Just another boring day, or so I thought. Until the knock on the door.


I opened it, and he looked so fine. Six feet tall, muscular, and that huge bulge filling up his tight shorts. My god, what a package. It took my breath away I wanted to just suck every inch of that huge cock, and drink down every drop.


He looked at me with a knowing smile, he could see the lust in my eyes. I motioned him inside.


“Suck my cock, boy, suck on it, and take every drop. You know you want it, I can see it, now, get down on your knees and service me!”


His voice was like a command I could not ignore. I freed his cock, 10 inches of rock hard cock meeting my eyes, I dropped to my knees, eager to suck that hard pole.


As I ran my  mouth up and down, licking at his shaft, he growled, “Yes, very good, now, suck me in, swallow my cock, then drink down every drop!”


I quickly did so, swallowing 6 of his steely inches, bobbing my head up and down, working on getting more and more in, I worked in 7, then 8. Try as I might, I could not get the last 2 inches in, so I worked feverishly on his 8 inches, sucking and slobbering all over it. He was grinning, pumping his hips in time to my thrusts.


“Yeah, you like sucking cocks, don’t you? Love to get your mouth filled. Just like I’m gonna fill your mouth, you’re a little cock hungry boy slut, that’s what you are, and you’re going to drink it all!”


I could feel the throbbing, and I knew he was reaching his peak.


“Yeah, get ready boy, here…it..COMES!”


With a growl, I could feel a pulse starting at the base of his cock. It swiftly moved up, then I felt his cock gushing, shooting thick hot spurts, my mouth filling, overflowing, his cock withdrawing, and dumping still more come all over my face. I grabbed his cock, eager to stroke out the last few drops.


He looked down at me, my face splattered with his load, my mouth having been an eager hole for him to get his gun off.


“Yeah, I knew it, you love to suck cock. Now that I’m sure, expect to see me a lot more. I’ll be bringing my stiff cock, and a big load, in for a lot more attention.”


Without another word, he left, and I was already counting the minutes until he’d return.

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[#447] hydrasport ( 688 days ago )
hydrasport avatar i like joshuaing, cock hydrasport
[#447] hydrasport ( 688 days ago )
hydrasport avatar keep it up ,alittle more detail ,wish it was me sucking that cock
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Joshuaing ( 724 days ago )
[#2] dandalk ( 794 days ago )
dandalk avatar A good start. A little repetitious in the beginning and needed more detail about how he was sucked, but keep at it and see where your writing goes.
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