Hi, The story I'm about to tell you is true and not real heavy on sex but I thought some of the readers might enjoy it. My only goal here is to tell this story and I'm not a writer but I'll do my best.

I'm a 43 year old, married, professional woman. My husband is a prominant business owner so we do well financially. I still have a figure that gets looks but It must be my legs or the total package because my boobs are only 34b. (sorry guys) Hey, I only weigh 110 pounds, so big boobs would look funny on me and I'm happy with what I got. At least they are real!

My sex life with my husband is somewhere between boring and slightly stimulating. I guess that makes us a normal married couple. My husband is the typical work-a-holic, more concerned with making money then less important things like sex. Oh, I like the money but it would be nice if he diversified his interests a little more. That leave me horny and reading dirty stories on sites like this for a little excitement. I figure that there are several million married women in this country sharing this same experience. This story is for them.

I've tried just about everything I know to keep my husband interested in sex. I've got an entire drawer full of sexy nighties he never noticed. I still got the "not tonight" from him. I began wondering, was it me? Had I become so unattractive that he just wasn't interested? One morning, I'm sitting in the kitchen having my morning coffee and wearing one of my un noticed sexy nightgowns. It covered me but was so see thru it didn't hide anything and I was nude underneath. I had just spent ten minutes looking in the mirror at myself and wondering why this didn't turn him on. I was feeling unattractive and believe me, that is major for a woman.

While pouring another cup of coffee, I casually looked out the window and  spotted the mailman working his way toward our house. My first thought was "I'll bet he would appreciate the was I look". The thought stuck with me. Then I decided that I was going to find out. Our mail box is located on the side of our house beside the kitchen door. Today, I was going to open the door and take the mail directly from him. As he approached, I got as nervous as hell but I was determined. I felt stupid but I was still going to do it. My heart was pounding when I saw him coming up the sidewalk to our house. I went to the door and opened it just as he was coming around the corner of our house. He was polite and said "Good Morning" but his eyes were focused on my body. Then he smiled and said "You certainly made my day". He gawked for as long as he thought he could and then thanked me and left. I still felt stupid but better about the way I looked. 

That night while talking to my husband, I mentioned that I had spoken with the mailman that morning. His head was buried in the newspaper. I told him I was still wearing the see thru pink nightie. That got a "that's nice" and he continued reading. Then I said that I had invited him in for coffee. That got a "That was nice of you". Then to get his attention I said "I think I'll give him a blow job tomorrow". His answer was "talk about blowing it, McCain is really screwing up". I gave up.

I had serious thoughts about actually blowing the mail man but he wasn't that attractive.

Saturday morning came and my husband got up early to go golfing. Before he left, he told me that Bob's son was coming over to clean up the hard drives on his computers and install some software. He has two lap tops and a desk top he uses for work. I was half asleep when he told me. 

I got up, put on coffee, showered, and threw on a short robe. I was just sitting down to have my coffee when the doorbell rang. It was unusual for someone to come to our front door. I peeked out to see two gorgeous young men standing outside. Both were well built and very attractive. I opened the door and the one boy said he was Bobby and there to fix my husbands computers. The other boy was Neil. Even though I wasn't dressed for company, I let them in and led them to the den where the computers were and left them alone. 

I should have dressed at that point but decided not to. Instead, I went back into the room to ask if they needed anything. This time I watched their eyes to see if there was any interest in this old lady. They were both noticing my lack of attire. My horny index went from zero to ten. 

This was my situation. I'm practically naked, horny as hell, and I have two good looking young men in my den. The practical part of my mind said your old enough to be their mother and your married to a husband who cares. The horny part of my mind said he doesn't care and this is too good to pass up. I stayed to talk to them.

Bobby was 18 and Neil was 17. They were younger then I thought. Both were still doing a lot of looking and that only excited me. When I went out to get more coffee, I loosened the sash on my robe. If they were going to look, I was going to give them something to look at but I didn't want it to be too obvious. The loosened sash would cause the robe to gap and allow the boys to get glimpses at both my top and bottom. I was really excited.

What I wasn't expecting was a wardrobe malfunction. As I was walking back into the den, the loosened sash pulled open. My robe also opened to show my completely nude body beneath it. I had a coffee in each hand and there was nothing I could do about it until I set them down. They both got a brief but full frontal look at me. I acted embarrassed but I was really excited about it happening. I loosely closed it so it could happen again. 

I had no idea where all of this was leading. I only knew I was enjoying it and it was the most excited I had been in a long time. I went back to the kitchen to get the coke I left behind and as I was returning I heard Neil say I was a definite MILF and Bobby agreed. I knew what that meant and felt complimented. 

I stayed and pretended to be interested in what they were doing when my only interest was between their legs. I made sure they both got frequent peeks at my boobs and pubic hair. There was even another wardrobe malfunction for them to enjoy. When Bobby stood up, I noticed a definite erection. Now that was something I hadn't seen for a while. My horny index went off the scale. 

The guys weren't making a move so I decided I had to. I was standing next to Neil when he said to Bobby that he was going to have to make some adjustments. Since I was beyond any shame at that point, I said to him "It looks like you could use an adjustment too". It was brazen of me but I felt I had to say it. He gave me a puzzled look and I knew it was now or never. I reached between his legs and said "Here". That got a "yeah" from him and I rubbed him through his pants. 

Neil stood up and kissed me. Bobby came up behind me and pulled at my robe. It fell to the floor. After Neil's kiss, Bobby turned me toward him and he kissed me. After briefly feeling my breasts, his hand went south to find me sopping wet. Neil moved up behind me and I felt his now bare cock pressing against me while he fondled my breasts from behind. Neil wanted me on the floor so he could enter me from behind. I was more then willing to cooperate. 

While I was getting down on all four's Bobby was frantically ripping his clothes off. I felt Neil's cock slid into me and I was instantly in heaven. My first orgasm came almost immediately. It was so good and I needed it soo bad. Bobby moved in front of me and said "Do you suck cock Mrs. A"? My answer was to take it into my mouth. Bobby only lasted a minute or two and his cum filled my mouth. He must have been really excited. I swallowed it all. Neil filled me with his cum a minute after that. This whole wonderful episode only lasted about five minutes. 

We all stood up and I noticed both boys were still erect. The wonders of youth. I led them to the bedroom where we enjoyed over an hour of nearly constant sex. I had more orgasms then I could count. 

Did I feel guilty? You know I did. Did I want more? You know I did. The two young men have been back both together and individually several times since. Now when my husband says "Not tonight", I'm not as frustrated. 

I love getting e-mail. Feel free to write me at marie0904@aol.com          


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