Her name was maddi. 16 and gorgeous. I watched her as she hung at at the pool of our holiday apartment complex with her friends. She was beautifully slender but had huge big DD tits. Her body was perfectly tanned and her ass was begging to be spanked. I watched as she jumped in the water, he bikini top straining to keep her tits cover. I could feel my cock straining inside my shorts to break free. I was 18 when all my family and i were on holidays when i first saw maddi. From the second i saw her i made it my mission to fuck her.....hard.

The day after i first saw her i headed down to the pool early in the morning to swim a few laps and hoped that the girl my cock was craving to fucked showed up soon. Sure enough about 15 minutes later i saw her walking towards the pool, her much paler more awkward friend jasmine following behind. The girls took off their shirts reveiling their tiny bikini top, my cock started to firm. Maddi turned her back to me and undid her shorts, bending at the hips to slide them down her long slender legs giving me the perfect view of her as, my cock beginning to make a noticeable tent in my board shorts. The two young girls jumped in the pool and started splashing at each other. The water was freezing that morning and their nipples were rock hard and poking through their suits, tits bouncing as they jumped. I let out a groan very quietly to myself. Dear god i wanted nothing more then to grab her and fuck her right then and there by the side of the pool. But i knew i couldn’t do that. I had to plan it perfectly. I quickly got out of the pool, grabbed my sunglasses and jumped into the adjoining spa and hit the jets. With my eyes hidden by my sunnies and my cock hidden by the bubbles i reached down and let my cock free as i watched the two girls play in the pool opposite me. I slowly began rubbing at my cock imagining maddis mouth sucking it. Pretty soon i was wanking fast and the bubbles were starting to stop, i bit my lip and came hard watching the young sexy sluts nipples poking through her bikini. Oh no, the two girls were looking my way, i hope they didn’t see anything, not yet, i didn’t want to scare them off. I jumped out of the spa and lied down on a sun lounge needing a rest after cumming so hard. I had just closed my eyes when someone approached me.
“hi there”
I looked up, it was her, it was maddi.
“im maddi, who are you?”
“todd. Nice to meet you”
She sat in the chair next to me.
“how old are you? Im 18”
“im 16. You have a pretty good body for an 18 year old guy”
“thanks, i keep in shape. Youre not so bad yourself” i said as i took my sunglasses off, eyeing her up and down. She blushed for a moment before talking some more.
“hey do you maybe want to come to my apartment tonight?” she asked me “my friend and my mum will be there but im sure they wont mind if you came and watched a movie”
“id love to, but you could always come to my apartment, no one else will be there” i offered knowing my parents were going out and wouldn’t be back until early the next morning. We spoke for a few minutes more before she had to go.She seemed interested enough. I knew that tonight i had to make my move and fuck her.

Late that evening at about 8pm there was a knock on my door. I checked myself in the mirron, simple jeans and a black tee, before opening the door. Maddi was standing there in a very short denim mini skirt with an almost seethrough white shirt that her tits stretched out.
“come on in” i offered.
Not much happened for the next few hours, mostly just watching the couple movies i had picked out. But the night was getting on and i was getting restless. I needed to fuck her right now and i wasn’t about to wait any longer. I slide my arm around her and pulled her close to me leaning to kiss her. She was hesitant at first but quickly got into it, her tounge playing with mine, letting soft whimpers escape her mouth. I placed my hand on her thigh and slowly moved it towards the hem of her skirt. Thats when she did something i didn’t expect. She took her leg that my hand was on and threw it across my legs so she was straddling my lap, not once breaking the kiss we had go. Filthy little slut i thought...perfect. i knew she wanted me as she began to grind her crotch to mine as we continued to kiss. My fingers gently stroked the skin that was exposed at the bottom of her shirt and i began to lift the shirt off her. She broke away from the kiss and lifted her arms to help get it off. Her tits bounced free and were almost spilling out of her bra. I slid the straps off her shoulders and started kissing her neck. He little whimpers had turned into soft moans and my rock hard cock was pressing through my jeans against her perfect thigh. She quickly removed my shirt as i unhooked her bra and discarded it across the room. My eyes locked straight onto her tits as i took them in my hands. They were big and natural and beautiful. I pinched at her nipples and took one into my mouth, sucking at it and flicking it with my tounge. Maddi grinded harder into my crotch making my cock grow even harder. I pushed her off me and stood up making her stand too. I walked her to the side of the couch and turned her around, i pushed her head down towards the cushion and rested her hips against the arm of the chair. Her ass was on display peaking from beneath the tiny skirt she was wearing. I kneeled on the ground and looked at the wet spot on her little heart patterned panties. I kissed at her thighs and pushed the tiny skit up around her hips. I kissed further up her thighs until i was at the edge of her panties right by her pussy. The smell was intoxicating. I kissed her pussy through her panties licking at the wet spot, it tasted amazing.i reached up and pulled her panties right down to her ankles staring eye level at her ass and tiny pink slit. My mouth was watering. I stuck my tounge out and took one good long lick of the young sluts cunt. She let out a deep moan in pleasure and pushed her pussy back towards my face. A smile grew across my face, that little slut wanted to be fucked just as bad as i wanted to fuck her. I continued to tease her licking at her pussy and playing with her asshole. I sucked on my finger and slowly pushed it into her ass making maddi groan in pain and pleasure. I pushed her legs apart a little further and ducked my head to suck on her clit while i continued to finger her little puckered asshole. Soon maddis legs began to shake and she came right into my waiting mouth. I licked up her cum dripping from her pussy and then stood behind her, ditching my jeans and boxes letting my 8 inch cock free. She tried to turn around and see what i was doing but i pushed her head back to the cushion and insited she stayed like that. The slut obliged. I took my cock in my hand smoothing my precum over it. I moved forward and ran the head of my cock up and down her tiny pink slit, lubing it with her cum. Before she could take her next breath i plunged my cock balls deep into her tight little cunt. She let out a scream. Holy fuck...she was a virgin. That drove me crazy and i began to fucked her fast and hard, my balls slapping against her clit, her screamed muffled by the couch. I was possessed, nothing could stop me now. I spanked her ass hard leaving a red print in the shape of my hand. I kept fucking her just as hard as i bent forward and took her too big tits in my hands and pinched at her nipples. The slut was dripping wet, her juices covering my cock and dripping down her legs. She was screaming in what i took as pleasure and i felt her pussy clamp down on my cock even hard as her body shook with another orgasm. By now the 16 year old slut was biting the cushion to stop herself from screaming so loud. I couldn’t take it anymore, the feel of her tight pussy was driving my closer to cumming and the sexy groans and moans she was making was making it even more difficult not to cum. She lifted her head and looked back at me.
“fill me with your cum. Make me your cum slut!” she begged.
That was all i needed. With one last hard thrust joplting her body forward and back into the couch i let an almighty groan and cummed deep inside the young slut. Stream after stream of my load shot deep into her pussy before i pulled out of her. She collapsed on the couch, breathing heavy and repeating “oh my god” over and over again. I leant over the top of her needing a rest myself.
As we began to catch out breath and return to normal we got up and maddi looked me deep in the eyes and said “please, fuck me again”.......

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