A grandfather discovers two granddaughters he had never known.



Molly’s Girls 2

             Having just completed wild lovemaking with my 13 year old granddaughter, I was suddenly struck by the thought that I didn’t know where my other granddaughter, Angie was.             “Leah… where’s Angie?” I asked looking about.

            “It’s ok, Grampa.” Leah said softly, “She wanted me to come and make sure that you weren’t hurt.”

            I was confused. I knew their mother Molly’s boyfriend Jeff had taken liberties with my granddaughter Leah but I didn’t realize that her younger sister Angie was aware of it or possibly had been involved as well.

            Leah saw my look and said softly, “Jeff did things with Angie too but he was never inside her. He said she was too young, but sometimes he wanted her to watch as he did things to me.”

            Part of me wanted to scream and cry at hearing this but the part of me which had just taken my granddaughter and left her full of my semen found a wild fascination in it. As my manhood grew again, Leah took notice and looked in my eyes.

            “Do you want to be inside me again, Grampa?”

            “I would love to, dear, but later. For now you should get into some dry clothes and we can go find your sister.”

            As Leah went to get fresh clothes, I pulled on my shorts and t-shirt and headed downstairs. I found Angie in the kitchen at the table. Her t-shirt had dried somewhat but still clung to her smallish breasts. She smiled as I came in the room and I took a seat beside her.

             “Are you ok, Grampa?” she asked in a small voice.

            “I’m just fine, dear.” I replied. “When your sister comes back down, we need to talk about some of the things that Jeff told you both. I don’t think Jeff was a good man and I think he told you things just to make you do things for him.” 

           Angie gave me a confused look. When Leah came back in the room, I began to explain certain things to them. Jeff had used them and I wanted them to know that sex was something for people who loved each other and that men were not hurt when they had an erection and that the girls should have no guilt at causing this in a man, nor did they have to “take care of it” unless they wanted to themselves. We talked about masturbation and I learned that both girls knew about the pleasures of self gratification as well as the pleasures of giving each other the same pleasures. I was almost beyond shocked at the things I was hearing from the two young girls but inside me was a spirit which took glee in every revelation about the sexual knowledge of the 11 and 13 year old girls now living under my roof.

            As it was getting late, we all agreed to talk more in the morning. 

            I tucked both girls into bed in Molly’s old room and gave each a goodnight kiss. Leah held our kiss for many seconds, showing me further proof of the lover she could become. Angie gave me long tight hug around the neck after our short goodnight kiss.

             “I’m glad we came to live with you, Grampa.”

            “I’m glad too. Sweet dreams, girls.”

            I returned to my room and climbed in bed. My bed smelled of the wild sex I had shared with Leah only a few hours earlier. Another erection began to rise in my boxers but I drifted to sleep before it came to anything. 

           I came half awake a few hours later sensing someone in the room. As my eyes opened, I could barely see a small figure by my bed in the light from the dimly lit hallway. 

            “Grampa, can I sleep in here with you?”came Angie’s small voice, breaking the late night silence of the house.

            Before I could answer, I felt the bed shift with her climbing in beside me.  Her arms wrapped around my neck and as I reached out to return the hug, I realized that the small girl climbing into my bed was naked. I tried to pull her arms from my neck but she clung tight. 

           “Please, Grampa, don’t be mad. Please let me stay.”

            “We need to talk about this, Angie. Things aren’t like Jeff told you girls. You’re too young to be here naked.” My words came but inside me I didn’t want her to leave. Her arms still tightly encircled my neck and I could feel her small breasts pressed against my chest.

            “I don’t care about Jeff.” spoke her little girl voice, “I want to be here with you.” 

           My resolve faded and I agreed that she could stay the night. She rolled over and spooned herself against me. Her round butt pressed against my boxers and my cock was almost instantly rock hard. Angie seemed delighted at this and wiggled her butt as she pressed harder against me. 

            “Leah said you licked her special place.” She said softly. “She said it felt better than anything.” 

           I didn’t know words to respond but her words continued quickly. 

           “Would you lick my special place, too, Grampa?”

            Any morals I may have had went out the window with her words. I lay her on her back and began kissing her soft young body. Though her breasts were budding and small, her nipples became large knobs upon them and my lips found these and also discovered how sensitive they were. As I sucked and licked her nipples, my hands began to roam across her small frame. My fingers ventured between her thighs which were spread wide. I felt just the slightest of fuzz on her mound and when my fingers reached her treasure, I discovered that she was already soaking wet. I knew I had to taste her nectar firsthand and my kisses began to move down her flat tummy until my tongue slid over the fuzz and into the pot of little girl honey. Her clit was unhooded and made a hard nugget at the top of her sopping slit. She squirmed as my lips locked around it and my tongue flicked across the tip. I pressed a finger into her tight pussy while my mouth played wildly with the swollen toy it had found. Even compared to her sister, Angie’s pussy was amazingly tight, though I felt no resistance as it took the full length of my finger. My digit slid in and out as my tongue lapped wildly at her clit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter and I pushed a second finger inside her. My tongue was possessed with a manic spirit as my fingers rhythmically probed her depths. 

           Suddenly Angie’s body stiffened then shook. Strange sounds escaped her lips and before I could react, a surge of her juices gushed from deep inside her, soaking my lips and chin and the bed beneath her.  She collapsed back onto the pillow, panting heavily. I pulled myself up beside her and fell back to catch my breath. 

            Leah’s voice from across the room startled me. 

           “See… I told you it felt incredible.”

            “Mmmmmmm.” Was Angie’s only response. 

           I looked to see Leah’s naked form in the doorway. She moved to the bed and climbed in to sandwich me between the two naked young beauties. My cock was almost tearing out of my boxers and I lifted slightly as Leah’s hands went to pull the shorts off of me. My cock throbbed as my mind filled with thoughts of again burying my meat in Leah’s tight hole, but before I could begin to roll towards her, I felt a leg being thrown over my torso and Angie straddled my groin, pinning my cock to my stomach beneath her.

             “You made me feel so good, Grampa. I want to make you feel good too.”

            She began to rock back and forth, sliding her dripping labia up and down the length of my pole. The feel of our rubbing together was thrilling and I took hold of her small hips and moved in time to her motions. Her juices were flowing freely and she slid smoothly along the shaft in mock coitus. Then, turning her head to her sister, Angie lifted up slightly and Leah’s hand went out to grip my cock and pull it upright. Angie pressed her weight down on the tip and I could feel her tight entrance pushed against the fleshy helmet end. Her eyes squeezed shut and her body pressed against me harder. It felt as if I couldn’t possible fit but abruptly the head popped inside. Angie’s face was a contrast of small tears and a slight smile at the hot intrusion. Just as suddenly she lifted slightly and then pushed down hard, impaling her tiny body on my member. 

            As tight as Leah had been, Angie was almost unbelievable. It felt as if wet hot shrink fit had encased my cock and it took a moments effort to be able to begin even short strokes inside her. Each stroke found her wetter and slicker inside and soon my thrusts were fast and smooth, though her tightness felt as if it would peel the skin from my member. She began to moan and then to squeal as she bounced her body up and down on the post she had mounted. I tried to hold back but without warning, my balls boiled over and my hot seed shot deep in her preteen womb. As I flooded her inside, Angie’s eyes rolled back and her body shook. Her pussy began to pulse around my cock, milking more and more from it. Animal sounds escaped her lips and she steadied herself leaning on her arms against my chest. Our blended love sauce squirted from our snug union and seemed to soak everything in range. She fell forward onto my chest, my cock still clinched tightly in her hole. I wrapped her in my arms and softly kissed the top of her head.

             I turned to look at Leah and saw a strange look on her face as she looked past me towards the door to the hall.

            As I turned to see what had her attention a familiar voice shook me to my core.

            How come we never did that, Daddy?”

 To be continued


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