As I turned up at this sexy SSBBW woman's house i knocked on the door and she answered in a sexy outfit i entered and we sat and had a drink she asked me to join her in the bedroom and we went up and she got her vibrator out and switched it on and started using it and rubbing it on her vagina through her knickers getting her all wet i took off her heels and licked her toes and kissed her legs all the way up to her vagina i pulled down her knickers and smelt her wet pussy and sniffed her knickers.

She pulled down my underwear and stuck my cock in her mouth as i was fucking her pussy with the vibrator she was moaning in pleasure and so was i as she started to deepthroat me and grab my balls i knelt down in front off her amazing wet pussy and started licking it and enjoying the taste of her as she was screaming with pleasure i lubed up her ass and put the condom on and started fucking her in the ass really deep and hard and fast while she fucked her pussy with her vibrator on and on she moaned and screamed with pleasure she continued to fuck her pussy and squirted all over the bed we took the condom off and i layed down and this beautiful woman got on top of me and started riding me.


Her pussy was so loose and deep and she dropped her massive 52HH tits in my face and i started to lick and suck them while she was moaning in pleasure we both got close and she screamed and squrited all over my cock and we continued going on and on her pussy so wet we went to the shower and i started licking her wet lovely smelling pussy in the shower she was screaming with pleasure we went back to the bedroom and i laid down she knelt over me and was fucking her wet pussy with a vibrator while i finger fucked her clit she said to me she was going to squirt and she continued to fuck that nice plump pussy and screamed with pleasure as squirted in my mouth and she got on top off me and started riding me and we both came at the same time both screaming with pleasure which resulted in a amazing climax.

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