Dave had been sacked. He had been caught leaving the office with a modem in his briefcase. A modem! He had been on forty thousand a year at the time, what could a modem matter to the people he worked for? Unfortunately the company were cracking down and although they liked him, he had been with the company from the day he left school, they were forced to fire him to set an example. Worse still was the fact that he had been about to be made redundant, they were banking on his pay-off setting them up for the rest of their lives. At forty-three no one would even give him an interview.

Instead, Dave put all their savings into a new business. His partner promptly disappeared, along with all of the money. Now they lived in a semi on a scruffy council estate. Dave would pretend to go out and look for work, but mostly end up drinking down the pub with a group of 'bad lads' he had got involved with. He used to keep himself fit but now he had a beer belly and looked awful.

That was a little over three years ago. Their two sons had had to leave their private school, as they could no longer afford the fees. Neither of the children settled at the new school next to the estate; they were considered 'posh' by the other kids and consequently their schoolwork went down hill and they were now failing just about every exam.

The depression, together with his increased drinking had changed Dave in the last three years. He had gone from successful business man and loving husband to a bully and a lecher. This morning he had slapped Caroline so hard had she had fallen to the floor. The incident was over something as trivial as his egg being too runny. Worse, he had slapped her in front of the boys. The boys were now 14 and 12, old enough to begin to realise that there was something 'wrong'.

"Daddy was upset," she tried to explain.

"Daddy's ALWAYS upset," they replied.

With her husband's increased absence from the house and his complete lack of respect for her she found the children more and more difficult to handle. There was nothing that she could put her finger on at first. They were slower to respond to her. Their language was getting worse; just small things. They called her the names that Dave called her, like 'slut' and 'whore' and when she told them off they just stared at her, sullenly. When things got out of hand, she would end up slapping them too, but even a stinging blow across the cheek would just make them stare back defiantly at her. Caroline felt she was losing control.

She couldn't remember when the bum pinching started. When she was defenceless, like doing the washing up at the kitchen sink (no dishwasher now!) Dave liked to do it. He would wink lewdly at the kids as he did so. Boys copy their fathers and now she had to put up with both Paul and Andrew doing the same thing. She had told them off about it, but they just seemed to enjoy seeing her get mad these days.

After shouting herself hoarse at the kids Caroline would go up to her room and take a few valium to help her get through the rest of the day. She looked at her tear-stained face in the dressing table mirror - what was she becoming? Getting dressed for the day ahead she noticed her bum in the mirror and saw that it was covered with black and blue bruises.

Her one 'treat' still was a hot bath. She would retreat into the bathroom, light some candles and relax, no matter what sounds of fighting between the boys were going on in the rest of the house. Today was actually quite peaceful. The boys had gone quiet soon after she lay back in the water. She lay still for some time, regaining her strength. When she finally emerged she wrapped a towel around herself and left the heat of the steamy bathroom. Normally she left her pile of clothes outside the door so that they didn't get ruined by the steam. However, when she emerged now they were gone.

"Has anyone seen my clothes?" she called out.

There was sniggering downstairs. Caroline decided to investigate what the cause of the mirth was. In the living room she found Paul, her eldest holding her clothes in a pile.

"Here they are mum," he said, holding them out to her.

Caroline was suspicious but went forward to collect them anyway. Just as she reached out her hands, with a whoop of joy, Paul flung them up in the air towards Andrew, who caught them deftly on the other side of the room. Caroline's heart sunk; they were in a silly mood again.

She reached out now to Andrew and asked them to give them to her. However, as she got closer to him he repeated the trick. Backwards and forwards went her neatly ironed clothes. Caroline dashed like a madwoman between them trying to catch the clothes and hold up her towel at the same time. She couldn't do both and when the towel slipped around her ankles both boys stopped and to her shame, laughed at her naked body. Caroline rushed upstairs to go to her room but found that the boys had locked it and taken the key. Caroline was furious. She stormed back downstairs and mustering what courage she could find, despite her nakedness, demanded the boys stop playing games and give her her clothes back immediately. Paul told her simply to 'Fuck off' which made Andrew giggle. Caroline was enraged, she stepped forward to slap her son, but as she was about to do so he slapped her first. At 14, Paul had already outgrown her. He was also younger, faster and stronger. Caroline tried to retaliate but could not land a blow near him. Eventually she ended up sobbing, curled up on the living room floor. She felt her clothes flung at her and heard the boys laughing.

"NOW, you can dress, bitch." She heard Paul say as the boys left the room.

Caroline tried to bring up the subject of discipline with Dave that evening, but he had been drinking and was in one of his dark moods and wouldn't listen to her. Caroline served up the dinner, looking for any signs of remorse in the boy's eyes, but they seem to have forgotten the prank so she didn't mention it.

From then on even her baths were not so relaxing. She took her clothes and the key to her bedroom door in with her.

The next event was a few days later. Paul knocked on the bathroom door as she lay soaking. He was demanding to come in as he needed to pee. The only toilet in the house was in the bathroom. Caroline asked him to wait but he just kept banging, louder and louder. She could here Andrew giggling in the background so knew they were playing her up again.

Just as she was about to get out and unlock the door, Paul burst in. The doors and locks in the house were flimsy and it hadn't taken much for him to break it open. Paul made a mock apology to Caroline, playing to his brother as the audience, saying he was sorry, but he just couldn't wait. He took out his cock and started to pee unashamedly. The toilet was at the end of the bath. Lying, with her head at the other end of the bath from the toilet, Caroline could see Paul's white cock poking out from his flies. She hadn't seen it for a while and realised that her son was becoming a man.

Just then Paul made another mock apology, turning toward her as he did so. Piss splashed across the bathroom floor and into the bath. He pissed in the bath for a good couple of seconds before 'realising' what he was doing and returning the flow to the toilet. Andrew, loitering at the door giggled at his brother's antics. Caroline was furious at his actions but accusing him directly did not help, he simply denied it. Caroline left her ruined bath, wet, naked and humiliated in front of the boys. Dave never fixed the bathroom door and from that day on Caroline never had the sanctuary of the bath again. Just as she was relaxing either Paul or Andrew would barge in on some pretext. Her nerves, already frayed, began to unravel.

Their seemed now to be a conspiracy of men against her. The abuse from Dave and 'his' sons as she began to call them was relentless. The boys were expert at casually creating more work for her to do around the house. Dave started letting the boys drink and smoke openly in the house. They commonly referred to her as 'the slut' in their conversations.

The next bad occasion was while the 'men' were watching TV. Dave asked Caroline to join them, but they were watching some boring football match so she declined. This seemed to make Dave angry. He grabbed at Caroline as she came past and forced her to sit on his lap. The boys both laughed and Dave was enjoying having his audience laughing at his antics. He started groping her tits, telling the boys what a lovely slut she was really and how they were missing out. Caroline was horrified by his crude actions, but couldn't get out of his grip. Now his hands were under her T-shirt, groping her breasts. Caroline saw the boys were looking on with a sickly mixture of amusement and lust.

Eventually she struggled out of his arms and retreated to the kitchen. The boys and their father were just laughing.

The sexual displays did not end there. Dave seemed to delight in arousing his sons by pulling up Caroline's shirts to show her breasts or her skirts to show her legs and behind. He told them openly that she was a 'good lay', despite the fact that, apart from his occasional forced entries, their sex life was over.

The boys, at 14 and 12 were both of course fascinated by the subject. Caroline had found dirty magazines in both their rooms whilst cleaning up and the stains on their sheets indicated they were both actively masturbating at night. They fed on any glimpse that Dave gave them of their parent's sexuality.

Dave responded. No one gave him any respect anymore, except his sons. The more he told them about sex the more eager they were to listen to him. He was proud to show off his sexual mastery of their mother who in his mind had become a frigid, stuck up bitch.

Things came to a head one night when Dave, sitting with Paul and Andrew, asked to see Caroline's pussy.

"C'mon," he said, "the kids are just curious that's all - let's see it."

He laughed at the boys, they grinned back, a little nervously, full of their own sexual tension.

Caroline refused. Dave was not going to be refused anything in front of his sons, so he grabbed her, pulled her over his knees and tried to lift her skirt. Caroline struggled bravely against this indignity, but Dave pulled up her skirt anyway. He held both her arms with his, pressing down to keep her bent over his knees.

"Go on son," he said to Paul, "pull her panties down."

Caroline screamed, "No!"

Paul hesitated but Dave urged him on so with trembling fingers he peeled down his mother's panties to the delight of Dave and his brother. Caroline's bruised backside was revealed and despite the fact she clamped her legs together, the fleshy lips of her vagina and the black wisps of pubic hair were also revealed. The sexual tension rose in the room as three cocks stirred at the sight of the captive, exposed vagina.

Dave wasn't finished yet though.

"If you wanna get a better look you'd better pull the slut's legs apart!" he joked, but his voice was slightly strained.

Despite Caroline's remonstrations Paul again obliged. Pulling apart her legs at the knees revealed the hairy crack of her arse and the wet, fleshy opening of his mother's pussy. Paul's cock was rigid. He was enticed by the sight and smell of his mother's cunt. Dave was not unaffected either.

"Right, lessons over, I'm taking this upstairs for a fuck!" he said, and with that he dropped the humiliated Caroline back to her feet and pushed and shoved her upstairs.

Soon the boys heard the rhythmic creaking of the bed springs in their parents room and knew that their father was 'getting his oats' as he called it.

Neither boy was unaffected by what they had witnessed. They both retired to their rooms to listen and masturbate furiously.

The next morning Caroline prepared breakfast as usual. She tried to appear to the boys as though nothing unusual had happened the previous evening. Dave was still asleep. Paul was curious however:

"Good shag last night mum?" he asked.

Caroline told him it was none of his business.

"How's your pussy today? Sore?" he asked, grinning, but there was also some tension in his voice too.

Caroline ignored him couldn't understand how Paul could look at her the way he did. She saw in his young eyes the same look as his father had had last night as he had 'got his oats' with no thought for how she felt. As Dave had used her, she had known with shame and humiliation that Paul and Andrew were no doubt listening and worse, sexually aroused, probably masturbating, while she was abused.

Now as she worked at the cooker she felt both boys watching her and she wished she had had more energy to get dressed properly before coming down. The worn-out dressing gown she had slipped on felt too flimsy to hide her body; she felt exposed.

"Hey mom," Paul continued, hardly able to conceal a snigger, "how about showing us your pussy again? Andrew didn't get a very good look last night."

As he had spoken he had moved closer to her. Now Caroline felt him squeeze her arse. She span around, intending the smack him but he was too quick for her and deftly dodged her blow.

"Hey, hey," said Paul, getting angry, "Did you see that 'Drew? The slut tried to smack me!"

"Stop it, just stop it!" cried Caroline, feeling tears starting to well in her eyes.

But Paul was on his feet - the tension had become unbearable for him too. All night he had imagined fucking a woman, a slutty woman and he still had a hard on. He wanted a real slut, not like some of the girls at school he knew who were so prissy and got pissed off if you even tried to touch their breasts. No, he wanted a slut who didn't mind getting fucked or showing off her pussy, a slut like his mother.

He smacked Caroline's face, just like he'd seen his father do and to his immense pleasure it had the same effect - the slut cringed at the pain and fell backwards away from him, stumbling against the breakfast table. Andrew giggled uneasily at his brother's show of defiance. Paul suddenly realised how small his mother and vulnerable she looked. He picked her up easily and sat her on the breakfast table, sending a bowl crashing to the floor. Caroline couldn't look at him and was sobbing bitter tears.

Paul ripped open his mother's dressing gown and was rewarded with a view of her heavy, fleshy exposed breasts. This was his first good close up of a pair of breasts and the sight of them made his cock twitch. Caroline cringed at his violence and instinctively brought up her hands to her breasts to cover herself. Paul simply pushed her backwards on to the table, sending the breakfast things flying. Caroline's head landed in Andrew's cereal bowl, upsetting the milk and spilling it over the table. Paul told Andrew to grab her wrists and hold her tight. Andrew complied and clenched his mother's wrists tightly, preventing her from rolling off the table.

When Paul lifted his dropped his shorts and his rigid cock sprang free, Caroline suddenly realised that he wanted something more than just to hurt her. Her mind was numb, what was he thinking of? She was his mother!

"Paul", she screamed in alarm, "Baby, no!"

But it was as though she couldn't contact him; his eyes were glazed with lust.

Paul eyed his mother's pussy. Caroline's hips were at the edge of the table and her legs were apart. Her black curls were still matted with his father's cum and her pussy was still moist from last night proceedings. To Paul it was the most enticing sight ever. Holding her thighs to stop her from moving he put his cock gently to the opening of her vagina then pushed deep within her.

Caroline felt Paul's cock inside her and shuddered at the unholy invasion. She felt like she was in some terrible nightmare.

"Dave, Dave, help!!" she screamed.

Paul was oblivious to her cries, he thrust his cock in and out of his mother's wet cunt. The sensations, the feel of his cock slipping in and out, the pungent smell of her used cunt, the sight of her helpless and naked beneath him were totally overwhelming.

Dave came stumbling down the stairs naked, half asleep. His fat, greasy cock and balls swung between his legs as he lurched into the kitchen to see his wife, sprawled across the breakfast table, being held down and fucked by his sons. Andrew guiltily let go of his mother's wrists, but it didn't stop Paul from his frenzied thrusting.

Dave dazedly surveyed the scene, scratching his balls as he did so. It took him a while to work out that Paul was fucking his wife and that she wasn't enjoying it. Showing off his wife's pussy to his sons had given him a big kick and last night he and made sure that he had made a lot of noise while fucking the bitch as it excited him that they would hear. Dave groggily tried to deal with the conflicting emotions in his head. On the one hand he knew that something was wrong - some taboo line had been crossed somewhere, but he couldn't remember where or when. On the other hand he felt great that his sons, who loved him dearly, were becoming men and they now had something in common: they were all fucking the same woman. He was only mildly annoyed that the woman happened to be his wife, but then again, he was sure that when Paul started to bring home girlfriends, as he would be doing soon, he would surely reciprocate......

Dave looked down at Caroline's face - she looked up with pleading eyes at him, seeing the indecision in his face and mouthed at him to stop it. It was too late. Dave's cock was already swelling at the sight of his slut wife being laid over the breakfast table by his young stud and he grabbed Caroline's hair and forced her pleading mouth on to his cock.........

POSTSCRIPT That is the story of how Caroline became the family fuck slut. Once the men in her family had crossed that line there was no going back and from that moment on she was used by all of them. As you can imagine, the teenage boys libidos and curiosity were high. Fueled by their father's consent they wanted to experiment with the slut who was there to be used. Caroline's spirit was broken and shattered by her rape at the hands of her son with the consent (and participation) of her husband. From that moment on she submitted to whatever sexual whim or desire the family felt like. The boys felt it was unfair to let her sleep with Dave and so they made up the spare room for her, where she could be taken at any time, day or night. Eventually the family settled down into some kind of routine again and Caroline thought that things at least couldn't get any worse. That was, of course, until Paul and Andrew started bringing their friends home..............


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