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Brothers big cock

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Alex was a normal 15 year old he had short brown hair he was about 5’10” with an athletic build but he had a secret.  It was that his cock was close to twice the size of a normal one it was around 15” long and close to 5” thick.  He never showered in school because he thought he was a freak.

            One day he was getting out of the shower when his 21 year old slut of a sister Martha walked in on him she had long blond hair was about 5’7â

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€ she also had an athletic build and had about C sized breasts.  When she saw his huge cock she got really horny and got so wet Alex could see it through her jeans.  She walked over slowly and asked him if she could touch it.  Alex said sure and she started to give him a hand job she obviously had to use two hands and could only lick up and down the shaft she could not fit it in her mouth.  As she was doing this Alex started to strip her clothes off once she was naked he came and completely covered he face with cum.  Then he picked her up and carried her to her room then through her on the bed and spread her legs and started to put his cock in her pussy.  Some how it went in easy he thought this must be because of all the people she’s fucked after only 3 min he came again.

Peeped final part

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Peeped final part by Handsome Deville

I had not taken more than a couple of steps when from across the street:

“Anthony, Anthony over here.” To my absolute joy there were two females waving at me. One of them was of course my cousin Samantha but I was not sure who the other one was. I waved back anyway and ran over to them.

“Hello Sam you look rather lovely.” And we embraced each

Mere Bhaiya.

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:Hi this is qupid143. It is a fantasy emailed to me by one of my sexy female reader and friend. I have made it spicy for you. Please write to me at“Oh Bhaiya, phad dalo ge kya? Meri chut par taras khayo mere bhai. Aapka lund kitna bada hai, kitna mota hai, behnchod ho tum bhaiya, jo apni behan ko chod rahe ho,” Mainapne bhai ke office mein aaj pehli baar aa kar chut kI chu

My Sis Obsession

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I Have always been obsessed with my sister i dont know why but i always have i dont know wether she made me on purpose but she would just walk past me and the aroma of her would get me hard in no time anyway....One Day i was Lying In my bed and i suddenly found the erge for a Piss So i got up and whent to the toilet as a came out i relised tht my sister Had just came ut ov The shower And Her Door At a Jar I stopped And Peaked My Head Around the door she did not notice me and i could see her full on her hairy wet pussy staring at me in my face i wanted to run in there and just put my face in those tight pussy lips and suck out all those juices i slid my hand down to my cock and started to rub it i shot my hot load in no time and went back to bed the next morning as i woke i went down

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stairs and i said where is mum and dad and she said there at work and ime off soon 2 (at the time she was 19 i was 18) she walked up stairs and i switched on the tv the next thing i know she is walkin past me in a white almost see through thong and a white matching bra as she walked past she dropped her bobble on the floor i dont know weva she did it on purpose but as she bent over to get it her sweet tight pink ass whent straight in my face she got up with a chukle and said sorry Liam she continued to do her hair whilst doing her hair and got the biggest most meatiest erection of my life right in front of her and then she came over with her bra stil on and another in her hand turned around and said please undo this bra ive got to change it i did so she turned round and licked her lips at me i could see her clevage full on her cold errect nipples just waiting to be sucked

Obcessed for my sister inlaws 5

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If you read my first4 stories your probally wondering why i treat my wife so bad in the first 4 stories.well i should of explained from the beginning but better late than never.while i was so obcessed with my wife sisters my wife was always jelous of the way i looked at them. she was jelous but not only that she was a bitch most the time.always acted like she was too good for people and only had mishonary sex and basically treated people like shit.well after i hypnotised her and her mom and sisters and found out all there secrets i wanted to take advantage of the sitiation and my wfe (cindy) get humilated by anyone i chose.although she has been fucking her dad and having orgasiums she don't remember how it started.And she knows its wrong but she get urges she can't controll and

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goes and does it.(because i tell her to when i have her under hypnosis but i let her feel ashamed and dirty for it after she has and just love the the way she tries to hide it from lets continue the story about a month after the last.

  since i last wrote i continued to have my fun with my wifes sisters and her mom and my wife i saw to it that she fucked her dad at least once a day some where.he never acted like anything was going on around any of us.little did he know i was responsible for the way she acted.

  i was getting bored and decided to have some fun one night.before my wife left for work i eraced her memmory of what she was doing for the last several months and made her like she was before all this started.while she was at work i had tina over and boy if you like pregnant women she was hot.she was about 7 and a half months pregnant now and her bubble butt was looking fine.the fun i was ging to have was i was going to fuck her pregnant ass till her sister got home from work and caught us just to see what she does.About 10 pm. i get Tina into bed cindy will be home around 11 and i wanted to have some fun before she got there.Tina is laying on her sisters bed butt naked looking at me her tits are c cup now her belly as smooth as can be.she had a little patch of blonde hair just above her clit and the rest was shaved.i climb between her legs and stick my tung up inside her untill she starts rocking her hips.i climb on up her and slide my dick in her tight hole.after 15 min or so of hard slamming i came in her.she had not got off yet and thats what i wanted.i say "mine"i then instruck tina that she will get on top me and start fucking me.looking straight into my eyes. she will have a temendous orgasium when i close my eyes and it wont stop till i pull out of her.Its almost 11 when tina climbed on me shes rocking her hips and moving up and down the whole time looking straight into my eyes.i hear cindy come in and head up stairs to where we are.i close my eyes and tina starts bucking nd moaning at that sight i cum with her.tina can't stop cumming till i pull out but cindy does that for me she pushes tina off me and start screamming at us. how could we do this and your my sister.

 i say "mine"that was fun they both stand still and stair straight ahead.i  whispered in cindys ear you will remember all of the past several months.123 wake up.cindy stop yelling and left the room .i told tina to get dressed and go home and i found cindy in the bath room crying.i say "mine" you won't remember the last 5 min. you came home from work and went to the bath room. i walk in and your horney. 123 wake up. cindy looks up and i'm standing in frount of her naked. my dick half hard dripping with her sisters cum she gets on her knees and takes me in her mouth.sucking all her sisters cum from my dick she too horney to notice it was wet i shoot another load in her mouth and call it a night.

 the next day i wake up and go down stairs  and cindy comes down a short time later.she still horney i didn't take care of her the night before.i look out the window and see her dad in the garage."mine" go to the garage you want your dad this wont worry about me because im in the shower.

123 wake up.i say i'm getting in the shower i walk to the bathroom and close the door. i hear her leave i get my binoculers and go to the laundry room. from this point i can see in the garage.her dad bends her over the work bench and is taking her from behind.about this time i hear the frount door open. its cindys mom .i say "mine" i tell her she don't remember the affair we been having and everything is normal.123 wake up.where cindy she said i said at the store and walk up to her and kiss her full on the lips.she pulled away and i grabed her and wraped my arms around her.she said what are you doing? shut up im going to fuck you. i tore her shirt off and shorts while she strugles to stop me i put my hand over her mouth to keep her quite and slam my dick in her and thrust her on the floor it take me all of 5 min and i shoot my load in her and i lay on top her she crying and asked how i could rap her why?i picked her up and took her to the window and she saw cindy fucking her dad jo started crying more.i bent her over the washer and stuck my dick in front of her ass hole take my left hand and cover her mouth and ram it in she screams but its muffled by my hand i ram it in and out while watching  my wife bang her dad out the windowafter shooting my load i erace jos memery of the last hour and send her home.  the end

Sisters and me

shotgun on Incest Stories

This is a complete true story on my memory.

One evening after skool, my parents picked me up and said we were going to go over to my dad's friends place for dinner.

I was like ahhh crap, i want to watch TV/simpsons, but of course i was force to go. So i went and put on my cloths( get out of my skool uniform) and hop in the car.

When we got there, we were greeted by My dad's friend and his wife, they told me to go into the Rumpus room to play with the other kids.

When i got in there, i saw Zoe and laura watching a video. Zoe was 14 years old and laura was 13 years old. Both were developing breast, but Zoe was much bigger. I said hi and sat down. Laura was only wearing a skirt and top, and i could see her white panties, when i sat down.

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Zoe on the other hand was wearing board shorts, and singlet. which really showed her breast off.

After the movie was finished we went outside, grabbed some food and returned to the Rumpus room, when we started to play fight a bit. Eventually i tried to de pant Zoe, but her board shorts were down to tight, she asked me wat i was doing, and she did the same thing to me.

Then i said that was unfair, and i depanted her, but i asl took off her panties as well. I couldnt really see he pussy, but it was clean shaven and small. I gave laura her pants as i held Zoe back so laura could go hide them.

Eventually i ran off, and Zoe was walking aorund the house with no pants on. Zoe's mum came and asked me where her pants were, and i am like "i dont know, I been over here". she bought it.

Anyway after settling down and watching some tv, I asked Zoe if she had ever done a strip tease before. She said "no", so i requested one. She said no, but then i made a deal with her, if i carry her around on my shoulders, she will give me one.

So the next 5 minutes i carried her on my shoulders, and then we played horses.

I took her into her room and told her to strip.......

"Hey you made  deal"- Billy
"So, i dont care"- Zoe

Laura walked into the room and sat next to the door.

"ok, why dont you wanna strip, are you scared?"-Billy
"no.....i jsut dont want to"Zoe
"i already seen you butt, so you dont hav to be scared"-Billy
"ummmmmmm, well i will strip butt i want to see your thingy"-Zoe
I reached into my pants, and pulled out my semi erected cock. she came closer, and her younger sister came over and took a look.

"you can touch if you want"-Billy
"ummmmm, ok just dont pee on me"- Zoe
"i wont"-Billy

She reach out and played with it, but not sexually, like the first time you hav ever seen a cock, she pull the forskin back and forth, and tehn pulled on it.

I grabbed her hand and said that is enough. And put my rock hard cock back in my pants. She moved away and went to get a small chair i could sit on.

I sat down and asked if she had a G-string, she said no, so i said turn around and reach down her pants and pulled her panties up, so it was a makeshift G-string. She put on some music, and began to dance.

She remoed her shirt and her little training bra was on, she moved behind my and then sat on my lap, rubbing her ass into me. She got up and removed them for the second time today, I could see her tiny little ass and she had a small camel toe.

I told her to come close, and she did. I took off her bra, revealing to small nipples and small breast. I didnt stop to admire, but i went straight for her panties, i peeled them down, revealing her small pussy, she danced around me a bit and then posed for me.

I slowly got up and told her to get on the ground, i grabed her legs and spreaded them, and but she closed them straight away. I told her to get on the bed and to bend over, i could see her A hole and everthing.

By now Laura was sitting on the ground jsut starring at her sister, i said to Zoe, hmmm laura got to see me for free, wat can i get from her.Zoe pulled lauras pants down and i grabbed her ass, she was wearing pink panties and her ass was warm and soft.

We all stopped suddenly because we heard our parents walking around, they got dresses and yeah.......
The end

Need to Tell Someone part2

jkwon on Incest Stories

I was 21 and live out of town. I was going to Tech school and was returning home for my Family Reu . My parents live across town and we have add to our family. My dad was drive trucks so he was always on the road but was in town this weekend.I got to my parents house and gave my Bro and SiS a hug and went to the kitchen. Mom was there and let me tell you that she was still a Knock Out. My friends would always tell me that she was so hot. I got in and gave her a hug and we talk as she was cookin for tonight party as we talk she was dress in her work out cloths for she was in the gym to loose  that extra weight after 3 of us but she still had a little gut but her body was still bangin. As she bent down I could see her ass tryin to rip out of her tight warm ups and could see her pant

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ies out line. I was getting hard and growing up I jerk of to her always. I was fucking but sometime I would love to come home and watch my mom and jerk off to her.

As she told me to watch the food for she need to jump in the shower. I watch  her go down to her room and close the door. I remember growing up she would get naked in front of me but when I got to High school she would always change private. I was just think about her pulling down her wet panties and her pussy smile. I went to my room to jerk off. I close the door and pull out the condoms and place one on and laid in the bed and pound my cock. I close my eyes and rub up and down my cock so it would get real hard and I place my other hand around my balls. I was in dream land and was about to cum when my mom walk in on me. I frooze and she was just in a towel. What are you doing and I try to cover myself up. You will not be doing that here or if so please do it in the restroom so your baby sis and bro will not see you. Yes mom I said and pull my pants up. I got in the shower and jerk off the whole time I was thinking about my mom. I shot my load and wash up.

Later that night we all where over my Grandparents house and when I seen then I quickly thought about the day I caught my mom and Grandpa fucking. My Grandpa still look good for his age. I drank alot and so did everyone at the party. As we all headed into the house I notice my mom and Grandpa getting real touchy.We went in and sat around women in the kitchen and guys in the Den. Some people went next door to my aunts house.I watch my mom and Grandpa get close and was talking she was laughin and she left. She went up stairs and I look at my Grandpa. Shortly he followed. I made my way upstairs but check to see if anyone would see me. It was clear and heaed up. I move quitly and heard them talking in the guest room. Door was open and I stood in the bathroom but you could see them form there. I watch as my mom walk around and my Grandpa touchin her and feel her butt. She lean forword and he place his hands between her legs. She guilded her hand down to use and they both where rubbin her push from the outside of her shorts. 

With my moms other hand she was down his pants and feeling his cock. I could not believe this for still as they got older where still fucking. He got right behide her and unbutton her pants and unzip them. I could see her pink panties and he place his hands in her panties and started to rub her pussy. She was rocking up and down and with her hand trying to undue his pants. Nobody was coming and I could hear more people going next door. I watch as she pull his cock out and his pants and her shorts hit the floor around there ankles. My mom pick up her shirt and place it in her mouth so it would not be in the way. He had one hand rubing her pussy and the other was trying to guild it in her pussy from the back. Chris you up there said my dad and my mom and Grandpa freak and as my mom went to close the door she saw me. Yeah dad wheres your mom up here with me and Grandpa I said And I walk to the top of the stairs and my mom came out and went down to her. Grandpa come out and just look at me after that day my life would never be the same.

I never told my dad and my mom and Grandpa never brought it up in front of me. Its been awhile I really never see my Grandpa or mom hang around maybe only when I home. I think about what if I told my dad and what would happen to our family. When Im home I just kind of just sit to myself and think about this. My mom never acts the same in front of me. This is my TRUE story and just need to write it down so I can get it off my chest....


My first fuck on Incest Stories

This is my first story, so please don’t be really hard on me.

My daddy’s idea

I’d been fantasying for a while now, I was thirteen and needed to get fucked by someone and I really didn’t care who. The only males in the house were my brother and my dad. It would be weird if I asked my brother but not my dad.

I could hear him in the shower so I decided to ambush him

Lovely Student

asad_cool25 on Incest Stories

My ame is Asad, I’m from Karachi.I had just appeared for my CA Exams. I am use to teach students of commerce specially females. Being a CA finalist many girls in my neighbour hood are in touch with me and seek my assiatance in Accounts. Any girl from Karachi if interested in lovely tuition she can contact me at . I live in an apartment in Gulshan. In Winter vacations my pa

Mere Bhaiya III

Qupid143 on Incest Stories

Qupid143 aap sab ka shukriya ada karta hai ki aapne meri kahani ke pehle do bhag bahut pasand kiya. Teesra bhag hazir hai. Ganesh agle din mujhe le kar Gawaliar chala gaya. Wahan office ka kuchh kaam tha. Mummy ne hum ko khushi se vida kiya aur boli,” Ganesh, apni behan ko chodna lekin dhyan se. Kissi achhey se Hotel mein rehna aur khub aish karna. Teri behan ko kabhi achha khana a ur achha chuda

Me and my Father In law-15

jeevan_1950 on Incest Stories

“Sudhir! This is my soonbai (bahu), Neelam. And Neelam, this is my friend Sudhir I told you about. We are all broadminded and love to enjoy life as you know.”

FIL shook hands with Neelam and pulled her to him, placing soft kiss on her lips. They saw us as we entered and FIL welcomed us and introduced us to Bhidekaka and Karnik Kaka. They both kissed us lovingly. We all settled down on the s

The Silken Family Trap Part III

PantyhosePrincess on Incest Stories

The Silken Family Trap – Part III


Michele Nylons

Just then the door flew open and there was our mom standing in the doorway, her skirt creased around her thighs; she had obviously just woke up from her nap. She looked in the room and saw her son lying on the bed, with his cock being wanked into her own pantyhose by her daughter. The same daughter who was sitting on her son’s face, with her skirt rucked up to display her nyloned legs, silken panty ass and crotch.

"Just what the fuck do you two think your doing!" she shouted.

"Eileen get to your room!"

"Right now!"

My sister quickly leapt to her feet, smoothed her skirt and turned to mom, "Mom, I’m so sorry, I donâ€â

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„¢t know what came over us," she mumbled.

"Just leave Eileen ok, I just can’t talk to you right now," Mom scowled. I had never seen her so angry.

My sister Eileen slunk out of the room and I heard her bedroom door close shortly after.

"And you, you, I don’t know what to call you Mike, I just can’t talk to you either right now, I’ll just lose it!"

Mom turned away and slammed the door as she left, but even then I couldn’t help looking at where my mom’s skirt had rucked up to display her silken thighs.

I rolled over and started to whimper. I felt disgusted with myself, but at the same time so sexually sated that I was exhausted. I fell asleep that way, my mind spinning with what I had just done with my sister and what the consequences may.

I awoke the next morning surprised to find myself still fully dressed, and a pair of come stained pantyhose beside me on the bed; mom’s pantyhose. Then the events of last night all came flooding back to me; oh my god, what had I done?

I snuck out of my room to shower, hoping like hell not run into my mom or sister; I was so confused and apprehensive, I just couldn’t face either of them. I made a plan to stay in my room until sis left for school and mom left for work, it would be better that way, more time to think.

The minutes seemed like hours until Eileen left for school, I watched at the window until I saw her leave. Even though I knew my sister and I had committed the gravest of sins, as my sister walked down the path, head down, my eyes could not help focussing on her sexy pantyhosed legs on display beneath her short skirt. I knew I had caused her a terrible dilemma that could break our already fractured family apart, yet I still fanaticised about our sexual encounters last night. I started rationalising to myself. We hadn’t really committed incest (yes I was now admitting to myself the nature of our sin), as I hadn’t actually entered her with my naked penis; we hadn’t ‘fucked’ in the true sense of the word, had we?

The dreaded knock came on bedroom door about fifteen minutes after Eileen had left for school. I was in a cold sweat, hoping my mother would at least give me the day to prepare for our encounter. I had fantasised about leaving home, running away, and never coming back to face my mom and have to explain my perversions. I just felt so ashamed and unable to explain the lust that had lead to last night’s abhorrent behaviour. But deep inside I was still seething with the ecstasy that I had experienced; the exquisite feel of my cock on my mom’s nyloned legs and the aftermath of sexual frenzy that I had experienced with my sister as she at first resisted, then capitulated to my base desires.

"Mike, It’s mom, we really need to talk," she called to me through the door.

"Mom, I’m just so sorry, I can’t talk to you, I’m such a bad son and a worthless brother," I croaked.

"Let me in Mike, we need to talk son," my mom insisted.

I dragged myself away from the chair by the window on leaden feet, dreading this encounter. I unlatched and open the door. Mom was dressed for work, her pristine white nurse’s uniform complemented by her white nylons and white nurse’s shoes. Although her shoes were ‘flats’, they somehow helped define her thighs and the calves that were on display below the hem of the skirt that came to just above her knees. I couldn’t help but admire her, she was stunning in my eyes, her makeup as usual was heavier than expected of someone in her profession, but it accentuated her sexiness, almost making her a caricature of the nurses seen in porno magazines and movies.

"Mom, I’m so sorry," I whispered as she entered.

"I just, I just," I couldn’t finish the sentence.

"We need to talk Mike," she half whispered, she started to cry and led me to the chair that was next to my study table.

I sat down and I felt all of my energy drain from me. I felt depleted of all energy and will. I was determined however to take full responsibility for my actions and tell mom everything. I would not let my sister take any blame for what I had done. Sure she had become a willing participant in our deviant encounter, but only after I had forced her.

Mom remained standing in front of me, and still my eyes drifted to her silken nyloned calves and then up to her thighs. I felt a further disgust directed at my wanton lust. I cleared my head and began:

"It was all my fault mom,"

"I forced Eileen to do what you saw. It’s all my fault and I won’t blame you if throw me out on the street."

"I let you down," I sobbed.

"Dad is in jail, I’m the ‘man of the house’ and now I fucked it all up by doing what I did to my sister."

"I’m so sorry," I sobbed.

"But it wasn’t just your sister was it?" mom stated in a firm voice.

"Eileen told me what she saw when she came home," she said.

"You were doing things to me while I was asleep, weren’t you?"

"Oh mom I’m so sorry," I whispered, "I, I, I, Just couldn’t help myself."

"Well son, can you explain to me why you did what you did?" mom asked sounding genuinely concerned.

I told her, I let it all out. I went on to explain my sexual desires and fetish. How, for as long as I could remember, I have had a fetish for nylon stockings and pantyhose. How once she and my sister had damaged and discarded their nylons I would retrieve them from the trash and alone in my room I would enact my pantyhose fantasies. How I would wear them, sniff them, and wank in them, all of my panty and pantyhose perversions. I told my mom that I could not resist the sight, feel, and smell of nylons.

I then told my mother how I felt being constantly surrounded by two sexy women wearing sheer pantyhose and short dresses or skirts. That when they sat around the house with their skirts hiked up or legs akimbo that I just had to retire to my room to take my pleasure with a pair of their discarded pantyhose or nylon panties that I had stolen from the wash-basket.

"Oh Mike, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise you had these feelings for your sister and me. I’ll talk to Eileen tonight and explain it all. I don’t know what I’m going to do about what happened between you and her though; you know what you did was not only morally wrong, It was illegal."

"There is only one thing for it. It will have to be our family secret; you must never tell anyone, ever, ok?"

"Of course mom, I promise," I whispered.

"And Eileen will have to be convinced of the same. That only leaves me, and of course I’m not going to say anything. I will not have my family split up"

"So there Mike, we can just put this nasty episode behind us ok?"

My mom smiled sweetly and I realised how much I loved her. But even then, with al this going on my eyes drifted to the hem of her skirt and her silken thighs. My mom’s eyes followed mine and I knew she had seen what I was looking at. She frowned.

"Take a shower Mike, get ready for school. I’ve a phone call to make then I’ll drive you, ok son?" she smiled.

"Ok mom," I said, and bounded off the bed and down the hall to the bathroom.

Everything was going to be ok, I thought to myself. We just won’t talk about what happened last night and things will return back to normal. I stripped off and got under a warm shower. As I soaped my cock and balls a tingle started and I couldn’t help but stroke my hardening cock I was thinking about how I had climbed on my sister and dry fucked her through her pantyhose and panties.

I couldn’t help myself I still had my fetish. I turned off the water and climbed out the shower, drying myself on the towel. Then I went exploring in the washing basket. Bingo! I found the pantyhose mom had been wearing last night. I pulled them out of the basket and put them to my face. I felt the sheer nylon caress my face and smelt the faint aroma of my mother’s vagina in the crotch of the hose.

My cock was now hard and I lowered the pantyhose down to it. I opened the hose and pulled one leg over my cock and started to wank slowly. The feeling of the sheer nylon of my mother’s pantyhose on the nerve endings of my erect member was exquisite. I forced myself not to speed up the slow, deliberate, movements of my right hand wanking my hardon. With my left hand I gathered up the rest of the silky garment and began to slowly massage my balls. My thoughts now were of the earlier part of last night, how I had slid my cock up and down my mother’s silken calves, clad in these very silken sheer pantyhose.

Then I heard my mother’s voice, distant but loud enough to bring me out of my reverie. She was on the phone in her bedroom, I decided I better stop my wanton pleasure and get ready for school or mom would be suspicious. That wouldn’t do now that It looked like I was going to get away with what was virtually the rape of my sister, and certainly incest with both her and mom, (even though mom didn’t know what I had done to her).

I threw my discarded clothes into the wash basket on top of the pantyhose I had been wanking into. After years of masturbating with my mom’s and sister’s nylon panties and pantyhose, I knew how to replace the garments so that they would not be suspicious. Although my sister Eileen had said she had noticed come stains in hers. I would have to be careful in future I though. I may have agreed not to engage in incest but I had no intention of giving up my fetish.

I left the bathroom doing up my shave coat, a ratty robe I only wore to and from the bathroom for the sake of modesty. As I passed mother’s room I overheard her talking softly into the phone,

"He’s only 15 doctor but he’s maturing so fast. No I can’t tell you about it on the phone that’s why I want to make an appointment for me and him to see you as soon as possible!"

"Look you worked wonders with my depression when my husband went into prison, now I need you to help with a family crisis."

"No it’s mainly Mike and these depraved sexual urges he is having. I’ll explain it all to you before he goes in to see you, but you must keep it to yourself!"

"I know I have your word as my doctor, but what Mike’s been doing is pretty debauched. Ok then, we’ll be there in an hour, Mike thinks I’m taking him to school. Bye."

The fucking bitch! My mother the fucking bitch! My blood was boiling at this betrayal. I flung open the door just as my mom was hanging up. She was sitting on the bed next to the telephone on the nightstand. I stormed into the room and pushed her hard on her shoulders forcing her to fall back on the bed.

"You fucking bitch mom! You swore we would tell no one!"

She whimpered, I could see the fear in her face, "Mike its for the best. I have to get you some help if you are going to stay in same house with me and your sister."

"But you promised! We would all just say nothing, tell no one, and that would be it!"

"But Mike you need help!" she cried again.

Now I noticed how she had landed when I pushed her back on the bed. The hem of her white nurse’s uniform had ridden up and her legs were slightly parted. I could see her sexy sheer pantyhosed thighs tightly stretching the white cotton skirt. I felt my cock begin to harden and I looked into her face. Her makeup had started to smear because she was crying, the mascara darkening her eyes even more. My god she looked even sexier, sluttish in her pose, with her piled on makeup, dishevelled, and her skirt rucked up; she looked vulnerable. She looked fuckable !

"Oh I need help alright mom," I hissed.

"I need fucking help, the same kind of help sis gave me last night."

"So mommy are you going to help your son with this problem," I whispered harshly and opened my shave coat to reveal my hard throbbing cock to my mother.

"Mike! Son! No!" she screamed. "You can’t, please, cover yourself; I’m your mother for god sake!"

I was through talking; looking at her lying helpless on her bed only made me more aroused. As I leapt on her, my shave coat flew open, and I landed on top of her. I stretched her arms out and pinned her beneath me. I had landed directly on top of her with my legs between hers; my erect penis pushed against the cotton hem of her skirt and my face hovered over hers.

"Please Mike, stop this now, please have some respect for your mother," she whispered into my face only inches from hers.

Her breath was sweet, and looking into her sexy blue eyes and ruby lipsticked lips, I knew I couldn’t stop myself. I lowered my face onto hers and kissed her lips. She kept them tightly closed, but the taste of her lipstick and the feel of her fully clothed body against my almost naked body only inflamed my passions. I sighed and tried to force my tongue between her lips. My mother responded by squirming beneath me and wriggling to get free.

This was a disastrous mistake for my mother as her writhing caused her skirt to ride up further and my hard cock to come into contact with her pantyhosed thigh. I hung on to her, allowing her to move beneath me thus causing her nyloned leg to rub against my turgid penis. The feeling of her gossamer nylons on my cock was electrifying; along with the feel of her breasts inside her crisp white nurse’s uniform rubbing on my chest I was intoxicated with passion. The thought of finally consummating my deeply held secret passions for my mom in her uniform and pantyhose drove me to the peak of my desires.

"That’s it mommy, fight me if you want. You know my sister did at first, but she soon changed her mind," I whispered in her ear.

Then my mother realised what I was doing, holding on to her and allowing her struggle to inflame my passion. She lay still and looked me in the eyes.

"Well take what you want Mike. I won’t fight any more because I think that’s what you want. But remember you will have to live with consequences after," she whimpered.

I lowered my lips to hers and as they touched I whispered, "Fuck the consequences!"

I mashed my lips on hers and forced my tongue into her mouth. She didn’t respond but she didn’t fight either. Her lying prone and not offering any response at all only served to inflame me to greater passions. I put my hand between her legs and positioned my cock over her panty and pantyhose covered pussy and started to thrust slowly against her. I then eased my cock between the nylon gusset of her panties and the gossamer thin nylon of her sheer to the waist pantyhose covering her pussy. My cock was in a silken trap, caressed between her nylon panties and her hot cunt covered by her pantyhose.

I continued to kiss my mother as I humped her panty crotch, my cock was like a living thing, the sensation was so magnificent, better than anything I ever felt when masturbating, or even with my sister last night. I could feel the outline of my mom’s pussy lips through the hose and adjusted myself so my cock was between them. My precum was lubricating the nylon so I couldn’t tell if mom was aroused but she continued to lie there unresponsive.

I reached down with my hand and put a fingernail against the nylon covering her cunt and pushed until I felt the pantyhose tear. Still my mother didn’t move so I pushed forward with my hips. The tip of my cock forced its way through the hole in her pantyhose and was nestled in her pussy lips against the entrance to her cunt. I pushed forward again slowly but firmly and felt the head of my cock enter her. My mother grunted as my cock went inside her, but other than a flinch she made no effort to stop me. My mind was racing. I was fucking my mom! NO! I was raping my mom!

I pushed in further and found resistance. She was dry! It was obvious my mom was not going to capitulate and become a willing participant. I started a slow thrusting movement hardly moving my cock at all, just enough to get my precum lubricating my cock as I entered her further, millimetre by millimetre. We must have looked a sight, my mom lying on the bed her legs apart and her arms above her head held there by my free hand. Her skirt rucked up around her waist and her sheer nylon encased legs wide with me between them slowly humping and forcing my kisses on her, her heavy makeup smeared making her look like a whore.

Eventually I was fully inside her and my balls came to rest against the silken gusset of her panties that had been pushed aside to allow my entry. I was fighting off my orgasm; having to enter her slowly had helped. My precum had lubricated my mom’s cunt enough to enable my cock to fully penetrate her, but she was still very tight. My head was spinning with desire now and I knew the inevitable would happen soon, regardless of how slowly I fucked her.

I released the hold on her hands and lifted her silken pantyhosed legs up and around me. Mom didn’t fight; she hadn’t said a word other than the grunt as I entered her. She was just like a rag doll. Tears streamed slowly down her face and her eyes were closed. I shucked off the shave coat all the way so that I was fully naked and could feel the gauzy nylon of her pantyhose legs on my back and thighs. I pulled back my throbbing cock all the way and thrusted deeply into her, once, twice, three times. Each time I did, she grunted with the force of my thrusts. On the third thrust I pushed in as far as I could and rubbed my balls on her panty-ass and concentrated on the feel of her silken nylon legs against me. I exploded; torrents of come seemed to explode out my cock. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful.

I shuddered and groaned for what seemed like an eternity as I filled my mother with my hot seed. Eventually I came down from the plateaux of ecstasy and opened my eyes. I found myself looking at my mother’s icy blue eyes; they were devoid of emotion. She just stared up at me.



To be continued………………….

MidWest Trip

LupineShadow on Incest Stories

I moved to Wisconsin during the summer of 2004. Regrettably, my school work in California was incredibly shitty, causing my parents to collaborate with my aunt and uncle in a last ditch effort at saving myself from complete academic destruction. Upon first hearing the news I was quite pissed, although after thinking of the wide variety of gorgeous girls in that area I decided the idea had some merit. What a shame I thought, as I flew out of San Francisco towards the Mid-West, so many friends and girls being left behind. Oh well I mused reassuringly, there’s sure to be some fun to have in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

***NOTE*** This story is

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completely FICTIONAL!!! I Condone all manner of non-consensual and find it disgusting!!!

In a sense I was both right and wrong about above said statement. Here in Wisconsin I was able to get my hands on a variety of liquors and drugs. But I wasn’t able to, unfortunately, get my hands on the local girls. Apparently my looks, way of dress, and attitude seemed to discourage more than encourage the ladies in wanting to have anything to do with me. Enter my younger cousin, my problem and solution.

Lets get the nitty gritty out of the way. I’m 17 years old as I’m writing this, although I do happen to be a senior in high school. My aunt and uncle have four kids, a 25 year old, a 21 year old, a 17 year old, and a 16 year old; guy, guy, guy, girl in that order. It is my girl cousin the youngest, her name will remain unsaid, which proved to be one of the oddest dilemmas I’ve ever had.

Another thing you should probably know is that I, again unfortunately for no apparent reason, have an incest complex. While earlier directed towards my sibling, my two years younger sister, I now found this frustrating urge pointed straight at my cousin, my lack of sexual contact likely greatly enhancing this. This incest problem began during junior high school, eighth grade to be exact, and while I learned to suppress it, its never really left me.

On to my cousin. A freshman in high school, she’s about 5'3, I stand close to 5'9, and is very slender with a light hazel brown coloration to her skin. With an AA cup and a small, tight, ass she is possessed with incredibly full, beautiful lips and an infectious smile. Her neck length hair is a light brown color and perfectly contrasts her skin and radiant brown eyes. All in all she is petite and incredibly cute, not very good features considering my condition.

Before I go on let me make something clear. I am not nor do I desire to be a rapist. While I am afflicted with a lust that the majority views as sinful and unnatural, I do not condone or accept forced and aggravated sexual activities, whether that be sex or just making out. That being said, onward.

It was during the end of Spring Break that I achieved what I only dreamed of in the deep recesses of my mind. My cousin had gone to California to stay with my family, but was arriving on the Friday before school began. By this time I was very, very watchful of her as I had received no sexual action since I left my home state. She returned late, around 11:30 during the night, and I was already laying on my little cot in my room, stoned and in a very meditative state of mind.

Oh yeah, one other thing. While I had smoked pot before I came out to Wisconsin, I never really got into it as much as out here. On an average I’ll usually smoke about 4-5 days out of the week, around 2-3 times a day. While I don’t consider myself a weed fiend, I certainly have a strong liking for the plant. Alright shit, I guess I am a fiend, but it doesn’t affect my glowing personality so to hell with it.

The noises of footsteps going up the stairs of the house roused me from my drug-induced stupor, my cousin’s pleasant voice awakening the ravenous emotions that emanated from between my loins. I had always fantasized about sneaking into my cousin’s room during the night and copping a feel, and the idea was becoming more and more enticing with every minute that went by. After several minutes of mental debate, I decided to wait for an hour to go by before I attempted my daring feat of sexual gratification. Knowing that I likely would fall asleep, thanks to the pot, I set my alarm and turned down the volume so as not to wake up my aunt and uncle down the hall.

Sure enough I quickly dozed off though the alarm went off on schedule, and I awoke slightly dazed along with a steadily growing hard-on as I slid out of bed clad in nothing but my boxers, the thoughts of my daring feat playing through my mind. The clock read 12:45 a.m. and after a few moments of quiet inspection I deemed the coast clear as I opened my door in one smooth motion. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkened hallway, and it seemed that Fate was smiling upon me as my aunt and uncle’s door, normally left wide open, was shut. Despite my weight of about 175 lb. I managed to creep across the wooden hallway floor to my cousin’s room virtually silently. I took one last cautionary pause, as my aunt and uncle’s room is next to my cousin’s, and than opened her door.

I held my breath as the door swung open, again having to wait for my eyes to pierce the shroud of darkness that obscured the room from my vision. When I could see well enough I got on all fours and crept to the side of her bed which lay parallel to her doorway. Again it seemed Fate blessed me, as she lay on her side facing away from the door. Suddenly a slight prick of doubt fluttered before me, causing me to reconsider my oncoming actions. Is this right? I thought, should I be doing this? For a few, brief seconds I was frozen by doubt. Than I slowly lifted up her bed sheets.

She was bare, save for a white cotton sports bra and a pair of white panties with red strawberries on them. Her back was facing me, and I cautiously touched her back. She gave no reaction at all, her breathing becoming slower and deeper. I lightly brushed my hand across her ass, my fingers trailing softly across her panty clad ass cheeks. After a few minutes of doing this I decided to get a bit more aggressive, and I placed three fingers carefully between her legs along her crotch. The warmth of her private area sent small shivers down my spine to my cock, and I longed to actually feel her skin. I began to rub my fingers slowly and smoothly across her crotch, and I reached into my boxers, grabbed my dick with my left hand, and began to quickly jack off. Perhaps I was only imagining that her pussy was getting hotter, but just as I was blowing my load all over her rug she shifted and began to turn over.

My mind screamed various curses at me as I quickly withdrew my hand and scuttled out her room as fast as I could without making any ruckus. It seemed like an eternity before I finally entered my room down the hall and closed the door, my heart hammering out like a Native American war drum. I sunk into my bed both relieved and worried, praying that she hadn’t felt me. My dreams were odd that night, but than again I suppose they always are.

I woke up the next morning incredibly groggy and looked at my clock, the neon green numbers reading 9:25 a.m. I rolled onto my back and listened for any possible sounds that would indicate my nocturnal adventure had been discovered. I heard nothing except for the sound of the tv in the family room three floors below me. I climbed out of bed and slipped on a pair of black soccer shorts and walked downstairs, through the kitchen, and than down another small set of stairs to the family room. My cousin was sitting on a couch watching tv and was wearing the same sports bra along with a pink pair of teddy bear pajama pants. She looked up at me, said hi in that pleasantly beautiful voice of hers, and then focused on the tv. There was no sign that said she knew what had gone on last night and I breathed a sigh of thankful relief as I went back upstairs to take a shower.

Most of that Saturday was pretty uneventful, consisting mostly of me reading a book and playing a few video games. It wasn’t until later in the evening that things got far more interesting.

I should’ve made it clear earlier as to the activities of my other cousins. The oldest moved out to California last year, the second oldest was still gone for Spring Break, and the one my age had a soccer tournament that night. Anyway, back to the story.

Around 7:50 p.m. my aunt and uncle entered my room and informed me that they were going out to see a movie and were wondering if I would like to go. I politely declined, as I was planning on smoking a few bowls while they were gone. As I heard the automated garage door close I went into my closet and pulled out my 4 inch glass pipe along with about $25 worth of weed.

Normally I try not to smoke at the house, but when I do it’s usually in the shower with the vents on so the smoke gets sucked up; only when I know my aunt and uncle are going to be gone for at least an hour do I dare smoke in my room, and even than I open my window and put my ceiling fan on full blast.

I had already smoked a bowl and was packing another when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The steps were too light and too quick to be my aunt or uncle, and I surmised that my cousin had decided to stay as well; though this in itself was fairly odd. I was taking a very heady draft of cannabis when my door suddenly opened causing me to cough in surprise, sending a small cloud of smoke billowing out my mouth and nostrils. While my cousin knows I smoke, she knows that when my door is closed she either needs to knock or simply not even come near it, so it was with much surprise that I beheld her standing at my doorway, a small grin on her face.

I asked her what the hell she was doing in my room and she simply responded by saying she just wanted to see me smoke pot and get stoned, she went on to tell me that she had never seen anyone smoke grass before . I was ready to kick her out, but than I thought what the hell she might as well see how it’s done. I told her it was cool to watch and I proceeded to light up. Two more bowls later I realized I had to piss really bad, and as I walked out of my room my cousin suddenly asked out of the blue if she could smoke a little. I asked her why and she answered that she knew her parents would be gone for more than two hours, plus I was here in case she got too weird or stupid. After a few seconds of internal conflict I said yes, but only if she took no more than three hits.

After relieving myself I decided to drop a deuce as well, and I sat on the john for about fifteen minutes reading an issue of People. My fifteen minutes turned into about 25 as I suddenly began thinking about some esoteric subject, and it was only after hearing the cat meow outside that I returned to clear thinking, well as much as one can when one’s stoned. After flushing I realized something, it was quiet. Normally a first timer will have an extreme case of the giggles after a few hits, but I heard no noise aside from the slow hum of the AC. As I entered my room I cursed silently as I watched my cousin stare dully at my white rug.

I walked over and shook her lightly on the shoulders, asking her how many hits she took. She looked up with a confused face and after a few seconds told me she smoked about six hits. I shook my head ruefully as I told her to come downstairs with me and watch some tv. She got up, took a few steps and than collapsed on the floor and began to giggle. I grinned slightly as I picked her up hero style and began to walk carefully downstairs to the family room.

I set her down on the couch and sat next to her, suddenly feeling incredibly ravenous and craving Doritos and a salami sandwich. After turning on the tv and putting on some sponge bob square pants I began to go get some munchies when my cousin grabbed my hand and told me to stay, in a pleading voice. I told her calmly that I was going to grab some snacks, but she said she wanted me to stay with her as she felt a little weird. I reluctantly sat down next to her whereupon after a few minutes she laid her head against my shoulder and began to talk about random things like cats and track. I was just about to make a run for some food when she told me in a slightly mischievous voice that she liked how I had touched her last night.

Words cannot describe the terror I felt at that moment. The mixture of shock, fear, and THC in my blood caused me to have a dizzy spell, but that ended when my cousin kissed me lightly on my cheek. I looked at her with an expression that probably was a fair imitation of a deer caught in headlights, and she told me in a nonchalant manner that she had liked me since I arrived in WI, going on to say that she thought I was smarter, funnier, and cuter than the guys in her grade. Still in shock, I told her to wait there, and I went around the corner to the bathroom and gargled some mouthwash. I looked in the mirror briefly.

While not the most attractive guy in the world, I’m certainly not an ugly one either. Aside from a few acne scars here and there, I’m quite clean skinned, and my body is in reasonably good shape, though I do plan on working on a six-pack sometime soon. My face is slightly broad, quite Hispanic, and my head is shaved to where my hair is short, soft bristles.

When I came back, having previously been in her pj’s, I found that my cousin had stripped off her pants leaving her exactly as she was the night before. I sat next to her, pulled her close to me, and sniffed her hair for some unknown reason that probably made perfect sense at the time . The scent of rose hips and jasmine flooded my olfactory nerves and I tilted her face towards mine gently, asking if she was sure she wanted to do this. She responded by leaning in and kissing me, her full lips flushed with heat.

For her first time I found her to be a better kisser than many of my previous girlfriends, and she soon was lightly brushing her tongue against mine sending pleasurable jolts down my skin. I continued to kiss her, my cock beginning to stiffen, but decided to go a bit further, and I quickly rolled up her sports bra and began to lightly fondle her breasts with my left hand, the other cupped behind her head. Her skin was incredibly soft and warm, and within seconds her tan nipples were erect with pleasure. I teased them, rolling them between my fingertips and pinching them slightly, and as we kissed she began to softly moan.

I ended our kissing session after a few minutes and told her to just relax as I began running my tongue over her nipples, alternating between that and my fingers. Sweat began to bead along her forehead as I lightly nibbled on her salty nubs, teasing and sucking them as her breathing became deeper. After a short time of enjoying her petite tits, I asked if she wanted me to go further to which she answered in the positive, much to my delight. Holy Shit I thought, I’m actually getting on my cousin!

I laid her across the couch on her back and pulled her panties off. To my surprise I found that her pussy was unshaven, the mound covered in a fine layer of light brown pubic hair, but this was no bother, and I licked my middle finger as I drew it down her crotch. I could smell the hot odor of her pussy already and my dick hardened to it’s full 61/2 inches as I inserted my finger slowly into her cunt. To all those who actually find it funny that I’m not endowed like a porn star, motion of the ocean baby...motion of the ocean.

I had never done anything with a virgin pussy, and I found it surprisingly tight and a bit resistant as I slid my finger in and out of her snatch. I looked up at her and smiled, her eyes were slightly glazed, and she started to play with her nipples. After a few minutes I decided to add another digit to the party, and I could feel her shiver as I put two fingers into her love hole. Her pussy began to get incredibly moist as I began to both finger her and tweak her nipples, and her breathing turned into moans as I brushed against her virgin clit. Once you find the clit its hard to lose it, and I rubbed it for several more minutes until I could feel her vaginal muscles begin to contract, her face taking on a dazed countenance of detached pleasure.

I pulled my dripping fingers out of her cunt, spread her slender legs, and began to slowly toy with her inner thighs, licking and blowing on them. A few seconds went by until I couldn’t bear it any more, and I spread her lips with my fingers and began lightly lapping at her pussy like a lust-maddened hound. Her juices were a compelling mixture of sweat and vaginal fluid, highly intoxicating, and it only increased as I located her clit yet again.

The steady moans that were causing me to sweat like a race horse now increased into elongated groans and cries as she held my shaved head with both hands, my tongue flicking rapidly against her cherry. As I continued my oral expedition, I slowly inserted my right middle finger into her ass inch by slow inch until it was up to the second knuckle. I was surprised to find she didn’t mind, and within seconds I could feel both her sphincter and pussy contracting as she pushed my head against her mound and writhed in ecstasy. She let out a low scream of pleasure as her first orgasm rocked her body, my mouth dripping with vaginal fluid. After several more minutes of oral and anal stimulation my cousin was wracked with another orgasm, her 16 year old body awash in sweat and lust. She screamed my name as I played with her clit a bit more, and by now I had managed to fit another finger into her tight ass.

I suppose my pot laced mind hungered for something new, and it was with a little surprise that I found myself licking my cousin’s asshole. While a bit musky, I found the act of giving a rim job to be quite refreshing, and I enjoyed pressing my tongue in and out of her slightly open hole. I started to finger her pussy as I continued to toss her salad, but after about five minutes the siren call of my dick couldn’t be resisted.

As I rose up and wiped my mouth with my forearm, my cousin told me to take off my shorts to my utter amazement. Jesus it’s like she’s fuckin telepathic! I thought. I willingly obeyed, and soon my dick was standing unhindered as my cousin slid off the couch and onto her knees. I shuddered with pleasure as I felt my cousin’s full lips encompass my cock. I swear to God she must have watched porn or something because I’ve never had a first time blow job like the one she gave me.

While she started off slow, she began sucking my dick incredibly hard, and I told her to cup my balls and squeeze them. Her lips were like a vacuum, and as she began to run and flick her tongue around my head I had to bite my tongue to keep from cumming. She started bobbing her head back and forth, her hand fondling my nuts, and I let out a deep groan as she nibbled slightly on my dick. I took a deep breath as I put my hand behind her head and slowly began driving my dick down her throat. For a minute I thought she was going to gag, but than my cock slid fully down her throat, and I began increasing my speed as I fucked her face, her saliva making wet sloshing noises as my member invaded her mouth. I felt myself losing control, spots floating before my eyes, and I grunted as I told her I was about to cum. I pulled my dick out of her mouth but she put her lips around my head and began forcefully sucking as she jacked me off with one hand. My eyes fluttered slightly as my spunk jetted out into her mouth, time slowed for a brief instant, and she cleaned off my dick with long strokes of her tongue.

After this torrid session we cleaned up, took separate showers and basically didn’t mention the event at all. I thought maybe it was over, a sort of once-in-a-lifetime event, but the next day as I was doing the dishes my cousin walked up behind me and grabbed my crotch as she kissed me on the cheek. I responded by giving her a quick pat on the ass and a kiss on the lips. The weekends almost here and Christ knows what might happen next.

The trip

mcholdrguy on Incest Stories

“ Oh my God! Feel my panties! Â

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  My cunt is so hot and wet for you! Oh! Touch me!!”


I was having a hard time believing my eyes as I glanced over at the paperback book that my young seat-mate was reading and got a look at the dialog.


Perhaps I should go back in the story a bit…. I am always open for an adventure and when I was asked by my old college buddy to escort his teen daughter to a cheering competition in Dallas I readily agreed. [An all expense-paid-trip first class , I might mention!] We had the whole trip planned and the agent had reserved a two bedroom suite in the hotel that was hosting the competition.


So, as we browsed in the Hudson News in the airport I bought an antique car magazine and Sue bought a teen mag and some sort of adventure novel. Or so I thought!


So, I am in my aisle seat and trying not to be too obvious while glancing over to look at each page as she turned them. I know I am a bit of an old fogie and probably out of touch with the teens of today but I was a bit startled to see what she was reading.


As I shifted in my seat and pretended to get more comfortable I could see that she had attached the cover of the historical novel from the shop to the innards of this hot porn and she was reading feverishly.


“Oh yes! Lance! Yes! Oh your cock is so hard and hot! Oh yes! Touch me there! Feel me! Pull my panties down!” and on and on until ‘Lance’ moans “Yes, Princess! I want you so badly. You feel so hot and sexy. Your panties are so wet from your horny cunt. Quietly, my sexy sweet, or your father, the King, will discover us and I will be banished from the kingdom ” and ……..   you get the picture….


I will have to admit that the words were getting me a bit horny and it seemed that this lovely 16 year old cutie might be way ahead of me. She was shifting in her seat and one hand was moving, almost un noticeable under the airline blanket that we all recieved for the night flight to Dallas. The thought that she was probably touching her pussy really got to me.


I have always admired Sue as she grew up. Never had a real naughty thoughts until I thought about the suite that we would share and the bathroom that we would definitely share. I began imagining surprise glimpses of her in her panties or in nothing at all. Maybe checking in on her in her room and seeing her sprawled on the bed with he thighs parted and her pointy teen nipples jutting through her nightie.


OK! Maybe I did have a naughty thought or two but I never, in a million years, imagined that she may be interested in the type of stuff she was reading and enjoying.


As she got more and more engrossed in what she was doing I rubbed my hardening cock through my pants under my ‘all hiding’ blanket. ‘Lance’ and the princess were fucking in a secret corner of the palace and really enjoying each other. I read on and it seemed that it was easier and easier to see the pages. Finally, I noticed that I could see better because Sue was sharing the book with me on purpose! I glanced at her and she was smiling and slid her ‘free’ hand from under the blanket and shook it right under my nose!   “You are naughty! You were reading over my shoulder!” And the wonderful scent of her aroused pussy made me giddy!


“And….AND! were you playing with yourself under the blanket?” I still couldn’t tell if she was ok with all this or if I was in a peck of trouble. So, I said with a sly smile,”Takes one to know one.” And she giggled and said, “I guess you got me there!”


I was feeling pretty bold and the loss of blood in my brain left me with my ‘pecker-brain’ to think with so I flipped up the armrest between us and slid my right hand under the blanket and into her pretty little lap and suggested, ”Why don’t we both read the story and I will add to your pleasure and you can keep both hands on the book?” “Oh, Uncle Russ!”, she has always called me that, “You are so naughty! That would be so horny!”


I was delirious with sex! My hand slid between her smooth thighs and as she opened her legs to me we both read about ‘Lance’ and his trusty cock and the princess and her willing cunt and the multi-orgasmic passion that people in those stories seem to be able to cum up with.


My fingers felt Sue’s silky panties. The crotch was wet and smooth. I slid a finger, then two under the elastic and felt the softest, the puffiest, the wettest pussy lips that I ever remember feeling! I groaned as my fingers thrilled her up and down her horny slit. I toyed with her clit and entered between her inner lips and had a wonderful time exploring this slippery forbidden area.


As the story reached the crescendo, so did she! I could feel the thrust of her pussy onto my fingers and her shudder and the look of ecstasy on her face was enough to make me fear that I would cum in my pants. “Oh, Uncle Russ! Oh jezus, oh yes, yes, rub my clit, finger my cunt! Do it to me! Yessssssssss!!!!!!”


All of this was in a barely audible whisper and I was pretty sure that we were not observed. She cuddled up to me and did not make any move to remove my hand from her panties. “May I return the favor?” she whispered as her hand went to my fly.


“Be careful!” “Oh, I will.” And she had my cock out and was slowly jerking it to full hardness. My foreskin was sliding up over the head and then down as it followed the soft movements of her hand. My pre-cum had everything plenty slippery and she seemed to know exactly what she was doing.


“Like it this way, Uncle Russ? Like to have your cock secretly rubbed like this? Like to feel my little hand on your cock while yours is still in my wet panties and touching my tiny cunt?”


As she said these sexy words and the feeling rose and I was trying to remain reasonably still she finished me off with, “I think I will be your little slut for the rest of this trip! Woodga you like me to be your little, baby, teen slutty cunt slut, huh, Uncle Russ, wouldga, huh?”


My cock spurted! And she giggled as it got all over her hand and the blanket and, probably, my pants.


Hmm, maybe one of those bedrooms would not be used much…….