“Family reunion? You gotta be kidding me!” was my outburst. The thought of a four day weekend wasted with my family was not my idea of a fun time. My family was a feud from the inside out. That’s why I moved away, far away. “But you have been away for ten years and I think that Thanksgiving weekend would be a great opportunity for you to see everyone and by the way, mend some fences.” explained Sheila. My sister was right about that. “Some fences” I spent my entire young life enduring Aunt Margarite’s medaling. She was a one woman wrecking crew. She pitted people against each other for the pure sport of it. Every time there was a family gathering, it would end in a fight. It didn’t matter what the occasion was. Be it a wedding, funeral or holiday someone was going to battle and every time without fail, she was the instigator. You could actually see her revel in the chaos. You may ask how could she be so successful time after time. You would think that the family would disown her or something. At least stop listening to her spewing vile. Well I am afraid that there is the problem. The fact was that Aunt Margarite was knock down gorgeous. Yeah what a problem to have, right? Wrong. She used her goods looks and her sluttish style of dress to lure older rich men to marry her and then collect on their life insurance. She was the richest of the family and the family competed against each other to gain her favor. It was despicable and it made me sick. What made matters worse for me was the fact that I saw through her tactics and didn’t give in to her. Consequently I became her obsession. She used everything she had to try to make me give in. The worse part was the fact that she plotted against my parents. She treated them like shit compared to anyone else just because I wouldn’t bow down and make a fuss over her. The funny part was if you can laugh at it. The family looked at me as the black sheep. I was the bad guy! Fine, so when I graduated from high school I scrammed. I got a job driving a logging truck in Oregon and pretty much kept to myself.

“But Sis, I don’t think that I will be missed if I don’t come. I wouldn’t miss me! Besides the thought of putting up with Aunt Margarite and her shit, doesn’t appeal to me.” I pleaded. But Sheila wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Look Dave, mom and dad are coming in from Florida and you should take advantage of the opportunity to see them. After all you live 4 thousand miles apart and this would be like going to see them for half price and besides, I already booked your flight so be at the Portland airport at 4:00 pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.” Damn she had me. I didn’t have any excuses left to use. “Alright but I’m bringing my brass knuckles.” I said. She laughed “Ok Rocky, I’ll see you at the airport.” .Then I heard the line click and sat down to contemplate what I had just agreed to. “God I’m going to hate this.” I said to myself.

Well the next 2 months flew by and the logging business grinded to a halt due to an early winter snow. The trip was two days away and I was trying to figure out how I could wiggle out of having to go. Man I hated the idea that I was being forced into doing something. I mean that I have lived on my own for so long without having to answer to anyone, that it gave me a bad taste in my mouth. At least I get to see my folks. Maybe it won’t be so bad. The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself that no matter what happens, I am not going to get lured into any confrontations back home. “Mr. Happy Face. That’s me.” I said to myself. Yeah right.

The flight to Dallas was delayed getting into Portland so all the passengers had to wait at the gate for 2 hours. I located an empty seat at the bar and started to drink away the delay. After a couple of minutes had passed I felt someone sit on the stool next to me. I glanced to see this beautiful woman making herself comfortable. “Hello, are waiting for the Dallas flight too?” she asked? With my tongue rolling out of my mouth as I took stock of this 20 year old, long legged, big tit goddess, I replied “Yep.” Mr. Smooth, that’s me right? Man I’ve been the woods to long, I felt like a dork. “Yeah well, they said that it will be another hour and a half before we can board.” she said. “Welcome to the waiting room and may I buy you a drink?” I asked. “Sure but I have to tell you that I’m only 20. I don’t want to get you into trouble.” she admitted. I thought to myself, “Your too late lady. I’m in deep shit and looking for a diving board!” I got the bartender’s attention and ordered two bloody marys. We moved to a small table to enjoy our wait together. “My name is Dave.” I said as I offered her my hand. “Peggy” she responded. When our hands touched my cock sent me a 3 alarm shiver that ran right up my spine. My jeans were calling for reinforcements to keep my pecker from over running the boundary of it’s stitching. Like I said, I’ve been in the woods far too long.

In that hour and a half we managed to down several drinks and things became very friendly. Peggy was going to school at Washington State and she was flying home for the holiday. I teased her because of her age and how that school was brainwashing her young mind. She boasted that she was quite intelligent and indeed was as grown up as anyone. I shot back that she couldn’t possibly be all that smart and so pretty at the same time. I continued, “I bet the boys there don’t give you a minute to study. I know I wouldn’t.” She stared at me for a moment and with her speech slurred, “What did you say? You wouldn’t do what?” I looked at her and realized that Oh My God I got this 20 year old kid drunk. I could go to jail! Just then the intercom came on and announced it was time to board. “Shit, we gotta go.” I told her. “Where is your ticket?” I asked. She pointed at the general direction of her purse and then rolled her eyes in the back of her head passed out. “Oh fuck me!” I said under my breath. So I grabbed her purse and retrieved the ticket. Good, her seat is just a couple of rows in front of mine. I picked her up and walked her the best I could to the gate and handed the tickets to the steward. He looked at her and asked if she was ok. “Yeah well she fine. It’s just that it was a long wait and she is afraid of flying.” I explained. He smiled and winked at me and motioned us to board.

After I pleaded with this old lady to swap seats with Peggy, I sat her down into my seat next to the window and I sat next to her. It was just in time to because she went out like a light. About 5 minutes into the flight, I saw her shivering like a leaf. So asked the attendant for a blanket and covered her up. She settled right down and things went ok until I felt a hand move inside of my thigh. Hello! My dick was sending proximity warnings and swelling fast. I looked down to see her hand moving toward alarm central. I glance up to see her looking at me with these eyes of desire. Great, just my luck. Here I am with this big tit. gorgeous man eater who has this hungry look on her drunk face in a plane full of people! Her hand reaches my cock and I’m about to panic. I mean don’t get me wrong. I’ve been around. There’s nothing more in this big world that I’d rather do than to fuck this vixen silly but on a plane full of people? Then I glimpse at her blanket and she pulls it down just far enough to show me that she had opened her blouse. My god, she wasn’t wearing a bra. I just stared at those majestic mountains and moaned quietly. She smiled and squeeze my thickening member. I didn’t know what to do. The flight still had a couple of hours to go and I am about to die from a blood hemorrhage. Being totally aware of my dilemma, Peggy calmly moved the blanket so it covered my crotch and then without missing a beat she took her hand and unzipped my pants. All of my 9 ½ inches sprang up looking for a fight. She gasped and wrapped her soft warm hand around it and began to slowly stroke. I nearly went mad. I felt the sweat pour from my forehead like a waterfall. Peggy cuddled up to me and whispered, “Are we having fun yet?” I looked at her smiling face with this look of terror and I said, “I am about to flood this whole damn plane and drown everybody!” She giggled and replied, ”Well we can’t have that.” And with that, she moved her head under the blanket and began to engulf my ragging hard on in her hungry mouth. She took me like a pro. I never felt such ecstasy and agony in my life. Here was this unbelievable woman giving me the best blowjob ever and I have to stay cool, calm and collected. Just then I felt my balls being massaged and I enter lala land. I shoot what felt like a gallon of juice into her mouth. She took every drop as if she needed it to survive. After she drained me of my sperm, her head came up out of the cover and she licked her lips and said, “I needed that.” I look at her astonished and said, “You did huh. Well I am glad to oblige.” She snuggled back up to me and added, “I figured you deserved that for getting me on the flight. Thanks again.” We spent the rest of the flight holding each other.
Just when I thought I had the most incredible day of my life, we landed in Dallas. We walk off the plane having recovered from the booze and the sex who do I see? My sister standing next to, you guessed it. The Wicked Witch of Tyler, Texas. So here is my first test. No problem, right? “Hi Grandma!” exclaimed Peggy. Grandma? Oh shit. Ok Davey boy, what’s your next move? How are you going to handle this one? God I wished I was back in the woods! “Hey Sis!” I said as I hugged her while keeping a trained ear on you know who. To my surprise, Peggy took command of the situation. She must have sensed my uneasiness and spoke up, “Yeah, I met Dave in Portland and he kept me company till the plane finally got there. We didn’t realize that we were family right away.” Now she was toying with me. “Well David, you sure grew up.“ said the witch. Margarite was pleasant but I could tell that she was highly suspicious. Peggy was the daughter of Margarite’s oldest son from her first marriage. I had to be reminded by Sheila of who Peggy was when she was young. How she would always stay indoors around the adults, not wanting to miss what ever they might say. A bit nosy as I remember and to be honest, Anyway, I spent my time trying to distance myself from the family altogether especially Aunt Margarite’s little circle.

The ride to Tyler was uneventful. Peggy and her granny sat in the back while Sheila drove. Every so often I could feel Peggy’s feet nudging my ass from under my seat. I shot a glance at her and she winked at me. I didn’t know if the witch saw her but I didn’t care. We dropped them off at my aunt’s house and headed to sis’s place. “Uh Sis. Where is the gathering going to be?” I asked. Of course I knew the answer before I asked the question. Margarite’s house was simply enormous. She loved showing off her ill gotten rewards to the less fortunate of her family. She actually gave tours! “Now you listen to me big brother. I want you to be on your best behavior on Saturday. She has spent a ton of money on this reunion and believe it or not, she has changed.” she spouted. “Yeah I’ll believe that when I see it.” I countered. “Well I wasn’t suppose to say anything but she is the one that paid for your plane tickets.” she admitted. “What? Goddamn it Sis! Why didn’t you tell before I …” I said in a huff. Sheila explained, “You would have refused if I told you. Anyway you are here and besides, she asked me not to tell you.” “What was that? She told you not to tell me? Why? I mean she was always ready to brag about how she paid for things as far back as I can remember.” I asked. “I told you she has changed. She is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Give her a chance David. For me?” she pleaded. I sat there and pondered what my sister had said. Changed? Could it be true? Wow, she was such a bitch for so long. Then a lightning bolt flashed in my head. “is Peggy coming with her?” I asked. “No she is has to pick up her parents at the airport at about 2pm. They will be eating out on there way to Aunt Margarite‘s” answered Sheila. There was small break. No chance of an embarrassing situation at least till Saturday. But still, I couldn’t get Peggy’s face out of my mind and I felt a strong desire to continue our sexual adventure. I only hoped that she felt the same way.

Sheila set me up in her son’s room for the weekend because mom and dad got the spare room. Gary was 15 and his room was very cool for a freshman in high school. He about drove me crazy with his collection of skateboards and his boasts of his mastery in the half pipe. I awoke on the holiday morning to smell of cooking and the sound of rap music coming from Gary’s alarm clock slash ipod. Gary came running into the room yelling, “Sorry about that Uncle Dave.” “No problem kiddo. Time to get up anyway.” I went to the bathroom to shower and Peggy’s image exploded into my mind. That wasn’t the only thing that exploded. My cock leapt to life as I began to stroke it while thinking about the last time it was stroked. With the noise of the shower and my preoccupation of my cousin, I didn’t hear the door open. The house had just one bathroom but it was very large. The shower was a walk-in type that didn’t require a door. With Peggy’s mouth on my mind, my sperm was just about to go airborne when I realized that I wasn’t alone. I could see someone out of the corner of my eye. Ok, I can play that game, so I just continued as if I was oblivious to my intruder. I came in a furiously violent manner designed to give who ever it was a show. My head rolled back as I moaned loudly and my cum shot 3 feet into the air and load after load splattered against the shower wall in a heap. When I recovered I heard the door close. “Who the hell was that?” I wondered. Well I finished my business in the bathroom and got dressed. I strolled into the living room and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was my Aunt Margarite sitting on the couch wiping her brow with a hanky. What? Her? She was in the bathroom looking at me shoot my wad to the moon? She glanced up at me and immediately looked away with her face burning red. It was her! She couldn’t even look at me! For the first time in my life, I had a sexual thought directed at the Wicked Witch of the west. I mean even at 51 years old, she still looked hot enough to fuck and what the hell, I was already guilty of incest with Peggy. Besides, fucking her might be just what this black sheep needed.

Margarite spent the remainder of morning avoiding any chance of being alone with me. I on the other hand watched her like a hawk. When ever she would look my way, I was sure to be staring back. I even let her catch me staring at her big tits on numerous occasions. The sexual tension between us was thick as cranberry sauce. “Time to eat!” announced mom. I maneuvered myself to make sure I sat right next to my new found target. She wasn’t paying attention and when she turned my way, I smiled at her and winked. I could actually feel her shake in her seat. I sat so close to her that our legs rubbed each other. I felt her heat through my jeans and my cock began to swell. The meal was fabulous and I’m not talking about the turkey. I made good on every opportunity to brush my hand against her thigh while acting like I was rubbing my own. She nearly jumped at first but as I continued, she started to settle down and even moaned under her breath. No one else had a clue as to what was happening under the table. My sister had the look of pride and accomplishment on her face as she watch the family devour the meal and most all that we were getting along! Dinner was nearly done when aunty lowered her hand under the table. By now I was squeezing her thigh regularly and anticipating her move, I grabbed her hand and brought it to the bulge in my pants. She gasped and stared at me with a look of desperation and I flashed the tip of my tongue. Her chest heaved and then she excused herself from the table. “Are you alright Margarite?” asked my mom. “Yes, yes, I’m fine. Just have to use the lady’s room.” she replied. That seem to appease mom and off to bathroom my aunt went. Well I waited for a couple of minutes to pass and praised all concerned on a fine dinner and said that I am in need of a nap. Obviously I had something else in mind and headed towards the bathroom.

I’m not much of gambling man but I would have bet a year’s salary on the chance that the door wouldn’t be locked and sure enough, I was right. I slowly open the door and I saw my Aunt Margarite, the Wicked Witch of the West sitting on the vanity with her left leg propped up and three fingers shoved up her pussy. I locked the door quietly and moved toward her filled with animal lust. She opened her eyes slightly just in time to see my head disappear under her dress. I bit her hand to make her stop masturbating herself and shove my tongue into her wet cunt. She grabbed my head and moaned loudly as I sucked out her juices. Her clit was enormous and beckoned me to attack it. Attacked I did. She went crazy with her orgasm. Her body thrashed and bucked for what seemed for five minutes and I thought I was going to drown but I managed to savor every drop. I stood up and unzipped my jeans as she watched intently. Just as my red hot member began to emerge from my pants, there came a knock at the door. “Margarite? You ok in there?” God damn it, it was my mom! “tell her you are fine just a little diarrhea.” I whispered. She complied and my mom added, “Well we all are going out on the patio for a glass of champagne so try not to be too long.” As I was slipping my cock into her steamy slit she cracked, “I be out there in a minute.” She locked her legs around my waist and I pounded that bitch’s cunt like a mad man. I reached under her blouse and yanked her bra up over her tits and squeezed them like I wanted them to pop. She squealed with another orgasm and I shot my second load of the day. I filled her honey pot full of my hot cum. We nearly fell on the floor before gaining our balance. Not a word was spoken between us. I pulled my pants up and snuck out the door and ducked into Gary’s bedroom.

I collapsed on the bed and dosed off. When my eyes opened it was dark outside and I desperately needed a piss so I staggered to the bathroom. I unzipped my jeans and was hit with the smell of sex. Suddenly I remembered the after dinner encounter on the vanity. Man this trip just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Don’t get me wrong, I love strange sex but two relatives in two days? What’s next and how am I going to get through Saturday? My head was swimming with a combination of dread and excitement. I still wanted to bed the beautiful Peggy but I would like another round with Margarite also. How do I manage this balancing act in such close quarters without getting my balls cut off! Thank god tomorrow’s Friday.

I ate some left over turkey and spent a quiet evening with the family. Looking forward to an equally quiet day tomorrow, I said my goodnights and set out to get a good night’s rest. I had just laid my head on my pillow when a text came through on my phone. “RU UP? CAN WE TALK?” from Margarite. I didn’t know what to do. I guess she got my number off Peggy’s phone. Oh what the hell. I replied, “yeah im up ynot”. It seemed like a split second passed by when the phone rang. I answered, “Hey Margarite, what’s on your mind?” She shot back with a cracked voice, “You know what’s on my mind you little shit. My pussy hasn’t stopped creaming since this afternoon. ”Sounds like you need a little more of my hard cock.” I boasted. “Of course I need that fat dick or I wouldn’t bother with your smartass.” she hissed. “Now now, I know you wanted me and from what I saw, you haven’t had a good fucking for some time. Why is that? Your hot enough to be a classic cougar if you wanted.” I pondered. “Been there done that, but it seemed that every time I captured a tasty prey, they wanted to be paid! I just wanted to have a good time and get laid. If I wanted a gigolo, I would have called a service. Which I did and found myself doing that more often than not. It got so I would make a call, he came over and fucked me and out the door he went with his money. It was boring as hell. After a while I just lost interest and thought sex was behind me, that is, until I saw you got off that plane. I could smell your cock a mile away. What did you do, fuck a stewardess? Anyway I couldn’t get you off my mind and when Gary said you were in the shower, well I just made some excuse and snuck off to see if I could get a peak. Wow did I get a peak! Juice was practically running down my leg. When you came into the living room and looked at me, I knew I was busted.” I whispered with my cock pulsating in my hand, “So Margarite, you wanna fuck?” “Oh god Davey, please. Please give it to me again. I am your slut to do with what you will.” she begged. “Ok, slut. Be in a cab in front of the house at 1:00 am and we will go to a hotel.” I instructed. She squealed into my ear and hung up the phone.

Ok Davey, just what the fuck are you doing? The Wicked Witch remember? The woman that singled handedly drove you away from the family. Weird! I just have this indescribable desire to fuck her ever lovin brains out. Maybe I have been in woods too long. 1:00 O’clock sharp and there she was in a taxi. I snuck out the door quietly and got in the car and we were off. I no more got the door closed and she was all over me. She kissed me like a bitch in heat and her hands were tearing at my pants. I ran my hand up her short skirt to find her soppy wet hairy patch. She moaned as two of my fingers disappeared into her tunnel. I wasn’t watching for obvious reasons, but it seem like it took just a few seconds to get to our destination. We jerked back to reality and composed ourselves like teenagers being caught on lovers lane. “27 Fifty” announced the driver. I through him two twenties and we went into the Marriott. Margarite nudged me towards the elevator and whispered in my ear, “We’re checked in already and it’s time to fuck, my little shit.” The elevator opened and we entered alone. I turned to her and ripped her blouse off her to expose her braless jugs. She gasped and grabbed my head and buried my face into the valley of her great white peaks. I pushed her to the wall of the car and slobbered all over her massive tits. I was pinching her nipples like a pair of pliers when the doors opened. We half walked and half staggered to our room. She pulled out the card key and we were inside. She pushed me down on the bed and made for my jeans. “I have been wanting to suck this cock since I smelled it at the airport.” she announced. Her hands made short work of my belt and zipper and in a snap, my jeans were down to my knees. With the most wicked smile that I have ever seen, she slowly stalked her prey. She crawled up on the bed with her huge breasts swinging back and forth. Her focus was clear. She wanted my cock and she was going to take her time and enjoy it. She used her tongue with the precision of a brain surgeon. Her head bobbed up and down as I felt her hot tongue lick every inch of my aching prick. She looked into my hungry eyes as she slipped her lips over the head and engulfed my entire penis. I moaned uncontrollably as she sheathed her prize. She began to face fuck herself with ever increasing rhythm and I was near delirium while trying to hold back my sperm. Then she surprised me by cumming on her own just from sucking my cock. Her body convulsed and she was gagging herself trying to breath. I wanted to intensify her orgasm so I reached over to her snatch and pinched her clit. She screamed or at least tried to with her mouth full and I let my load spit into her hungry throat. Stream after stream shot into throat and some started to leak out of the corners of her mouth. I fell back on the bed trying to recover while my slut of an aunt continued to lick my cum off my dick and balls.

She climbed up and snuggled up to me. “I hope there is some more of that delicious cum for me in these.” she said as she cupped my ball sack. I looked at her and said, “There’s plenty and you can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to fuck you raw.” “Oooo, that sounds like fun.” she countered. With that, I got up from the bed and removed the rest of my clothes while she did the same. I looked at her posing on the bed with her hands massaging those glorious tits and I climbed on top of her and straddled her waist with my legs. I bent down and kissed her ever so lightly then moved my mouth over to her left ear and whispered, “Try to relax as long as you can.” Her breathing started getting heavy and with my every move, her anticipation grew. I methodically licked and kissed her neck and moved ever so slightly down towards her big tits. My hands squeezed and massaged each breast with care. I was strong and yet gentle. My mouth sucked each nipple like a starved child and then bit them hard enough to make her whimper. My tongue continued down until I reached pay dirt. My legs had held hers together in spite of her efforts to spread them and when my mouth reached her pubic hair she fought for freedom but I had other ideas. I reached my fingers down into her pussy mound and gained control of her uppermost part of her cunt. I stabbed my tongue into the top of her slit and found her swollen clit. She heaved and moaned as I assaulted her clit. I sucked it out to gain more access and drove her to madness. As I flicked it and bit the tip, she demanded, “Oh you motherfucker! Fuck me and fuck me this instant! Ohhhh fuck I can’t stand it.” Then she change her tone. “Davey, please fuck me. Sink your huge rod into me, pleeeaase.” she cried. I figured that I had tortured her long enough and slid down past her knees and grabbed her feet. With her squirming like a hooked fish I stood up at the foot of the bed and pulled her ass to the edge. She look down to my throbbing cock and she licked her lips and said, “God I love that big cock! Davey, fuck me. Shove that fat sausage into my wet cunt.” When I didn’t move right away she started to cry. “Please Davey, I know you never loved me and I guess that’s why I was so mean to you. But I have changed and need that cock so bad. Please, please fuck me.

Wow, where did that come from? I never expected her to give that up. ”Well I guess we learned something valuable tonight” I said and then raised her legs over her shoulders and sank my tongue straight into her ass! I licked her brown little hole till she screamed, “Oh my god that feels so good! Go ahead lover, shove your prick into my tight ass. Ream my shit hole with that pipe of yours!” I responded, “Yes maam.” and then I guided the head of my rigid member into her asshole and slowly entered until about halfway. Margarite rolled her eyes in the back of her head and I shoved the remainder of my rod into her. As I rammed into her ass, she met my thrusts with equal veracity. “Fuck my ass and don’t fucking stop! Oh Davey, your beautiful cock feels so good in my ass. Ohhhh I’m cummming!” I continued to pump her plump butt until she collapsed from exhaustion. With my cock dripping from precum, I place the head to her mouth. She sprang at my throbbing dick and devoured it all in one shot. “My god, your such a slut! Take my cum bitch! Suck it all out and swallow it down!” I cheered. She took the hint and went wild with her mouth and throat being fucked. I let loose the largest load of cum that I have ever had. Margarite choked and garbled for what seemed an eternity. Some of it leaked out the corners of her mouth and down on her tits. When she came up for air, she gasped for air and inhaled like she was coming up out of a deep pool. After she settled down a bit, she started to cry.

“Why the tears?” I asked. “I was just thinking of all those years I wasted. I should have known you better. Maybe I have would treated you better. Maybe I would have treated everyone better.” she retorted. “Well I didn’t give you much of a chance to learn about me. A person’s view of people can twist their opinion of them sometimes. And sometimes it creates a cloud so thick it becomes impossible to see the truth. I wish that I would have looked through the cloud a bit more than I did.” I confessed. She countered, “No, you were right. I used my position to get what I wanted. I just didn’t know what I wanted. Your sister finally did what no one else would. She sat me down and read me the riot act. She made me look into the mirror and I didn’t like the view. I owe her more than she‘ll could ever know.”

I crawled into bed and cuddled up to my Aunt Margarite. I kissed her lightly and held her close. Three hours later at about 6:00 am, we left the hotel to go home. She dropped me off at Sheila’s and waved at me as she drove off in her Mercedes. I snuck into the house and collapsed on Gary’s bed. “David. David, wake up.” Sheila begged. “Yeah sis, what’s up?” I mumbled. “Everyone but you night owl!” she announced. I looked up to see my sister naked! “Don’t look at me that way, I saw you get into that cab with Margarite. Boy you don’t waste anytime do you?” she said as she reached for my half hard cock. “Sis!” I yelped as I pulled back. “Come on Dave, I know you had a good time with Peggy on the plane and fucked Aunt Margarite last night. So I figured it’s my turn!” she demanded. Sheila stared into my now wide awake eyes and climbed onto the bed. Her tits which were about the size of cantaloupes and my prick sprang to life when my sister ripped away the sheet. She dive bombed my stiffening penis with her mouth. My mind went out of control. I was filled with lust for my sister and I wandered about Peggy, Margarite, Sheila’s husband, Mom, Dad and Gary at the same! “Oh fuck sis, that feels incredible.” I moaned. My cock was sliding down her throat and my balls were slapping her chin. I was just about at the point of no return when she popped my cock out of her mouth and mounted me. She rode me like she was on a pogo stick. Her breasts bounced and swung with her head thrashing all over as she gushed all over my cock and waist with her orgasm. “Oh Davey! No wonder they wanted you. What a great cock you have. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” she screamed. I grabbed her hips and flipped he rover onto the wet pool of a bed. I spread her legs with her feet in my hands and pounded her pussy with every thing I had. She met my every thrust with her own and I proceeded to wear that bitch out. “Please David, cum with me. Cum in my hot cunt!” I didn’t wait for another invite and announced, “Here it comes Sis, My balls are going to blow up! Arggg!” I growled as I began to shoot stream after stream of my sperm into her womb and she counters with, “Ooooooo, I’m cuuummmming. Oh fuck, oh fuck. Fill me brother, shoot it deep!” Our bodies collapse and we laid there quivering for a moment when I broke the silence. “You want to tell me what’s going on Sis?”

Sheila sat up and looked into my eyes and told me about the events that were responsible for Aunt Margarite’s transformation from the Wicked Witch to a nice loving woman that just so happens to love getting her brains fucked out. “She seduced George.” she said as a matter of fact. “What, how?” I asked. “It was last year at Thanksgiving. She all but demanded that we go to her house for dinner and she promised to behave herself. No insinuations and no fights. Things went pretty well. The food was elegant and the wine flowed in abundance. The kids had a great time and everybody was pleasantly pleased. Just as things were winding down, I received a call from work that there was a multi car accident and the E.R. was short handed. Being registered nurse, I was called in. George remained at Margarite’s to help with clean up. Well I was busy at the hospital till nearly midnight. I get home and I found George passed out on the couch, so I got him up and helped him to bed. As I undressed him I noticed lipstick. I noticed lipstick on his balls! The same color as what dear aunty sported on her slimy lips! Well I slept on the couch and in the morning I gave George the third degree. His memory was a bit foggy but I helped him remember with the threat of a divorce lawyer. They were both drunk to the hilt and after everyone had left, they got friendly. I made him understand that no one was to ever know about this and if he ever cheated on me again, I would cut his balls off! Then I waited till about 2pm and went over to Margarite’s to confront her. David she was a picture of shame. She knew she fucked up and she couldn’t even look me in the eye. I had her right where I wanted her. I lit her up with every memory I had of her disruptive activities. I tore into her and broke her will until I actually brought her to tears. Then I saw an opportunity. I kissed her. I kissed her full on the lips. I stuck my tongue down her throat and ripped her blouse off her. She gasped back asked what I was doing. I told her that if she wanted to fuck, then I was going to fuck her good. I told her to tell me where she kept her toys and I took the biggest dildo she had and reamed out her cunt for over an hour. While I rammed it into her I made her eat my pussy till I almost drowned her. By the time I was done with her, she was mine and I exercise my will over her to this day.” I sat back against the headboard and took it all in. “Who knows…?” I started to ask. “Just you, me Margarite and Peggy.” she replied. “Yeah Peggy. She caught us one day this past summer and just joined right in. The reason I saw you last night was because I was on my way out to meet Peggy for some fun. We followed you to that hotel and saw you both go in. Thank you for the motivation by the way. It made for a wonderful time with Peggy.” My mind was swimming with all of this, then I asked, “When did you find out about Peggy and me?” She giggled at me and said, “Before the plane landed. Peggy recognized you immediately. After your little escapade she text us and our pussies were instantly soaked. We knew then that you was going to fuck us both. That must have been a great flight hey bro?” So that’s why I didn’t hear from Peggy, I thought to myself. “Just one more question Sis. Where is everyone? Why are you here?” I surrendered. “Well George and Gary are at a ball game and the folks are over in Fort Worth visiting old friends, and I just wanted to get laid!” she exclaimed. With that, Sheila started stroking my recovering love stick and we fucked like rabbits before the folks got back.

Being totally exhausted, I didn’t come out of Gary’s bedroom at all on Friday night. I didn’t even answer the phone. Something told me that I might need my strength for the big family get together at Margarite’s on Saturday. My sister dropped a few hints that I was in for an unforgettable day. Now I am pretty good at fantasizing about sex. I work in the woods after all. But nothing could prepare me for what was in store. We all left for the reunion about 10am and when we arrived at auntie’s house I was surprised at the sheer opulence of the decorations. She spared no expense in every detail. She had everything you could imagine. Food and drink without limit and plenty of activities for the kids around the pool. She even hired a person to entertain them with a magic show. I ate and had a few glasses of wine and milled about. I walked over to Margarite and gave her a kiss and hug and told her that everything was very nice. She whispered in my ear, “I am so happy that you are here David and thank you for giving me something to be thankful for.” Then she winked at me and went to visit with mom and dad. I turned to walk off and was blind sided by the beautiful Peggy who kissed me full on the lips and rubbed her pelvis against my groin. “I need to talk to you. Come find me upstairs in about 20 minutes.” she pleaded. I nodded and glanced over to Sheila who was watching intently with the smile of a cat who swallowed Tweety.

Sure enough, twenty minutes later I went in search of my in flight cocksucker. As I reached the second floor, I heard Peggy say, “It’s about time you finish what I started. I didn’t know that I would have to wait at the end line to be serviced by the infamous Davey!” There she was standing at the end of hall, naked except for a pair of high heels. Her body was statuesque with long dark hair spread over her large breasts that sported very hard and erect nipples. Her curves looked like they came straight out heaven and last but not least, a visibly moist, shaven pussy that beckoned me to devour. I looked like a deer caught in headlights. I stared at her body like a kid watching a magician pull a chocolate bunny out of a hat. I started to mouth the words of apology when she started to massage her tits and asked, “Are you going to come fuck me or just stand there all day?” I nearly tackled her on the hallway floor as she ran to me. She leapt up on me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I was met with a deluge of kisses all over my face as she ripped my shirt to shreds. “I have thought of nothing else since we got off that plane. Now I want you inside me. I want you to take me and make me your slut whore. Do me as you please lover.” she pleaded. I carried her to the bed and went to work on her neck and ears. As I removed the rest of my clothes, I whispered my plans to deliver her to a new plane. A plane of ecstasy that she would never recover from. My voice rang through her body like a tremor that never stopped. Once I finished disposing of my garments, I stopped talking and started licking. I left my cool moister and hot breath all over her neck and shoulders and then I attacked her magnificent tits. If I would have smothered myself between those white mountains, I would have died a happy man. I sucked and nibbled and sucked her nipples until she screamed and quivered to her first orgasm. Like grandmother like granddaughter. Of course I didn’t wait for her to finish cumming. I worked my way down to paradise. Her pussy tasted like sweethearts and couldn’t get enough of it. I grabbed her knees and rocked her back and forth as my tongue plowed through her pussy lips and down to her pink asshole. Every time I reached her clit, I sucked and nibbled it. At the same time, as I reached her asshole, I stuck my tongue into her shit shoot a little deeper each time. I continued that routine until she exploded, “OH MY GOD! David I don’t believe this. I’m loosing control of my muscles! David, PLEASE DON’T STOP! I’m CUUUUUMMMMMMING!” She squirted her love juice into my face like a fire hose. It went into my mouth, nose and eyes. I couldn’t see but that didn’t stop me from relentlessly attacking her body. I drank her essence with a thirst of a man in the desert. I locked onto her enlarged clit and sucked and teased it till she became motionless. I looked up to her face and noticed she had past out.

Then all of a sudden I hear a round of applause. My head turned and I see both Margarite and Sheila sitting on the love seat, naked! “Good show!” cheered my sister. Peggy regained consciousness and grabbed me and pulled to her lips and passionately kissed me. She broke our kiss and said, “David I don’t what happened and I don’t care. No one has ever got me to squirt like that and further more, no one has ever made me pass out! I’m yours. I Love You and no one but you. I don’t care if I have to share you with whoever you want, how ever you want. You own me.” Sheila and Margarite were crying tears of joy as they joined us on the bed. The three of them turned me over and laid me down on my back and proceeded to kiss and lick my entire body. Peggy dove straight for my balls while Sheila teased my nipples with her tongue. Aunt Margarite sucked my cock like a hungry animal. I was quickly loosing control when they all stopped
and Peggy stood up on the bed straddling my waist. The other two women guided her down onto my waiting cock. Her tight pussy engulfed me and then she began to bounce with increasing speed. Her tits were magnificent as they giggled and bounced in rhythm with her body. Sheila move her love tunnel over my face and Margarite rubbed my ball sack. About every tenth time Peggy rose up, Margarite would pull out my prick and suck it clean. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My nuts were burning with the need to cum. Then Margarite redirected the head into Peggy’s tight ass. I loved fucking her tight asshole and then Peggy’s body began to quiver violently with another orgasm. Sheila screamed as she flooded my face with cum and I yelled, “Oh fuck! I can’t hold it back any longer! AARRRGGG!”. . Peggy jumped off my dick, Sheila slipped off of my face and all three vixens crowded around my erupting boner. Three tongues lathered up my cock at the same time and I felt my gism erupting up and out. I sprayed their faces with stream after stream of my white hot sperm until I covered them completely.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, I was laying in the bed with Peggy snuggled up to me. She slept soundly as I held her in my arms. I knew then and there that I would never let her go. We spent the night together in that bedroom alone and the next morning we flew back to Portland. On the flight we talked and began to make plans. I asked, “By the way, what are you studying at school? She laughed and said, “Forestry!” Needless to say that we now live in the Oregon mountains as man and wife but we never pass up the chance to go back home for the holidays!

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