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Satisfying a Need

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    A few days ago, I was SO excited!  My parents were going out of town over the weekend for their anniversary, and I was finally going to let my boyfriend, John, fuck me.  I had always wanted to have sex with him, but I wanted to wait until I had the opportunity to initiate it myself, without his begging.  You can imagine that I was pretty mad, then, when I found out that he was also going out of town.  So on Friday, my parents left and I sat down, wondering what I would do all weekend without a car and with my other friends on their own vacations.
    Let me cut in and tell you a little about myself.  My name’s Callie, I’m 15 years old, and I’m a sophomore in high school.  I’m five and a half feet tall and I have blond hair.  I’ve always been on the track and volleyball teams, so I’m very fit and toned.  I’m also very tan, from all those summer days lying out in the sun (topless when I can find a good deserted spot!).  And, as everyone says, I’m a very beautiful girl!  I always have been a little bit of a tease, though.  I like to rub up against cute guys or bend down in front of them and pretend not to notice.  It’s so cute watching the way guys try to cover up their erections when I tease them!
    Anyway, back to the story.  The more I thought about my boring weekend, the more my thoughts turned to sex.  I was feeling really sexual.  I decided to take a nice, warm, long, LONG, shower.
    I let the water warm up as I stripped out of my clothes and let them fall to the floor.  I stepped into the steamy shower and grabbed by razor and the can of shaving cream.  I sat down and let the warm water wash over my breasts.  I squirted some cream into my palm and gently rubbed it all around the outside of my pussy.  I spread my legs wide, picked up the razor, and began to make small, smooth strokes, cleanly shaving off all of my pubic hair.  By the time I finished, I was thoroughly aroused, even more so than before.  Shaving my pussy always gets me so horny!  I stood back up and soaped up my hands with a generous amount of body wash.  I gently massaged my breasts and rubbed my hands all over them, paying special attention to pinching and rubbing my nipples.  As the soap ran over my chest, I started to fantasize about John taking care of my needs.  I began to move my lubricated hand over my pussy.  Once I got a rhythmic motion going, I knew that this was going to be good, so I got into a comfortable position on the floor underneath the warm water.  I rubbed my pussy rhythmically, every once and a while slipping a finger into my slippery sex hole as I imagined John’s nice big 16 year old cock replacing my finger.  Oh god did it feel good!  After only a few minutes, I started to involuntarily buck my hips in and out.  “Oh… oh… god!  YES!” I bucked my hips faster and faster as the pleasurable sensations from my orgasm made my entire body spasm.  I was shaking and it felt like I was in another world as I came all over my hand.  I continued to buck my hips while the orgasm subsided, then my body went completely limp and I relaxing under the warm streams of water with my eyes closed.
    After what seemed like hours, I got out of the shower, dried off, and was about to start putting my clothes back on when I realized that I didn’t have to.  It was about time for dinner, so I walked downstairs and warmed up some lasagna my mom had left for me.  I watched some TV and ate my dinner, but after a while, I realized that there was nothing good on TV.  I decided to go back upstairs and just lie naked on my soft bed for a while.  After I was lying naked for a good 15 minutes, my thoughts once again turned to sex.  My orgasm in the shower was good, but I felt that something was missing.  I had never really had sex before, but I had sucked my old boyfriend’s cock.  Even through my inexperience, though, I knew that I needed a nice, hard cock inside me.  A girl knows when she needs a cock!
    I was lying in my bed, fantasizing again when I heard a soft whimper.  I opened my eyes to see my dog, Mike, sitting at the edge of my bed.  “Not now, Mike.  God, I need a good fuck right now.  But it’s not like you could do something about that, could you?”  I laughed at my remark, then the thought struck me.  “Or could you??”
    I had heard about girls and dogs fucking before while I was on the internet, but I never thought that it was possible.  Nor did I have the interest.  Until now.  I mean, I needed a cock, and he had one, right?  I looked it up on the internet (thank god for the internet!) and my jaw dropped at the size of a dog’s cock.  It’s huge.  All of the pictures of girls and dogs showed the girls in the doggie style position (appropriately named.)  I decided to give it a try!
    I got down on all fours on the floor and called Mike over to me.  I started to rub around on his penis to get him horny.  After a while of not much success, an idea came to my mind.  I reached my head between his legs and began to lightly suck on his semi-soft penis.  It started to get harder, and I kept sucking until it got to what I thought might be it’s full erect length.  By this time, he had started to hump my mouth, so I knew he was good and horny.  I hopped onto the bed and he obviously was immediately behind me.  I pointed by ass towards his face and lifted his legs onto my back.  He started to hump with his cock resting on my back.  I reached behind, took a deep breath, and pointed his cock to the entrance of my pussy. 
    He started to fuck hard, then he sped up!  GOD did he feel good.  His huge, rock hard, long cock stretched my pussy and it felt so great.  His claws were scraping up my back, but I didn’t care at all.  I was in a zone of pleasure, and I was already taking short, shallow breaths.  He had a wonderful rhythmic motion, fucking my pussy with all that was in him.  The feeling of his huge, hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy; the sound of a cock slipping and pounding into my juicy pussy; just knowing that I was doing something so forbidden, letting a dog fuck me as hard as he wished, was all too much, and it sent me over the edge.  “Oh… oh… oh God!  God, yes! Yes! Mike! FUCK ME! YEAH… oh, fuck yeah…”  I began to have my first orgasm caused by sex.  A wave of pleasure swept over me as my sweet juices gushed and poured out of my pussy.  I began to shake and succumb to the incredible shock of pleasure.  “Oh, fuck yeah!”
    Mike, however, wasn’t finished yet.  He kept fucking and fucking for all that he was worth.  It only took a few more minutes to begin to push me over the edge of another orgasm.  I felt the feeling in my pussy building up.  Mike was fucking harder and harder as my pussy This time, Mike was finished also.  I began to scream out again as my orgasm swept over my body again.  Mike must have had this feeling also, as he began to speed up even faster.  He thrusted with all of his might.  “OH FUCK!!!”  He began to spurt his cum inside my pussy as I was experiencing another mind-blowing orgasm.  The feeling of his warm cum spurting into my pussy was incredible!  He pumped loads of his sticky cum up my pussy as he pounded into me as hard as ever.
    He finally spurted the last stream of cum into me and began to slow his thrusting to a stop.  He stayed there with the knot of his dick still lodged inside of me.  After fifteen minutes, he pulled out of me and laid down next to me on the bed.  I stayed in the position on my knees and forearms with my ass high in the air.  I had my eyes closed, and I was exhausted. The large amount of cum that he had pumped into me was now starting to drain out of my pussy and onto the bed.  As I laid down on the bed and though of the intense pleasure I had just felt, I drifted into a relaxing sleep.

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