It  was summer break for the tanner girls  Dj [age 16 and stephanie {age 14}were in there talking about boys. Stephanie ask Dj if she ever thought of making  love with another girl. Me and kimmy Gibbler have masterbated each other a couple of times. Stephanie and Dj looked at each other for a minute or two, it seemed  like forever . can you satisfy my curious side  girl to girl sex ? Stephanie ask.  DJ , responded but you are my sister.  I know what are sisters for , ask Stephanie.With that  Stephanie walked over to her sister and kissed her passionately, Stephanie began rubbing her sister' pussy . Dj became very aroused and moaned with delite. Stephanie then  slowly removed her sister's pants  and panties.  Stephanie began fingering her sister pussy. it did not take long for Dj reach an orgasm.   Ok steph , its my turn lets finish undressing.    Once nakek   Dj began eating her sister's pussy  .  Stephanie  was moaning like never before, ooooh ahhhh .  The sisters were so  lost in pleasure that they did here dad come home.

 Dan  was going to his room to get changed when he heard  moaning  coming fom the girls room. he peekek in and saw his daughters in a 69 position. He knew it was wrong but his cock was erect like never before.  he entered the room  the girls turned and looked , Dad!!!  Their father said they need to talk.

Dj spoke up , we just want learn about sex you should teach us. Dan was stunned long enough  for  Steph and Dj to  undo their fathers pants  and began sucking  his cock, with in minutes he was spraying cum all over his daughters face.  Dj went  over to the bed  , spred  her legs and begged her  father to fuck her. Dan  was to excited to say no,  with that steph helped her father position his cock . dan  began real slow  and worked to good rythem ..  Stephanie   stood and positioned herself so her dad could eat her pussy.  About 30 minutes they had  mega climax, and rested  Once rest Stephanie got ride her fathers cock. After that they agreed this had to kept a secret. Dj and steph said as long as they have sex with each it would be  a secret. as for the rest  of the family , this story will be cotinued if it gets a good rating

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[#5571] bobs172 ( 1644 days ago )
bobs172 avatar not bad so far. please give more details and by all means include the family.
[#5571] lhorn14 ( 1644 days ago )
lhorn14 avatar Learn how to spell and write
[#5571] blood18 ( 1644 days ago )
blood18 avatar No offense ment but i felt i had to rate it poorly because of the length and the lack of content
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