I had the paper delivered from me every Sunday morning that means that it would still be on my doorstep. In typical Sunday fashion I was feeling lazy and couldn’t really be bothered to go upstairs to get my dressing gown just to open my front door. I thought to myself briefly and decided that since no house had a view of me front door due to high hedges and my door being at the side of the house that no harm could come from it.
I got up and walked over to my front door, despite the lack of risk I was still finding it quite thrilling. I turned the door handle took one last breath and yanked the door wide open; there was no one there. I reached down and picked up my paper. As I rose back up to normal height I saw a figure about 1ft in front of me.
I jumped back in shock and quickly tried to concentrate on the person before me, it appeared to be a young Girl Scout selling cookies. She was about 5ft tall with short brown pig tails, a petite figure, a probable B-cup, a very cute face and a pair of killer tanned legs that stood out greatly between her small shorts and socks.
“I am really sorry I didn’t mean to, I was just…I’ve got to go,” She stuttered out as she quickly tried to flee in a state of shock, I had no choice but to stop her.
“It’s okay. Look just come in quickly and we can sort this out and whatever it is that you wanted,” I said as I grabbed her arm in a reflex action.
I quickly covered my dick with the newspaper and looked across at her to her reaction. She looked around trying to find an escape from the awkwardness and fear she was experiencing from the situation. I looked into her eyes and could tell she was terrified.
“You’re selling cookies, well if you come in quickly ill make you a drink and we can sit down and sort out this little mishap. If you do that for me I promise ill buy some cookies off you, how does that sound?” I asked her.
I looked on to see her response. She looked every so shy and afraid but to my surprise she gave me a little smile and a nod. I let go of her arm and I walked into my lounge, she followed me. When we got into my living room I asked her to take a seat on my couch and I went into the cupboard to grab us a coke each. I returned, giving her a coke and sitting down besides her covering my member with a pillow.
We talked and I explained to her that I was out of clothes for the weekend and I didn’t mean to surprise her when I came to the door and that all I was doing was fetching my paper as I thought it was safe to do so. I also told her that she had nothing to be ashamed of, as seeing me naked was only an accident on her behalf and that there was nothing with my nudity as we are all born that way.
As we came to the end of our conversation I couldn’t help but notice her sexy tanned legs and the scared expression she had on her face, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I started to lose track of what I was saying in the conversation as I stared vacantly into her legs. Her legs occupied a rather large dose of her height and just looking at her perfect tanned legs began to give me a woody. I quickly attempted to cover-up my erection with the pillow but unfortunately I wasn’t very successful.
Immediately she became very uncomfortable around me and tried to rush along in attempt to escape. I on the other hand was finding myself very aroused by the situation and her perfect young body and had no intentions on letting her leave anytime soon. I realised my will to have sex this vision of innocence and quickly devised a plan to do so.
“ So moving on, you wanted me to buy cookies off you right, so why are you trying to sell them?” I asked.
“Well if I sell 200 boxes this summer I win a computer with lots of games” She replied.
“How many have you sold so far and how much does the average person buy?” I asked.
“Five and the average person only buys a box” She responded, instantly my face light up at my opportunity.
“ Well if you go now ill buy one box off you but if your willing to do me a favour I will buy all 195 off you. The favour may hurt a tiny bit and you might find it kind of disgusting, but what do you think?” I asked. An expression of joy hit her face, clearly this computer meant a lot to her.
I threw the pillow on my lap to the floor exposing my hardened 7” dick to her innocent eyes. Her expression changed and she clearly became unsure of what she had got herself into. I shuffled over towards her on the couch and started to undo the buttons on her brown shirt, she began to cower and I reminded her why she was letting me do this.
I undid all the buttons to her short and threw it to the floor leaving me with a good cleavage shot of her tiny pert breasts in her little white bra. I lowered the straps on both sides and started to peck at her neck whilst I tried to undo the back of her bra. In no time at all her bra was on the floor too.
Her breasts were perfect. They were rather small but that didn’t matter as their smoothness and her tiny pointy nipples in the middle of her upturned pert breast made up for it. I started to flick at her nipples with my thumb making them even harder until they were big enough to take into my mouth. I took a nipple into my mouth as I slowly caressed her breasts with my palms. As I did this I watched her facial expression, as it changed from an unsure disgusted look to an expression that I can only describe as pleasure.
Once I was completely sure she was starting to get into it I lay her on her back and started to undo her little brown shorts. Despite how much she had clearly enjoyed me playing with her breasts the look of fear quickly summoned itself back to her face, I wasn’t going to let that worry me. I began to take off her shorts revealing her little pink cotton panties. I slid her shorts down her leg with my face following along the way kissing along her legs on the way down and then up, they were so smooth.
Looking at her underwear I noticed that she had a little damp patch right between her legs giving more a little more proof that she was enjoying herself. I moved my hands back towards her breasts and continued to rub them in an attempt to soften the effect of me touching her honey pot.
I lowered my head between her legs as I continued to grope away at her breasts and ever so gently rubbed the front of her underwear with my nose, her whole body jumped. I continued to run her pussy through her underwear with my nose, eventually she adapted to me touching this new area of her body. As she grew more used to my touch she became more and more aroused until eventually her underwear was soaked in her juices.
In an attempt to take things a little further I tried to slip my tongue under the hem of her underwear. As my tongue touch the tips of her secondary lips she jumped away from me towards her clothes attempting to gather them.
“I can’t do this, I know said I would but I can’t its just too weird and icky” She said, her voice trembled in fear as she spoke.
I couldn’t let her leave now I thought to myself and from nowhere I leapt behind her grabbing her torso and sitting her on my lap on the couch. I held her tightly in my grasp and with me being a fully-grown man and her a little girl she had no chance of escape. I slipped my finger under the hem of her soaked panties and began to run it along the length of her soaked hole.
I had the poor girl completely terrified at this point and she began to cry as I molested her pure virgin body. My finger continued to caress and explore her perfectly sculpted orifice. I moved my head onto her shoulder and began to whisper into her ear, trying to convince her that she enjoying my touch and it wouldn’t be long until we finished and also reminding her of what she wanted. Eventually I calmed her down and she quickly swept back into the spell of my touch. By the time I had started to work her clit she was on the verge of orgasm and decided it was time I got something out of all this.
I let go of her and positioned her in between my legs staring at my heavily swollen cock that ached to be touched. I told her to treat my member as if it were a Popsicle. She stared blankly at it for a moment and then eventually built up the courage to take it in her hand. After getting her hand around my meat she gave it a quick jerk forcing a load of pre-cum to emerge from my tip
After getting a good grip of my hard prick she lowered her little mouth down to my head, licking the pre-cum from it with the tip of her tongue, she cringed at the taste. Then she returned to my cock deep throating just over half of it whilst caressing my tip with her tongue. In no time at all she was working my cock like a pro. As my large cock slid down her slender neck I was in heaven and was on the edge of shooting my load but before I came I wanted to at least sample her pussy.
I told her to get up and partake in the final part of her end of the deal. She stood up right in front of me and as she was just finishing off rising to her feet I grabbed her little pink panties at their sides and yanked them down adding them to the pile on the floor. The look of fear made another return to her face but this time I was quite sure that she wouldn’t freak out after enjoying my touch so much.
I took my first good look at her pussy, it was beautiful, her pouting pink lips glistened with her juices and to round it all off she had the cutest tuft of patchy undeveloped blonde hair hanging over it. I ran my finger once along the length of her cunt and then gave her clit a quick rub to ease her nerves, in no time at all an expression of extreme pleasure returned to her face.
I grabbed her on both sides under her arms and her lifted onto my lap positioning her soaked virgin pussy over my hard-on. A shocked expression found itself on her face as she realised what I was attempting. To throw her off track and relax her for my big entry I rubbed the tip of my cock along the entrance of her hole; teasing her and making her think that was all we were going to do.
As she began to tinker on the edge of orgasm again she became very wet, layering my groin in her juices. As I rubbed her entryway with my dick I began to slowly try and get my tip inside her. As she began to moan and her eyes closed I quickly made my move. I grabbed her at her hips and made a giant thrust inside her forcing through her hymen first time.
As her cherry popped during my entry she let out a giant scream of pain and her eyes lined with tears. I continued to gently slide my member in and out of her trying not to hurt her any more and allowing her to get used to being fucked. I whispered to her telling her that it was going to be ok in an attempt to calm her down and eventually it paid off and she got back into it.
We got into the motion of things after a little practise and I began to start fucking her a little harder. Her pussy was perfect, it held me incredibly tight and she got a lot wetter than anyone I had ever experienced allowing me a sensational feeling whilst screwing her. Not only the feel of her body was perfect but the look as well, I was so amazingly aroused as I watched this little girl with pigtails in nothing but socks and a neckerchief ride me.
The touch and look of this child eventually became too much for me and my fucking became wilder. Her walls contracted and clamped me like a vice, I realised she was on the verge of Cumming too. Our glistening bodies entwined as I held her close to me, one arm hugging her, the other semi hugging her whilst I tickled her little asshole. I fucked her wildly and sensation took over as we moaned loudly.
I felt that familiar feeling as my sack strangled my balls as our fucking reached its climax. I tilted back my head and gave her a few final thrusts as I came deep inside her virgin cunt. I continued to screw her until every drop of my cum was inside her. It was the greatest sex I’d ever had, it felt like I was Cumming for ages.
Eventually we came to a halt and she collected her stuff, I paid for the boxes of cookies but told her I was keeping her underwear, she agreed. As she was leaving I became paranoid and quickly tried to think up a way of making sure what we did wouldn’t leave the room.
“Oh by the way I wouldn’t tell anyone about we just did if I were you because if you’re parents and scout group discovered you cheated to sell the cookies they wouldn’t be very happy now would they?” I said.
“You wouldn’t tell them that I cheated would you,” she replied looking rather scared.
“Not as long as you don’t,” I replied.
She smiled and nodded and then shot out the door. I returned to my sitting room smiling and thinking about how lucky I had been. For the rest of the weekend I enjoyed plenty of masturbation over the thought of my little scout girl slut. Unfortunately after being caught naked on my doorstep I gave up the whole naked thing and just wore a special pair of pink panties instead.

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longtolinger avatar very hot
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DRAGONCLAW75 avatar dang!!! sure enjoy the story and would like to hear more about it and pls do write more about it since it blow my mind away and wonder what happen next and hope that story contiune :D and hope u will contiune write and can't wait to hear part 2 and more a
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SKULL avatar Great story.I have always had a thing for eating a Girl Scouts cookies.
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