Hi, here is my story about the closest I have cum to incest. It is a true story and happened recently. I am a 19 year old girl living at home with my parents.

I had been out for a run and wanted a nice cool shower to cool off and get rid of the sweat on my body. I threw my shorts in the laundry bin and got a quick shower. After I had my shower I dried of and went back into my bedroom to put some clothes on.

I remembered that I had left my headphones in the pocket of my shorts, so I walked towards the bathroom to get them. The bathroom door was locked so I knocked. My dad was in there and said that he would be soon and that he was just getting ready for work. i went back to my room and listened to some music while I waited for him to finish in the bathroom.

After about 10 minutes he came out of the bathroom and went out to work. I went in the bathroom to find my shorts and get my headphones. I pulled out my shorts and the thong that I had been wearing was near the top of the laundry basket. I had taken my thong off with my shorts and threw them both into the basket together. I picked up the thong and noticed something dripping from it. When I opened up the thong I could see it was full of cum. I threw it back in the basket and ran to my room.

I had been sitting there for about 5 minutes and couldnt get that out of my mind. I started to get wet and horny, I went back to the bathroom and got the thong and took it back to my room. I shut my door and looked at all the cum that was still in my thong, right by where it rubs up against my pussy.

I touched it with my finger and tasted it. It tasted nice. I got some on the tip of my finger and rubbed it against my clit. This drove me wild an I began masturbating wildly. As I was about to finish, I picked up the thong and licked all the cum off it and played with it in my mouth until I orgasmed. when I orgasmed, I swallowed my dads cum and then put the thong back.

I have to say that it felt weird doing it, but it was the hardest orgasm I have ever had.

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[#5571] captcrooked ( 1412 days ago )
captcrooked avatar Interesting. Sounds like you could go for more. Please let me know what happens next. Do you like the thought of your dad and yourself ?
[#5571] scrammer ( 1413 days ago )
scrammer avatar i can forsee your stories continuing. great start. i too have to wonder how long he as been doing that.
[#5571] onehardcock ( 1414 days ago )
onehardcock avatar how long ago did that happen?? is that the only time you know of that he has done that?
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