the shower. Enough of the dream world, the all too real workaday world was waiting for me.

At work, Cam Stevens knocked on my door. I waved him in.

"Hey Mike, how's it going?", Cam asked.

I replied, "Same old salt mine, I need a vacation!"

"I hear you", Cam agreed, "I need a few weeks in some nice tropical vacation spot, full of charming local ladies wearing as little as possible!"

"Wanna hear something wild?", I asked him.

"Sure, fire away", Cam said.

I told him the story about my vivid dream, and the strange warping of the scene, and how it felt when she rode me. Cam listened intently.

"Sounds like a heck of a dream, Mike" Cam said, "Has this been a repeating dream, or is just a one off thing?"

"Just last night", I replied.

"Well, I wouldn't mind a dream like that!", Cam laughed, "If it happens again let's trade, you can have mine of my ex-wife turning into a blood sucking monster, and I'll be glad to be your dream partner's plaything!"

As I walked in the door of my apartment after work, the phone rang. I picked it up and my cousin Sarah was on the phone, reminding me about our dinner date. I assured her that I would pick her up, and a half hour later, I wheeled up to her apartment block in my Fiat Spyder Convertible. Sarah was waiting for me, and she climbed in.

"Hey Cuz, how it's going?' Sarah said.

"Pretty good", I said, "How does TJ's Steak House sound? I could really go for a medium rare T-Bone."

"Sounds great", Sarah said, "let's go!"

I loved to have dinner with my cousin Sarah, she was so relaxed and carefree, she helped drain away the tension of the day. Her mane of long red hair, and green eyes, were immensely appealing. She had a razor sharp wit, and was quick to laugh. If I ever got any signs, I would be ready and eager to sleep with her, she's hot!

We ordered the T-Bones, and some house Merlot, then settled back and started talking. I was still a bit unsettled at the vividness of my dream, and gave her a quick recap of what had happened.

"Not getting enough, Cuz?" She giggled, "Gotta dream up some hotsie totsie?"

I smiled, it had been a long dry spell, and it was probably just my mind working off the tension.

"Be glad we're not in the middle ages, if you told anybody that, they'd think you had been taken by a succubus."

"What's that?", I asked.

Sarah said "The succubus is a demon from legend that supposedly preys on mortal men while he sleeps; a sexual vampire of sorts. The actual name has its origins from late Latin- succuba meaning prostitute, which in turn comes from medieval Latin sub cubaire meaning 'that which lies beneath'. The male version is the incubus, which comes from Latin - 'that which lies above'. There are some sources who claim that the succubus and the incubus are one and the same creature who can change form at will to prey on mortals. In medieval times, the succubus was seen as a fearsome creature who killed her victims by drinking their breath. This is interesting in that, at the time, the breath was seen as a part of the person's spirit, and in doing so, the succubus was thought to be stealing the victim's soul. Later, the habits of the succubus were deemed to be of a more sexual than vampiric nature, and this notion probably arose from the change in social climate that saw sexual deviancy as a mortal sin, and so, those who committed such a sin against God, were deserving of their fate in some way. Those unfortunate enough to be convicted of having contact with a succubus were usually burned at the stake."

"Geez", I exclaimed, "they actually believed such nonsense?"

Sarah replied, "In the middle ages, the frenzy over witches was appalling. Neighbor denouncing neighbor, children denouncing their parents, it was madness. And the horrible tortures they used to force their victims to confess, were absolutely sickening! The trials were absolute kangaroo courts, their fate was sealed long before the trial ever began. Then, a quick merciful death was not to be allowed, burning them to death at the stake was used to drive the evil spirits out of the body, and save the victim's soul! Such compassion!" She snorted with disgust.

I shuddered with revulsion. The idea of burning to death was one of my worst fears.

Sarah said, "These days, we have science to blow away the succubus legend. The brain releasing its tensions, nocturnal emissions and wet dreams have debunked the succubus legend."

"How did you learn all this?', I asked.

She smiled as she replied, "I took Middle age myths and legends as a minor course in University. It was most fascinating!"

As we ate a fabulous steak dinner, and drank the Merlot, I could feel the tension drain out of me. It must have been the work of my horny mind, throwing in a little bedtime action that my physical self was, alas, lacking. After dinner, I took Sarah home, and drove back to my apartment. Ten minutes later, came a knock on the door. Seeing it was 9 PM, I smiled, right on time! I went and opened the door.

"Good evening Mrs. Hurst, please come in!" I said.

The lady outside crossed the threshold, carrying a tea tray, smiling at me.

"Good evening my little Micka, how are you zis evening?"

"I'm fine, Mrs. Hurst, how are you my dear?"

"I'm still alive and kicking, so, not too bad!", she chuckled.

It had become an evening ritual that I really looked forward to, Greta Hurst, my neighbor next door to me, would make a pot of evening tea, and bring it over to share with me. She was in her late 60's, and her husband has passed away 5 years earlier.

"My little Micka", she said, "you look so tired, why are you working so hard? You need a vacation, relax, get away from it all. My husband, it was always 'when we retire, we'll go to all those wonderful places we want to see', and look what happened."

"I will Mrs. Hurst, I just have to see to this latest project, it's vitally important!", I replied.

"And after that, something else will become vitally important!" Mrs. Hurst sighed.

She poured the tea, and soon we were settled on the sofa, sipping our tea. Mrs. Hurst mentioned that her niece was visiting her for a few weeks. She had seen me in the hall, and would I like to meet her? I was not interested in being set up for a possible blind date, but, to keep things cool, I asked her to bring her over and have tea with us tomorrow.

Soon, Mrs. Hurst left, and I got ready for bed. I was feeling really tired, and I was asleep within a minute of closing my eyes.

The room was again warping out of shape, seeming to expand and contract, just like the room was a strange pair of lungs. The colors were floating through the air again. I looked to my left, and she was there again. The blood red lips, the burning emerald eyes and the shimmering blond hair. Her blue robe soon hit the floor, and she was naked again for my eyes. She pulled the sheet away, and her hands squeezed my cock, bringing me up to full hardness. Her mouth, hot and moist, surrounded my cock. Her mouth pumped up and down on my cock, I could feel the tight grip of her lips on me. I groaned from the sensation. With her triumphant smile, she climbed on top of me. She lifted her pelvis up slightly, then she impaled herself on my stiff shaft. I groaned, she was deep and slick and oh so tight. She rode me, pumping her hips up and down, her hot inner flesh squeezing me like a velvet lined glove, gripping me tightly. She threw her head back, gasping and groaning with pleasure. Her body started shaking, and as her climax slammed into her, her inner muscles clamped down on me tightly, spasming wildly! My climax tore into me, my cock erupted, throbbing wildly, as I lost my load deep inside her, spurting thick ropes of seed into her slick channel. Again, I felt the energy drain out of me, and I spun away into the darkness!

My eyes opened, it was just before my clock radio went off. I swung out of bed, and turned off the alarm. Geez, it had happened again! The same scenario, the same partner, what the hell was going on here? I searched my mind desperately, trying to fit her to someone I knew and desired in real life. But, I knew nobody that looked even close to her. Maybe she was my mind's composite of various desirable ladies? That must be it, but the dream was so real! Strange, but at least it was a good dream, since she was humping my brains out every dream! Just so long as it stays that way, I guess I could handle it!

Friday at work seemed to race by. I headed for home, and phoned up an old girlfriend, to see if we could hook up. Her number was no longer in service, however. Damn, looks like another quiet weekend. I booted up my home PC, and curiosity led me to enter succubus into the Google search engine. There were several fascinating sites, and the topics were very interesting reading.

I became so engrossed in the sites, and the stories that that the knocking on the door startled me. I looked at the clock, 9 PM already? I logged off the computer, and hurried over to the door.

"Good evening Mrs. Hurst", I said, "Please come in!"

"My little Micka", she said, "so nice to see you again. And I would like you to meet my niece, Marissa. Marissa, meet my next door neighbor, Michael Renston, or as I call him, my little Micka!" she chuckled.

"Nice to meet you Marissa", I said.

She smiled shyly and said "It's nice to meet you Michael, my Auntie has told me so much about you! I have seen you in the hallway, but it's nice to meet you face to face. Now Auntie, you and Michael sit down, I shall serve the tea."

I took the recliner, and settled back comfortably as Mrs Hurst settled herself on the sofa. Marissa served the tea, and soon, we were sipping tea and talking. I found out that Marissa was spending the summer at her Aunt's apartment, and would be returning to university in the fall, where she was majoring in pharmacology. Considering that I had been not looking forward to meeting her, it was a nice surprise. Actually, she was quite attractive, with short black hair, and pale green eyes. Maybe taking her out for a date or 2 wouldn't be a bad idea, it wasn't like it would be a long term hassle if we didn't click. I was getting no hints that she was interested in that however, so I just let it slide.

When they said good night, Marissa smiled shyly at me. It really made her face beautiful, I'm a sucker for a gorgeous smile. I asked her if she would have tea with us again tomorrow night, and she eagerly accepted. Maybe if I got to know her more, I could feel ready to ask her for a date. I turned out the lights in my living room, walked into my bedroom, and slid into bed. Once again, sleep enveloped me quickly.

The room was again spinning through wild co lour changes. She was totally nude, and perched on top of me. The only difference was her smile, it seemed more tender, less wolfish. She stroked my cheeks with her hands, and lowered her breasts to my face. I brought my hands up, and ran them all over her smooth globes, my mouth busily kissing and sucking until her nipples were hard, erect cogs. She slid down, and again I was drawn into her! I gasped from the tight, gripping slickness that enveloped me, taking me deep. She slid up and down, riding me wildly! I felt her nails dig into my sides and claw at me, as she gasped and jerked as she hit climax, and her snug tightness clamped down on me! I exploded immediately, jerking and throbbing as I squirted my load into her hungry, eager depths. The vision spun away again into the darkness!

I opened my eyes, and looked at the clock. Seeing that it was 9 AM, I decided it was time to get up. I got up, stretched, and winced as a small stab of pain jabbed my side. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I could see a small line of scratches along each side of my ribs. How did that happen? The dream jumped back at me with Technicolor clarity, my "dream" partner had scratched me as she climaxed! Not so much a dream anymore! What the hell? What's going on? It can't be just a dream, if it leaves that kind of mark behind. A mystery that I was eager to solve. I headed into the kitchen, got a pot of coffee going, and popped two slices of multigrain bread into the toaster. Eat first, and think it through. Soon, I had two slices of hot multigrain toast, with a generous helping of grape jelly, and a big mug of coffee. As I ate, my mind reviewed what I knew. It was no longer a hot dream, someone or something was having sex with me. But why didn't I wake up, what was with the strange, weird happenings that occurred, the wild colors and the way the room would pulse? Almost like some weird acid trip! Drugs? Could that be it? Was someone slipping me drugs, and then using my drug induced stupor to their advantage? Time for some answers, I had a good idea how to start demystifying this mystery.

Half an hour later, I was in CRA Electronics. After talking to the clerk, and giving him an idea that I needed surveillance coverage, I had a home surveillance system, with long term recording capabilities. I took it home, and fortunately, it was easy to set up. A digital video recorder was hidden in my closet, and I was able to fit the camera into a ventilation duct. After testing the camera, it was set up just right. It could not be seen, unless you went right up to the duct and looked in, and it provided a good view of my bed. Hopefully, I would be able to get a good view of whoever it was, and tear this mystery open!

I felt like going swimming, and on an impulse, I knocked on Mrs. Hurst's door. Marissa opened the door, and smiled as she saw me standing there.

"Hello Michael", she said, "what brings this unexpected, but most welcome visit?"

I smiled back and said, "I was just about to go swimming, and wondered if you would like to come with me?"

"I'd love to!", she exclaimed, "Auntie is visiting her sister, and won't be back until Monday. Now I have something great to do! I'm on my university's swim team, and I love to be in the water! Come in, I'll just grab a towel and my swimsuit!"

I stood inside the door, as Marissa walked through the living room and disappeared into her room. She was back in a few minutes, with a gym back slung across her shoulder.

"Let's go!" she said.

We went into the parkade, and I opened the door of my Fiat Spyder convertible for her. I lowered the top, and got behind the wheel. With a throaty growl, the engine fired to life. I steered the Fiat to the ramp, and we drove up to the surface level. The sun beamed down brightly as we turned onto the surface streets.

"I love convertibles!", Marissa exclaimed, "Never had the money to afford my own, but I had a friend who owned a 65 Pontiac GTO convertible, and it was such fun to ride in the summer!"

"My Fiat is the first convertible I've ever had", I replied, "And it has been a joy to drive!"

We headed out of town, to enjoy some sun at the beach. She giggled as the wind whipped through her hair, enjoying the freedom of a convertible. I had to admit that she was certainly attractive, with the short black hair, and the deep honey color of her skin. I figured she must be a fan of the sun, and she told me that she loved to catch rays after class and weekends. Her grandmother was also a full blooded Cherokee, so she mentioned that that could have something to do with her darker skin tone. We drove past the crowded public beaches, and headed for the quieter, more private beaches that only those of us "in the know", knew about.

Ten minutes later, we wheeled into a parking lot. It didn't seem like much, so most people would just pass it by. She put her gym bag in the trunk, and I carefully stashed my wallet and keys in the trunk also. We took out the blanket and a beach umbrella, and we climbed over the hill that blocked the view of the beach. The water spread out, cool and inviting, with no one else in sight!

"Excellent!", I enthused, "Nobody here, the place is ours!"

"What a great place!", Marissa exclaimed, "It sure helps to be with someone who knows the right places to go!"

"Stick with me, baby, and you'll go places!", I laughed.

She grinned, and started to pull off her T shirt. I was startled, until I saw the top of her bathing suit appear! Whew, I thought silently, almost thought I was gonna get a private strip show! She unzipped her shorts, and let them drop to the sand. Wow! was my first thought. Her silver thong bikini revealed a figure that was slender but not scrawny, small but perky tits, and a nicely curved set of hips. I forced my eyes away, so she wouldn't catch me staring. She looked at the water.

"Let's go in", she said, "I need to cool off."

"Sounds great", I said.

I also needed to cool off! I pulled off my T-shirt, and she looked at me, grinning, as I pulled my shorts off. My bathing trunks were underneath, and we dashed into the water. The water was cool, but not uncomfortably cold, it felt great to feel the cool rush of the water. We swam out, and stood up in the water. I pointed off to the left, and told Marissa about how the public beach was closed off from this area, and how few people knew about this area. We resumed swimming, and it felt wonderful to feel the stretch of muscles as I swam hard, working out. She was swimming right next to me, her body working as hard as mine. After ten minutes, we headed out of the water. As she was ahead of me, I couldn't take my eyes off her tush! Her bikini bottom was a true thong, just a very thin strip of material running up between her cheeks, joining two equally thin straps that ran over her hips. The globes of her ass cheeks were clearly revealed to my eyes, and her globes looked wonderful, a great combination of feminine softness and well toned muscle. We walked to the blanket, and sprawled out. The sun felt nice, warming us after the water.

"Since there is nobody here, would it bother you if I sunbathed topless?", she asked.

"No, not at all!", I heartily exclaimed.

She smiled at me, as she reached back and undid the tie at her back. It went limp, and she pulled her top off.

As she spread sunscreen on her, she said, "I was in Brazil a couple of years ago, and I always thought the tan lines of their tanga style bottoms looked very sexy! I know some spots where I can sunbathe topless near where I live, so, I just head over there, and wear only my bottoms! Do my back, please?" she asked, handing me the tube.

I squeezed some into my palm, and began to stroke it over her back.

She purred, "Mmmm, nice touch!"

When I was done, she applied it to her legs. I noticed the was no hint of a top tan line, her skin was an even bronze all over her back, and as she turned around, her front also. Her chest looked even better unfettered! She saw me looking, smiled, and stretched out on her front. Her skin was glistening with sunscreen, and save for the thin string of her thong bikini that crossed her hips and disappeared in the cleft of her ass cheeks, totally nude. I could feel a stirring in my trunks, I was glad they were baggy, as I felt myself hardening up quickly! I applied some sunscreen, and stretched out next to her, on my back. As her head was turned away from me, I feasted my eyes on her gorgeous form. After ten minutes, I flipped over, and she flipped also. Now I could see her front, with just a tiny triangle hiding her pubic region. She applied more sunscreen, and lay back. Her breasts were firm, and her nipples were jutting up stiffly. Hmm, stiff nipples indicated either coldness or being turned on! It wasn't cold! Could she be feeling turned on by being almost nude and so close to me? I was a bit disconcerted, and turned my head away. I didn't want to rush into anything, she was certainly beautiful, but I hardly knew her. Maybe she's just turned on by being almost nude in public.

After a few more flips, I was sweating!

"Like to join me in the water?", I asked.

She smiled and said, "Sounds wonderful, let's do it!"

We hopped up, and raced down the sand to the water. We splashed in up to our waists, and dived forward. The cool water enveloped us, and I felt the heat being sucked out of my hot skin. Ahh, such refreshment! We swam hard, stroking back and forth. Marissa must be a real asset to her swim team, she swam hard and fast, but was not winded by the effort. We returned to shore, and I opened the umbrella, and perched it so it would shade us. A slight breeze was blowing, and it dried our skin.

As it was 4 PM, I asked Marissa if I could take her out for dinner, and she eagerly accepted. We enjoyed our privacy on the beach, and I folded the umbrella, and rolled up the blanket. I was disappointed to see her don her T-shirt and shorts, I had certainly enjoyed the view! Back in the car, I fired up the engine, listening to it's throaty growl with satisfaction. We got on the road, and soon we were back at our apartment block.

"I'll get dressed, and you get dressed, and then we'll go out for dinner", I said, "How does Las Palmeras sound, they make the best Mexican food in town!"

"Yum, that sounds great!", Marissa exclaimed, "do I have time to take a quick shower?"

"Yes you do", I replied, "I was just planning to take a quick shower also."

We got off the elevator and walked to our doors. I took her to her door.

"I'll see you soon," I said.

She smiled at me as she closed the door. I went to my apartment. In the bedroom, I stripped off my clothes, and in the bathroom, I had a quick shower. Drying off, I put on a pair of black dress trousers and a burgundy dress shirt. I called her number.

The phone rang twice and she said, "Hello?"

"Hello Marissa", I said, "are you ready?"

"Give me 10 minutes, and I'll be ready", she said.

"OK, I'll be over then, bye for now", I replied.

I cradled the phone, and got a glass of ice water, I was feeling a bit dehydrated.

Ten minutes later, I knocked on her door. She opened it, smiled at me, and slipped out the door. She looked fabulous! She was wearing a light red blouse, and a black skirt, that fell to just above the knee.

"Wow, you look great!", I exclaimed.

She giggled and said, "Well thank you, kind sir! You look pretty spiffy yourself!"

We stepped in the elevator, and soon we were back in the parkade. Back on the street, I steered towards downtown, and soon we were seated comfortably in Las Palmeras. A platter of corn chips and a bowl of pico de gallo was between us, and we crunched the chips, enjoying the spicy bite of the salsa. Marissa asked me to order for her, and I ordered the combination for two, which came with chili rellenos, beef and cheese burritos, and chorizo stuffed tacos, with refried beans and Mexican style rice. Of course, with a Mexican feast, one MUST have Mexican beer, and some ice cold Tecate sounded great.

Marissa smiled and said, "This sounds like a wonderful combo. I feel like I could eat a horse!"

I smiled and replied, "Glad to hear that! I can't stand a lady who picks at her food, and maybe eats half of it, at most. It does my heart good to see a lady enjoying her food!"

Marissa laughed and said "In that case, I should be a joy to watch!"

The food arrived in short order, and it smelled heavenly! Marissa was as good as her word, and we both tore into our food! The wonderful tastes elicited several appreciative oohs and aahs from us, and not a crumb remained when we were done! We left the restaurant feeling well fed, and we went to the multiplex to catch the latest comedy. The film was pretty funny, and we had a good time in the theater. She seemed to be leaning against me all the time, taking the hint, I put my arm around her shoulders, she gazed at me and smiled shyly. As we left after the movie, I took her hand, and again she smiled shyly at me.

Back in the car, Marissa said "How about we go home, and I'll make tea? Tonight, come over to Auntie's, and we'll drink our tea there."

I replied "Sounds good."

Twenty minutes later, we parked in the parkade, and the elevator took us up to the 5th floor. We entered Mrs. Hurst's apartment, and Marissa went into the kitchen to make the tea. I settled on the sofa, and Marissa brought out the tray loaded with the teapot, cups, spoons and milk pitcher. She poured the tea, and handed my cup over. I added some milk, and stirred until the tea was a golden brown color. We relaxed and sipped our tea. It had been a really good time, and I wouldn't mind taking her out again. She made a great date. I asked her if she would like to go out for brunch tomorrow, and she eagerly accepted. When I looked at the clock, I was surprised to see it was almost midnight, the time had really flown.

"Guess it's time to turn in", I said, the time has really flown!"

She smiled and said, "Today has been a wonderful day, thank you so much for making it a wonderful day!"

"My pleasure, Marissa!" I exclaimed.

She walked me to the door, and she moved in close to me, her eyes gazing into mine. I took her in my arms, and our lips pressed softly together. We kept our lips pressed together, gently but firmly. I broke the kiss, and she smiled at me.

"Good night Marissa, sleep well my dear," I whispered.

She smiled and whispered back "Good night Michael, phone me and wake me up tomorrow when you want to catch brunch."

I went back to my apartment. In the bedroom, I set the system to tape until 8 AM, that should be enough. I left a bedside lamp on, so that the camera would have enough illumination to tape. I went to bed, and fell asleep quickly.

The room seemed to be almost normal, none of the wild pulsations that I had come to expect. There were no colors running wild, but it still had the unreal air of a dream. She was on top of me, completely nude, smiling at me. There was no hint of wolfish hunger, her smile was very tender. Her mouth covered mine, and I could feel her tongue probing my mouth, turning me on quickly. I took her head in my hands, and my tongue met hers, and they twined together. My tongue pushed into her mouth, it was hot and moist, and our tongues wrestled together. She tore her mouth away, and thrust her chest into my face. My mouth went wild, I was nibbling and sucking and kissing her breasts, and she was moaning with desire, as I went wild on her breasts. She drew back from me, I felt her hand circle me, and she stroked my shaft up to full hardness, and smiled at me again. I noticed that her eyes were not as brightly green as they were before, and her lips were red, but not that strange blood red color. Her blond hair no longer had that extreme silver color. She settled herself on my cock, and sank down on me, taking me up her in one thrust. She was snug and tight, and she started to ride me, her pussy sliding up and down on me. She started to move faster, giving off little gasps of wordless pleasure. I could feel my shaft starting to sizzle, as my orgasm started to build force. I could feel it rushing at me, than I exploded. I could feel my cock throbbing, as I spurted wildly inside her snug sheath. She gasped "Oh my God! as she exploded, her hot inner flesh spasming wildly, sucking every drop out of me as I coated her insides with my hot load. She leaned forward, her head tucked underneath my chin, as we drifted back down. Unlike the last times, I did not go rushing off into blackness. After a few minutes, she pressed her lips against mine. "Good night sweetheart", she whispered. I closed my eyes, and the dream drifted away.

My eyes opened, and saw the clock at 8 AM. I jumped out of bed, and opened up the closet. The recorder was undisturbed, and I took out the tape. Now, maybe we'll get some answers! I took it into the living room, rewound it and slipped it in to the VCR. The picture appeared on the screen as I slipped into sleep. I started a fast forward picture search. At about the 30 minute mark in, the door opened. This is it! Obviously not a succubus! The camera was positioned perfectly to capture her face as she stripped off her robe and climbed aboard me. The blonde hair hid her identity for a few moments, but it was clear, she was Marissa wearing a blonde wig! I was speechless as the tape continued, and I watched her riding me, building us up to our climaxes. Watching her fucking me, riding my stiff prick until we both exploded, got my cock surging again. After she had left my room, I ejected the tape and sat wondering about it. I knew the answer to one question, How did she get in to my apartment, easy, Mrs. Hurst and I both kept each others spare key in our apartment. Another answer fell into place. What was with the weird quality of the "dream", she slipped something into my tea. I remember her mentioning that she was studying pharmacology in university. Interesting, that she wanted me that much, that she was willing to drug me to have me! I suppose I should have been angry at her, but I just couldn't find it in myself to be. I didn't exactly mind being used as a sex toy, I have to admit, it felt pretty good! If she wanted me that much, I was more than willing. As a matter of fact, I had an idea about that for later. I smiled as I worked it out in my mind. Time to turn the tables on my seductive bed partner!

At 10 AM, I phoned Marissa. "Hello?", she answered. "Marissa my dear, are you ready for brunch?", I said. "Michael, so nice to hear your voice again!" she exclaimed. I replied, "The feeling is mutual my dear", I replied, "so, tell me when, and I'll be at your door!" "How about right now?", she said, "I'm all ready!" "I'll be right over", I exclaimed. I hung up, and left my apartment. Her door was open, and I stepped inside. She was smiling at me, and I bumped the door shut with my hip. I wrapped my arms around her, and plunged my mouth down onto hers! My tongue shot out, her mouth was shut, but then she melted against me, and her mouth opened, and my tongue raced into hers. I ran my tongue all over her mouth, it was hot and moist and tasted oh so good. Her tongue was inside my mouth returning the soft licks and caresses inside my mouth. I brought one hand up, stroking and gently tweaking her nipples through her blouse, they became rock hard and erect. We stayed together like this until we both had to come up for air. I pulled back slightly, her eyes gazed at me, they were cloudy with lust, her mouth was slack with desire.

"Wow, what a great good morning!", she whispered.

"I wanted to do that last night, but I didn't know how you'd react", I whispered back, "But this morning, I just had to do it!"

She smiled and said, "I'm very glad you did, I enjoyed every second of it! I hope that won't be the last of it!"

"Only the beginning", I smiled back at her, and my mouth plunged onto hers again!

After several minutes, we came back up for air again. She stayed pressed tightly against me, her breathing in sharp little gasps. I held her against me for several minutes, until her breathing returned to normal.

"Marissa my dear, shall we head out for brunch now?", I said.

She looked up at me, her eyes dreamy, and whispered, "Sure, I'd love to!"

As we left the apartment, I kept her hand in mine. In the parkade, the Fiat growled to life, and soon we were on the street.

"So, where are we off to?", she asked. "Right downtown," I replied, "to the Delta Center Court hotel, they make the best brunch in the city! What till you see their omelet bar!"

"Yum, I have been dreaming about an omelet!", she exclaimed, "and buttery rich croissants to go with it!"

"Wait till you see the spread they put on, it'll make you full just to look at it!", I laughed.

Fifteen minutes later, we entered the Courtyard Dining Room.

"Oh my goodness, look at all the food!", Marissa giggled, "I can feel the pounds piling on already!"

She looked at me, and favored me with a wonderful smile. I was feeling great as we were led to our table. It felt good to be out with someone who was obviously wild about me. A bit unorthodox, her way of getting to know me better, but, what the heck?

I leaned across the table and said, "Let me guess, you would like to start at the omelet bar!"

She grinned and said, "Where else?"

We got our plates, and got in line, I really was looking forward to a ham, mushroom, cheddar piece of heaven! Once the omelette's were on our plates, we hit the croissants, omelets without croissants, never! The omelets and croissants tasted as good as they looked. Deciding that we could fit a bit more in, we got some fresh plates, and went along the buffet table, the sausages were calling me, and the bacon was calling for Marissa! I was sure I could fit in a piece of Eggs Benedict, and a mini Danish, then we went over to the fresh fruits, gotta balance everything out. Once I had cantaloupe slices, grapes, strawberries and orange sections, I decided that I had enough...for now!

After we had polished off our meals, we sat back, and relaxed with our coffee. My mind had been playing over what to do. Maybe the best idea was to just do whatever came to mind. Soon, we were back in the Fiat, and we drove over to River Valley park. There was a nice long walking trail, and we set out, enjoying the views of the river and the huge Elm trees, most of them were 50 to 100 years old. The trail was almost deserted, and we were enjoying the peace and quiet. The trees arched over the trail, giving us a perfect shade covering. It was almost like walking through a green tunnel, the foliage was so thick and sprawling. It felt good to walk, and work off some of our large brunch. The trail looped around, and 2 hours later, we were back at the parking lot.

Marissa yawned as we got back in the car, and asked me, "Michael, I am SO tired! Could we just go back home, and have an afternoon nap?"

I said, "Sounds like a great idea. I could use a bit of shut eye myself. How would you like to nap in my apartment?"

"That would be so nice", she replied.

Soon, we were back in my apartment. I showed her to the spare bedroom. She pulled me inside, and quickly shed all her clothes! She faced me, totally nude. I could feel myself getting warmed up by the sight of her gorgeous form!

She grinned and said, "Like to tuck me in?"

She hopped into bed, and I tucked her in. She pulled my mouth to hers, and several minutes later, we came up for air!

"Sleep well, Michael", she smiled.

She rolled onto her side and closed her eyes.

I whispered to her, "Sleep well, Marissa my dear."

I went into my room, and just flopped on top of the covers, my cock throbbing! Jeez, this is driving me crazy, I thought, if that wasn't an engraved invitation, I don't know what was! It took me a while, but I drifted off to sleep.

My eyes opened, and I took a look at the bedside clock. Four forty five, must be time to get up. I could feel the mist of sleep rising from me, and I got off my bed. I went into the hallway, and peeked in on Marissa. She was still asleep, the covers pushed down, leaving her naked to the waist. The sight of her nude form fired me up. I had been working on a complicated plan to spring my surprise on her, when a much simpler plan formed in my mind. It took shape quickly, and I decided to put it into action right now. I crawled naked into her bed, and started to stroke and caress her. As I fondled her body, her breathing started to deepen. I slid a hand down, and covered her mound. She had a nice curly nest of pubic hair, and I ran my fingers along her lower lips. She let out a small moan, still halfway between sleep and wakefulness. I pulled back the covers, uncovering her completely. The sight of her completely nude got me going, my cock stiffened up rapidly! Her legs were spread, and I got between them. I parted her lips with my fingers, and slid my tongue deep into her. Her inner cream started to churn, and she was giving off little moans of pleasure as she rose out of sleep and closer to wakefulness.

As I licked her, I could feel her hand on the back of my head, and she said, "Oh yes, Michael, that feels so good, don't stop!"

Knowing that she was awake, I focused on her clit, using my tongue to lash at it!

She was gasping, "oh yes, oh yes, so good, OH YES!"

Her pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices, her legs went rigid, and she gasped out "I'm cumming!" as her orgasm tore through her, my mouth busy sucking out her juices.

My cock was rock hard, and I rose up. Her eyes were welcoming, and she spread her legs, and cooed, "Yes Michael, yes!" I positioned myself, and pushed slowly in! Her fiery inner tightness wrapped around my, making me groan with pleasure. She purred with pleasure, as my cock opened her up. We got a rhythm going, I plunged deep inside her over and over, as she pumped her hips up to meet my thrusts, her gasps of pleasure urging me on. I could feel it, my orgasm was not far away. Just before my balls locked up, I stopped. She looked up at me, surprised.

I said "Marissa my dear, isn't it much better when I am awake?"

Her eyes opened wide, and I saw fear, as she realized that I had figured it out. I grabbed her wrists, gently but firmly, lest she strike out at me in her fear. She squirmed around wildly under me, trying to get free. After trying in vain to get free, she went limp, and stared up at me, wondering what was next.

I whispered, "Marissa, it's OK, what gave you away was the night you scratched me. I saw them in the morning, and I set up a camera in an air vent, that gave a perfect view of my bed. So, when I saw it was you in a blonde wig, I was surprised, but not really angry. In fact I was kind of turned on, that you felt so drawn to me, that you were determined to be my nighttime nymph, under the guise of vivid dream times. So tell me, why did you feel the need to go to such lengths? I will NOT harm you, can I release your wrists, and you won't try to strike me?"

She nodded, and I released her. She slid her arms around my back, and held me close to her.

She said, "When I saw you, I really wanted you to make love to me! Unfortunately, I had no way of knowing how you would react if I was so bold, and I hate rejection. So, since I had access to my Auntie's place, and know more than a little about chemistry, including psychoactive drugs, it wasn't too hard to combine a mild sedative with something that would give you a mild high, and you would think it was just a vivid dream. I was able to brew up the tea, and slip it into your cup only. But after the first couple of times, I cut back on the hallucinogen, I wanted you to be more aware. I am very sorry I took advantage of you Michael."

The look of remorse on her face, and the need in my balls decided my reply, and I started to fuck her again, starting the rhythm of sliding my stiff cock into her hot tunnel. She wrapped her legs around my waist, tilting her hips up to meet my thrusts, and started to coo with pleasure! My balls quickly reached the boiling point, and my cock lurched, swelling tight with a massive urgency!

"Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming!" I grunted.

As my cock started to pulse, I could feel her body start to shake, her legs tightening around me! She let out a howl as she reached orgasm, and as my cock exploded, gushing thick streams of spunk into her, her pussy clamped tightly around me, spasming wildly. The spasms milked my prick, and I fired every drop deep inside her welcoming depths.



To my knowledge, the Succubus is God's fallen angel's, usually a female. Usually, they devour a male soul by having sex.

Most men though never wake up afterwards, they are stuck there with a paralyzed face, dead. That's just what I know, post a comment if you know more.

Good story morgen!

Here's your cool sword!


Your assassin-like friend,


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