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Daddy's Plan - Chronicle 3: "Fifteen"

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Please first read "Daddy's Plan - Chronicles 1 and 2

On her fifteen birthday Daddy showered his princess with presents. Having lived so many years with so little, Jessi hadn't become so jaded that she took his generosity for granted. After a restaurant dinner he took her dancing. She saw the envious eyes of both men and women as they slow danced. With their odd combination of ages Jessi was sure no one new that they were Father and Daughter.

These thoughts made her very horny so she whispered in his ear that they needed to head home for some "kissing lessons". Daddy chucked and gave her butt a light pat. After they got home Jessi went to her room changing into the sexy Victoria Secret underwear he had surprised her with. Included were garters and shear stockings. The only other thing she wore were her new black fuck me pumps.

She made quite an entrance as she walked with hips twitching to a beat only a horny woman knows. Daddy was in his usual chair wearing his robe with likely nothing else underneath. She saw his robe rise and pulse mimicking the rhythm of her hips.

When she stopped Jessi said "Daddy, I think you bought me the wrong underwear. You can almost see right through them." With he Father's eyes glued to her body she made a slow turn. "Daddy, I like the garter and stockings but the bra and panties are just too naughty. I'll have to take them off."

Jessi had blossomed into a little sex pot. She proceeded to rub up and down her body revelling in his intense gaze. His focus and the touch of her own hands teased her libido to a boil. She slowly stripped off her bra and flung it in Daddy's direction then rolled and pulled her nipples into a pair of erect erasers.

She turned her back then did a slow sensuous, hip to toes bend pulling her panties down. For some reason she seemed to feel shaking her ass was needed to extradite the panties which were stuck inside her slit.

When Jessi arose she covered her breast as if shy but moved her feet apart. The man almost passed out when she used just the tip of her tongue to wet her lips. It took a second for Jessi's words to sink in "Daddy, I need a birthday kiss."

Without a response she started a sexy approach while discarding her high heals. Just as she got to the chair Daddy stood, untied and threw off his robe. Jessi looked down to see what was pointing her way. Daddy took Jessi by surprise when he turned them both around and pushed her to fall back onto chair.

He immediately moved to his knees, took hold of her legs and hooked them over the arms of the chair. In shock she looked at her Father. He smiled and flicked his tongue in the air like a snake. The realization of what Daddy was about to do hit Jessi's libido like a Mac truck. In moments she was leaking juices down her taint in between her cheeks to dribble on the cushion.

Daddy took her hands and moved them to the back of her knees saying "Jessi, if you remove your hands the night will be over and you'll be sent to bed." A wide eyed Jessi just nodded acknowledgeing the grave consequences of disobedience.

Daddy leaned forward brushing his lips on her open mouth lightly teased her tongue. Like her wiggle walk his tongue hinting of things to come. He moved off to whisper in her ear "Sexy woman, come as many times as you can for your Daddy". This little deer in the head lights pantied with stuttered breaths.

He kissed-licked down her chest over her breasts, past her navel, to the top of her mons. She was in such an aroused state she almost removed her hands. Daddy gave her a stern look of rebuke and she quickly spread wide again.

Fingers dragged lightly from knees to the center of her sexual soul. Jessi was becoming frantic wanting to come for Daddy, but he continued to traced his fingers on an inner thigh while kissing down the other. Finally she could feel his warm breath on her hot box.

His first lick was barely on her pussy as it traced the place where thigh end and cunny begins. That made her plead "Daddy, I can't take much more!" She knew that was a mistake as he stopped looked up and started kissing up the opposite thigh.

Jessi soon had tears of frustration tricking down her cheeks. Once his lips got to her knee he looked into her eyes and said "Happy birthday my love." His head dipped, hands held her knees wide and lips pursed around and pulling at her clitoral hood.

She screamed out a climax so loud that a man walking his dog heard and looked off into the woods thinking that an animal was in pain. Jessi squirted onto Daddy's neck down his chest and all over the cushions.

As her eyes were still rolled back in her head he began to lick freely tasting his daughter while teasing her body towards another orgasm. As the fog lifted from her first oral climax she became aware of the next wave rapidly approaching. She panted "Daddy" so often that she made it sound like a chant.

Unknown to Jessi, Daddy had bought himself a cunny lingus instructional video and was appling all he'd learned to his birthday girl's pussy. He took her to a new razor's edge then made her come by adding a wiggling index finger intruding into her soaked love canal.

After he lapped up some more of his girl's precious secretions, he leaned back and waited until she opened her eyes. He asked "Can my precious princess come one more time for Daddy?" She could only nodded her head as speech was still impossible.

From his discarded robe he pulled his second to last present. Her Father held up a lipstick shaped object with rubber stubs on one end. Jessi gave him a puzzled look. Daddy explained "Jessi, this present is consider a magic wand by most women. Because of its power you can only use it with Daddy. When not in use it'll remain locked in a metal box on my dresser." Jessi did not quite understand but for some reason Daddy's forbidden tone aroused more than just her curiosity.

He leaned down and began a series of long slow taint to clit licks making Jessi purr like the happy sex kitten she was. Her eyes closed as she relaxed into her familiar erogenous zone where time and space are irrelevant. Just as Daddy's tongue started to wiggle into her little love box she heard a buzzing sound reminiscent of an angry bee.

He touched the vibrator lightly just above her slit and slowly move it downwards. Jessi's clit began overloading her mind with messages of "mmmooorrreee". She began to shake as her body realized the man had found yet another way to make her come.

In anticipation she began to tense with the vibrations tickling her nervous nub. When Daddy had all but touched her clit and she took a deep breath to scream out her next climatic pronouncement but he moved the vibrator back to the top of her slit.

Instead of that climatic scream she shouted a plea of "Nooooooooooo!" Right then he started moving the wonder wand back towards its ultimate goal. Her trusting mind knew Daddy would let her come this time but she was wrong. Three times while tongue fucking his tasty treat of a daughter he had moved every so close to her little nubbin but failed to seal the deal.

By the fourth slow descent her mind had all but given up anticipating when Daddy would let her come. When Jessi's new toy reached the previous stopping point, he linger there for a moment then moved and held it directly on her clit.

Days later her stomach muscles were still sore and any thoughts of that last come would make her feel a bit dizzy.


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