I'm 23 years old, and the only job I've managed to get is working on a farm. Over the years though, I've managed to avoid those hideous farmers tan, buy working shirtless. Thankfully my boss agrees to let me do so.
I stand at about 6'3, built, brown hair, green eyes...I admit, I'm quite the looker ;) Girls always come after me, and of course I always let them; unless of course they're looking for commitment. I'm 23 years old! Why would I want to be tied down? Anyways, let me tell you about the few times I've been at work, and have come across my boss's daughter.

My main job is run the tractor and harvest my boss's crops. Well one day as I was doing so, I saw his daughter. She was running along side this huge Doberman, seems like she was getting her exercise. From what I saw, she had blonde hair, skinny, but not too skinny, a big butt, and huge boobs...I wonder if that's what her mama gave her! Strangely enough, when I stopped the tractor, she stopped running.
"Howdy!" She smiled, catching her breath.
"What's up" I smiled back, catching a better look at her.
My observation earlier was right. Except now, I saw her blue eyes and her curves. I thought I was a looker? She's more of a looker than I am.
"I'm Abigail" She held out her hand.
"Hunter." I shook her hand.
"You enjoy your job?" She gave me this mischievous smile.
"I do." I looked at her, "What are you, a spy for your Dad?"
"Nope.." She got a little bit closer. "I just wanted to know."
"OK." I tried to turn towards the tractor again, but she caught my attention.
"Crap!" As she bent down to grab her ipod off the grass, she shoved her ass into my crotch.
I admit it, I was not hard. I've learned over the years to control my dick, and plan to keep him under control.
"Whoa." I said, trying to push her away, without grabbing her toned ass. "I don't want to lose my job."
"Oh" She turned around, "I'm sorry."
"It's OK" I assured her, "I'll see you later, Abigail."
"Oh I'm not done with you" She said seductively.
"I'm pretty sure you are." I started to climb toward the seat of the tractor, "Trust me."
She started to run away, along side of her doberman again. Truthfully, I watched her ass jiggle, and when I could see her boobs, I watched those too. Man she was so fucking hot, I couldn't believe I just turned down her invitation.


The next day at work, I looked for Abigail again, but there was no sign of her when I was running the tractor. Although, I had a new job this time. My boss told me to clean out the horse stables. I particularily hate this job because it smells so damn bad! This guy has at least 5 horses, and that's what makes it worse.
Anyways, I had went into the stables and started to clean them out. 15 minutes into the job, and guess who comes trotting in? Abigail. She was wearing this really short, really tight, white spaghetti strap tank top, some short shorts that just barely covered her ass, and some sexy ass cow girl boots.
"What you doin there Hunter?" She sexually got up on a stack of hay, purposely spreading her legs a little bit. Put a lot of exaggeration on "little bit", I was able to see how wet she was.
"I'm cleaning this stable." I tried not to make eye contact.
"You should take a break" She winked at me.
"How old are you?!" I asked her, wondering what I was getting myself into.
"18" She grinned.
"Why are you still living with Dad?" I asked.
"Just turned 18" She replied, "Get the fuck over here."
This time, I obeyed her and walked over to her. As I stood in front of her, she observed me.
Abigail ran her hands up and down my abs, my shoulders, and my arms. Then, she pulled me closer to her, so that her legs were wrapped around me.
"You're so damn hot" She whispered, and kissed me softly on the lips. That kiss quickly turned into an aggressive make out session. "Can't deny me now, can you!" She said in a breath.
"Shut the fuck up" I told her, and grabbed her DD boobs. I took her shirt off and sucked on her nipples.
She pushed me off of her, got off the hay stack, and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, letting my hard dick fling out.
"You're so big!" She said happily, putting the whole thing in her mouth.
She sucked my cock like a cock hungry whore. Running her tongue across the head, up and down the shaft, sucking on my nuts, I was about to explode!
"OHHH!" I groaned, "Yea, suck my fat cock!"
"MMM" She said and stood up. She took off her shorts, and slid down her skimpy g-string, and sat back up on the hay stack. "Eat my pussy."
There was no way I was denying her this time, she was asking for it. I got down on my knees and started to eat her bald pussy.
"Ohh yeaaa" She moaned, "Suck my clit, tongue fuck me!" I did as told. When she had enough, she pulled me by the ears to stand up again. "Fuck me, and fuck me hard!" She commanded.
I took my hard cock and played around her pussy with it, and when I entered her, I jammed it into her.
"Owww!" She moaned, and I stopped. "What the fuck are you doing! Why'd you stop!"
So I kept going; I jammed my cock into her tight warm hole time and time again. I wasn't sure how much longer I could take this, so I decided it was my turn to sit and her turn to do the work.
I sat down on the hay stack, and she straddled me with her DD boobs in my face. I sucked on her big nipples and she rode me like a fucking horse.
"yeah, fuck me!" I said, "Come on, jump!"
She started to jump up and down on my cock, making her boobs bounce with her. I cupped her ass, spreading those ass cheeks far apart as she moaned. I took her off my lap, and bent her over the hay stack, and fucked her like a dog.
"MMM" She moaned occassionally, "That feels so good!"
With each and every moan I fucked her harder and harder
"Oh..oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She moaned loudly, "I'm going to cum! I'm goin to----"
When she came, I pulled out and put her mouth down by my cock and watched her swallow every last drop of my sperm.
"Next time you decide to mess with me sexually, "I warned her, "Be careful."
With that, I walked out and left her to clean herself up.

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