This could be a true or fictions story you be the judge.  I’ve always had a thing for my aunt since I was 13 because she would do things that got me aroused. I never really thought about making love to her until one day when me and her were play wrestling in my bed room and she pinned me by holding my arms down and sitting on my crotch. This had to be one of my best moments as teenager.  I could not control myself and popped a thick 6 inch bonner in my pants that she loved. She sat there for a while and jiggled back and forth on it for a moment and then got off and acted like nothing happened. I know she got off because the rest of the family was in the front room, but I knew from that point on my aunty was a freaky. I masturbated a lot with thoughts of fucking her but in reality I knew this probably would never happen. Thoughts likes these were weird because my aunt went to church and was a very nice honest person, but she was divorced and not having dick in a long time probably made her horny. She was practically a virgin having only her ex-husband as a lover.

When I was a teenager I never found the courage to do the types of things she did to me because I was always afraid she would tell my parents. Growing older I began to start liking girls of my own age and thoughts of my aunt were put to the side. She pretty much stopped doing the things she did to me when I was younger like mentioned above, so I thought these incidents were no big deal, but everything was soon about to change.

 I got accepted into college and ended up living with my aunt at her house. This was not weird to me because I saw my aunt a lot and my parents liked the fact I could keep her company. The first night staying there my aunt started doing that mind game stuff like lifting up her shirt to act like she was wiping off sweat from her brow. This gave me a glimpse of her medium sized bra. I looked away quickly because I did not want my aunt to think I was a pervert. After all she could have really been wiping off sweat. Later on that night I got on to her computer and me being the nosey person that I am checked the history of her internet activity. Since she did not know much about computers all the sites she visited showed up. Wow I could not believe it. She was visiting porn sites with hung black men. This made my now 8 inch monster cock swell like a cucumber.

My aunt really was a freak. Under all her honesty and morals she loved huge cocks, lucky for me I had what she needed. I jacked off quickly in the bathroom and again forgot about really fucking my aunt that would just be nasty I went to sleep that night and was awaken by my aunt for school the next morning, but the crazy thing was she had her hand on my unerect cock. She held her hand there for a bit and shook it while telling me to wake up.  I know it was strange, but I liked it. A few days passed and then one day the heater broke in the house. It was freezing. My aunt then told me we could sleep together. I usually said no because everyone in the family would think I was weird for wanting to sleep with my aunt not because of sex because it was just strange, so I always made an excuse and told her she snored to loud, but this time was different, it was just me and her. The whole night she slept with her back to me and I could not stop thinking about the night I found out my aunt loved black hung men. My dick was hard as a rock and the shorts I was wearing allowed my 8 inch Monster to expand to full length. I inched closer to her back side, but was afraid to touch her with it.

I did not want my parents to find out , so I moved around a little bit  trying to get her to move into my cock and then all of a sudden I felt her hand reach and touch my penis.  My aunt was still awake.  She stoked my huge rod a couple of times and said wow you have grown since our last encounter, which was referring to the clothed wrestling match. When  she said that, I grabbed one of her breast and started kissing her neck. I told her wait one second and went and turned the lights on. I asked her if she could take off her shirt and I quickly stripped naked. My booner at this point was saluting her and I asked if she could suck me off. To my surprise she said yes. I could not believe here was my church going aunt on her Knees ready to give me a bj. She even licked my nuts after I slapped her with my fat dong. This was my best dream come true. All I could think of was nutting on her face, this would make her a true whore.  Thinking about my aunt sucking me off, I knew now she was a nasty ass slut. After giving me a great bj I laid on the bed and let her ride me. She to my surprise squatted on my cock and took the whole thing in her cunt. I was amazed.

After hopping up and down like a jack rabbit she dripped her cum all over my penis. That to me was sexy. She was really feeling me and my Johnson. When I was finally about to cum, I had her get on her knees and blew about 8 shots of cum onto her face. Haah can u imagine your honest trust worthy aunt taking a load in her face. Then the funny thing was I told her to close her eyes for a sec because I had a surprise. While her eyes where closed I grabbed my camera phone which was in my pants and took to a picture of her with my cock showing and tons on cum on her face. Now aunty no more mind games I know you love phat cock, so all u have to do is ask and ill give  you my fat penis you nasty freak. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.


Thoughts of fucking my aunt still occrued, but I could never think of living with me self if I Fucked her after all she was my aunt. One time I remember her  my thiigs casuing me to become aroused and she even lifted up her shirt one time to act like she was lossieing it up and I got a glipsme of her bra. When these types of things happened I never touched her my self. She was always the one stating the touching and I always felt I Could not fool around with her because she was my aunt.As I grew older these thoughts started to dispearr as I was beginning to be attract to other girls. Nothing like the wrestiling incident ever happened

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