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Jim's teenage daughter

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She just blew out her fourteenth candle on her birthday cake.  “Damn,” her father Jim said to himself, “where did the time go?  I was bouncing her off my knee seems like just a couple of years ago!” But Jim knew better than to regret the past.  His little daughter Jennifer was starting to look so much like her mother when he first started dating her in school.  She had the same thin athletic body and well-toned body as her.  Jen wore her long blonde hair loosely most of the time but occasionally tied it up in a ponytail. Jim liked her in a ponytail.  And even more so when she wore her tight little blouse with her skin fitting blue jeans.  He knew he should not be thinking such sexual thoughts about his teenage daughter, but nature is what it is.  Maybe he could convince her to sit on his knee just one more time, he thought.  Just for “old time’s sake.” What could it hurt?  Just some innocent fun.  Right? Jennifer’s mother was visiting her sick sister out of state and it was just the two of them at home tonight.  They celebrated Jennifer’s fourteenth birthday with her favorite pizza and a little cake. “I’ve got a gift for you, princess,” he said to his daughter. “OH Daddy!” she smiled as she took the package and opened it.  “Just what I wanted!  How did you know?” “Maybe that fashion magazine that you kept leaving open with that dress circled gave me a clue,” Jim laughed.  It was a lovely little dress, quite expensive but he did only have one daughter.  It’s just money, he thought; plus he was sure it would look so pretty on her petite figure. “Go ahead honey, try it on,” and she rushed upstairs to dress. She took a lot longer than it should have to put on a dress, but when he saw her, he knew why.  Jennifer’s long blonde hair flowed freely over her soft rounded shoulders and down her back.  She was fully made up with eyeliner to bring out her lovely blue eyes and had on pink gloss on her young wet lips.  The dress was very low cut showing off the beginnings of her small tits which were helped out by pushups Jim thought.  The hot pink colored dress fit Jennifer’s sleek form as if it were made just for her.  Not only was it low cut, it was also very short.  It showed almost all of Jennifer’s long firm tanned legs.  To finish off the outfit, she had on a pair of toeless black high heels showing off her pink colored toe nails.Jim just stared at her in awe and lust.   “My little girl is all grown up,” is all he could stammer out.  “Turn around and let me see it all,” and she did so obediently. “Oh, daddy, you make me so happy!  I love it!  How can I thank you?” “Come over here and let me take a closer look,” Jim said as he patted the seat next to him on the couch.  She came over and sat her nubile body down next to him.  Very close to him.   He could smell apple blossom shampoo in her long locks and a sensuous perfume from her body.  His breathing got heavier as his heart started beating faster and faster. His hand wandered to her knee, but she did not pull back so he left it there.  “You look very pretty and grown up sweetie,” he said as his hand started moving up her thigh.  Jim’s cock started to stiffen up and he wondered if Jennifer noticed.   She did notice and said, “I’m glad you like my dress too,” as she put her hand right on his crotch.  This took him by surprise and he looked in her deep blue eyes.  He pulled her close and kissed her sweet soft lips.  His hand was now fully up her dress and feeling her lace panties.  He was fully erect now.   Jim slipped his fingers under Jennifer’s panties and felt her hairless smooth pussy.  His fingers rubbed her throbbing clit before he put one into her wet tight slit.  While he was working on her, she had managed to unzip his pants and pull out his large manhood, stroking it up and down. She was getting so wet that she finally said, “Daddy, I don’t want to stain this dress,” stood up and pulled off her new pink dress.  She had on a matching pink laced bra and thong.  Her thong had a wet stain in front from her pussy juices and she quickly pulled them down and off.  Jennifer kept her high heels on, though, which Jim very much appreciated.  To make her nudity complete, she reached behind her back and unhitched her bra.  It fell to the ground as she let it go.  Totally naked, with only high heels on, stood his daughter:  a perfectly smooth hairless body with small boy tits still developing and a tight little slit between her legs. Jim quickly yanked his pants, underwear and shirt off.  Now they were both naked.  His daughter slowly moved towards him and softly grasped his large erection.   She stroked his long shaft with one hand and fondled his balls with the other.  Then she bent over, opened her sweet wet mouth and went down on his hard-on.  He reached over and again began where he left off in petting and fingering his daughter’s cunt.  After a while, he gently wrapped his arms around Jennifer, picked her up and brought her eighty pound slim body upstairs to his bedroom.  He put her on the bed face up and spread her legs.  He spread her soft pussy lips and now could see that her cunt was dripping with juice.  He bent over and licked his daughter’s inner pinkness and clit.  She moaned in pleasure and started having orgasms from his tonguing.   He could not last any longer; he had to go inside her.  His massive nine inch cock was plenty for a woman and knew it would hurt his little daughter, but he had to do it.  It was for her own good, wasn’t it? He did not ask if she had had sex before and really did not care.  If she was a virgin, she would not be in a couple of minutes.  If she wasn’t, well, it did not matter then.  But he had to have her and had to have her now.  He moved up in the bed and kissed her.  Then he spread his teenage daughter’s legs wide.  He took his large rod and rubbed it up and down Jennifer’s wet slit.  He finally got up the courage and guided it down and down to the bottom of her pussy and pushed. He was amazed as to how easily he was able to start sliding in her hole.  It must have been that her young pussy juices were overflowing, but his cock head disappeared into his only daughter’s cunt. “Daddy,” she suddenly said, “I haven’t done it yet though,” as she looked into his eyes. “Don’t worry honey, I’ll be gentle, it won’t hurt a bit,” he lied. He did put his meat slowly in Jennifer and looked down as it slowly vanished into her insides.  She was tight and then he felt some resistance as he ripped through her hymen.  Tears started welling up in Jennifer’s eyes as her inside burned with her cherry popping.  Along with her hymen ripping, her young virgin cunt muscles were stretched to their limit.  She was in real pain now and started crying but that did not slow down Jim. He pushed his rod fully inside her and kept muttering, “good girl, good girl,” trying to soothe her.  A few more gentle thrusts and he could feel her inside pussy muscles start to loosen up a little.  She was still tight to be sure, but now he could start going in and out a little easier.  He still could not believe that his large organ could fit into his little girl’s small twat, but she took it as good as any whore.  His daughter, the whore, he thought. Jim was in a good thrusting rhythm now and knew he was almost ready to cum.  He wondered whether to cum inside his daughter or pull out and cum over her face, but his evil side took over and he unloaded his hot cum fully into Jennifer’s uterus.  He pumped her with every one of his shots of cum: eight more times in all.   They were both drenched in sweat and Jennifer was crying, smearing her once perfect mascara.  Jim slowly pulled his still hard rod out of his daughter’s cunt and with it came a gush of his white cum.  There’s not a lovelier site than cum coming out of a cunt, Jim thought to himself, especially a cunt that was a virgin a few minutes ago. He kissed Jennifer and said, “I’m so proud of you sweet heart.  You took it like a brave girl.”  Jim took his finger and poked Jennifer’s pussy to get some cum on it.  Then he put it to her lips and said, “taste it baby,” and she did.  Her eyes widened, and now knew what his daughter was for certain: a true whore. …….. what happens next????  Want some more follow up to this ..????  let me know …




Reminds me of my daughter.She wanted to fuck with me when ever she could.She became a fun little slut ! she used to lead her daddy around w/ leash and collar :-Q Would even play dirty dirty games with daddy.I loved how she would humiliate me by doing dirty things to me in front of her " close friend "

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