We had different agendas that holiday. Mine was a blowjob, hers I'll get to later.

The local hallucinogen purveyor, a huge black guy, dropped by the bar, with a trenchcoat lined with whatever gets you through the night. Matter of factly Demi asked me what I'd like to try. What the hell..I ordered some Ecstasy, never having touched anything harder than an aspro in my life. I wondered what I was in for, but my cock was doing all the thinking that night.

Finally, a bit the worse for wear from too many rums, some E and the odd pipe, we made it home. Demi went "to freshen up" and John and I sat talking on the sofa. She reappeared, naked, except for white, lacy panties, her short, dark pubic hair just evident at the sides and sat between us. That was breathtaking. John, meantime, was pulling on a latex glove.

"I love latex", Demi said, "My cooch gets wet, just thinking about it." John handed me one and began stroking Demi's inner thighs with his, inviting me to do the same. Gently, my fingers trailed up her warm skin, my eyes riveted to hers, as her nipples hardened and her breath shortened. My cock was throbbing at her nearness, warmth radiating from her pussy as my hand rested there.

She stripped the panties off a moment later and took my hand, pressing it to her puffy lips. I inserted one finger, spreading them, finding her clit already well lubricated by her juices. Her thighs opened further. She drew up her knees, holding them into her chest as she leaned back into the cushions. John stroked her jutting nipples, while I inserted another finger, then another, until palm upturned, three digits were buried in her moist, hot cunt.

" I think it's time we ALL got naked," Demi said, dreamily, eyes glazed, "come to bed." Taking us both by the hand, she led the way, her butt wiggling suggestively. My cock stood out like a telephone pole--hardly surprising, but a bit embarrassing, as you can imagine. John's was doing the same, thank heavens, so I felt a little better, being taken through a strange house, to what end I could only imagine. I have a good imagination!

It was my first threesome, with two people I had only just met, but it felt right. John and I stripped slowly, as Demi propped herself on large pillows, watching us. Idly, her fingers stroked her clit, pausing to look down at her nipples, brushing each in turn with with several clenched fingers, then returning to her now-drenched bush.

John climbed onto the bed, at Demi's head level. She reached for his throbbing cock and plunged it, without any ceremony, into her lipsticked lips. She angled her head to the side, reaching to take me into her left palm. Her hand was warm. Trust me to think of these things. I looked up to watch a while, as she drew John's cock in and out, deepthroating him, stroking my cock head between her thumb and forefinger.

Breaking her grip, I crawled into her legs, lay there a few seconds, looking into her pink opening, then began licking her belly, kissing and biting gently. I moved my attention to the cavity between her labia and inner thigh, causing her to open one leg wide, then shifting to open herself fully to me. I needed no urging. Wonderful scents assailed my senses.

I lifted my head to see Demi, eyes shut, suckling John's cock greedily, while she drew his scrotum into her hand, causing his cock to fill further. John was watching her gobbling him, rocking back and forth, matching her rhythm. I returned to her thighs, to find my head guided to her most sensitive spot. My lips brushed her musky cunt. She moaned and settled slightly, adjusting herself to a position most open to me.

I lifted her, sliding my hand under her cheeks, to give me room to tease her tight ass. My tongue sliced into her. She exploded instantly, grinding into my face, shaking from side to side. I heard John's grunt, somewhere above me, as he came. Attached as I was, trying to prolong Demi's cum, there was no room and no time to watch. She seemed to cum for a long time--so it seemed.

She lay still for only moments, rising to drive me onto my back. Thrusting my legs open with her shoulders, she took my cock into her still dripping lips, drawing it deep into her throat. John sat at the edge of the bed to watch, lighting a pipe. My cock, precum-covered and now drenched in John's semen was being pumped up like one a cock expanders...I was close to a cum and rock-hard.

That wasn't in Demi's game plan. She rose through my legs, licking her luscious lips and hovered over me. "Not yet, lover," she smiled, "I've been waiting for this moment for a long time and you're gonna cum when I'M ready. So, relax, lie back and enjoy." "I planned to!" my mind said, silently.

Demi had asked me to eat chocolate for a few days. She said this would make my cum nutty. Not being a cum taste afficionado, I did I was told. That I had done so came to my mind, as I lay back and composed myself (JOKE). She returned to my cock, licking the knob, running her tongue up and down the vein, then deepthroating, alternately.

Time after time she did it, carressing my balls, then pinching a tiny fold of skin between the tips of her finger nails--an odd sensation, but it concentrated the sensation alarmingly. My cock throbbed dangerously. She knew it too. Each time I'd begin to arch, she'd drop me from her lips and pause a few moments, til the cum receded. This seemed an eternity to a man who wanted to explode. I reached out to take her head and guide my cock back into Pleasureland. She was having none of that!

She guided my arms away, holding my wrists to the bedclothes, in her small but strong hands, shaking her head, with my cock still embedded, telling me no. The power play that normally would have started me arcing up made me smile...but, fuck, I wanted to cum. What followed was a series of minicums. I could feel the cum rising and running, but not exploding. I knew the eventual major eruption was going to blow my brains out, when Demi was satisfied that she had teased me enough.

What was John up to? Loading his gun came to mind. Here was me, getting the blowjob of my life from his gorgeous naked wife, probably found shot to bits somewhere in the morning with a silly grin on my dead face. As long as I got a cum, what a way to go. I raised my head to look around for him. He was behind Demi. She had her legs open, propped on her knees and elbows, John pumping her cunt slowly, while he watched over her shoulder. I hadn't even noticed the movement, immersed as I was in my own cock and Demi's mouth.

As she neared her own cum so she was going to make me do the same. I could feel the build-up in her sopping cooch. Her breaths were coming faster and faster and she sucked me deeper, until my cock was totally buried and her nose was in my pubic hair. She was snorting and sucking at the same time, a weird but very exciting, animal sound. Demi was ready for cum at both ends. We held hands and came as one. She drove back onto John's cock, shuddered, and sucked up my ropey cum...time after time..there seemed to be gallons of the stuff.

Drained is not a good description. We Aussies say "rooted" or "fucked"-- much better terms than worn out. Eventually, I raised my head to see what was happening at Demi's end of things. John's face glistened with sweat. He was on his feet at the end of the bed, masturbating. Demi, her cheeks blown out like a balloon, was coming up through my legs again. Sitting on my stomach, cunt dripping, she swirled my cum in her cheeks like someone rinsing after brushing.

She looked deeply into my eyes, paused and, almost theatrically, swallowed it all. That would have made me blow again, if there had been anything left to blow. She kissed me tenderly. That was nice. Her head to one side, as if evaluating a fine wine, she tasted her own taste buds, if you can understand what I mean. "Yep, nutty," she announced triumphantly, "I knew it would be." A cum connoisseur. Different occupation...tsk tsk.

So that was my wish fulfilled...soon it was her turn.

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