"Momo is not home.But come in!She'll be back in an hour"Said Mrs Das as I entered their Drawing room and sat on the sofa.The 40yr old mother of my classmate sat opposite to me.Mrs Das was Five and a half feet tall and had mature 34D breasts and a firm round ass any teenager would kill for.Though she always dressed conventionally in a sari her face exuded a sexuality that always left me with a hard on.Though momo was herself a bombshell with 32D boobs and a flat abdomen with a sexy belly button,I would always shag thinking of the mature momma of momo.
Though i have been visiting the Das home for more than 5 yrs now and lusted over Mrs Poornima Das since the very first time i saw her the possibilities weren't obvious to me until last week.I was chatting with Momo over a bottle of Beer when her mom came into the room.She had just woken up from her siesta and her clothes were pretty disranged.Her Bra strap was visible on her shoulder and the Sari hung low on her waist to expose the dimples on her lower back..I got an instant hard on but i kept sitting to avoid embarrassment.Just then Momo asked me to get snacks from the fridge and i had to get up,revealing the huge bulge in my pants.I saw her eyes wander down to it and her toes curl.She got up and headed for the toilet.
I dont know why she went to the toilet,it could have been just to pee...but one thing was clear.The sexy woman was starved.Since her divorce 15yrs ago she had not had a man in her life.,Maybe she needed me
I asked for a cup of tea as i rehearsed my plan in my mind.As soon as she was in the kitchen I followed her in and grabbed her by her waist.
"Alok!what are you doing?"She asked startled
"Aunty! I cant tell you how you drive me crazy everytime i see you"..."but beta you are my daughter's friend"
"I dont care aunty,all i know is I want you" and saying this i forced my hands inside her blouse and squeezed her boobs....God...how they felt...soft and cottony.and the nipples were large and i could feel them hardening.
"No!" she said"go from here.This is a sin"
But oit was too far for me to stop.And her nipples told a story that was different from her protest.I removed one hand from her boobs and slid it into her panties.It was soaking wet.I understood that i had to go on.She needed it
I turned her around and pinned her to the table.Then with one hand I pulled down her petticoat exposing her pussy.The swollen vaginal lips underneath the neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair was driving me mad.I buried my face into it and started licking it.Her resistance was decreasing.She started to moan.Now i could use my hands to massage her breasts while i ate het cunt
Come on beta! she screamed"eat your aunty's pussy.I'm gonna come over your face" I continued to suck at her clit.And then it happened.Her body shook in waves as she drenched my face with her juices.
After her orgasm subsided she stood up held my hand and took me to her bedroom.
"you know beta its been years since a man touched me.Ravish me today.I had always felt a pull towards you.But I suppressed it coz i thgought it was immoral.But today i dont care" saying this she unzipped my pants and freed my 8inch hungry cock from its confines."come on quick!Before momo comes home.Fuck my pussy"I lay down on my back and she started riding my cock.I massaged her ass.OHHH!!!what a beauty she was.As her mature large breasts swayed over me with the brown nipples teasing me,my hands relished the softness of her ample buttocks.
I couldn't last long and ejaculated into her pussy,gasping "poornima i wanna fuck your brains out...love ya...aahhhh!"

We dressed up just in time before momo arrived.She gave a light kiss on my cheek as usual and went in to wash her feet.We took the oppurtunity to kiss each other hard on the lips."I love you aunty" I said."Love you too beta"she whispered

That was just the beginning to "Fucking like rabbits that we did whenever Momo would go out.But as momo started staying home more and more studying for her CAT it was becoming difficult for us.We had to think of a way out..
" Momo is getting irritable by the day...work stress maybe.I'm worried for her beta"aunty said one evening as she sucked on my cock greedily."And since our meetings have drastically reduced i'm paying less attention to her.She often locks her up in the room when she is frustrated.Yesterday she had not closed her room properly and I peeped in to see her finger her pussy vigorously.Virgin at 23.I think thats killing her.I'. worried for her Beta."She loved calling me beta as we fucked.Kinda turned her on...
"With a mom as understanding as you honey there shouldn't be a problem"I said to aunty
"I dont Understand"shae said
"Come on poornima aunty....Now that you know what is frustrating her,if you dont help her release her tension then what is the point in you being so understanding about sex"
"what do you want to say shona?"she was perplexed
"Aunty!Sex is not a taboo.It is a necesity that should be provided to everyone.If she is confused where to start,you have to lead the way baby."
and then i told her what to do as i got up and started pounding her watering pussy

Next evening Aunty went to Momo carrying a bottle of massage oil."My bwhole body is paining shona"will you help ma apply this oil all over"
Saying this she stripped into her lingerie that i had chosen for the occasion.It was made of lace and let the dark nipples and pubic hair peep through them.
Momo looked embarrassed."Ma you really wear sexy stuff"she said trying not to look at her mom's milky boobs.She slowly started rubbing the oil over her body starting from the back down to the waist."Lower momo Lower"aunty said.Momo's hand was pushing the panties down to show the crack of the ass.Suiddenly Momo's hand went to aunty's ass cheeks and started ,massaging them.Aunty understood."the fire has been ignited"she thought
Now time to perform
Aunty started moaning and turned on her back and unhooked her bra.She could see the lust in momo's eyes as she greedily started biting into her mother's boobs."Love you ma...aahhh....she said as she started fingering herself with another hand
"let me give you a hand momo"aunty said as she slid down her daughter's panties and started kissing her pussy
Momo shifted her hand to her mom's pussy
"yeah ma.i love it"
ahhh!!!momo i'm cumming
i'm cumming too maaa...
They both screamed as they came on each other
After their orgasms they both lay in each others arms.Poornima aunty had tears in her eyes.Momo said"i dont know if that was right..but i'm sorry ma....dont cry....i was the one who started it....
"Na shona!"her mother sobbed"it was my loneliness.I have starved for sex all these years.I cant stand the loneliness any more"and she broke down
"ma Dont cry ma!i'm sorry i never spared a thought for you.Go get a man ma.I'm sure you'l find one"
The mother and daughter shared some intimate secrets and aunty told momo of our affair.Momo agreed happily and they made love again
Next day i shifted into their home.and we started fucking all three in one large bed.Momo would study hard as aunty and i would fuck like rabbits and whenever shew needed a break would join us for a fuck
Now i could fuck the mom in her pussy as i ate the daughters pussy
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