Sometimes at night, I would sleep between my parents, as children usually do at that age and younger.. And Daddy was always happy to let me.

My mother usually got kind of annoyed at that, since I was a major bed-hog… And my Daddy would snuggle up against me, which made us both take up the bed. So eventually, my mother said that since I was such a Daddy’s girl, maybe he should sleep in my bed with me, so she could get the rest she needed.

So one night, while I was deep asleep in my little pink nightie I always wore, Daddy came into my room and gently touched my cheek.

“Baby… I need you to wake up for me for a minute..” He’d say, in a soft, deep voice.

I opened my eyes as I looked to my Daddy, smiling innocently.. “ Yes, Daddy?”

“Mommy says I should come sleep in here with you, Angel.. Would that be all right with you? Would you like it if Daddy slept next to you?” He’d always have that gentle, caring smile on his lips. His blue eyes were always comforting to me.

I nodded.. and moved over to let him into my bed… He was clad in simple boxers, and nothing else. Which never really bothered me. I liked sleeping cuddled up to his warm chest, with his big, strong arms around me.

We’d sleep like that for days at a time. Since it was summer and I didn’t have school , and he worked from a home office, it left us home alone quite often. We’d usually sleep in until noon or later.

One night while Daddy was climbing into my bed with me, he kissed my forehead, and got a strange look on his face, looking at my hair.

“Baby? How often do you wash your hair?” He’d ask as he looked at my long, red hair.

“Every other day Daddy,” I said, smiling. I’d look up at him with my big brown eyes, sighing as he touched my soft hair.

“Well, it seems like you’ve missed a few spots, Angel. Maybe Daddy should help you clean your hair a little better next time, just so it can be done right. We don’t anything bad to happen to your pretty hair, now do we?” His smile was so gentle, right along with his sweet touch as he held me to him, his hand falling innocently on my small, round ass.

I smiled sweetly and nodded, the little girl who wanted nothing more than to please her Daddy, “Ok Daddy. You can help me.”

With that, we’d fall asleep, my little body nuzzled up against his half naked form. His hand gently rubbing my ass, my head pressed gently to his chest.

That next morning, Daddy woke me up by gently kissing my cheek. “Is Daddy’s little girl ready to wake up and take a shower?” He grinned widely at me, maintaining that reassuring smile, patting my ass as he watched me wake silently.

I nodded and smiled at him, not really thinking anything of it, since my Daddy had always help me get clean in the bathtub, I figured a shower with him wouldn’t be much different, he’d just be naked with me… (Like I said… I was innocent and naïve.)

He led me into the bathroom and started the shower… Silently, I watched him glide his boxers off, his flaccid cock falling from them as he did. My eyes fell on it for mere moments, not exactly sure what it was, or what it was for. I then watched him as he smiled, putting his hands on my shoulders as he knelt down before me. He kisses my cheek again as he slid his hands up my tiny nightie. He whispered into my ear before kissing my cheek again, “Lift your arms so Daddy can take this nightie off you, Baby.”

I obliged and lifted my arms, feeling a slight shiver as the morning air fell onto my bare ass; Daddy’s hands slid over my small developing tits as he slid the nightie from my young body.

Daddy gently opened the curtain and urged me to get into the shower, smiling assuredly as he nudged me in. He followed me, gliding his hands to my hair.. pushing me softly under the stream of water.

“Now, baby, we need to make sure you’re all clean. Every inch of you… Understand?” He looked at me as he said this, putting a small amount of shampoo into his hand; he lathered up my hair, gently massaging it.

It felt good to have my Daddy washing my hair, gently gliding his fingers along my scalp. He pushed me back again under the water, letting the water run the shampoo from my hair. He smiled, watching the water glide down my tiny body, his eyes widened a bit as his eyes flowed down the rest of my young form.

I looked at him, blushing slightly as his eyes flowed over me. “What, Daddy?”

“You’re getting to be quite a beautiful young lady, aren’t you Angel?”

I just blushed and looked down with a shy smile. It felt nice to know that my Daddy thought I was pretty.

“Let’s get the rest of you cleaned up, Baby…” With that, he grabbed a washrag and gently worked the soap into it, creating a lather. He slid the rag over my face, gently gliding it along my skin, and down my neck. He moved innocently and lovingly down my arms, to my hands. He then slid the rag along my tiny stomach, lingering there for a while. I just watched… loving his gentle touch, not thinking anything of it other than my Daddy loved me.

He smiled up at me, his free hand gliding along my cheek, then gently gliding the rag up, he softly cupped my tiny tit, his hand squeezing a bit as he “washed” it. He circled the rag around my little globe, watching my expression, which was just a slight whimper, liking the sensation, but not sure why I liked it, he smiled broadly as he whispered in a deep, soothing voice…

“Do you like that, my Angel?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He softly worked his way to the other tiny breast, and did the same, working the rag in a circle as he cleaned it. He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to mine in a soft, lingering kiss. I had often kissed my Daddy on the lips, never really thinking anything of it, but this kiss was different. I felt a little tingly, but I didn’t speak on it.

He reluctantly pulled his hand from my small tit, gliding back down my stomach. His hands roamed down my leg, gently gliding the rag along my legs, washing me, once again acting innocent. His eyes roamed just as much as his hands did, smiling as he gently caressed his baby girl’s young skin.

Daddy smiled broadly as he looked into my soft brown eyes. “Do you want to get really clean, Baby girl? Do you want Daddy to make you feel good?”

I smiled and nodded eagerly. I was just so happy that my Daddy was so good to me, and loved me; I’d pretty much do anything he said. “Yes, Daddy, but how do we do that?”

“You’re gonna have to lay down for Daddy, so I can reach all the parts that need to be cleaned, Angel. Daddy wants to make you feel very clean, and very good.” He slid his hand along my cheek, then down between my young tits, and softly cupped my sweet little twat. I gasps a little, enjoying the sensation, once again not sure why.

I softly sat in the tub, moving to lay onto my back. Smiling at my Daddy, I laid my head down against the tub, my eyes not moving from him.

“That’s my girl, now open your legs for Daddy.” Daddy said, as he got down a bit further, teasing my thighs open with his hand.

My eyes widened as I saw that his cock was fully aroused, standing straight up for my eyes to catch. I didn’t make it obvious that I was looking there, but I swear he knew. And that made him smile even more. He slid his hands along my inner thighs, rubbing softly with the rag, his hands gliding ever so slowly closer to my tiny cunt. I closed my eyes, smiling broadly as I enjoyed Daddy’s soft touch.

“Angel, Baby, Daddy needs to clean you on the inside.. open your legs a bit wider for Daddy.” He smiled at me as he slid his bare hand along my soft young mound. I obliged and opened my legs as wide as I could for my Daddy. I shuddered a bit as I felt his strong fingers gently gliding along my sweet baby slit. I felt a slight wetness between my legs that I knew wasn’t water. I liked it.

“Oh Daddy…” I gasped. My little hips were shaking as I ground my little cunt into Daddy’s hand.

Daddy smiled deeply and softly put his finger to my tiny little clit. He pressed his finger along my clit, rubbing in circles as I moaned softly. As I moved my hips, he slowly slid a finger from his other hand, and gently circled my little entrance. Pushing his finger into my tiny twat hole, I whimpered deeply, which made him shudder a bit himself. I opened my eyes a tiny bit, watching as my Daddy bit his lip, feeling that he was very happy cleaning me. I enjoyed it too, and felt that I didn’t want him to stop; I tried my best to push myself down onto his finger, making him go faster.

With my Daddy finger-fucking my sweet little twat, he gently looked up at me, smiling again as he sped up. “Do you like this, baby? Is Daddy making you feel really clean?”

“Oh, yes Daddy. Please don’t stop.” I managed to squeak out through my ragged breath. My Daddy continued pumping his finger in and out of my slick little cunt, and was beginning to breath a little sharply himself. I felt the hand that was rubbing my clit now run a finger through the wetness in my twat, then glide down between my small ass cheeks. I was gasping a bit louder at this, feeling his finger pressing into my puckered little asshole.

I groaned and managed to burst out “Daddy! I didn’t think you had to clean in there too!” I didn’t want him to stop, but I really didn’t ever imagine being “cleaned” there…

“It’s alright, Baby, Daddy won’t hurt you, He just wants to make you clean.” He smiled reassuringly again, pressing his fingers into my cunt and ass more firmly now.

I rocked against his fingers until I felt myself groaning louder, my body quivering and I sat up against him, feeling a wet gush from my tiny cunt.

“There, now you’re all clean, Baby… Do you feel good?” Daddy smiled calmly as he watched my small convulsing body shaking…

I smiled and nodded as I slipped up.. Gliding my arms around my Daddy’s neck. Hugging him while I pressed my tiny tits into his chest. He smiled and returned my embrace. Softly gliding his hands down to my ass, squeezing lightly.

“Baby, do you want to help Daddy get clean now?” He whispered gently into my ear as he caressed my back.

“Yes, Daddy,” I said innocently as I smiled, nodding.

Daddy bent over a little farther, lowering his head down to my level as I filled my small hand with some more shampoo, working it a little clumsily into his hair as he sat there quietly, that soft smile on his face. When I was sure I had gotten every bit of his hair, I gently pushed his head back under the stream of water, watching his eyes close to keep the shampoo out.

After I was sure it was all washed out, I picked up the washrag he had used before, slowly working up a lather, doing my best to be just like Daddy, then rubbed the rag all over his face, making him laugh out loud. Again, I worked the rag across his skin, scrubbing at his shoulders, then gliding it down his firm, strong arms. After that I worked the soap into his hands, gently cleaning between his fingers. I looked up at him, his eyes watching me, his gaze a little odd. "Daddy?" I asked, "Am I doing this right?" His smile deepened a little, one hand tenderly touching my cheek as he whispered "Yes Angel, you doing it just fine."

I smiled again, happy that I was doing everything right, working a new lather into the rag before I gently scrubbed at that smooth, rippling chest of his, one that would drive almost any woman wild, but I barely noticed. When I started to work at his stomach, that hard, throbbing cock brushed against my tiny chest, making me gasp a little at the feeling, loving it, but not knowing why...

"Daddy? What's this?" I asked him, looking down at it. He laughed a little, the sound almost weak as he noticed where his little daughter was looking. "Well Angel, remember when I cleaned you inside?" I nodded, then looked up at him, listening closely. "I'm a little different. Your places that were inside are outside on me. Would you like to help get Daddy *very* clean? It would make me happy."

I wrapped my tiny hand around that fat cock, smiling up at my Daddy, excited with the knowledge that I was making him happy, which was all I wanted. I started stroking my soapy hand along his shaft, watching as he smiled down at me, biting his lip, breathing a bit deeply. I looked at the tip of his cock, seeing a small drop of clear fluid at the end.

He laughed softly at me… watching my eyes widen as I looked. “You know, Angel, you can make Daddy feel even cleaner if you use your mouth, or even other things.”

“Like what, Daddy?” I looked into his eyes, not sure what he was referring to.

“Well, Baby, Do you remember how Daddy cleaned you inside?” I nodded, smiling as I remembered how great it felt to have my Daddy’s fingers inside my little twat and asshole. “You can get Daddy clean by putting this into the same place that my fingers were… Would you like that, baby?”

I smiled and nodded as Daddy slid down onto the bottom of the tub, lying onto his back as he grasped my hips. Easily lifting me up onto his lap. I straddled him, smiling down at him as I felt his throbbing cock close to my tiny virgin cunt.

I gently started rocking my hips to his direction, his bulging cockhead pushing its way into my little slit. I looked down at him… a bit worried as I bit my lip.
Daddy looked concerned as he softly whispered to me. “What is it, Baby?”

“It’s very big, Daddy, is it gonna hurt?” I softly spoke, continuing to rub his cock over my slit, not daring to stop because it felt so good.

“My sweet Angel, it might hurt, but it’ll feel really good after that, and it would make Daddy very happy if you’d do this for him. Daddy would never hurt you, Baby.”

I smiled again, his soft voice reassuring me as I slid down farther, pushing his swollen cock into my tiny little twat. I screeched as I pushed farther down, feeling his round head pressing into me, a release of pressure came over me as I felt my hymen break. It hurt, but the pain was no match for the pleasure I was feeling as my Daddy’s cock filled my baby cunt.

I rocked up and down until his cock was entering me fully each time I fell down on him. Daddy was holding my hips as he bucked up into me, then his hands slid up and squeezed my little tits, which only made me fuck him faster.

I heard him grunting as I fell onto him, feeling my wetness gliding down his cock, his hips bucking up into me harder now, I felt his length throbbing inside me as I whimpered. Still not sure as to why “getting clean” felt SO good, but I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted more.

“Angel, do you want to feel Daddy get very clean inside you?” He said, his voice ragged as he got closer and closer to orgasm.

“ Oh yes, Daddy, YES!” I practically screamed as he started to throb again, almost convulsing as I felt myself beginning to let go. Not sure what was going on, I just let it happen. My baby twat hugging his cock tightly as I began to cum wildly.

“OH DADDY!” Was all I could manage as I let my sweet cum run down the length of his rigid cock. I continued to bounce up and down, feeling he wasn’t finished yet, and I wanted my Daddy to be happy.

He yelled loudly as he felt my cum drowning his cock, he fucked me that much harder. He gripped my hips and pounded into me, I felt his cock throbbing so hard as he let go, filling my little cunt with jet after jet of hot, wet, sticky cum.

“Oh Angel, YES! Daddy’s feeling VERY clean now, please don’t stop!” He smiled up at me as I bounced on his cock, milking every drop from his spazming member.

He gently slipped me from his cock, laying me against his body, letting the water fall down onto us.

“That was very nice, Angel, thank you for helping Daddy. You can get clean with Daddy anytime you want.” He smiled as he lightly caressed my back. Holding me closely, he kissed the top of my head.

I smiled and nodded. “ Ok Daddy. I love you.” I just nuzzled with him as he slid his hands along my body, calming me down.

From then on, I got clean with Daddy quite often, become a little less innocent each time… but I loved every minute of it… After all, I love making Daddy happy.

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