When I entered the bedroom the scent of recent fucking filled the air and Rebel and Max jumped up on the bed. As Max stuck his nose in Dottie's still seeping pussy, she stirred from her slumber saying "honey, I don't think I can do anymore"

Max was now feverishly licking her swollen pussy lips and the cum still ozzing from them. Rebel tried to get into the action but Max growled and Rebel moved away jumping around on the bed.

Max was going crazy licking at Dottie's pussy with his long tounge as he forced it between her pussy lips. Dottie was now responding, wildly thrusting her hips up to meet Max's feverish tounge lashing.

Dottie started to tremble and shake as her orgasm was building between her legs. As Dottie continued to thrash about under Max's maddening onslaught moaning when she yelled "I'm cummmmming, god it feels so good, I'm cummmmming.

Max clearly excited by Dottie's gushing pussy juice, only forced his tounge deeper inside her pussy. Dottie trembled again as another orgasm flooded her body.

Both dogs had their hard dog cocks sticking out from their sheaths humping the air. I was amazed at the size of Rebels cock as he was much smaller than Max, but had a cock almost as large.

Max was trying to mount Dottie but was having difficulty with her laying on her back. I reached between them and rolled Dottie over. She instintctively got on her hands and knees raising her ass in the air.

Max quickly jumped on her back, jabbing away wildly while trying to find her pussy. Rebel was still jumping around with his cock waving in Dottie's face.

Max finally found Dottie pussy, burying his monstrous dog cock deep in her pussy. Dottie gave out yell from Max's sudden onslaught and as she did, Rebel thrust his cock in her open mouth.

I stroked my own rock hard cock as I watched my wife sucking Rebel's cock while Max pounded her from behind. Dottie was completely going wild. She was bobbing up and down on the length of Rebel's cock moaning and thrusting her ass back meeting Max's maddening thrust.

The sight was incredible. Rebel had now taken over and was humping Dottie's mouth forcing her to gag. He was maddening as he humped her mouth relentlessly. His little ass was a total blur as he pounded her face

Max meanwhile, continued pounding Dottie's ass with his forceful thrust moving at lightening speed. Dottie was beside her self as her body twitched and trembled with orgasm after orgasm. She was yelling "I'm cummmming again, oh god, I'm cummming.

This allowed Rebel to only forced his cock deeper down her throat every time she did. She continued to gag and suck his cock furiously.

The sweat was glistening on her back as her pussy juice was flowing down her legs
forming puddles on the bed. Max continued with his wild pounding as I watched his fist size knot repeatedly hitting Dottie's pussy.

Max countinued his wild thrusting until he finally forced his knot inside Dottie's swollen pussy lips. She yelled "I'm cummmmming" again as Rebel completely buried his cock down her throat.

I watched as Rebel's little body shook and he unloaded his dog cum deep in her throat.
Dottie continued to gag as his cum was forced from the corners of her mouth, running down her chin.

Almost simultaneously, Max started whimpering wildly shooting massive load after load in her pussy. Rebel had moved to the corner of the bed and was licking his cock while Max was still firmly embedded in Dottie.

I could no longer control myself as I shot my own load all over Dottie's back. Max although still buried in Dottie, began licking my cum from her back.

Dottie appeared to be completely exhausted and drained. Having just been fucked by two massive black cocks and two dogs in a short period of time had wore her out.

To my amazment, Max who was still buried in Dottie's swollen pussy began to stir again.
He slowly started to hump her pussy again much to my disbelief.

As he quicken his pace getting faster and faster with each stroke, I was even more amazed at Dottie.

Just when I though she could take no more abuse and pounding, she was responding to his thrust. In a matter of minutes they were going at it again full steam. The sound of Max's cock pounding my wife's pussy filled the room and I again began to stiffen.

I stroked my own aching cock as I continued
watching the incredible sight before me. Dottie was wildly thrusting her ass back at Max, meeting his ever thrust screaming "I'm
cummmming, god damn I'm cummmming"

Once again Max's knot sunk in Dottie's pussy
and he stiffened blasting another load of dog cum deep inside her. This time Max pulled out quickly with a large wet plop and jumped off the bed.

I looked at Dottie with her ass still stuck up in the air with gobs of dog cum running down her legs. I could control myself no longer and buried my own stiff rod in her soaking wet pussy.

The excitment and feeling was incredible as I feveriously fucked my wife's pussy. I could feel the gobs of sticking cum that had filled her earlier as I relentlessly pounded her.

I felt the aching need for my own release fast approaching and soon blasted a never ending stream of my own cum deep in her pussy.

As I lay there beside her, picturing the last several hours in my mind, I realized just how lucky I was to have a "slut wife"

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