Crystal got a bottle of wine onenight and talked me into drinking it with her. We sat in my bed watching our little TV and taking turns swigging out of the bottle. We were dressed for bed; oversized tee shirts and panties. I had on a pair of little white socks with ruffles. We'd been drinking and giggling, making fun of the stupid TV shows that come on late at night and after a while we got kinda quiet. I was getting tired I guess. Suddenly Crystal asked me a question that really took me by surprise:

"Do you ever masturbate, Mindy?"

At first I thought it was one of her silly jokes, and I started to giggle, but when I looked into her face I saw a serious look I wasn't expecting. There was something in her eyes that put butterflies in my stomach. I wasn't sure what to say, but I decided it would be stupid to lie, I'd heard somewhere that everybody masturbates sometimes and surely Crystal knew that too.

"Yes," I said I paused, then couldn't help asking: "Do you?"

"Always," she said with a little smile.

Her response and her expression sent the butterflies in my stomach on a fresh flight, and a sudden vivid thought of playing with myself sent a few of them down to flutter around in my crotch.

Crystal got up and made sure that the door was locked then came back to the bed. She quickly and suddenly pulled her panties down and jumped back onto the bed. She was smiling at me in a sort of shy way that was unusual for her.

"Why don't you take off your panties? It makes you feel" she said.

It hit me suddenly that Crystal was wanting to masturbate, and that she was wanting me to somehow join in. We'd become really good friends and I trusted her a lot, but masturbating wasn't something I'd ever really considered doing with someone else. There were two things I couldn't help though. I was a little drunk, and I was beginning to become a lot horny. The liquid courage got my hands under my nightshirt and my panties came down. I threw them on the floor, quickly covering myself with the shirt, and sat hugging my knees and smiling shyly at crystal.

Crystal smiled back, boldly this time. Then she sat back, pulled up her shirt and opened up her slender legs. I was unable to stop myself from looking down. The sight of her pussy was really arousing. I'd never really seen another girl in that way before and the puffy vulva, bright pink lips and the shiny wetness around her hole seemed strangely lewd, and I immediatly liked it.

"I hope you don't mind, Mindy," she said, "but I'm really horny right now."

She moved a hand down between her legs and began softly stroking the outside of her pussy. I was mesmerized by the sight of it and I couldn't help but stare. As she moved her fingers up and down the outer lips of her pussy, I could almost feel it with her. It looked so nice and I suddenly wanted to feel it for myself. I sat back and spread open my own legs, noticing that Crystal looked down and seemed to be appreciating the sight of my own pussy as much as I liked hers. With my legs open and my pussy totally exposed the tingling in my crotch grew. My hand moving to my pussy was automatic now that I was in the position for pussy-play.

We sat quietly stroking ourselves. Watching Crystal do it while I did it to myself was making me horny in a way I'd never felt before. I stared as Crystal began using her middle finger to rub the moistness of her hole up to her clit and give it short, slow little rub-downs. Then my own fingers began to find their way into my crack. My clit was demanding attention and as I began to push and tug softly at it the pleasure was unbelievable.

Crystal seemed to be able to control herself better than I was. My cunt-frigging was quick and erratic, while hers seemed slower and more methodical.

"I got and idea," she said softly, "why don't we switch off?"

I looked up at her, rubbing myself more slowly.

"Switch off?"

"Yea, you know, take turns playing with each other's pussy."

I was completely willing, in fact the idea had been in the back of my mind for several minutes. I was to excited to speak. I simply nodded.

"I'll do you first," she said.

And then her hand was on my inner thigh sliding up towards my tingling crotch. I pulled my own hands away leaving my pussy bare for her. Her fingers slid onto my most private part and the the feeling of another's hand there was strange and exciting.

She moved her hand up and down, brushing them through my little patch of pubic hair and ever so softly massaging my vulva. With the sweet precision that only another girl could achieve Crystal's middle finger suddenly slid into my hole. I was more than just moist, I was sopping wet and my needy cunt literally sucked her finger in with a soft squishing sound. She pulled it back out and slid her wet digit up my slit to wetly stroke my clit. I couldn't help but let out a little whimper of pleasure. Over and over the did that, dipping the juices out of my slippery hole and moistening my clit. I was now continuously moaning my gratitude. She was pleasuring me in a slow methodical way that was building up the orgasm I by now very much needed to have. Finally she slid a second finger into me and my twat greedily sucked both of them in. She begin to give me a good steady finger-fucking, while she gave a thumb-rub to my burning little clit.

From that point it didn't take me long. My hips started gyrating in rythm with Crystal's pussy-pumping. I was tightly gripping the blanket and moaning with unabashed pleasure. When the orgasm hit I had to clench my teeth and purse my lips to keep from screaming too loud. I bucked hard against Crystal trying to absorb every ounce of the pleasure her talented hand was giving me. I came better than I ever had before, my whole body shuddering again and again, my juices releasing themselves fully to Crystal's hand.

After, I lay my head back and closed my eyes for a moment then opened them and looked at Crystal.

"Thank, you," I whispered.

"Your welcome," she said.

I was more than eager to show my enthusiasm and with the lesson that Crystal had just given me I went to work on her sweet little pussy, and to this day I think I like making her cum as much as I like to cum.

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