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Heiauoku 402 days ago on Mind Control Stories


My ex-girlfriend was asleep on the couch. With nothing better to do, I repeated comments that my voice was relaxing, my touch made her horny and my touch would not wake her up. Periodically adding in words of wet, pussy, cum, and that she enjoyed it when I made her cum as I stroked her right thigh going up to her crotch, over and over as she became hornier and hornier.

Then I realized that the only way to her pussy was through the zipper; so, I unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them repeating the mantra that my undressing her was OK, she liked it and became horny from it, and that it would not wake her up.

Unzipped, I had to slightly adjust her shorts to allow my pointer finger to find her wet pussy. All the wording worked as she wet her panties and did not wake up.