Part 1.

This is a true story that happened a couple of weeks ago. My name is Chris. Im 18 years old bout to graduate high school. I had got a baseball scholarship for the university of Alabama. I am 6'2 and 150 pounds. I have brownish-blonde hair with blue eyes. I have a girlfriend named Megan who was 15 years old. I know it is quite an age diffrence but she was very mature. Megan is 5'7 with long brown hair. She had C cup breasts with an amazing ass. We had been dating a couple of months and I decided to ask her to prom. She said yes not knowing that the night would change her life.


So it was prom night and I was getting into my blue tuxedo. I had already set up the limo service and ordered roses for Megan. So it was about 6:30 and the prom started at 7 so i jumped in the limo and headed for Megan's apartment. After going 3 flights of stairs i made it to her door and knocked. Her mom answered the door and boy was she amazing. I guess she was planning to go out that night with her husband to go swinging so she was wearing this hot low cut blue dress. Her titties was hanging half way out. I asked for Megan and she told me she just got out the shower she was putting on her clothes. So i walked into Megan's room to see her and her sister naked trying to put on there make-up. Megan jumped up and gave me a hug and kiss pressing them breast against my body. Her sister Crystal was 17 years old with C cup breast. She jumped and gave me a hug to the side. She was perfectly fine with me seeing her naked as i have seen her alot when im at megan's house. So me and Megan sat on her bed and started talking about what the plans where. She got really excited for this was her first prom and started making out with me. I started playing with her titties, pinching them pink nipples. I broke the kiss and told her and her sister to hurry up we had to be there in 15 minutes. So they hurried up and we jumped into the limo and started to head to our high school.

The arrival

So we arrived at the school and got out and i heard people gasping. Megan and her sister both where wearing the same outfit, a beautiful tight blue dresses with no bra showing there nipples. So we went inside and saw the place packed. My friend Erik ran up to us and handed us all a pint of tequila. "yall better keep that shit hid the teachers already threw out people for drinking" Erik said. So we drunk the tequila and took a couple of pills to get us high and we started to leave. So we are shitfaced drunk when we finally walked to the limo and started to Megan's house. We went into her apartment and walked into her room.   " I got to get out of this hot ass dress" stated Megan. "Me too" said Crystal. So after crystal left me and megan jumped in the bed naked. We started making out and she got down on her knees and started sucking my dick. I have had oral sex on probably 15 diffrent girls but megan was the best. She took my 7 inches all the way in without gagging. "Im about to shoot my load Megan" i screamed. "Shoot in my mouth baby" said Megan. So i shot load after load into her mouth. She made sure she didnt miss a spot on my dick and swallowed it all. So after i got hard again i started going after her pussy. I sucked her sweet hairless pussy. After about 5 minutes she was yelling she was ready to cum. So i kept on sucking and flicking her clit with my tounge when she cummed all over my face. She was quite a squirter and got up to lick it all off of my face. After we broke the kiss i was so horny i flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style. Megan was the type that moaned and screamed. Knowing that only her sister was home she started screaming and moaning every time i thrust into her pussy. I going hard and was about to cum when the door opened and the lights came on.

Her mom

There was her moma at the door with her mouth wide opened as she seen Megan in the doggy style. "What the hell do you think your doing in my house". "First of all im having sex with my boyfriend and you cant talk because all you have been doing all night is going out with your ugly ass husband screwing other couples" screamed Megan. "That is my life and just because i have sex all the time dont mean that you have to" her mother screamed. So after all the screaming her mother left and me and megan just laid on the bed. Megan was so pissed off she wouldnt even talk to me. So i threw on my shorts and went to the kitchen to pour us a glass of wine. Her mom was just getting out the shower when she saw me there. "I guess i over reacted earlier" said Amanda ,Megan's mom. "Well megan is a little upset" I said. Then she said something i never expected. " Well i guess i was a little jealous". "w-w-w-w What " i muttered. She said" i have heard yall having sex many of times and i masturbate thinking of joining yall". I said " I have jacked off to you alot of times also". So she came to me and started making out  while i rubbed her tities threw her white robe. " What the hell are yall doing" yelled Megan. I stood in shock looking at my naked girlfriend watching me making out with her mom. " Im sorry megan" stammered Amanda. " Apology not accpeted yall need to get out of the open if yall are going to do that". We was shocked to her Megan say that and after we got our compusure back we headed to her room.

Sorry i will finish the rest of it if i get good rating and comment that people want more

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