This is a revised copy with new lines add and grammar checked. It was published a while ago and thought that some people might like the change.

It was like any other July in California, hot and dry. Our family was thinking about what to do this year for our vacation. Every year the whole family gets together and we spend a week doing something fun. My wife and I have four beautiful children and to them to and last year we took the family to Disney world.

It was the second Friday night of the month and we were barbequing in the back yard of my house. The kids were all there and having a good time. My wife and I have a pool and my daughter Patricia was running around with the water hose shooting her sister and two brothers. My wife and I sat by the barbeque and watched the kids play. Patricia was the oldest she was twenty-eight. Her sister Linda was twenty-six. Her brothers Jason and Stewart were twins twenty-two years old. My wife was a beautiful woman for her age. We met in college because she was my math tutor. She was on the track team and also played volleyball. I had a scholarship for soccer that kept me busy. My wife and I got married in our senior year of college.

“Bruce,” Kim said, “Where do you want to go this year for our vacation?”

“I am not sure honey. I was thinking about maybe going camping.” I replied while turning the meat and taking a sip of my beer.

“We haven’t been camping in years. It would be great.” My wife said as she watched the kids run around the pool.

“We could head up to Lake Tahoe and go camping there?” I said while about to burn the meat. “Shit get me a plate to put this on honey before we have to order pizza again.”

Kim handed me a plate and I took the meat off the grill as quickly as I could. I looked over to the kids and saw that the boys were now holding the hose and the girls were in the pool yelling at them. I just smiled and hollered out, “Dinner kids, let’s go and don’t forget to turn off the water on your way back in.”

Whenever the kids came over we ate buffet style. I place the meat on the counter and then fix my plate. As we were eating I brought up Lake Tahoe and suggested that we should all go up for the week. Everyone kind of looked at me with skepticism.

“No, it will be fun.” I claimed, “I have a friend from work that has two jet skies and we can rent a boat. There are campsites around the lake that rent for the week.”

“Dad, can Jimmy come along?” Patricia asked. Jimmy was Patricia’s boyfriend of the last ten years. I never really liked him but if she did, it was okay for me.

“If you want to bring him honey it’s ok with me.” I said.

“If Patty can bring Jimmy can’t I bring a friend too?” Linda asked.

“Well if they get to bring friends can’t we bring a friend too.” The boys said.

“Alright the girls can bring their boyfriends and everyone can have fun without a friend.” I said.

“So we are going to go camping on the second week of the August. Let’s eat.” I said then grabbed a hot dog and ate it.

The trip to Tahoe was long and boring expect for my daughters legs. Patricia was wearing cut off shorts that barely covered her ass. She was a runner like her mother and her legs were outstanding. Patricia tanned all summer usually by our pool and sometimes at her apartment. I know that she sometimes tanned naked. She would always bring it up and tease me with it. She knew that it drove me insane thinking about it.

Kim sat in the back to grab some shuteye with the boys and Linda was in the far back of the van. Pam sat up front with me to keep me awake. Besides the short cut off shorts she wore a very loose sweater and socks. She was always flashing me her legs and her breasts. When she turned to get comfortable.

Patricia was a heart breaker. Her boyfriend Jimmy was to meet us in a couple of days because of work and Linda’s boyfriend couldn’t get away. So it was just the six of us for a little while. We left before the sun could touch the horizon; I found that Patricia would place her feet on the dash giving me plenty to look at. She would rub them and tell me how much she was going to miss Jimmy. She was toying with me.

When we arrived at the campsite, I checked us in and got a map to where we were going to be staying. It was far away from most of the other sites, which was great. The one we received one next to the river that feed the lake.

The site was nicely placed against the river. It was up on a small hill in a heavily wooded area. There were bathrooms a little ways down the trail that we drove up. It couldn’t have been more the two hundred years away. I backed the van into the parking stall. The great thing about this site was that we were pretty much alone. The site was heavily wooded but had little areas carved out that you could pitch three tents on. The campfire was in the center area with a picnic table. The other cleared out areas connected to the main clearing. It reminded me of Mickey Mouse’s ears.

The van was full with all of our supplies and took about forty-five minutes to unload. The girls pitched there own tent while the boys set up the tent and screened in area around the picnic table. This would offer us a place to eat without being eaten alive. Kim and I pitched our tent and then planned to have breakfast ready in about an hour.

Patricia and Linda were pitching their tent and I found myself stealing glances at Patricia. Her very short shorts turned me on so much. She was bending at the waist and showing off her legs. I found her looking at me and smiling, she knew what she was doing. I could feel my cock twitching every now and again. She was fixing the pole when I think that I caught a glimpse of her panties. She was wearing red lacy panties and because of the short shorts it has to be a thong.

I would look over at Kim and see that she was just oblivious to what Patricia was doing. Linda didn’t seem to notice either. She was just as slim and attractive as her sister. Patricia and Linda both ran in college for scholarships and the boys played soccer. Our family was very active and in great shape. Patricia shoulder length blonde hair and very tan skin made for a Barbie doll look. Her stomach was flat and her legs were shapely from running. Her sister Linda was almost identical except a little taller.  

The morning was spent unpacking and getting wood for the fire. The boy’s scoured the riverside for wood and found a pile ready for the taking. Kim fixed lunch; which was great over an open fire. There is nothing like fresh cooked bacon and sausage with eggs over a campfire.

After lunch, we all headed down to the river that feed the lake. It was a short walk down a dirt path to where river met the lake. The river was fast moving over some large rocks that looked well worn. There was a giant oak tree with a rope attached to it for swinging into the lake. The river poured over a small waterfall and into the lake. It was very refreshing to stand in the mist of the water. The water was cold and refreshing and moved swiftly.

The girls quickly changed into there bikinis. Kim took her top off and kept her cut off shorts on. They were well worn and very sexy. Patricia and Linda had on matching bikinis. The bottoms were booty shorts that really accentuated their ass. The tops were small triangles with just a string in the middle and back. I could clearly see all the girl’s nipples. Jason and Stewart both wore board shorts and tank tops. They went right for the rope swing.

Linda and Kim headed for the beach on the lake. The boys were already on there second round of the swing and I was unpacking the sunscreen when I heard a commotion from the woods. It was Patricia talking on her cell phone. I walked up the path a little ways to see what was going on.

Patricia yelling into the phone, “Well fine, then. I never like it anyway!” With that she hung up the phone and started to cry.

I quickly approached her and put my arms around her.

“What is it baby?” I said.

She was crying about how much of an asshole Jimmy was. He was seeing another girl, a friend of theirs. She was so sexy standing there in her booty shorts. I really was getting turned on at this point. I could feel my monster starting to swell in my shorts. I could see that my daughter was really sexy with her shoulder length blonde hair and really nice tits in her little top. She was a full C-cup. I had seen her bras in the laundry so I dreamt of them often. It was a turn on with her crying. I didn’t want to see her in sorrow but Jimmy was a looser.

“Come on sweetheart you don’t need him. You have the family and we can take care of your needs.” I told her.

She buried her head in my chest and her tits pressed against me. I thought about everything under the sun to get rid of my hard-on. It was no use. It was growing larger and larger by the second. I was trying to pull away when my daughter felt it.

“Dad what is that?”

“Sorry sweetheart it has been a while and I am a little horny right now.”

“How long has it been?” Patricia asked while looking up at me with her green tear filled eyes.

“I would say between work and your moms and my schedules it is hard to find the time to have sex.” I said.

“Where is the rest of the family?” Patricia asked looking around.

“I think they are all at the lake having a good time. Why?” I asked with my cock getting even harder.

Out of the blue she reached down and grabbed my manhood between her fingers. Through the tears a smile had risen to her face. She was gently rubbing my cock with her slender fingers outlined my cock in my swimming shorts. She worked my cock up and down and stared at my eyes. I was in shock and couldn’t speak. She traced my manhood with her fingers. Her touch was so gentle.

My daughter and I had always had a flirtations relationship, but nothing like this has ever happened before. I was dumbfounded. She was so beautiful but her mother was amazing to me. She had been lacking in the sex department lately, but I still loved her. I couldn’t help it though. Her touch made me want her so badly.

After only a couple of minutes I thought that I was going to cum in my pants.

“You’ve gotta stop or I will cum in my shorts.” I said in a soft but teasing tone.

She grabbed my cock and pulled me off the path into the woods next to an oak tree. Her ass was shaking and boobs were giggling as she walked. Patricia pushed me against the large oak and yanked my shorts right down. My cock popped out and swung in the air. My tip was purple and already glistening with pre-cum. This was the most exciting sex I have ever had.

My own daughter was behaving like a cock-starved whore. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Patricia dropped to her knees in the dirt. Then she grabbed the base of my manhood and pointed the tip at her mouth. With one motion, Patricia swallowed my cock balls deep and never gagged. My daughter sucked cock like a pro I was mortified and excited all at once.

She began to suck my cock like it was a milk shake. She was working my cock like a pro. She used two hands like she was going to give me an Indian rug burn to rub my cock. She bobbed up and down and leaving a ton of spit on the tip. Her hands were like a blur over my shift. My baby was really working my cock and all I could think about was how many guys she had practiced this on before me. I was excited and scared, what if someone found us.

She worked my cock in and out of her mouth she took it deep and fast. The shaft was being worked with her fist. Her lips and tongue worked the tip of my cock. I could feel the pressure as she stroked and tightened her grip. Patricia worked my cock deep into her throat pushing me to the brink and then pushing me further then before. She rarely took her eyes off of me and after about ten minutes I was about to cum in her mouth. She tightened her grip on the base of my cock and braced herself for a load of cum. She never slowed her rhythm of sucking down. She was going to swallow cum. This was something that her mother never did for me.

“Oh Patricia,” I said through my teeth. “I want to fuck you in your tight pussy baby.”

She pulled back a little and said, “Okay daddy.” It was the best answer she could have given me.

I almost shot my load right there. I grabbed her by the arm and helped her up. Then spun her around so that her ass was facing me. Patricia looked back over her shoulder and watched as I sized up her ass. She was so hot. Her ass was round and plump. The booty shorts rode deep into her ass crack and made her ass look that much better. I touched her crack and felt her soft skin and my cock danced the whole time. I could feel the softness of the material and then silkiness as I traced her backside. I slowly touched her and crested her shape and curves.

I took my right hand and rubbed Patricia’s ass. My first two fingers entered her crack and then found the following juices her pussy. She was soaked clean through and starting to leak out the sides of her shorts.

“Did daddy’s angel cum in her shorts?” I said while rubbing her pussy lips.

Her ass was spread wide apart and she was shaking and nodding as I spoke to her.

“Do you like sucking cock daddy’s dirty little whore?”

She shook and then dropped her head down that’s when she came on my fingers. I still hadn’t even entered her pussy yet. I had her right where I wanted and she was mine. She was cumming over and over again on my fingers. Patricia was dripping from her pussy. Her swim shorts were soaked and I wasn’t going to stop. I wanted her to feel the pleaser she showed me. I wanted her to become addicted to my drug.

I yanked her booty shorts to the side and grabbed the base of my cock. Placing the tip at her very sloppy cunt, I pushed it all the way in. Her head shot back and her mouth let out a squeal. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her like a man who had never had sex before. I drove my cock deep into her pussy. My balls were slapping against her clit. I could feel her shake with another orgasm. I acted like a teenager getting sex for the first time. I had never had this kind of excitement before. I almost came in her pussy but I held it off by pulling my cock all the way out and then driving it back in again. I slowed down so that I could let Patricia have a large orgasm.

I pulled all the way out to the tip and then drove it deep inside her love box again and again slapping her clit. I could see a thick white cream accumulating on my cock. Patricia was cumming time and time again.

“Does my baby like that?” I said while pulling on her hips for better leverage.

Patricia whimpered and just nodded as she thrust her ass back on my cock over and over again. She was bucking as hard as a new horse. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I had to cum in my baby’s mouth. After all that is where she wanted it and I had to give her what she wants.

“Baby where do you want daddy to cum?” I said with urgency for I was about to unload in my daughter’s sweet cunt.

“I need you to hide the evidence so cum in my mouth daddy so that we can get back to the lake.” She said looking back at me with a spent look.

How could I not listen to my beautiful baby girl? I thrust a few more times in her pussy then I pulled out letting Patricia drop to her knees. I unleashed a load of cum in her mouth as I fucked her face. I worked her lips for a couple more strokes before my flaccid cock fell from her well-used mouth. My cock hung between my thighs already going limp. I was rocked by this experience. My daughter’s booty shorts were a mess. Her cum soaked her crouch left a noticeable spot. She had a large wet spot from the front to the back.

I held her tight for a couple of seconds pulling her to my chest and said, “Patricia, why did you do that?”

“I have always wanted to fuck you daddy,” she said looking up at me with her beautiful green eyes, “Every guy I have fucked and sucked, I pictured it was you. I have always wanted you to fuck me. I have flirted with you hoping that you would notice and make a move.” Patricia said with innocence that I couldn’t imagine from my daughter and woman that rode me like a stallion.

“Baby, you dated Jimmy for so long that I thought you were just in love with him. I never knew you wanted me sexually. I thought you were just a young girl and when I would see you in your underwear it would really turn me on but I never knew you wanted me.”

“Daddy I would wait until we were home alone to strip down to my sexiest underwear I could find and prance around hoping that you would have sex with me,” she buried her head in my chest again and held me tight, “Please tell me this wont end.”

I looked her in the eyes and said, “I will love you and make love to you as much as you want. Now let’s get back before we are gone for too much longer.


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