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This is a true story that really happened to me. Here is the very first time I was ever with a dog.

 I was less than a month away from being 16 years old and I just started back to school that fall. Both my parents worked and I'm an only child so when I got home I had the house to myself for about 3 hours till my parents got home from work.
I was always horny and I had lost my virginity about 6 months before. I would fantasize about my current boyfriend while I masturbated. This day, I went up to my room to change out of my school skirt. I had been feeling extremely horny all day, so after I got undressed, I layed on my back on my bed with my feet hanging to the floor off the edge. I started playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples. Soon I let my fingers wander down to my wet pussy. I loved to tease myself for as long as I could. I would rub a finger up and down my wet pussy lips, but I wouldn't let it enter me untill I was good and hot.
I had my eyes closed not paying attention to anything, just working quickly to the point of being over heated, when I felt something lick my fingers on my pussy. I jumped up and was a little irritated that I was brought out of my masturbation trance. I looked to see that it was my dog. He was an older Golden Retriver that I had since I was a baby. I pushed him away wanting to get started back to what I was doing. I layed bacd down and continued where I left off. My pussy and my body were on fire and I was working two fingers in and out of me and making little circles around my clit. I felt my dog lick me again and I yelled at him to get away and pushed at his nose with my fingers. His tongue lapped at my fingers licking my juices off and the tip of his tongue hit my clit one time and it sent a shock of pleasure through me.
I decided to let him lick me for a minute. After all it did feel good and maybe he would get bored and go away. I opened my legs and let him lick me and my god! his tongue went right up inside my pussy and in and seemed to be sucking the juices out of me. He licked from my ass to my clit and he was really getting me hot. Hotter than my fingers could have ever made me. My juices were really flowing as I felt his hot tongue reaching inside me and rubbing over my clit. He would lick my asshole for a minute, his tongue almost going inside and then move up and it would reach inside my pussy and then over my clit sending shudders through me.
I spread as wide as I could to give him access and soon I could feel an orgasm coming. I was hissing " Thats it Toby, lick me, lick me good, make me cum Toby" I felt like a dirty little slut and I wanted to cum so bad but all of a sudden he jumped on top of me and started humping. I could feel the tip of his cock poking at my thighs near my pussy and I could feel hot spurts of wetness hitting me. I got scared and pushed him off me. He looked at me for a minute and then he went back to licking me. He licked all of his spurts off my thighs and ten went back to my pussy. I layed back down to enjoy his tongue again but he only licked for a minute and then he jumped back on top of me.
I was so hot and so close to having an orgasm. I suddenly got this thought in my head. I knew it was taboo and dirty but that turned me on even more and made a hot flush go through my body. What if I let him stick his cock inside me? I was super hot and I needed to cum really bad.
Instead of pushing him off, I let him continue to hump me. I could feel the tip of his cock humping against my crotch but he couldn't seem to find the hole. I reached down thinking I would help guide him in. This was so dirty and soo kinky I thought. I found his cock and it was really hot to the touch and wet too. As my fingers wrapped around it, he humped faster and more of his wet stuff was squirting out getting my pussy lips wet. I finally guided the tip of his cock to my pussy. Once he felt the tip of his cock enter my wet pussy, he humped really hard and shoved it almost all the way into me. The feeling of his hot dog cock entering my pussy and the feeling of it being so nasty made an orgasm race through my body. He only was inside me a couple of strokes until he pulled it out to far and it fell out, but that was enough to push me over the edge.
He was busy tring to get it back inside me and I wanted to feel it in me again. Before I could reach his cock again, he managed to get it in me once more. God! his cock felt so hot and he pounded it into me. I was so excited and hot that I would have cum again if he had stayed in me just a minute longer but in his over eager ness to fuck me, he fell out again and this time he jumped off of me and started licking again. It only took a minute of that and I wa convulsing with another orgasm. A huge one this time. I must have squeezed his head between my legs when I came because he jumped out of the way and layed down to lick his cock clean.
From that day on, Toby was my new sex partner. Almost every day I would call him  up to my room and I would let him lick me and penetrate me to fantastic orgasms. The more we did it the better he got at it. After a few months I could take his small knot inside me. I never knew what pure pleasure was until I took his knot the first time.


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rreeves ( 1641 days ago )
rreeves avatar Well told Sizzling Hot story.
[#5571] BeastlyDreams ( 1641 days ago )
BeastlyDreams avatar That was a great first time story! I cant wait to hear about one of the 'more experienced' times! I've never had the 'pleasure' but I've imagined it would be just about like that.
[#5571] frank1011 ( 1641 days ago )
frank1011 avatar I would like to chat with other females who like to chat about this kind of story...frank1011 at hotmail
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