During the week my dad was typically the first one home from work. Almost every time I’ve gotten home after my dad, he’s been on his computer in the office, which used to be the living room so It’s open with no doors. He is always careful to check to see if someone is home when he hears a door open or footsteps.

There have been a few times I’ve come in quietly leaving the door open behind me. More often than not the sound of smacking skin, passionate moaning, and creaking furniture would flow from his computer speakers. He has always heard me before I made it to the office. He’d call out to see if anyone was home. Right after I replied he fumbled to mute the speakers and a few times I’ve heard a zipper being pulled closed.

The next few moments would always be a bit awkward. I was torn between feelings of interest, disgust, arousal, and shame. I always felt bad that I interrupted and he never got to finish. I felt especially guilty this past time. I crept quietly across the kitchen floor, listening to the steady panting and creaking chair coming from the office. I could tell by the intensity of his breathing he was only seconds away from satisfaction. Only to be interrupted at the last moment.
I was so turned on listening to my father pleasuring himself with restraint. I could almost picture his engorged dick filling his palm. I imagined him stroking it up and down his thick shaft, precum leaking from the plump head of his cock. His biceps flexing and bulging rapidly as he approached orgasm. My mouth began to water as my cock grew stiff in my pants.

“ I’ll make it up to you next time Dad, and it will be worth the wait” I whispered to myself before heading to my room.
Dad usually got home a few minutes after 5pm. I took off early Wednesday in hopes of catching dad home alone after work. I pull up the driveway just after 5:30, leaving dad plenty of time to get comfortable. My bedroom is on the first floor just down the hall from dad’s office. I figured it would be the easiest and most discreet path to take. I crawled through my bedroom window to avoid the squeaky door and noisy hardwood floors in the foyer. I crept up to my bedroom door and listened to see if anything was going on down the hall.

“Ohhh yea, come on” I heard him moan, accompanied by the rhythmic rocking of his office chair. It was apparent my father had already worked himself into a steady pace. I grabbed my doorknob and turned it slowly opening the door. I got down on my knees and slid across the hardwood floor toward the office. I could hear his breathing get louder and more intense by the minute.

I stealthily turned the corner and crawled into my dad’s office and stopped right in front of his desk. My jaw dropped open as I caught a glimpse of his magnificent cock. I scooted forward under his desk until his hard cock was only inches from my face. I watched as my dad’s hand glide up and down the shaft of his rock hard dick. Precum leaked from the tip of his swollen cock down to his hand providing a little lube as well as making his dick glisten.
I continued to admire the enormous swollen black cock in front of me. It was at least 10 inches long. His hand covered a little less than half of his rod as he stroked it up and down. The length of his shaft was wrapped with protruding well defined veins running up to its head. A meaty bulbous knob topped off his tree trunk like shaft. The head of his cock sported a prominent fleshy ridge resembling the flange of a bell.

When another healthy drop of precum emerged from the tip of his cock I jumped on the opportunity and licked it off of his swollen helmet.

“Mmm, What the…” he gasped as he tried to push himself away from his desk I immediately grabbed the leg of his chair pulling him back under the desk placing his erect cock inches from my lips. I lunged forward taking his dick in my mouth. My lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as I began to bob my head up and down on his cock sucking it deeper into my mouth.

“Oh fuck that feels great! Who’s down there?” He asked. I responded by swallowing the head of his cock down the back of my throat.

“Fuck, I don’t care as long as you keep it up!” he moaned. He pushed his dick into my mouth forcing the head of his cock deeper in to my throat. I swallowed his cock until I started to gag bringing up some extra slimy and thick saliva. I pulled his dick out of my mouth for a moment to catch my breath. A string of spittle strung from the head of his cock to my bottom lip.

“That’s right baby keeps sucking that dick!” he beckoned flexing to make his cock jump in my hand. When he flexed his cock I felt it swell up in my hand stretching almost a half inch wider and grew incredibly hot to the touch. I imagined how amazing that hot throbbing dick would feel deep in my ass until I was also hard as a rock. I dove back down on his dick sliding him into my mouth. I wrapped my wet lips around is cock as tightly as I could and sucked his member in and out of my mouth.

“Oh god! Suck that dick!” he moaned I continued to suck his dick with more passion as he began to squirm in his chair. Making a man squirm and moan while sucking them off is a huge turn on for me and added to my enthusiasm. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock twisting my head in a spiral pattern as I sucked. My hand reached up and wrapped around the shaft of his cock. With a firm grip I started to move my hand up and down in sync with my head gliding up and down on his dick.

“Yes baby! Suck it!” He screamed as his hips darted back and forth out of control. I sucked harder and faster as his dick began throb in my mouth. My grip on the shaft of his cock tightened as I took him deeper into my throat. His hips rocked back and forth wildly shoving his huge black cock down my throat. More and more precum leaked from his dick filling my mouth. Dad took both of his hands and grabbed the back of my head as he began to fuck my throat with all his strength.

“Fuck yes! I’m gonna cum!” He groaned shoving his dick further down my throat with each stroke. All I listened to the sound of his dick sloshing in and out of my mouth full of precum and saliva and thudded against the back of my throat. I contracted my throat muscles around the head of his cock. His hands squeezed my head tighter as his pace grew faster and more violent.

“Oh Fuck!! Mmmmm” He groaned as he started to cum. His dick swelled in my mouth as he pushed it all the way down my throat as hard as he could. I sucked and sucked as his dick started to pulsate in my mouth. A powerful gush of thick hot goo splashed against the back of my throat. His dick throbbed harder as he continued to shoot his load down my throat. My mouth filled with his thick creamy jizz. “Oh god I’m still cuming!” I swallowed it down as fast as I could but he continued to shoot load after load into my mouth and on my face spraying cum like a geyser. I swallowed two more mouthfuls of hot sticky cum before sucking my dad’s dick into my mouth one last time. He collapsed back into his chair pulling his softening cock from my mouth. I licked the excess cum from my lips and let out a sigh of contentment.

“Wow that was so hot! I’ve never made anyone cum like that in my life!” I said.
“Damn boy you suck like a pro! I never would have guessed it was my son down there swallowing my load.” Dad replied.

“Plenty of practice, I love sucking cock.” I remarked
“Well.. oh shit! Someone is home” He panicked shoving his flaccid sticky cock into his pants. I crawled from under the desk and sprang to my feet.

“Hopefully I can swallow your cum a
gain soon” I winked still feeling a stream of cum sliding down my cheek. I slipped into my room closing the door behind me and jumped into bed. I wiped the rest of my dad’s cum from my cheek and sucked it off my finger savoring every last drop.

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