I love to jackoff while I read these stories. I have loved to beat my meat as long as I can remember. I hate it wehn most of the porn sites always refer to Jacking off a gay mans activity. I am not gay and have, up until the last couple of years, had good looking women in my life. I have been married before and dated lots of really good looking women and had very good sex with all of them. But the whole time I never stopped beating my meat. I made sure my exs and all the women I dated caught me jacking off. I have been an Exhibitionist since my early teen years and love to get caught, by young women beating my meat and ejaculating. The best orgasms I have had in my life have all cum when I was exposing myself to a young woman or girl and she watched me cum all over myself. The intense tickling I get in my cockhead just before I start to squirt and continuing as I keep stroking my cock to get all my cum out, is the most amazing feelings I have ever had. It is like a drug that I am addicted to and I just can't stop exposing myself to women, the younger the better. I am an older man in my 60s now but I know I will beat my meat until the day I die.

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