"Do It" she said sternly. I heard her on the phone while I was up stairs,
"Yes he getting ready we'll be there it I just can't wait to see his face."

We got there Anoo greeted us at the door looking a little flushed and
took swapna straight in to the living room, The computer was in the main
bedroom. Rijesh had already got it up and running and was surfing the

"You don't need me then," I said, still standing at the doorway. "Well you
can help me do some fine-tuning can't you" he replied. "Have a beer and
relax unwind see what I found." I took a closer look at what rijesh had
found He was at a porn site the pictures were of group sex. There were
two guys and a girl she was on all fours a guy fucking her doggie style and
while she was sucking the other ones cock, "Interesting what else is
there" I said taking a gulp of beer, the site was full of gang bang and
lesbian sex.

We had a few beers and rijesh and I started to pick out a few of the
images we liked. Rijesh really got hooked on the two guys and girl thing.
"That's one of anoo's fantasies it really gets her horny" The thought of
swapna in that position started getting me a little horny too "yer its one
of swapna's too" I replied. I clicked on a picture to enlarge it. It was of a
cock between a huge pair if tits the spunk was dripping down her chin on
to her erect nipples. "Anoo can't do that, not big enough tits he moaned
but I bet swapna can" laugh rijesh. "anoo can and she good at it two you
don't now what you missing" I added. I liked the one were two women
were giving a guy a blowjob. "I always wanted to have that done to me" I
moaned to Rijesh. "Let swapna give me the tit job and I let Anoo give you
the blowjob with swapna."

"Yer in you're dreams" I said. But the thought stayed with me watching
swapna's Tits with rijesh's cock thrusting between them started a
stirring in my groin.

We had a few more beers and looked at more porn we had completely
forgotten about the girls down stairs. We had just started to look at the
lesbian pictures when a voice said from the doorway " What's keeping you
two so interested that you can't spend time with the two of us." The girls
were standing there; swapna was taking a sip from her wineglass trying
not to giggle. Anoo came over to the computer "I bet if swapna and I had
been doing that you would have downstairs soon enough." The image was
of two women one with her leg spread wide the other was slipping two
fingers in to her cunt the juices from her pussy were running down her
fingers her tongue out stretched licking the aroused clit, the first women
had her head thrown back in pleasure. swapna came over and stood
behind rijesh,, she saw the picture and giggled. " How do you know we
have not been entertaining each other that way "

There was a silence for a few moments then Anoo who was standing with
her back pressed in to me. "I hope it ready dirty swapna and I are ready
for a good fuck "

With that rijesh clicked on the Pictures we had viewed and said vishal
says I can have one of these if he has this, I was about to protest when
swapna said " it's fine by me vishal fanaticized about having sex with you

With that rijesh spun the chair round. swapna's tits were at head height
he reached up with both hands and began to squeeze them together and
tongue her nipples through her blouse her nipple's stood out she pushed
his head closer and moaned with pleasure. Anoo turned to me pressing
her hand to my now erect cock " let's make your fantasy come true,
Rijesh has always swapna's tits you want me and swapna to suck your
cock. swapna and I want to know what it's like to lick another women's
pussy, lets make everyone fantasy come true that's what friends are for.

With that she undid my zip and puled out my throbbing cock and went
down on it licking the throbbing head and pushing it deep in to her mouth.

swapna stood back from rijesh and quickly undressed him tore his clothes
of with glee and sat down on the chair swapna mounted rijesh in one easy
movement she rocked her hips in slow long thrusts as he sucked on her
erect nipples his hand squeezed and mauled her large tits much to her
Anoo licked my erection from base to tip her tongue circling the very end
of my dick before I forced the full length in her tight mouth. Any
objection I had to my wife being fuck in front of me were now subsiding
with the pleasure of the blowjob I was receiving, in fact the feeling of
jealousy was adding to the excitement. I thrust my cock in to anoo's
mouth griping her hair and forcing her to take the full length in her wet
willing mouth.' Her moans, made Rijesh and swapna aware of what she
was she was doing "don't make him to excited I want to have some of his
cum too,"swapna said Anoo stood up in front of me and striped of her
dress to reveal well-tanned body. She removed her bra and panties and
the helped me out of my clothes she pushed me to the top of the bed
spread my legs and turned round and sat between them my cock
throbbing against the small of her back. Let's watch them for awhile " I
reached down to her rounded breast and fondled her nipple with one
hand and stretch a hand down to the moistened slit with the other.

swapna was on at the point of orgasm her moans were getting louder and
louder,"fuck me harder "she cried she arched her back as Rijesh
grabbed her hips and thrust hard in to her pussy. Her orgasm was long
and load she griped the chair and fell limp on rijesh's erect cock. In one
quick movement he lifted her from the chair and on to the bed. "Your
tits" he said he quickly placed his cock between her ample breasts she
squeezed them together his cock glistened with her cum juices his hips
quickly gained motion. In a few thrust he was coming over her tits and
face. She smiled with pleasure. The spunk dripped from her chin as
looked towards me.

ANoo had two fingers in her own cunt thrusting them in and out at great
speed and encouraging her husband to shot his seed on to my wife, while I
rub her clit and squeezed her nipples between my fingers she responded
by thrusting her fingers deep in her slit, her body shuddered with her
orgasm as Rijesh shot his load on to swapna. She moved over to swapna
and licked the cum from her face and slowly moved down to her breasts
encircling each nipple and sucking her husbands juice from swapna's body.
swapna was now grasping Anoo head forced her down on her pussy, she
bite her erect clit and parted swapna's lips with her fingers and entered
her with her with her tongue.

I could wait no longer Anoo's pussy had to be filled I knelt behind her
and forced my dick in to that well moist slit she did not stop from the
task in hand. swapna was orgasming from the tonguing she was getting
and Anoo pussy was griping my cock from the orgasm she was having I
shot my load deep into her cunt. I thrust harder a swapna shouted
encouragement "fill her pussy I want to taste you in side her" With that
Anoo and swapna changed places I sat back and watched as my wire
changed positions will Anoo she licked her pussy with eagerness her
tongue entering her moist cunt to taste my newly deposited seed. anoo
continued orgasm shouting, her enjoyment with increasing volume.

Rijesh entered swapna pumping his now erect cock with great speed until
he too could now longer stand it he pulled his cock from swapna's cunt
and shot over her ass he continued to jerk his cock off until the last
drops spurted on to Jane her inserted a finger in to swapna's ass she
responded my pushing her self on to him harder, is some thing I've
though about doing to her when we've doing it doggy style but this just
sent me over the top. I could not wait any longer I pulled her head from
Anoo's pussy and on to my cock. "I want my turn" I said with that both
women began to suck my cock, Rijesh was still playing with swapna's arse
much to her delight Anoo was sucking on the head of my cock while
swapna tongued the length of my weapon then in turn they would swap
actions several times my pleasure increased knowing Rijesh was pleasing
swapna at the same time. I shot my load deep into Anoo's mouth she
swallowed the first shots and then swapna took the rest moaning with
pleasure as Rijesh pushed harder in to her She dropped forward with her
own orgasm taking me deep in to her throat.

We all rested and talked about what had happened they had planed it I
was set up swapna wanted to spice thing up in our sex life they had
wanted to try Something new. swapna admitted had played with each
others pussy's while Rijesh had I had been on the computer and were not
going to let the evening pass without us becoming more friendly.
i Got up to get some beer.
Rijesh was kneeling next to his wife who was sucking on the head of his
fully erect cock. Swapna concentrated on jacking him off while sucking
hard on the tip of his dick. Rijesh was massaging Swapna’s boobs, pulling
and twisting on her erect nipples.

The sounds of pleasure increased as we continued to fuck and suck. It
was totally arousing to see everyone fucking and sucking together. The
sounds and smells of sex filled the air. I didn’t want to be the first one
to cum, but I was getting close.

I resumed my oral attack on Anoo’s clit, giving the best I could. I was
soon rewarded with the sounds of that beautiful babe starting to cum.
First her hips began to bounce off the mattress; then she released my
cock and called out, “I’m almost there, lover, stay with me. Keep sucking
me…I’m going to cum. Oh yeah, there it is…I’m cumming, I’m
c-u-m-m-i-n-g! Unngh. O-o-o-h my G-o-o-d-d-d.” She popped my cock
back into her mouth and began to suck it like a candy cane. I could feel
my release building as I started to piston in and out of her clasping
mouth. It wasn’t long before I began to spurt. ANU took the first shot in
her mouth but pulled my cock out and aimed my hose at her tits. I fired
my spunk in long arcs, drenching her magnificent breasts. When I had
stopped cumming, my seed dripped from her nipple rings and chain. Anoo
took my softening cock back into her mouth as she gently sucked it clean.

Our orgasms seemed to trigger the Rijesh and swapna. I could tell Rijesh
was going to bust a nut as his face contorted in pleasure. He pulled
swapna’s hips tight to him as he unloaded into her velvet cunt. “Oh my God,
he’s filling me up with cum,” she yelled to no one in particular. As rijesh
came, Swapna leaned forward and removed one end of the double dong
from anoo’s satiated pussy and began to jack it in and out of swapna’s
dripping cunt.

Rijesh began to groan and breath heavily as his orgasm approached.
Swapna's cheeks ballooned as rijesh emptied himself into her mouth. She
tried valiantly to swallow all his cum but some leaked out the corner of
her mouth as she ingested his load.
Finally it was over. Everyone was satiated, at least for the moment. We
seemed to be in one big heap, lazily stroking each other’s flesh in
post-climactic bliss. Come was everywhere, and we all needed a good

The storm had passed, but the ground was muddy and there were
puddles everywhere. We had to be careful where we walked. A slight
breeze shook water droplets off the leaves.

Back at our rig, Swpana wanted to shower first, so I cracked a beer and
turned on the TV.
Swapna stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her hair.
She looked fantastic; if we hadn’t just had the best sex of our lives, I
would have jumped her bones right then. I always get turned on by the
‘gap’ – you know, that small space between a woman’s thighs just below
her pussy. The ‘gap’ always gets me going.

As Swapna headed to the bedroom to dress, I took my shower. By the
time I had finished and dried off Swapna was fast asleep on the bed. The
towel on her head had loosened in her sleep and she hadn’t bothered to
put any clothes on. She was some sexy woman and I felt my heart swell
with love for her.

A gentle shaking and a soft voice awakened me. Opening my eyes, I saw
my wife before me dressed in a Amoo's night dress. I could detect the
faint smell of perfume. She looked good enough to eat. “Come on,
sleepyhead. Let’s get a move on.”


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