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My Life With Paul Part 2

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My Life With Paul.  Part 2.
Ryan came over and sat on my left side.  While Tom sat on my right side.  Jason sat in frontof me between my stretched legs as Anthony sat across from Ryan.  
“I never saw you in the park before.  What's your name?”  Ryan said his hand running up myleft thigh.
“Marrie”  I answered and smiled.  That feels good Ryan.
On the other side Tom was running his hand over my large breasts and leaned over and took my right nipple in my mouth as I let out a low moan. Jason did't waist a minute and pushed forward pushing a finger in my hot pussy.  I moaned again only louder.  “Oh yes that feels good.”
Anthony not wanting to be left out I guess reached over along side Ryan's large hand and messaged my leg also.  “Fuck your hot.  Never met a fucking slut before.”
I never heard the word slut before.  But the way I was feeling what ever the word meant it seemed to fit me.  I was hot and I wanted cock.  I wanted to see all these four hot looking guys nude.
I moved my hand over to Ryan first and pressed my hand into his crotch.  He was hard.  I wanted to see him.  I didn't waist time either.  I undid his top botton of his jeans.  At the same time he pulled his t-shirt over his head reveiling his smooth muscular chest and arms.  I unzipped his fly.  I could feel his cock just under his boxers.  I opened his boxers and out came a good seven inch thick coock.  “Oh that feels good.”  I said as I wrapped my hand around it.
Just then I did't feel any hands on my body and felt abandoned.  I looked around me and wassurprised to see all four hot boys were stripping in front of me.  All their hard muscular chests came into view like Ryan all were smooth and muscular.  The two Italin boys already had a good layer of hair covering their chests and it looked so hot on them.  I looked down to see they had pushed jeans and undershorts down the same time and nice cocks were sticking up flat against their muscular stomachs.  They sat down all around me again.  Soon their large hands were all over my body.  What was left of my dress was pulled off me and I was as nude as the hot boys.  
“Oh fucking bitch.  I want to screw you.”  The Italian Anthony said.  I looked between his fine muscular legs to see a good eight inch thick cock pointing at me.  I laid back and opened my arms.
“Yes put it in me Anthony.”  I said opening my legs.  He moved forward and laid on top of me.  The other boys didn't move.  I noticed Ryan's big seven inches was about an inch from my mouth.  I had never had a cock in my mouth before.  But I opened my mouth and stuck my tounge out as Ryan moved closer.  I touched his smooth cut cock head with tongue.  It tasted smooth and had some kind of salty liquid on it.  I smacked my lips.  He pushed his cock head into my mouth and I didn't resist.  All around me the other boys were messaging my body.
I didn't look down.  I was  too acupied by Ryan's cock slipping more and more into my mouth and I could feel it touch the back of my throat and could feel myself gag.  He pulled it out to let me breath and pushed it back into my mouth again.  On top of me I could feel my pussy lips spreading as I felt the second cock in my life entering my pussy.  It felt so hot and I pushed my hips up to get more into me.  My body was on fire.  The only thing on my mind at that moment was cock.  Oh fuck cock.  Magicical cock.  I didn't even realize some how Ryan had pushed his cock into my throat this time.  “Fuck your a natural cock sucker.”  He said.
I couldn't speak because of the huge cock in my mouth but moaned and pushed my head back to try to staighten it.  It seemed the best way to allow move of Ryan's cock to slide easier down my throat.  My pussy wasn't forgotten as suddenly thrust all the way into me.  He pulled out and thrust into  me again even harder.  “Take my cock you fucking slut.”  He yelled in my ear. 
“Fucing bitch loves cock.”  I heard Tom moan and could feel his hand under Anthony messaging my left nipple on the other side Jason had his hand under Anthony messaging my other breast and nipple.  
“Fuck she's got big tits.  I'd love to fuck them.”  Tom said.
“I'd love to try that ass of her's myself.”  Jason said.  “Hurry the fuck up Anthony and fuck her.  We all want a piece of this whore.
This was a sure different kind of sex than I had with Paul.  He had been so gentle and caring but unfullfilling.  Now I was getting what I lusted for.  Anthony didn't kiss me on my lips he leaned back and shoved his cock into hard in and out.  “Take my cock bitch. I'm going to cum in you.  Yea going to shoot my cum into that fucking pussy of yours slut.”
Not to be out done.  I guess Ryan observed I liked his cock in my mouth.  Every once in a while as he thrust his cock down my throat I ran my tongue around it.  His big balls slapped my lips and nose.  But at that point I didn't care.  All I wanted was his cock in my throat.  I longed for cock.  That's all my mind was on.  I looked around at Tom and Jason and knew they wanted my body also.  “Fuck come on you two empty your damn loads into the slut.  We want our turn.  You can fuck her again later.”
With another thrust I felt Anthony's cock expand inside my pussy.  My pussy seemed to be drawing his cum up that cock into me.  I could feel it as he pulled out of me and knew I had my very first load of cum in my pussy.  Now I wasn't a virgin any longer.  Then I felt as Ryan's cock expended in my throat and knew I'd be swallowing his load soon.  He grabbed my head and thrust his cock deep down my throat.  “Oh shit, oh yea.  Take it bitch.  Take my cum bitch.”  He moaned loadly.”  
“Yea take my cum in that hot pussy of yours.”  Anthony yelled as he pulled his cock from me.  
Before I had a chance to move Jason said.  “On your stomach bitch and push your ass in the air.  I want that ass of yours to try out.”  
I was a bit unsure of a cock in my ass but was also on fire.  I knew I could maybe say no and encourage Jason to fuck my pussy like Anthony did.   But I wanted to be adventures so rolled over my stomach and pushed up on my hands so my ass was high in the air.  I looked forward just as Tom presented his cock to me to suck.  I didn't think twice about opening my mouth.  Tom's cock was a little shorter than Ryans but it was a lot bigger around so I had to really open my mouth wide.  
Behind me I felt as my ass cheeks were spread wide open.  “Oh fuck that looks so fucking tight.  I can't wait to get my cock in there.”  Jason said.  Then I heard him spitting.  I felt a large gob of his spit hit my tight asshole.  I didn't know what to do as for the first time something was going in my ass.  It was one of his fingers but it hurt like crazy but it felt so bad.  I wanted to feel bad.  I wanted to feel like those girls in the movies felt.  The ones in the old westerns that sat on the cowboys laps and drank with them.  
I wrapped my lips around my teeth as Tom's thick cock head entered my mouth.  It suddenly hit my throat.  I chocked and Tom pulled it out and I took a deep breath and he pushed it into my throat again this time saying.  “Fucking slut you want this cock to choke you.  You piece of shit swallow that cock.”
I don't know why but his fithy talk seemed to expand my throat muscules and his cock slid down my throat like it belonged there.  Behind me my ass hole seemed to be on fire as suddenly it was penetrated not by a finger by by a huge cock.  Jason's cock.  He didn't go slow either he held my hips tight and suddenly shoved forward and his cock was all the way in my ass and his big balls slapped my hot pussy.  I felt like my ass was split in two but somehow it felt good at the same time.  I felt as he pulled his big cock out of my ass until only his large cock head was still in my ass.  My ass felt empty as he suddenly holding my hips again shoved his entire cock into me again.  “Now that's how you fuck a bitch in heat.  This hear is like a bitch dog in heat.”
“No kidding.”  I heard Tom say as he pulled his cock from my mouth only to shove it down my throat in one thrust his big balls slapping my bottom lip.  
Here I was at the exact place Paul had first defloured me sending his sead on my stomach and now I  had another man's seed deep in my pussy and down in my stomach as another cock hammered in and out of my throat.  At the same time my ass was being pounded.  No pain now only total pleasure.  Maybe all these boys were right I was a bitch in heat. Just like a bitch dog.  Tom pulled his cock from my throat letting take a fast breath in and out.  Then he held my head between his strong hands and  ramed his entire cock down my throat again.  He kept ramming it in and out of my mouth bringint his entire cock out of my mouth and letting me breath.  Then he would ram it down my throat again and again.  “Fuck yes.  Oh fuck your hot slut.  Fucking hot.  Oh shit I can' t hold it any longer.  Oh fuck I'm going to shoot my load.  Oh so close bitch.”  Tom's cock expanded in my throat and knew somehow he was shooting his load.  “Oh fuck, fuck yes.  I don't know how long he held my had and shot his load but I couldn't breath.  Just hen he pulled his cock out of my mouth.  I kept my mouth wide open as he continued to shoot his big load on my tongue then across my face.  I tasted his salty cum before swallowing.  It was delisious.  I had never tasted anything sogood in my entire life.
With my mouth empty I moaned as Jason thrust harder and harder into my ass.  “Oh yes.  Yes push that big cock into me.  Push it hard into my ass.”  I heard myself.
“Don't worry slut I'm fucking that ass of your's hard.  Fuck your ass is so tight.  So fucking hot.  Wow!  How lucky could we get finding a slut in the park like this.  Fucking take my cock slut.  Take it.”  Jason moaned.  “Yea you love this cock.  I can tell you love my cock in that tight asshole of yours.  Fucking slut.  Take it whore.  I'm so fucking close.  Oh fuck your ass is tight and hot.”  Jason yelled.
“Hurry up I'm all horny again.  I want to try that ass this time.  Anthony said beside me.  I looked over at his hard cock and licked my lips.  I wanted that cock in me so much.  
“Well I get her pussy this time.”  Ryan said from the other side of me.  “Fuck that slut hard Jason.  Fuck her hard.”
“What the fuck do you think I'm doing asshole.”  Jason answered as I felt his thick cock plow into my ass again as he held my hips in both his hands.  “Fucking bitch take my cock.  Take it all bitch.  Bitches like you were made to be screwed.”  He said as he rammed his cock in and out of me harder.
“Oh yes fuck me.  Fuck me hard.”  I heard myself moaning.  I never in my life felt so good.  I never felt so fulfilled.  For some reason I thought about my mother.  Too bad she didn't get enjoy this kind of fucking.  I bet dad fucks just like Paul.  Too fucking gentle.  Could I marry Paul after the good fucking I was getting right now.  This was just too fucking hot to give into.  I wanted this every day.  “Fuck me harder Jason.  I love that big cock in my ass.  Fuck me harder.”
“Oh shit bitch your too hot and tight to hold back.  I'm going to shoot my damn load in thathot tight ass of yours whore.”  Jason moaned as he suddenly seemed to stiffen his cock deepin my ass.  I felt it expanding and knew he was going to shoot his load into me any second.“Oh yea here it comes bitch.  Take my load slut.”
I felt him pull his cock out of me.  My asshole felt so empty, so wanting to be filled again.  My pussy was on fire again.  
“Here sit yourself on my cock.”  I heard Tom say.  I looked over and saw Tom laying on his back.  He had his muscular legs spread and his hard cock standing at attention.  
I didn't  think twice as I got off my knees and moved over to Tom.  “That's the way spread those asscheeks wide open for my cock slut and lay back on your back so I can screw you.  That way your pussy is wide open for Anthony to fuck.  
“Great idea Tom.  We can double fuck the horny whore.”  Anthony said as he moved over to me as I pulled my ass cheeks apart and felt Tom's cock enter my hungry asshole.  I slipped down so his entire cock was in my ass and layed back so my head was beside Tom's head.  Anthony got between my legs and got his big cock into my pussy.  Soon I was being thrust from both ends.  
“Oh this is the best.”  I moaned feeling filled from both ends my pussy and ass at the same ime.  “Fuck me guys.  Fuck me hard.  This time I didn't have to push up to meet every thrust from Anthony ramming his cock into my wet hot pussy because Tom was ramming his cock into myass so hard he pushed my body up to lodge Anthony's cock into me deep.  
I tossed my head from side to side as I was bucked up and down on two hard throbbing cocks.  Two strong stern voices yelling at the same time.  “Take our cocks bitch.  Take them you love cock don't you slut.  Tell us what you love bitch.”
“I love being fucked.  Love your cocks in my two holes.  Love you men treating me like the slut I am.  Oh fuck me guys ram those two cocks in my hungry, starving ass and pussy the same time.  Oh fuck me fuck me hard.”  Oh dam this was what I always wanted but didn't know all these years to be fucked and fucked hard.  Too bad for poor mom having to put up with a whip like dad.  I definatly couldn't marry Paul now.  I couldn't live with that kind of fuck.  I needed cock.  Lots of cock and men who knew how to fuck hard.
“Oh shit she's a good fuck.”  Tom moaned from under me as I felt his cock drive into my ass hard. He pushed me into the air at the same time Anthony's cock ramed into my pussy hard.
“Fucking slut.  I love your hot pussy.  Your so fucking hot slut.  Take my cock.  Oh yea take it all.  I never had such a hot bitch in my entire like like you slut.”  Anthony moaned over top of me.
All too soon it seemed both men were shooting their cum into my body.  I could hear them yelling.   First Tom.  “Take my load up that fucking ass of yours slut.  Take it all.”  
“Oh yes give my your cum.  Both of you fill my body with your cum.  I love cum.  I love cum so much.  Someone quick give me your cock to suck.  I want to swallow cum.  Oh yes cum.Someone one of you studs fuck my mouth so I can drink your cum.”  I heard myself moaning.  I felt I was lost in an ocean of cum and needed cum to survive.  
Over me Anthony was yelling.  “Fucking whore.  Yea you fucking whore take my cum in that sweet pussy.”  I could feel his load joinging Anthony's load in my wet pussy.  He pulled his cock out as Tom shot his load into my ass.
Suddenly as I opened my mouth to scream for more cock a cock appeared at my mouth.  I opened my mouth wide.  I looked up to see this delicious thick cock getting closer and closer to my welcomeing mouth.  It was Ryan I saw.  His rugged good looks, dark red hair loomed above me.  He took a hold of my head as I took a deep breath in and out again knowing from experience it may be awhile before I took a fresh breath of air again.  I knew Ryan would want to ram that beatiful cock down my throat and I hungered for just that.  Now my pussy and ass felt empty.  
“Let's get going guys.”  Rayan suddenly said as he shook hard and he shot his load down my throat.  I felt my stomach accept his juicy man cum.  I wanted more though and he was ulling his cock out of my hungry mouth.  
“GO!!!”  I said catching my own needy voice.  “What do you mean go?  I feel so empty.  I need all you guys to keep fucking me.”
“Sorry bitch you wore me out.”  Ryan said.
“Me too.”  Anthony said.
“Don't tell me your worn out Jason.”  I looked down and seeing his limp cock.
“Yea sorry slut.  Next time though.”  Jason answered.
“Come on Tom.  Not you too.”  I pleaded but knew the answer seeing his limp cock.
All four hot men were already putting their jeans and t-shirts on.  “What you doing tomorrow night?”  Tom said.  
“I don't know?”  I answered.  “Oh yes there is a school dance.  I am suppose to be shaperoning it.”
“What about after the school dance?”  Jason asked.
“I don't know.”  I answered as I looked up at the four hot looking boys that had just fucked me hard in all my holes.  I couldn't help pushing my fingers into my pussy with one hand and with the other hand push fingers into my asshole.  “But I know I will make myself available for the four of you.”
“Good.”  Ryan said.  “Can we bring some friends to fuck you Marrie?”
“You better because the four of you sure weren't enough for me tonight.”  I moaned as I shoved my fingers in each of my hungry ass and cunt.  “Fuck I need more cock.”
“You are a fucking slut a fucking nympho.”  Anthony said and smiled.  “Don't worry I know a bunch of guys that would love to fuck you.  Just make sure your there and wear as less as possible.  No fucking panties and bra.  Who has time to undress you tomorrow.”
“Lets go Ryan, Anthonyand Jason.”  Tom said.  “It's close to midnight.  “See you tomorrow slut.”
“Until tomorrow.”  I said and looked at my watch.  “Dam it is almost midnight.  I am never out this late.  But dam I wanted more cock in me.  I looked down at myself and saw I was covered with dirt.  I had been fucked down my throat, in my ass and pussy but forgot it was on the dirty ground.  I had to clean up before heading home.  
I went to the close by pond after collecting my clothes and washed up as best as possible.
I got dressed and headed back to my house.  I went into the back door.  I was afraid to face my brothers and dad thinking they would know for sure I had been a bad girl.  But I feared meeting mom the most. I know she would be so disappointed in me.  Here she was so good so loyal and only wanted to take the sin from men not to behave like a slut like I did tonight.  I thought of my mother probably all evening praying for those black boys trying only to bring out the goodness out of them unlike me fucking those four white boys and still my pussy and ass were on fire for cock and even now I could immagine sucking a nice big cock.  What was wrong with me.  I sure was nothing like my good mother.
I walked into the livingroom where dad was sitting at his desk.  “Hello dad.  I was so lost in my walk I lost track of time.”  I said to my dad lying for the second time that day.  “Where is my brothers and mom?”  I asked.
“I believe most of your brothers have gone to bed.  Your mother is still in the basement preaching to those black hoodlums.  I don't know how she does it Marrie.  I preach at church but no black boys attend and I notice even their dads don't seem to take from my sermons.  How ever your mother seems to bring the goodness from all those black hoodlums.  I know when those boys leave they will all be leaving with smiles and satisfaction.  
“Yes I know what you mean dad.  You are a good priest dad.  A very good man of the cloth.  But I hear even the adult black men as mom walks down town how they praise her even.  I heard when mom has one of her gatherings in the town gym.  I hear how it is crowded with the city football team, baseketball team and other black athletes.  She is so giving.”  I said.
“Yes you are right Marrie when your mom isn't preaching in the basement in the morning or night with the teen age black thugs, she is in the city most afternoons at the gym with the city adult black athlete thugs.  Most of the adults black men are fathers of the black thugs that come to the house.  She is so dedicted and in such a rush to get to town from here I notice she just wears that house coat.  Plus she never takes one cent for her good work.  She never buys expensive clothes for herself and I notice she never even buys panties or bras.  She just mostly wears that old housecoat with nothing underneath.
“Yea I know dad.  Well I am off to bed.  Goodnight dad.  You really are a good preist dad. Never forget that.  Mom just has her ways with black men somehow.  She is so dedicated.  She must be really preaching to those two dozen black hoodlums she had over before I left.”  I said turning to go to the staircase going upstairs.
“Oh they left with big smiles and full of praise dear.  Some teenager by the name of Pete called and asked me if he and his black friends could come over.  He said he was from out of the city but heard there was a woman that took good care of teen black boys in need because of their sinful needs and she could help them.  I called her to the phone and she talked to him.”  Dad said.  
“Of coarse I only heard what your mom said not what the black thud was saying.  But I could tell he and his other black thugs were in real need to be preached over by your mom.”  Dad said.  I heard her saying.  “Yes Pete that lust must come out of you and your dozen black friends.  I am so glad word is getting around to other cities and towns.  Yes of coarse cum over.  I see.  Your all just got out of juvinile and you all need to be rained of your bad seeds.  Then I heard her saying.  “Now Peter you save that kind of languge for my basement not the phone.  Yes my husband is here and he knows how I try to help you black hoodlums.  Why would he feel all those things about me?  Just get over here Peter with all your black friends and I'll help you all.  Yes you are right but I wouldn't put it like that Peter.  My needs are more than met also helping you boys.  Okay I will be waiting for you and your friends at the back door.  Here is my address.”  Your mom said.  That's when I noticed she must have only had time for a quick shower from the time she let the two dozen smiling thugs out.  She still had some white slimy soap running down her legs and even some on her face.  She never seems to have time to rinse herself off after her showers.”  Dad said.  “Anyway the dozen black thuds arrived in their usual jeans.  I guess these boys really needed her praising because none even bothered wearing t-shirts.  It sure looked and sounded like they needed your mother's serman.  That's for sure.  I got to the door before your mom.  When I opened the door this black kid maybe eighteen pushed the door open and just walked in followed by a good dozen tall muscular black thugs around his age.  The first thing he said before your mother got to the kitchen said.  “Where's that fucking slut who is suppose to fucking help me and by boys out?”
“Oh dear dad.  It sounds like mom really had her work layed out for her.”  I said.  “Knowing mom those thugs will be leaving a total different attatude when they leave.  They always do.  Well goodnight dad.  See you in the morning.”
I went upstairs, showered every inch of my body thinking how I wished I was more like my mom.  I still couldn't help fingering my pussy and ass with the last remnants of the four white boys cum.  If ony I was a good woman like my mom only helping men to be good and gentle.  Not like what I had turned into in one night only wanting my body lusted over by men and their cocks.  My boyfriend had started my new found lust by having sex with me.  Unfulling sex and I really did go for the walk to think but when those four white ggoodlooking white boys approached me I lost complete controle and soon ravished for their bodies and their cocks as well as their delicious cum.  I went to bed and wrapped the blankets around me and fell asleep thinking only of what may lay ahead of me after the dance tomorrow.
End of Part 2 of My Life with Paul.  Stay tuned for Part 3.


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