I was good to see my mom. She had lost some weight since the last time I had seen her. She sill had a few extra pounds to lose, but for 48 years old she looked hot. Her tits were still big as ever. When I was younger, I used watch her get undress at night. My bedroom was down the hall from her bedroom. I would stand behind my door that was partially closed and I could see right straight into her room. She would sit on the bed facing my room and get undress. I could see everything. Her tits and pussy. I would get so hard, but the show only lasted a few minutes at a time. It was enough of a show that I could go to my bed rub one off. I did it for years. Back to the visit.

After arriving at my mom's house, we spent the afternoon catching up. You know family things. Then we went out for dinner. It was a nice dinner. My mom was drinking long island iced-t, so got a little buzzed and I had drive us home. By the time we got home it was my daughters's bedtime. I put her to bed and my mom and I watched t.v. After awhile I looked over at my mom and there she was asleep on the couch. I went back to watching t.v. Then I nodded off.

I awaken by feeling someone touching me. When I opened my eyes, there was my mom kneeling beside my chair with my hard cock in her hands.

"MOM! What are doing?" I asked.

She took her hands away from my dick and replied, "When I woke up, I looked over and saw you asleep. Then I noticed the big bulge in you shorts. Honey, with your dad living at the old house, I've been lonely. It has been 2 months since I've had sex. When I saw your boner in your pants, I couldn't help it. I want you. If you don't want to, I'll understand."

I couldn't believe it. My dream come true. I leaned forward and said, "I want you too, mom." I kissed her lightly on the lips. She returned my kiss. Her tongue pushed its way between my lips and entered my mouth. As we kissed her hand grabbed my cock again and began to stroke it. She broke our kiss.

"Lay back." she said.

I laid back and she leaned forward and began to kiss and lick my cock. She kissed it all over. She did long licks with her tongue. Starting from the base to the fat head of my pulsing cock. Licking up the pre-cum that was leaking from my piss hole. Then she took my dick into her hot mouth. She swallowed all 7". Her nose buried in my pubic hair. As she bobbed her up and down on my cock her hand was rubbing my hairy balls. It felt so good.

"She gives head better than my wife." I thought

She continued to suck my meat. Every now and then she would stop sucking my dick and lick my ball sack. Then would go right back to sucking. She then began to pick up the pace. I was reaching the point of no return.

"Mom if keep it up, I'm going to last much longer." I said.

"I want you to cum. I want you to cum for me, Cum in mouth." my mom said.

With that said she really started to go to town on my cock. I couldn't take it anymore


She pulled her head back so just my dickhead was in her mouth and began stroking dick with her hand. I exploded right in her mouth. She was pumping my dick as fast as she could. Swallowing as much as she could. Some my cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth. She milk me for every last drop of cum. She pulled my cock from her mouth and looked at me.

"How was that?" she asked, as she wiped the cum that leaked out.

I leaned forward and kissed her, tasting my cum.

"It felt incredible, but we're not done." I said.

With that said, I stood up and held my hand out for her to take. She grabbed my hand and I helped her to her feet. I then led my mom upstairs to her room. I closed door behind us. I pulled her in to my arm and kissed her deeply. Our hands were wandering of eachothers bodies. I broke our kiss long enough to pull her shirt over her head and went right back to kissing her. My hands undid her bra and slid out from between us. I could feel her hard nipples poking my chest. I hen began to kiss and nibble my way down to her tits. I smothered her tits with kisses and nibbles. I gently bit her nipples, making her moan.

"Yeah, bite my nipples honey. Bite them." she moaned.

I kept this up for awhile. Switching from nipple to nipple. She was loving it. Each time I bit her nipples I would bite a little harder. Then I began to make my way down her stomach to her pussy. I undid her pants and slid them down her smooth legs. My face was right at pussy level. I could smell her pussy through her panties. It smelled so good. There was a wet spot on her panties, and I buried my face into the wet spot. I sucked the wettness from the panties. My mom tasted so good. I had to have more. I grabbed her panties and yanked them right down. I stood upand kissed her again.

"Mom lay down. I'm going to return the favor to you." I told her.

She laid down on the bed and spread her legs. She looked so sexy laying there. Her thick hairy bush was glistening from juices. I quickly shed my clothes and began to kiss my way up her legs to her wet pussy.

"Yeah baby eat my pussy." she moaned.

I spread her legs further my hands to gain full access to her pussy. She let out a soft as I began to lick her pussy lips. Licking her slit from bottom to top. I bumped her clit with my tongue and she sighed. I spread her pussy lips with my hand and buried my tongue in her wet hole as far as I could go. Tasting that sweet pussy. My nose bumping on her clit. She grabbed her legs and pulled them back. opening her pussy more for me.

"Eat it. Eat my pussy baby." she commanded.

I pulled tongue out and began to lick and suck her clit. I could feel her body quiver each time I sucked clit.

Well, I did what she told me to do. I jammed a finger into hot pussy. I could feel her pussy quivering around my finger. I knew she was close. So, I began to suck on her clit like there was tomorrow.


The harder I sucked the louder she screamed. Then all of a sudden she began to buck all over the place. I could barely hold on. I made my mom cum.


I pulled my mouth away and climbed on top of her. I put her legs on my shoulders and guide my cock to her pussy. I entered her in one stroke. She yelped as I entered.

"FUCK ME HARD!!!" she yelled.

I began to fuck her hard and fast. Her tits were bouncing all over the place as I fucked her. My balls were slapping her skin with inward stroke I made. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock. I just kept pumping her with all my mite. She started to pinch my nipples after awhile. It was driving me wild.

"FUCK ME BABY!! FUCK ME!! AAAAHHHH!!!!" she kept screaming.

My arms were starting to tire. I climbed off of her and said "Get on you hands and knees mom."

She turned over and raised her ass for me. I got between her legs and slammed my cock home. I grabbed her hips and started fuck her pussy like there was no tomrrow. My ball sack was slapping her clit with each power stroke I made. She screaming. I was grunting. I couldn't hold back any more.

"I'M GOING TO CUM!! FUCK I'M TO CUM!!! HERE IT CUMS!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" I screamed and I exploded again right in my mom's pussy. Her pussy was gripping my cock so tight, it was milking me dry.

We collapsed onto the bed. I held her in my arms. We didn't say anything. We drifted off to sleep.

We had a lot more fun for the rest of that week. More to come.

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