"We love these animals as much as each other, right honey?" She quizzed.

"Sure..." I replied, confused. She delayed her next words for a few seconds.

"I want to fuck the horse." She said flatly. Strangely enough I almost thought she would say that.

"Well darling, anyhting you think will help." I replied, actually enthused, "How about after lunch?".

"Sure!" Agreed my Wife - we had a date with the horse.

At first I really didnt know what to do like prepeations etc, but my wife assured me all I have to do is come along, she'll do the rest. So I did.

When I came to the barn she said to come to, the only male horse on the farm, she had set up a lilo for somebody to lie on under the horse. She had tied the horses legs down so it could not move too much. She was getting undressed.

"Get your gear off, honey!" She said to me. I obeyed. The whole idea of this was giving me an erection already. I told my wife I would let her and the horse do what it was they were going to do, and join in later, as I was a little nervous.

I sat down at the edjge of the barn door and watched my wife lay down under the horse. She sat up, and found the horse's penis. She began to rub at it with her hands. I could see it growing from under the horse. I could feel my own erection escalating as well.

After a while my wife had the horse's penis to a reasanble length, and she beckoned for me to come over. While rolled over onto all fours, she said to me "Now, just get his willy aimed at my pussy, will you honey?", I relucantly obliged.

I grabbed a hold of the horse's huge dick and started rubbing it's head against my wives tender pussy. It's dick seemed only to grow bigger, and out of the blue, the horse suddenly got a burst of energy and started ramming it's dick into my wive's pussy. I was a bit scared. BUt it was horny to watch.

My wife was screaming in pain but also in joy, as the horse began to cum inside her sweet pussy. My own penis ejected some cum at this point, seeing this horny scene. The giant horse penis rammed deepr and deeper into her pussy, until she finally colapsed in pain but in joy.

I ran over to her and expected her to need my comforting, but insteady she said to me "Honey, that was great, but I want you both at the same time." I told her that this was impossible, but she replied "Not if I take the horse up my asshole...".

I was shocked, but if she could do it, what an afternoon it would be. So I lay down on the lilo first, and then she lay down on top of me. I inserted my own dick into her open pussy, while she got a hold of the horse penis and pointed it at her asshole. It got the idea. It started again to ramm wildly into her, this time up her tiny asshole. My wife was screaming in pleasure, and I was having multiple orgasms, as was she. There was horse cum all over her ass, pussy and my dick.

I had to retreat but my wife took the horse up her butt for a further five minutes, causing me to ejaculate nest to the scene. Finally the horse relased it's mother load into her, and horse cum was everywhere. She collapsed to the ground, as did I.

My wife and I got to know many more animals on the farm...Any ideas? Let me know.

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[#5571] Gsquid5 ( 1643 days ago )
Gsquid5 avatar well i'am not going to down you cause i use to live on a farm when i was a kid. i did'nt try everything. keep up the good work, you'll get better, i do know theres another story coming out for this one like chapter 2

thanks good story

the nex
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