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The Love Of My Life Pt 1

siflord on Love Stories

We flopped down onto the couch in Alex’s room with a sigh of relief. Both exhausted after a long night at the bar catching up with everyone after my return back to London. We’d had quite a few drinks throughout the evening and were definitely feeling it. I looked over at Alex sitting on the couch next to me. I scanned her up and down, taking in her petite body. She had always been stunning to me. Blessed with perfect 34D breasts and a shapely little bum on such a small frame. Something about her tonight was too much for me to handle. Years of unrequited love and lust was manifesting itself and I felt myself being overcome with an animalistic desire for her. I could feel my dick beginning to stir within my pants. I wanted her so badly. I decided to through caution to the wind and go in for

True Story Cousin Love

lustful_coyote96 on Incest Stories

Me and my cousin have always had a bond. I've always found her really attractive and she felt the same way about me. She lives in another state so we would visit on once in a while. She is four years older than me. This story took place when I was 18 and she was 22. We were visiting our relatives like we do every couple years. It's my uncle, aunt, a girl cousin and two boy cousins. Since me and my girl cousin were a bit older, we would stay up longer. While everyone was asleep, me and her started watching a movie on the couch. I soon began to drift away into asleep. I then woke up to my cousin rubbing my thighs and near my crotch. She saw me waking up but continued to rub anyways. As soon as i wake up she tells me she doesn't wanna pretend she doesn't want it anymore. She then sits on me


Lickmeimchocolate on Teen Stories

I rode his dick backwards for the first time.

I was horny and nothing was stopping me so I grabbed hold of his thick, swollen bulge through a hole in the crotch of his boxers, licked it a little, then slid my lips slowly down the side of his shaft and kissed it softly. He threw his head back and his dreads spilled above his head as he let out a faint moan, as he felt my mouth part then water as I begin to slide my tongue over its head then suck and slurp his dick. Amazed at how deep I aloud him he grabbed hold of my curls and pushed my head further on to his member. "Nnghh, you like this dick?" He asked. Truthfully I loved it, but I didn't want to give way just yet. "I said, you like THIS DICK?" He asked more forcefully thrusting his dick deeper into my throat. But I could take it, I'm

College Tales Chapter 2: Dreaming

palindromat on Sex Stories

Continued from Chapter 1: Partying with Randall

All of these stories are true - or at least based in my imagination on what I *wish* had happened at any given time during my high school and college years. I started writing this all down for my own records, and to share. Some chapters/stories are shorter than others, and some (like this one) aren't as erotic as others, but they all play into each other. I'll try to 'publish' regularly.


Chapter 2: Dreaming

I’ve had this dream since freshman year of college; I think it became more realistic when I actually learned about sex (not ‘about’ sex as in sex-ed class, but ‘about’ sex as in actually having it) that spring. It’s based on fact, but the actual events of the party are completely fictional.

We’re in high school or early

A Week Of Good Company - Part 1

SomeoneUdontKnow on Sex Stories

It was a dark and misty night. Eve was alone in her house, as she would be all week. She decided she needed some company in the house over the week. So she called her friend, his name was Franky Fucker. His name said it all. She always had a crush on him, she planned to make her move this week. But there was an issue, because Franky could only be there from Thursday, and Eve needed company all week. So she arranged her friend Jesse to come only on the days that frankly wouldn't be. On Monday, Jesse arrived at Eve's doorstep will everything he needed to stay for the days he would be there. He included a special gift for her, one he know she had wanted for quite a while, he wouldn't tell her what it was but she was pretty sure it was a Double ended dildo. When Jesse showed it to her that ev

Horny Isabella: ...

horny101 on Sex Stories

Sorry! This story has been removed. Watch this space for the original resubmission.
Sorry! This story has been removed. Watch this space for the original resubmission.
Sorry! This story has been removed. Watch this space for the original resubmission.
Sorry! This story has been removed. Watch this space for the original resubmission.