The next few stories maybe out of sequence but they are what happened the week I spent with my ex fiancé and the married men she was sleeping with.

Terry had turned into a woman that craved sex and with multiple partners far from the one I had met years earlier and she needed them to be safe or make her feel they are safe which is why she went after married ones.
The most vivid one while I was there was with Bryan he had come back out and shoeing the horses I was in the loft hid to get the show and sure enough Terry came out in her little robe again and even without the giving of money this time he gently laid her back on the floor and opened her robe they met in a wet kiss their tongues snaking around one another he really wanted her as his shorts came off he was already rock hard he looked to be about like me except ever inch of him was rippling muscle which I think was a massive turn on to her do to she was leaking fluid and he hadn’t even touched her yet but as he started slowly kissing down her body she pushed him off her and said ( I want that but I need something else.) with that he stood up and she came up on her knees and her gorgeous mouth and tongue went to work on his rigid cock and from my vantage point I got a hell of a show of her tongue working the underside of his cock and she went all the way to the base and back up then licking and sucking his balls while gently stroking his shaft she was worshiping every inch of him and he was in ecstasy she did this over and over till he rewarded her with his thick hot semen which she greedily licked and sucked up the whole time telling him how good his cum tasted.
Terry laid back on the floor and he dove in licking and sucking her clit and licking her pussy and burring his tongue into her sweet hole tasting her and making her moan and whimper in shear delight and within a few minutes her body tensed and cum hard letting out a long fuuucccccckkkkkkk yesssssssssssss. Bryan licked her clean then moved up placing his now hard again cock at her entrance and rubbed it up and down her slit teasing her she was waiting for his thrust but he just kept tease and she said (Please.) and he looked at her (Beg me to fuck you and I might let your little cunt enjoy but I have another farm to get to so make it worth it.) Terry went wide eyed and said ( Please fuck me with that big cock of you’res my little cunts so wet for it please it needs to feel you cum all over inside it please fuck my tight pussy!!!) Bryan smiled and slid it in a little and made her gasp then he took it out not good enough (Ill give you a hint Im alone for next few days and I want to be able to come over and fuck you when ever I want.) She said (Anytime I’m not at work my pussy is yours.) With that he sunk his cock in her to the hilt and started fucking her hard and fast there bodies and moans echoed in the barn as he drove himself into to her faster and harder with each stroke and suddenly her body tensed and shook violently and Bryan pulled out only to be coated by a rush of liquid and once he realized what happened he slammed back into her pounding her ever harder till atlas he grunted and filled her with his cum. He got up and got dressed and loaded his equipment while she was lying there panting and recovering from the massive orgasm she just had he walked over and said bye and blew her a kiss as he left her there on the floor nude and shaking.
I walked down and ran my hand over her fresh fucked body taking in their scents and she looked up and told me (Ill fall or pass out if I get up can you help me so I picked her up gently and carried her to her bedroom in the house and up stairs where I laid her on the bed and before I could move away she leaned up and kissed me and begged me to fuck her and which point I did sending her to another mind shattering orgasm and then I let her sleep.
Later in the evening a knock came at the door it was Bryan and he didn’t expect me to answer the door but I did and the fully rested and showered Terry was about to get something she could of never expected.

Terry was up stairs setting on her bed about to get dressed to come down and find something for dinner but that would have to wait as Bryan and I came into the room she froze she was completely naked her clothes where beside her ready to put on she was putting lotion on her body like she always did after a shower but there stood her two lovers staring at her beautiful body ready to ravage it and she smiled (Well looks like a very good night for me.) and Bryan said (You don’t know the half of it.) and he walked over and looked back at me You got to watch me fuck her now I want to watch you fuck her brains out then ill go again so with out having to be asked twice I walked over and tilted her head up and started kissing her then started to go down on her when she stopped me and got on her knees and gave me the same type of blow job she had given him earlier letting me cum in her mouth she looked surprised and said (wow now that your not stressed out and you have lost weight your cum taste nice.) I told her thank your and pulled her back up on the bed where I buried my face in her pussy and licked and sucked her clit till she cum in my mouth and I enjoyed every sweet drop of her. She laid back and I slid into her driving my cock till we where pelvic bone to pelvic bone then fucked her hard as I could stand it till she came then I pulled out and let Bryan have his turn all he could say was how hot that was I didn’t come in her so he could eat her out and he did sending her over the edge again before slamming here to another wet orgasm before pulling out and dumping his come in her eager mouth. After that we all rested a few minutes As I started eating her out again Bryan was letting her suck him hard as soon as he was he laid back beside her and told her to mount him that he wanted her to ride him now and so I helped her up and onto his now hard cock and watched as she slowly started to grind on him I reached up as she leaned to kiss him and rubbed her anus and she shuddered as my finger slid in her tight rear I worked it till two fingers where in and she slowly rode Bryans cock and I slowly moved on the bed and on her down stroke Bryan grabbed her hips and held her and I slid my cock in her tight ass she gasped in pain and pleasure and asked me to be gentle so I took my time and soon was buried deep in her ass she had both her lovers inside of her and Bryan let go and we enjoyed her ride up and down our shafts about ten minutes is all she could take and she exploded in a massive orgasm which sent Bryan over the edge and he filled her with his cum and I pulled her up off him after he finished with my cock still in her ass I set her on her knees on the bed and fucked her hard as I could till I came in her beautiful ass. I pulled out and set down beside her and gave her a kiss and she rolled into me and I held her Bryan had went to take a shower and we lay there in each others arms and that’s when I found out why we where no longer together. She started to cry and told me she knew I wanted a son do to with my ex all I had was girls and that the last trip to California was to abort my son she didn’t want kids to interfere with her carrier or farm and she didn’t think she would make a good mother so she never told me she went out west and had it done. I didn’t know what to say at first but then I told her we could try to work it out she said no I cant see you everyday knowing that and I could not tell you till now but find a women who want do that to you and move on I can never be yours truly again. With that I have only called and emailed a few times since do to she will rarely pick up the phone and talk and has only responded to a few emails her sister told me she found a high school sweet heart and they where dating again and that she seemed happy and I hope she is.

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