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Family of Sex 2

sexyboy22 on Incest Stories

Soap and water ran down Jason's naked body. Lily had gone home and Janessa decided to go with her to get pizza and maybe see a movie after, so Jason went and took a shower. He was still in shock from what had just happened; he couldn't believe he had fucked his sister's hot friend! Just thinking about it made his cock shoot up again, so he covered his hand with soap and went to work. However, he was spared some energy as his little sister, Ellie, strolled into the bathroom and got in the shower with him.

    "Oh, do you need some help, Jayjay?" she asked.

    "Sure, sissy," he said. He rinsed of his hands and his now fully erect cock and leaned against the tile as his little sister took his manhood in her mouth. As she sucked him off, she gently massaged his balls, giving them and occasional squeeze. Jason moaned. His little sister was an expert. Her soft, gentle little hands and warm moist tongue knew exactly what to do. She stopped sucking and licked one of her fingers. She went back to work on his cock while her wet finger ventured around to her brother's butt. She gave his butt cheek a squeeze and slowly started circling his tight little hole with her finger. She pushed it in gently and Jason gasped. His sweet little sister was sucking his cock, massaging his balls with one hand, and fingering his butt with the other. He was in heaven! It wasn't long before he had to cum.

    "Oooooh, Sissy, I'm cumming!" He yelled. But that didn't faze her. She kept on sucking and he blew his load right in her mouth. She desperately tried to keep all of it in her mouth, and, after years of experience, managed to swallow every last drop. Jason's knees grew weak and he slowly sank down to the bottom of the tub. Ellie lay down next to him and they cuddled as the warm water washed over them.

    "Ellie, that was amazing," Jason said. "You're the best little sis in the whole world."

    "Thanks Jayjay. I love you."

    "I love you too, Sis." He leaned in and kissed his sister on the lips.

    After they got out of the shower, Ellie ran downstairs. Jason chuckled. "I know where she's going," he said quietly. He started walking to his room. On his way, he thought about how wonderful his sister had just made him feel. "I'm going to make it up to her somehow," he whispered. He went into his room and closed the door. Quietly, he started working on his homework.


    "Here, Laddie!" Ellie screamed as she ran down the stairs. She skipped into the living room and jumped on the couch. The collie soon came running. She spread her legs and started patting her dripping little pussy. "Her, boy" she said. He quickly started licking her virgin pussy. Ellie shuttered. She loved her dog. His rough, warm tongue sent her pussy to ecstasy. She came almost instantly and covered Laddie's mouth with her sweet girl cum. After her orgasm, she closed her eyes and started moaning rhythmically. Every so often, Laddie's licking would push her over the edge and give her another orgasm. Every time she came, she relaxed a little more until she drifted off to sleep with Laddie still licking her little pussy.

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