When I come out of my room finally, I go to the stairs.  With some toilet paper from the bathroom, I go to clean up my mess, only to find the stairs already wiped down.  I curse my luck and head on down.  I need to face the music.  It’s dusk now and I know my father’s home.  Dinner will be soon.  I can’t wait to have this conversation.

            But I come into the kitchen and my father’s sitting at the table, reading the paper.  My mom’s fixing dinner.  Everything seems normal.  I sit still and don’t say anything.  My dad and I talk randomly about sports.  I’m not confident anything I’m saying makes any sense.  I just keep glancing at my mom.  Just before dinner is served, our eyes finally meet.  She just looks at me and smiles.  I have no idea how to interpret it.

            Dinner comes and goes and my dad heads into the living room to watch the game.  He reminds me to hurry.  I’m left clearing the table wit my mom.  As we gather at the sink, she gets in my way.  “Are you going to play basketball tomorrow?” she asks sweetly, with almost fake innocence.  My attention is torn between the likelihood of getting yelled at for seeing my mom riding a dildo, much less jerking off to it, and the dress she’s wearing which suddenly seems noticeably more low-cut then it did during dinner.

            “Uh, I guess,” I stutter out.

            “Okay,” she says, turning around to the sink.  She starts to soak the dishes.  “You’ll be there all day, right?” she asks rhetorically.  “I just want to make sure.  When I’m here alone, half the time, I can’t really tell if anyone’s here or not.”  She looks over at me as she says this.  I don’t get it.  I know for a fact she saw me.  She stared right at me.  “I mean, I can get so invested in whatever it is I’m doing,” she says, going back to the dishes, I could have someone come and sit down right in front of me and I wouldn’t notice at all.”  I turn and start into the living room where the game’s starting.  “It might even be kind of fun if someone did,” she pretends to joke.  I look back at her.  She’s leaning over the sink, her dress riding up her legs.  It’s not like much is revealed, but the sight of even part of her thighs brings back thoughts of her from this afternoon.

            I can tell I have a hard-on before I even take my first step.

            The next day, it’s hard for me to go to the basketball courts.  My ankle doesn’t give me any trouble, but I leave after a couple of hours anyway.  I head home, barely able to breathe.  I come in through the front door again, wondering if I should call out or not.  My dad’s car is gone, but my mom’s is still here.

            I head up to my room and again change clothes.  I check the living room and I don’t see anything.  I stay in my room, my heart racing.  As I sit on my bed, I hear the gasps and banging again.  In the hallway, I can tell they’re coming from my parent’s bedroom.  I creep towards the door that’s opened just a crack.

            Inside, I see my mother riding on one of the chairs near the foot of the bed.  I can see the big dildo beneath her as her naked body jumps up and down.  I’m so overwhelmed at the sight, to see her this much closer, I don’t notice hitting the door.  I freeze.  She slows, but doesn’t stop.  She looks back at me, then goes back to riding the big plastic cock.

            After a moment, I get up the courage to enter the room.  I don’t know if I should say anything or not.  I notice the chair in front of her, opposite the one she’s riding.  With my heart in my throat, I walk over to it and sit down.  I’ve got a front-row seat to watch my mom fucking herself with a big plastic dick almost as big around as my wrist.

            She looks down on me, between her bouncing brown hair and smiles.  I don’t know how or why, but I take that as permission.  I pull down my pants and start to jerk off.  And suddenly, everything makes sense.  My mom is instantly sent into overdrive by the sight of me wanking off to her.  I don’t know if it’s because she likes me wanking off to her or because I’m her son or both, but god, it drives me mad to see her bouncing up and down, her breasts flopping this way and that, as she cries out at the top of her lungs.  And orgasm bigger than I’ve felt begins to brew in my pants and I start to moan as well.  That just drives my mom even crazier and she starts to scream.  Driven to the edge by our mutual passions, we both scream in unison as we come.  She starts to convulse, unable to control an orgasm so intense it looks like it’ll hurt her.  I practically go rigid as I spray cum straight out.  It splats all over her breasts and stomach and starts to drip down.

            She has to bounce a couple of more times, but she wipes some of the cum off, licking it from her fingers like it’s melted chocolate.  I just watch, utterly blown away.  She smiles, some of the cum on her tongue.  She winks at me and swallows.  I think I’m already getting hard again.

            I get ready to speak, but she puts her finger to her lips and shakes her head.  “Don’t talk,” she whispers.  “If you talk, I might realize you’re here.  And then we won’t be able to do this again.”

            She pulls off the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen and places it on my seat in front of me.  “Or this, she says as she slides down on it again.”  She moans loudly as I watch the juices drip down the massive shaft.  As she reaches the base, I realize she’s going to slide down onto me backwards.  I don’t really connected what that means until I feel the tip of my cock against her ass.

            She and I moan together as she slides me into her pre-lubricated ass.  She starts to go up and down, the plastic dildo fucking her from the front while I fuck her from behind.  She rises and falls rapidly, her hair going wild as she screams.

            It doesn’t take long before I’m about to cum again and I start to moan.  She picks up the intensity two-fold and I can’t handle it.  I explode inside her, shooting a second load of cum into her ass.  She screams with carnal delight and starts to slow.  A few more strokes and she slumps back against me.  We’re both panting.  I watch over her shoulder as she rubs her breasts and practically abuses her nipples while she bites her lip.  “Did you see anything?” she asks with a delighted smile.

            I swallow with relief and overwhelming delight.  “No.”

            She bites her lip again.  “Good,” she moans, lifting up and down on my overwhelmed cock.  “So long as you don’t see anything and I don’t see anything,” she turns a bit to whisper in my ear.  Before she speaks, she puts my hand on her breasts.  So silky and soft, I start to get hard all over again.  “Then we can do this each and every day.”  She licks my ear, driving me mad.  “This, and a whole lot more.”

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