She was eight years old going on 20. She was growing up so fast, and Mikayla knew that her Daddy couldn't do anything about it. She also knew that he wanted her to be his little girl forever. She would do anything to make her daddy happy, but staying little wasn't exactly at the top of her list of priorities. She wanted to be big and important like her Mommy. She might be the smallest girl in her third grade class, but Daddy said she was the cutest. She assumed her Daddy should know because surely he had seen lots of girls. She was growing up...but not too grown up to snuggle with her Daddy before bed.

Every night after supper, Mikayla would run upstairs and get ready for bed. After she had taken a bath, put on her pajamas, and brushed her teeth, she would come back downstairs and sit on the couch to cuddle with Daddy watching TV. Eventually Steven would tell her it was bedtime and would carry her upstairs to tuck her into bed.

This particular day had been really trying for Steven. When he got home from work a little late, Maggie met him at the door with her usual griping and complaining. She was supposed to go out tonight with a few of her friends from work, and couldn't believe that he had stopped by Jake's Place for a few beers tonight of all nights. Of course, he hadn't stopped by Jake's. He'd been in meetings all afternoon and had simply gotten off a little later than usual. Her assumptions along with his hard day at work made his mood even better.

All through dinner he tried to be polite and not argue in front of the kids, but it appeared that Maggie was intentionally trying to piss him off. Each of the kids hurried upstairs as soon as they finished their meals in order to avoid the "evening discussion" before Maggie went out.

Mikayla waited at the top of the stairs to listen for their "discussion" then cautiously proceeded down them when she heard nothing but the television. Steven saw her coming down the stairs and couldn't help but smile up at his baby. She looked so damned cute in his old college t-shirt tiptoeing down the stairs in case they were still fighting. “Come on in angel, Mommy’s gone now, and everything is fine” Steven told her as she came across the living room and right into his lap. No matter what happened, his baby girl would always love him. Steven wrapped his arms around her and snuggled his face down into her hair. She was his mainstay when the world around him rocked and tumbled. “I’m sorry your night’s been bad daddy, I wish I could make you feel better,” Mikayla sympathized. His baby would see him through.

His body began to relax for the first time all day as he snuggled with his perfect piece of heaven. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the couch as Mikayla squirmed around to sit comfortably against him. Immediately his eyes flew back open. The only thought running through his brain was that there was an extremely soft behind pressing against parts of him that no longer were remaining soft.

Steven took a deep breath and waited for her to get comfortable so he could think clearly. He had never had this reaction to his baby girl before. They had snuggled and wrestled and even slept in the same bed before, and his thoughts and actions had never turned in this direction. It had to be the fact that Maggie hadn't visited his side of the bed for...3 weeks, 2 days, and 3 hours. It wasn't that he missed her exactly, but a man's body just needed a certain amount of attention, and he definitely hadn't been getting it.

As his thoughts had strayed to his sex life...or lack thereof, his innocent baby girl had fallen asleep in his lap. This wasn't an unusual occurrence at all. This happened several times a week, and Steven would simply carry her upstairs and tuck her into bed. This night however, was not the usual at all. As Mikayla was wearing one of his old t-shirts, instead of her pajama sets, she had no shorts on under the shirt. The position she had fallen asleep in had her little behind pressed snuggly into his increasingly growing cock, and her legs open and resting outside of his own.

If he didn't look down everything would be fine, but if he DID look down he would see...Oh my God. Steven could barely see her white panties decorated with the little ladybugs pressed against the lips of the most perfect pussy he had ever seen. Steven tried to concentrate on the lady bugs focusing his mind to remember that this was his baby girl he was...lusting after, but little lady bugs at the moment were more sexy than all the silk and lace Victoria's secret could create.

”She’s about to fall out of my lap.” That's what Steven told himself to justify putting one hand on her leg, and the other against her tummy. The silky smooth skin of her thigh was too much to resist as his fingers grazed over it lovingly, inching toward those tiny ladybugs. His hand on her tummy pulled her against him more tightly. “Just for a loving hug,” he told himself, as he felt her cute little butt pressing into him harder. The move also caused her t-shirt to slide up her body a little bit more.

As he caressed her leg, his mind raced with the image of those perfect mounds of her little girlhood pressed tightly against the ladybug panties he could clearly see now. His cock was now fully erect and pressing against her back with her bottom resting against the base. Steven closed his eyes and took several deep breaths while burning the feelings and images of his baby girl into his mind. His baby He slipped off to sleep in his own beautiful dream world. His fingertips slid involuntarily further up her thigh as he dreamed of his baby girl's pussy, how sweet innocent little flower would taste under those panties. As his dreams progress, Steve slid his fingers ever closer to actually touching Mikayla’s lady bug panties.

Suddenly his mind was jarred back to reality as he heard the garage door slam shut. Fuck. Maggie was home. He quickly picked Mikayla up and started up the stairs. When he had made it nearly half way up the stairs he realized that Mikayla's head was resting on his shoulder with his left hand caressing her right ass cheek. “Dear God, it's like heaven in my hands” he mentally whispered. He reaches the top of the stairs as Maggie appeared at the bottom.

"You still up?" she inquired. "Shhhhh, she is asleep", he admonished and Daddy then took his girl to her bed. His cock was still raging from his dream and the feel of her ass fitting perfectly in his palm. He slid her into her little bed, pulling the covers up over her perfect little body. He desperately wanted to stay join her, but resisted the urge. As he turned to leave the room, Mikayla whimpered a little and turned over in her sleep mumbling something that sounded an awful lot like, "Goodnight Daddy, can I fall asleep in your lap every night?? You make me feel so good."

Steven walked down the hall, tormented by his raging hardon. Surely his mind was hearing things. His baby girl couldn’t have said that. And if she did, she didn’t mean it the way his body was assuming. He began to dread sharing the bed with Maggie. Sometimes when she drank, she decided she wanted to share some of her womanly charms that she normally hoarded when sober. God he prayed she didn’t feel that way tonight. He simply wanted to relax and dream about his baby girl more. Much to his pleasure and delight, she had apparently had a little too much to drink because she was passed out on her side of the bed.

Steven climbed into bed and threw back the covers; his mind racing, reflecting on those tiny lady bug panties and the most beautiful little flower he could ever imagine. He began to stroke his cock. it felt so good in his hand as he slowly moved up and down the shaft. His mind began to conjure up imagines of Mikayla's small hand stroking him and staring wildly into his eyes. It wasn’t long before he was pumping his cock harder and faster, knowing his wife is passed out he rocked the bed with each pump. His mind continued to scream his baby girls name. “MIKAYLAAAAAAAAA.” With this final mental shout, his load explodes from his cock. Cum squirted and spewed on to his stomach and chest. Good Lord, this was the most intense orgasm he’d had in years.

He laid there motionless, wanting this post-orgasm high to last forever. He remained still until his breathing began to slow, and then got up to go to the master bathroom for cleanup. His cum dripping from his tummy and chest, he covered himself with a towel and began to clean up the mess. Steven looked up as he heard a noise by the door. Mikayla stood there trying to focus on her daddy, her eyes blurry with sleep. Here stood an innocent picture of heaven standing before her daddy, and cum was still dripping from his cock onto the towel he had wrapped around himself.

Mikayla looked up at him with those big blue eyes and asked innocently "Daddy, did you call me?" He stammered and replied "No, baby I…didn’t." He prayed to God that he hadn’t been moaning her name out loud. As far as he knew, he had only been thinking it. "No baby I didn’t call you," he repeated more certain this time that he was correct. She smiled and his cock jumped again under the towel. She walked over to him and he crouched down as usual to be on eye-level with her. Mikayla leaned up and kissed her daddy on the cheek, lingering a little longer than he thought was normal. Then she whispered in his ear, "Good Night Daddy, I love you”.

I apologize for the lengthy build of the story, and I sincerely hope that you feel it was worth your time. Please let me know what you think about the story. Any advice would be helpful, as I look to continue the story extensively.


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