The little girl next door...

A few years ago a mom and her young daughter moved into the farm house next to my house.. My town is really small and there is a lot of open land but for some reason even though we both own a lot of property out houses were build close to each other..

I knew the mother's father because he used to own the house she now lives in.. She was never that close to her father but being his only child he left all of his property to her.. It came in the nick of time also because the mom was out of work and needed a place to stay with her daughter.. I quickly became friends with the mom and I arranged for her to get a job at a friends company.. She also works a night job to help make ends meet.. It seems her daughters daddy was a dead beat and she does everything she can to make sure her daughter will well provided for...

Now her daughter is named Laura and when she first moved in Laura was just a baby.. Many years have passed and Laura now goes to a very expensive private school the next town over.. Again I befriended Laura's mother so I watched Laura grow up very fast

Since Laura's mom works so much Laura is often home alone.. She is old enough to take care of her self but I volunteered to let her stay at my house until her mother was home.. Sometimes Laura would spend all night at my house because her mom often worked well past midnight and it was too late to wake her up to take her home

Laura loves my house.. Even after all the hard work her mom does and even though the house they own was left to them they do not have a lot of money.. Any money the do have goes to Laura's schooling.. I on the other hand am very well off and have all the fun toys,gadgets and cool stuff for her to enjoy.. She is always over my house swimming in my heated swimming pool or or playing with my XBox 360 or watching my 64 inch HDTV

Laura gets home from school at 2:20pm and I am often home from work by 5pm so she has her own key and has the run of my house until I get home, then I make her dinner and help her with her homework

One day I got to leave the office early and was going to be home soon after 3pm.. I walk into the door expecting to see Laura watching TV but instead I notice she is in my bedroom and some unusual sounds are coming from my room.. I quietly sneak to look into my bedroom and was shocked at what I see..

Laura was buck naked on my bed playing with her pussy.. To make maters worse she was watching the home made porno's I make with the hidden camera in my bed room and a bunch of sluts from my town who like to have a good time with me on the weekends..

At first I was a little angry, until Laura moaned out my name in pure ecstasy as she brought her self to an orgasm.. This was the first time I looked at Laura in a different light..

She was no longer a little girl.. She was maybe 5'7 with beautiful long brown hair, amazing green eyes and perky 36 C tits.. She also had a nice round bubble butt and I could see that even at her young age she shaves her tight pink pussy bald...

I was so turned on I started playing with my cock right there watching her pleasure her self to the images of me fucking other woman..

I left after that and came back normal time.. She was sitting there watching TV like always.. I also noticed I had fresh sheets on my bed.. I always thought she just like doing laundry and cleaning my house but now I know she must have gotten them wet with juices from her pussy

I pretended everything was normal but I could not get the image of Laura naked on my bed out of my mind.. That is when I formulated my plan to have her...

That night I programed the camera to start recording at about 2:30.. When I came home to watch the tape there again was Laura playing with her pussy to the images of me fucking other woman and every time she worked her self up to an orgasm she moaned my name.. I wanted to pull my cock out and stroke it to the image but I didn't because as hot as it made me I wanted to feel her pussy around it even more.. That night I put the DVD of what I recorded in the hiding place where I keep them all and labeled it "Hottest video I ever recorded"..

That next day I called out of work and waited for Laura to get to my house.. I set up the camera so I can watch it from my lap top and I watched her get naked and put the DVD in.. I started to sneak into my own house to watch Laura's reaction of what was on the DVD.. I looked into the door way in my room that was cracked open and saw Laura naked on my bed.. This time she was not playing with her self.. She was watching the video of her playing with her self moaning my name on the TV screen.. I can see the look on her face.. I can tell she was both afraid and incredibly turned on.. Just then I walk into the room and say "Whatcha' watching Laura?"..

I startled her and she was trying to hide the fact she was naked with the cover and she tried to fumble with the remote to turn the DVD off..

I think she was about to cry just then but I blurted out "If you think all my home made porno's are hot we should make one to put them all to shame".. I never saw some one smile so hard and I guess the thought excited her because she started to drip pussy juice right then and there..

I started to strip and I walked to the bed.. To relax her a little I started to kiss her right on the lips with a very soft nibble kiss and at the same time I took one of her breast into my hands and started playing with the nipples... I asked her "Are you sure you want this" and Laura replied "Yes more then anything in the world"

I laid her down on the bed and started to soft kiss my way down her naked body making sure to suck on each of her nipples on the way down.. I then got as close as I could to her pussy with out touching it and said "Do you want me?".. Laura replied Yes I want you".. I asked her what does she want me to do to her and she replied "I want you to eat my pussy then fuck me like you fuck all of those girls on the DVD's".. I got even closer and asked her to beg.. she then begged " Please, I want to feel your tongue in my pussy" but before she can finish I took my tongue and stuck it deep inside of her wet cunt.. She instantly had an orgasm and squirted her cum all over my face..

I ate her out at a feverish pace and she just kept cumming and cumming over and over again, each time moaning my name and that she was cumming... I then stuck my middle finger in there to break her Hyman before my cock would rip her pussy open but I noticed that even though she was super tight and my finger was even too big for her cunny she had no cherry..

I then told her "I am going to fuck you now, it may hurt a little but relax and it will feel amazing soon".. She then begged me to fuck her like I never fucked any woman before and to just put it in her quick because she wants to feel me inside of her

I then told her I was going to ram my cock in at the count of 5 but when I got to 2 I slammed my rod deep inside of her all the way to her cervix.. She let out a large yell... I was feeling bad but I then realized that she was convulsing and she just had an intense orgasm

I slammed my cock like a Piston in and out of her for over an hour and she was just so receptive to everything.. I fucked her missionary, I taught her to ride me like a cowgirl and she picked it up like an expert.. We reversed cowgirl, we spooned and we fucked doggy style and each time she came one after another after another.. Finally I took her legs and put them behind her head and slammed my cock into her faster and harder then I ever fucked any woman.. I finally felt that familiar tingle in my balls and I pulled my cock out and squirted what felt like a gallon of cum all over her belly,tits and face.. Laura was covered with my white sticky sperm

I looked up at her jizz covered face and she was pouting.. I asked her what was wrong and she replied "I was hoping you would cum inside me".. I told her that was not a good idea and besides how would we explain to her mother how a girl who goes no where but school, home and my place got pregnant?

We had sex twice more before her mom got home from work that night and many times after that but I guess those are stories for another time
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[#59] kcid25 ( 72 days ago )
kcid25 avatar I have no idea how many times I have read this story, but each time it leaves hard and ready for more.

Thanks for writing it.
[#2033] woak51 ( 984 days ago )
woak51 avatar love the store but dont now the age
[#119] humbert1 ( 1120 days ago )
humbert1 avatar If you start living the nudist lifestyle at home and just walk around casually naked all the time to show that is no big deal, and start at an early enough age, it's amazing how uninhibited they grow up! What a great story.
[#5571] fireengine8 ( 1279 days ago )
fireengine8 avatar not bad - did I miss her age? to much hinting "many years", etc
[#5571] fisherking ( 1294 days ago )
fisherking avatar I posted a 2nd chapter today
[#5571] shado1957 ( 1335 days ago )
shado1957 avatar a very good story..
[#24] IRONEAGLE2 ( 1392 days ago )
IRONEAGLE2 avatar great story more
[#5571] luvs2jizz ( 1403 days ago )
luvs2jizz avatar Good story line! Future stories maybe more erotic if you use some "dirty talk" while they are fucking. Let the girls tell the guy they like to feel his cock squirting his jizz too. Maybe get Mom involved.
[#447] Dezinches85 ( 1429 days ago )
Dezinches85 avatar great friggen story.
[#8] tyhare062367 ( 1432 days ago )
tyhare062367 avatar Love the story keep them cumming.
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