Chapter 1
Hi, my name’s Becky. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m 5’ 2” tall with light brown hair that comes to just below my shoulders. I’m skinny, but I inherited my mom’s wide hips, so my butt is kind of big, but it’s still tight and perky. I have 32B boobs, and judging by pictures of my mom, they aren’t going to get any bigger. My mom died when I was 3, so I live alone with my dad, in our house on the lake.

I have always been a very horny little girl. I’ve been making myself cum by rubbing my clitty for as long as I can remember. I accidentally broke my own cherry last year trying to do a split, and since then I’ve been experimenting with putting different things up my pussy. I started with just a finger, but then I moved on to the handle of my hair brush, and lately I’ve been using a smooth candle. I usually get myself off at least 3 times a day: when I wake up, in the shower, and before I fall asleep.

It was the first day of summer vacation, a Tuesday, and I was bored at home alone while Daddy was at work. He’s an engineer and works in the city, so he usually doesn’t get home until 6:30 or 7 at night. When Daddy’s not home, I like to lie on his bed and watch hos TV, because he just got a brand new 50 inch HD, and it’s really nice. As I was walking across the room, I felt a floorboard move slightly when I stepped on it. That’s never happened before, I thought, and bent down to see what was wrong. The board was completely loose, so I pulled it up. Underneath it, there were two things: a photo album, and a long black bag. I pulled them out and lay down on Daddy’s bed to inspect them. I opened the photo album first, and was shocked at what I saw.

There were dozens of pictures of my dad fucking my mom’s brains out, in every position, in her pussy, ass and mouth! I had always been sort of attracted to my dad, but just to the extent that I wanted to date someone who looked like him. I had never thought about him sexually, but now I realized, I wanted my daddy! My pussy began to get soaking wet; the pictures were making me so hot. It was the last one that almost made me cum in my panties. It was a picture of my mom, with her face and tits covered in Daddy’s cum, holding a ruler up to his erect dick and smiling for the camera. Daddy was nearly 8 inches long, and very thick! The thought of having that monster in my pussy finally drove me over the edge; I barely had to touch my clit and I came as hard as I ever have.

After I’d caught my breath, I put the album back, and opened up the bag. Inside were two of my mom’s old vibrators. The first one was pink and shiny, about 6 inches long and a little thicker than my candle. The other one looked like a real penis, and was about 8 inches long, though not as thick as Daddy looked in the pictures. I put the floorboard back and ran back to my room. I changed the batteries in both of the vibrators, practically tore off my shorts and panties, and started going to town on my clit with the pink one.

“Ohhhhh… Unggggh… Ahhhh!” I couldn’t control myself, it felt amazing! My pussy was literally dripping as I finally slid the vibrator slowly into myself. I felt a little stretched, but any pain was overwhelmed by the immense pleasure I felt.

“Oh my Godddddddddd,” I moaned as I slid the vibrator all the way in on the first push. I held it there for just a moment before I started working it in and out, slowly at first, but getting faster as I started to adjust to it.

“Eeeeeeeeeeee!,” I screamed as I came hard for the second time in half an hour. I turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of my pussy. Amazingly, I was still incredibly horny! I started thinking about my Daddy and how hot and sexy he looked in all those pictures, and how loving he was. I needed to find a way to make him love me like he loved Mommy, and to fuck me like he fucked her! I quickly came up with a plan.

I rode my bike to the mall, and went into a lingerie store. I picked out 3 of the sexiest bras and panties I could find, paid for them, and went home to try them on. After modeling them all in the mirror, I decided on one: a lacy green G-string with a matching bra. I also put on a low cut shirt and a sexy skirt. I decided that when Daddy came home, we would find my on my bed, G-string pulled to the side, fucking myself with the big vibrator and moaning his name. “That should get the point across,” I thought.

Chapter 2
The clock struck 6, and I started to execute my plan. I sat down on my bed, and started by rubbing my clitty with the big vibrator. “Oooooooooh!,” I moaned, it felt incredible. I kept fucking my clit, up and down, rubbing it in circles, until there was a puddle on my blanket. Finally, I brought the tip of the real-looking penis to my slippery hole, and started to push. “Oh!,” I gasped as the head popped in. I already felt stretched, this thing was huge! I adjusted to it a little and started to push it in further. 3, 4, 5, 6 inches disappeared into my tight hole. I held it there and fell back on my bed, shaking and panting like a dog. It felt like I had a tree stuck up my pussy, but it felt great!

I pushed it in further, and finally bottomed out in my pussy just as I heard Daddy’s car pull into the driveway. At that point, I didn’t even have to do any acting, I got completely lost in my fantasy, and started moaning for Daddy to fuck me as I slid the vibrator slowly in and out, picking up speed on each thrust.

I heard him coming up the stairs. I shut my eyes tight and fucked myself even harder. “Ohhhh Daddy, your cock is amazing! Fuck me harder Daddy, please, fuck me harder! I want to cum all over your big dick! I want you to fill my little pussy with your cum!” Even with my eyes closed, I knew he was standing in the doorway. I just kept going with wild abandon. “Yes Daddy, yes, yes, YES! Oh god Daddy, keep fucking your little daughter, keep pounding my young pussy! Ohhhhhh!” I held all 8 inches of the fake cock inside my pussy as I came again.

Suddenly, there was another hand along with mine holding the vibrator in my pussy. My eyes flew open. “Ohh Daddy! I’m sorry!” I faked shame to see how he’d react. He just smiled.

“You are so sexy angel; I’ve wanted this for so long.” Daddy pulled the vibrator out of my pussy, picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. He laid me down on his bed. “Take off your shirt baby, I want to see your little titties,” Daddy said. I pulled off my shirt, and slowly slid the straps of the sexy bra down my shoulders, teasing him. Daddy couldn’t take it anymore; he unhooked my bra himself, ripped it off, and immediately started to devour my tits.

“Oh God!,” I shouted, “Daddy that feels amazing! You’re getting me so hot all over again!” Daddy continued to suck on my boobs and lightly bite my nipples, sending electricity right to my pussy. If I wasn’t soaked before, I sure was now! As he was doing this, his hand started rubbing circles on my tummy, and then finally slipped down to my crotch, where he started rubbing circles on my pussy, outside my skirt.

Daddy stopped eating my little titties and moved down my body, pulling off my skirt and throwing it on the floor. “Oh God Becky, that is the sexiest little thong I have ever seen! Can you stand up and show Daddy how hot your ass looks in it?” I jumped off the bed and started doing a sexy dance for my Daddy, shaking my hips and playing with my hair. “Oh shit,” I heard him moan, “Baby, you’ve got me so hard. I looked up and Daddy had taken off his shirt and pants. I smiled and knelt down in front of him. “Well then Daddy, why don’t you let me take care of that for you?” I pulled down Daddy’s shorts, and his giant dick popped out and hit my right in the face!

“Ooo Daddy, you have such a sexy cock!” I said in my cutest little girl voice. His cock jumped, and I wrapped both my hands around it and started pumping slowly up and down. “That’s it baby girl, that feels so good. Can you put it in your mouth, baby? Can you give Daddy a blow job?” I grinned devilishly, and slid half of Daddy’s big cock into my hot little mouth. I started sucking up and down, running my tongue along the underside of his cock, and lightly brushing my teeth over his dick. I had one hand on the base of his cock, pumping away, and my other hand was fondling his balls.

Daddy put a hand in my hair, not pushing me, just letting it bob up and down with my head. “Oh shit Becky, you’re the best little cock sucker in the world! Where did you learn how to do this?” he asked. I stopped sucking him just long enough to say, “From the pornos I’ve been watching online, Daddy.” I went back to sucking, and within a couple of minutes, Daddy shouted “Ohhh I’m gonna cum Becky, swallow it baby, swallow Daddy’s hot load!” I pumped faster with my hand and sucked on the head of his sock, which finally erupted, sending huge shots of his delicious cum down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some leaked out and dribbled down my chin.

I wiped the rest of his cum off my face and lay down next to my sexy daddy. “How was that Daddy? Did I do good?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “That was the best blow job I’ve ever had, baby! Now it’s time for me to return the favor.” Daddy got down on his knees on the floor and said “Scoot your butt over to the edge baby, and put your knees on my shoulders.” I did as Daddy said, and he began to devour my pussy, sucking and nibbling on my clit and shoving his tongue into my wet slit. “Ohhhh my goodness Daddy that’s incredible!” I shouted in ecstasy. I knew I wouldn’t last long; sucking Daddy’s cock and swallowing his cum had made me incredibly hot.

He was going to town on my clit, flicking it over and over and over again with the tip of his tongue, making me gasp each time. Suddenly, he slammed two of his thick fingers into my slit, and that sent me over the edge. “Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” I screamed. I must have cum for over a minute, and Daddy never stopped his assault on my pussy, which only pushed me further. Finally, I collapsed in a head and Daddy pulled his head out from between my legs. I had drenched his face, and my cum was dripping off his chin. He didn’t even bother to wipe it off; he just lay down next to me, and pressed his lips to mine as we enjoyed our first real kiss. We made out passionately for about 10 minutes, when I reached down and started to fondle his cock again.

It came back to life immediately. Daddy reached in between my legs and slid his middle finger into my still-drenched pussy, fingering me slowly. He was hard as a rock in about 10 seconds. I finally broke off our kiss.

“Daddy, please fuck me! I need to feel your gigantic cock in my tight little pussy!” I begged. He smiled and got on top of me, lining up the tip of his cock with my hole.

Chapter 3
He began to kiss me again as he pushed into me. I held him tight around his neck as I felt the head pop in. “Oooooooh!” I moaned. And I thought the vibrator had felt big! My pussy felt stretched to the limit, but I was so wet that Daddy slid half his cock in easily.

“Oh God Daddy, you feel sooo huge in my pussy! You’re ripping me apart!”

“Does it hurt baby? Do you need me to stop?”

“No Daddy, please keep going! Get it all in me; stuff my pussy full of your dick!”

Daddy pressed his cock in further, and I could feel him sliding deeper and deeper into me. It felt like his cock was in my belly! Finally, I felt his balls rest on my puckered asshole. “You took my whole cock baby! Your pussy is so tight; it feels incredible on my dick.”

Daddy rested there and let me adjust for a minute. Finally, I felt ready and whispered, “Fuck me Daddy.” He slid out slowly until just the tip was inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and helped him push all the way back in. He took it slow for about 5 minutes, until I said, “Daddy this feels incredible, but I need you to fuck me hard!”

Daddy got up on his knees, never taking his dick out of me, and put my ankles on his shoulders. Then he started to pound my little pussy as hard as he could! I was screaming in pleasure, “Oh fuck Daddy, yes, fuck your little girl, fuck my pussy raw, make me cum all over that big dick. Uh, uh, uh, uh,” I moaned with each thrust. Finally, my pussy was ready to explode in pleasure. “Oh fuck Daddy I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” He didn’t even slow down, he kept fucking me as hard as he could until my orgasm finally subsided. I was exhausted, but I knew we weren’t done. He hadn’t cum yet.

Never taking his dick out of me, Daddy flipped us over so that I was on top. “Ride my cock baby, fuck yourself on your Daddy’s dick!” I did as I was told. I started grinding my hips into his groin, rubbing my clit on his stomach. Daddy put his hands on my waist, picked me up a little and pushed me back down on his dick, impaling his little girl. I got the hint and started to ride him like a little cowgirl, bouncing up and down for all I was worth. At the same time, he was driving his cock up into me, doubling my pleasure.

After only a couple minutes of this, I was ready to cum again. Once again, my juices flowed out of me and drenched my Daddy. “Fuck Daddy I’m cumming again! You’re dick is amazinggggggg!” My orgasm subsided and I was completely spent, unable to even sit on my Daddy’s cock anymore. I collapsed on his chest, shaking and breathing raggedly.

Daddy finally pulled out of me and laid me on the bed on my stomach. I could barely move, but I felt so empty; he’d stretched my pussy out so much. Daddy grabbed my hips and pulled me up onto my knees. I kept my face on the bed; I couldn’t move my arms to push myself up. I felt him start to slide into me again from behind, and it felt like he was in me deeper than ever! “I’m almost don’t baby,” he said, “Where do you want my cum?” Without hesitation I answered, “Cum in my pussy Daddy, I want to feel your huge load shoot into my little slit!”

Daddy began to pound my pussy harder than ever. My mind was gone, I was literally screaming in pleasure, not even forming words anymore. About a minute later, amazingly, I felt his cock grow even bigger. It was now pressing right up against my cervix! “I’m cumming baby, take my hot load!” he grunted. It felt like there was a fire hose in my pussy, shooting warm cum right into my young womb. I had my biggest orgasm yet, passing out with my ass in the air and my own Daddy’s cum flowing into my little pussy. Daddy tucked us in and fell asleep beside me. I woke up in the morning with his cock still in me, and still rock hard.
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