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Daddy's Plan - Chronicle 2: "Fourteen"

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Please first read "Daddy's Plan - Chronicle 1: "Conception to Fourteenth"

The next time he read her diary:
"... Every night Daddy takes me to heaven. I'm addicted to his touch. After all those years feeling abandoned, Daddy is making those memories disappear. I'd like to make him feel good too. Daddy touching me is all I can think about. I may've failed a few tests at school because I can't concentrate. ..."

Dad was worried, maybe he'd gone too far too fast. A week later she handed him a mid term report card and Jessi was barely passing. He told her that there will be no more bed time stories or kissing lessons if her home work wasn't done. That lit a fire under Jessi.

The problem was she was getting too advanced in school for his limited formal education to help or even accurately checking her homework. If she was taking computer administration he could help but his life experience was not relevant to her studies.

Their evening ritual changed with Daddy checking that she'd at least done her homework before they started a kissing lesson. Pre-kissing stories became a distant memory. After several months and a bra size change or two his little girl had mostly rounded into her adult form.

With all the bare skin touching Daddy decided that the nightie was irrelevant. Before the ritual removal of her panties Dad said "Jessi get naked for Daddy." She did a double blink, smiled then pulled her nightie off. She was about to remove her panties when he said "Turn around and slowly pull them down bending at the hips to touch your toes".

For some reason thinking about this naughty request made Jessi very hot. She turned, pulled and bent with Daddy praising her all the while. Her near bubble butt framed a set of perfect puffy pussy lips showing just a hint of her inner labia.

He reached out, put a hand on her bottom saying "Hold right there sweety". His fingers ran lightly up and down her slit. Jessi was soon panting and whispering "More Daddy, more." He leaned forward and planted an unexpected wet kiss on his princess's puffy pussy.

Jessi lost her balance but Daddy caught his girl pulling her across his knees. Her breast dangled over one side and legs over the other. This was the perfect position for a spanking but Daddy had something different in mind.

He said "Jessi, I've noticed an improvement in your test scores. I think your sexy body needs one of Daddy's special spankings." The girl's mind was still reeling from the shock of that unexpected wet lip kiss, so made no reply.

Soon Daddy had one hand playing with her dangling breasts while the other travelled over her tushy down to her inner thighs. On the way back up his fingers lightly teased her cunny. Jessi spread her legs so as not to impede his kitty caresses.

Her moans grew as his fingers lingered longer on her hot box. For a brief moment his pussy petting hand was gone then returned to rub a wet slick slide between her lower lips. A loud cry of "Daddy don't stop!" was accompanied by a low chuckle from her Father.

He rubbed and teased bringing her close then backing off. Jessi's feet pushed her butt up and off his knees in an attempt to get his fingers to make her come. When she had juices flowing in rivulets between her thighs he wiggled a glistening thumb into her love box.

Jessi cried out and pushed back into his hand. He started a steady rhythm of hand pumps then trapped her clit between his middle fingers. The girl balanced on a knife's edge of an exquisite climax but still Daddy held her back.

Then he steadily picked up the pace. One, two, ... then thirty seconds later she exploded with a splash down neither knew was in her. Daddy pulled his hand away and saw her come still pooled in his palm. She was too engrossed in an euphoric high to notice him drink her love juice and lick his palm clean. She moved onto his lap and they cuddled with Daddy finally carrying his satiated daughter to her room. He returned to his chair took her discarded panties and jerked off until he spewed cum all over.

Later she wrote:
"... I have the best Daddy in the whole world. He treats me like a princess. I'll do anything for him. He just has to let me please him too. I doubt he's been with a women since that wicket bitch broke his heart. I want so much to give him what she took away. ..."

After Dad had read her latest entry he thought that it was time that he shared his body with Jessi. Having just turned thirty he was still fit and young enough even for a sexy teen. The next time Jessi came downstairs she stopped short as Daddy was dressed in his shower robe.

Instantly Jessi's libido was aroused. She walked in front of him and he asked her to take off her nightie. This time she wasn't wearing panties. He reached out and pulled her hips so that she was almost between his legs then told Jessi to slowly turn.

His hands travelled lightly up and down her body while he kissed and licked the skin nearest him. Jessi rotated with eyes closed and hands on the top of her head. The girl let her Father tease wonderful sensations from her body. He finally stopped her turn, held her by the hips and leaned up to tongue tease her nipples.

Jessi's mouth opened into an extended "O" for this was the first time he'd mouthed her breasts. She wondered how many new ways Daddy knew to thrill her body? One hand slid off her hip to rub up and down her already slippery slit. His other hand disappeared for a moment.

Daddy woke her from her revelry when he said "Straddle me Jessi." Naturally she started to sit on his lap but when she looked down she saw his robe had been discarded and Daddy was naked. His hard cock pointed up and Jessi gasped.

He had to pull her hips a little to get her to move. With knees on either side of his thighs Jessi continued to stare. Daddy took her finger and wiped a bit of clear precum that drooled out the tip. He moved that finger to her lips and Jessi tentatively stuck out the tip of her tongue. She smiled and sucked the rest off.

Jessi looked into his eyes and saw him wink and smile. Her fingers, was soon smearing the precum over the head and down the shaft as Daddy rolling her nipples. The two happy campers went on touching and exploring until his cock was slick and she was very wet.

He said "Jessi, slide forward and rub your pussy up and down Daddy's cock." He took her hands and moved them around his neck then pulled her firm ass towards his cock. When pussy touched cock Jessi gave a loud moan and pressed herself hard into his member.

His hands kneaded that young tushy causing her pussy slit to split and his shaft neatly nestle between. It was like a light went on in her head as she ground herself even harder into her loving Father. Moving up bathed his shaft in her juices while moving down rubbed his shaft over her clit.

Jessi was so turned on that she panted "Daddy" with ever breath she exhaled. He rolled and pulled her nipples adding more sensation to her erotic ride. The tingle in his balls was ready to erupt when his princess came shaking in a prolonged intense climax. In perfect harmony Daddy shot cum up her chest and all over her tummy.

A wild eyed Jessi looked down to see her Father's splattered sperm and shook again when the arousing aromas waft into her nostrils. Daddy pulled her into him smearing his cum between them as he gave his daughter a long intimate kiss.

A few days later she wrote:
"... Everyday Daddy seems to find new ways to arouse me. I truly cannot imagine a better Father. I must be the luckiest daughter in the world. ..."

Dad thought that at least Jessi didn't know about all the things they could do. Her fifteen birthday was in a month so he started to think of other ways to keep her interested. By the time her birthday arrived he was ready.

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