It was a dark night and a strike of lightning illuminates a small building in the middle of nowhere. Inside there were many people and a small doctor. All of a sudden the door knocks and he excitedly exclaims "Ohh how wonderful. Our guest is here" There are four mean carrying a woman into the room. The doctor says "Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present to you, Jennifer Walters. They carry her into plain sight of all the people. She is in her clothing and wondering what is going on. Jennifer exclaims "who are you and why have you brought me here?" The doctor says "My name is of no importance and the reason I have brought you here is to use you as a test subject for my newest and latest experiment. The doctor walks over to a blanket and pulls it off to reveal an examination table. The doctor goes behind the table and pulls out a mechanism. He then says "You see this? This device is built in such a way that it can pleasure any woman and bring her to orgasm.......instantly. The doctor lets out an evil laugh. Jennifer says "You're Crazy. If you even put me under the influence of that thing..." The doctor cuts her off and says "I am perfectly aware of everything you are capable of." The doctor points at the table and the assistants put her down. They start stripping off Jennifer's clothes to reveal her underwear. The doctor says "Underwear too. I want this to be a memorable demonstration. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" The assistants oblige as they slip off her panties and unhook her bra. The assistants throw her onto the table and use the chains the restrain her. Two shackles for wrists and two for ankles. Jennifer is attempting to escape but cannot even budge. The mad doctor approaches her with the device as he settles it onto her clitoris. Jennifer yells at the doctor and says "You madman!!! You are going to regret this." The doctor replied "uh uh uhhhh. No yelling at the doctor. If you had only listened to the rule." Jennifer nervously asked "Wh-what rule?" The doctor reached underneath the table and grabbed a remote with a glowing button. The doctor nastily answered "An orgasm a day, keeps the doctor away." He slapped the button on the remote control and ran away from Jennifer. Jennifer began to scream as the vibrator began to pleasure her. The doctor laughed as he watched from a few feet away. The audience was amazed also. It began to happen. The pleasure from the vibrator increased Jennifer's heart rate. She began to writhe and shake viciously as her muscles began to grow. She started to turn green as her strength increased. She screamed in pain and pleasure as she transformed into the She Hulk. She screamed and screamed and screamed as the doctor and audience watched with amazement. The doctor flipped a switch on the remote which shut off the vibrator. He approached She Hulk as she lay there panting from the extreme pleasure. She maintained her form because her heart rate was still fast. The doctor began to explain that this whole experiment was made possible due to super fast vibrations that were targeted directly at Jennifer's clitoris. He laughed and She Hulk said "I gained my strength but I still can't move." The doctor said "I knew you were the She Hulk and I took extra precautions when setting up this table because I knew that this vibrator would make you transform." He touched her muscles and her 6 pack was out in the open. She Hulks boobs were magnificent and so was her vagina. She struggled again but nothing. The doctor said it was time for the second half of the demo. He pulled out the same remote and turned a knob all the way to the right. Once it reached it's max point a text began to flash, "MAX POWER". She Hulk saw this and attempted to escape again. The doctor laughed and said "Its impossible to break these chains without the support of this" He punched the activate button again and stood back while laughing. She Hulk screamed at the top of her lungs as the table viciously shook with every violent hip thrust. She got even stronger and her muscles impossibly grew larger. Her hands opened up as she started to lose control. Her heart rate was doubling in speed and her vagina was being vibed nonstop with an instant orgasm vibrator. She Hulk let out a loud scream and started to squirt. She squirted across the room and the people were astounded at this woman. Everyone in the room got horny while watching her writhe and scream in pleasure. The doctor didn't want to turn off the vibrator. He tried to turn the knob even more and broke it. He looked up and saw She Hulk scream "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Her muscles grew even larger and her strength kept increasing. Her vagina was losing sensitivity according to the monitors. The vibrator turned off and She Hulk reverted to human form. She laid there helpless and worn out as the people were amazed at what they just saw. She Hulk was an amazing sight to see especially while naked and pleasured. The doctor laughed and showed the vibrator and said that it will be released in about a year. Once everyone left, the doctor activated it once more, just to see She Hulk again. He kept her here in this lab and sentenced her to this pleasure every single day. Even though is was somewhat painful, She Hulk eventually wanted to stay instead of being used as a prisoner.
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